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Sunday, 6 August 2017

SPIRIT COMMUNICATIONS, Open Lines - ZFirelight / C2C AM Radio 4 Aug. 17

Date Friday - August 4, 2017
Host George Noory

Guests Susanne Wilson

Medium and intuition expert Susanne Wilson discussed the dead and higher-vibrational beings, and how they interact with the living and what they need from us for good communication between our worlds. Wilson shared how a near death experience changed her outlook on life. "I was not a really nice person.... I wanted to just make money and buy lots of things," she said, adding the spirit world used an NDE to get her attention. According to Wilson, an anaphylactic reaction caused her to stop breathing and allowed her to step out of her body to watch the doctors working to revive her. "[During the NDE] I connected with what's really important in life - it's our eternal souls," she reported, noting how much it hurt to return to her physical body.
Wilson spoke about why some people never receive dream visits or signs from loved ones.

Afterlife communication is the soul's responsibility, and some souls are just busy and others do not want their living loved ones to get hooked on interactions with the other side, she explained. The living can learn to make their own connections, Wilson continued, pointing to intuition as a form of spirit communication. If the message is loving, common sense, passes the gut check, and is not attached with emotion, it is likely a valid communication, she disclosed. Wilson also covered the experience of death, spirit rehab, and how the spirit of Steve Jobs is helping a team develop a Soul Phone.

parts 1 + 2  Spirit Communication

During Open Lines, Julie in Crestview, Florida, recalled her own clinical death experience which happened after her appendix ruptured and she was cut open by surgeons. According to Julie, she died on the table then awoke as a newly born baby in the arms of Jesus, surrounded by the most beautiful music and the fragrance of roses. "I never in my life have felt so safe, so loved, and just so peaceful," she remembered.
A spirited listener named George in Detroit, called the concept of reincarnation a lie of the Devil. "If reincarnation is true and we can work off our own negative karma, then we didn't need Jesus Christ to die for our sins," he said. George suggested the unfair caste system is a product of belief in reincarnation and encourages people not to help those beneath them. Rob from Vancouver expressed his belief in the reality of Devil, noting it is based on a gut-feeling from his experience with things which "feel so wrong."

The last half-hour was a tribute to the late Jim Marrs.
News segment guests: Howard Bloom / Peter Davenport

parts 1/2 Open Lines



source:  http://zfirelight.blogspot.co.uk/2017/08/08-04-17-spirit-communication-open.html



August 2017
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