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Saturday, 19 August 2017


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  UFO in Vancouver

NASA hiring Planetary Protection Officer and USAF seeks to create Space Corps. Who are the enemies lurking in space?

NASA’s recent job posting for a Planetary Protection Officer and the House approving a plan to create a Space Corps in the U.S. Air Force have made worldwide headlines. It is not hard to understand why. They are exciting pieces of news that make space nerds like me giddily feeling like our sci-fi fantasies have come true.
Could it be that the time has come for us to defend ourselves from a threat from beyond? Perhaps the recent meeting by the Mutual UFO Network focused on a secret space program was not as farfetched as I thought. While it may be fun to think this is the case, the threats these positions are focused on are not alien invaders, well, not the sci-fi kind.
Read the full story here: NASA hiring Planetary Protection Officer and USAF seeks to create Space Corps. Who are the enemies lurking in space?

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We have listed a few of the speakers and will be adding more on a regular basis, so go check it out! The 2018 UFO Congress is shaping up to be a GREAT one! Keep an eye on your email box or check the website regularly for updates.
Visit the UFO Congress website now: UFOCongress.com

UFO in Vancouver

UFOs Flying Dark

“Lights in the sky” sightings easily comprise the majority of UFO sightings, and have just as easily been dismissed by skeptics as bright stars and planets, conventional aircraft, and—dare I say it?—swamp gas. Now, there is a new bane of a ufologist’s existence—drones. Every kid with an LED-covered quadcopter can spark a viral “UFO” video, even further muddying the already murky waters of “lights in the sky” cases.
So perhaps researchers need to take a step back and look into the darkness—into the far more rare cases of nighttime sightings of craft flying completely dark, without any lights. It’s impossible for skeptics to consign such cases to the “Venus Files” if they are solid, unlit objects. These cases also present a more enticing element, which may or may not be warranted—a somewhat sinister aspect as these craft obviously don’t want to be seen as they are cruising silently just over your head.
Read the full story here: UFOs Flying Dark

UFO Congress Store

Grand Opening of the NEW International UFO Congress Store! Prices slashed up to 50% off!

See lectures from the latest and past International UFO Congresses. Lectures you will see nowhere else!
Visit the store now: International UFO Congress Store

Earl Grey discusses investigating UFOs in California on Open Minds UFO Radio!

Open Minds UFO Radio: Earl Grey Anderson is a musician who investigates UFOs. In music, he has worked as a guitarists, vocalist, singer and songwriter. When it comes to UFOs, he holds several positions with the Mutual UFO Network. He is Assistant State Director for Southern California, Chief Field Investigator, and a member of MUFON’s STAR Team.
Listen to the interview here: Earl Grey – UFO Investigator that rocks – August 8, 2017

Watch Ryan Spague's 2017 UFO Congress lecture on UFOs v.s. UFOlogy: The Convergence of Experience & Study!

For nearly seven decades, we have attempted to establish a viable approach to studying the UFO phenomenon. Yet, whether through the lens of science, philosophy, religion, psychology, or history, it can be argued that few concrete determinations about the true source and purpose of UFOs have emerged. Sprague theorizes that by observing trends present in case reports of the phenomena and assessing their implications, perhaps some data can be gleaned.
Could the experience and aftermath of a reported UFO event actually shape the evolution of the phenomena? This lecture will be a personal journey through the hearts and minds of witnesses and experiencers, guiding us towards an entirely human approach to what many consider an alien phenomenon.
Watch the lecture here: Ryan Sprague - UFOs v.s. UFOlogy: The Convergence of Experience & Study

UFO in Vancouver

Watch Alejandro Rojas' 2017 UFO Congress lecture on ETs and Religion: How belief in extraterrestrial life has influenced religions and inspired new ones

It is often said that if we found intelligent extraterrestrial life, religions would be devastated. However, most religions already discuss extraterrestrial life, and have for hundreds of years. In this presentation we discuss the many ways alien life has been addressed by the world’s major religions, and how they are currently dealing with this issue. We also look at studies which reveal insight into how religious leaders, those who participate in religion, and those who do not, might react when it is finally confirmed that intelligent extraterrestrial life exists. Finally, we look to the future and how the belief in extraterrestrial intelligence is inspiring the creation of new religions.
Watch the lecture here: Alejandro Rojas - ETs and Religion: How belief in extraterrestrial life has influenced religions and inspired new ones

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