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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

The Shocking Carol Woods Coverup – Carol writes – 29 Aug. 17

On 29 August 2017 at 21:17, carol woods wrote:

“The cancelling of buses and even trains in my case is only when they are desperate; now you know why I have no one who will be seen out with me!. Seriously, take care, they are seriously fed up, if I wasn’t a lady I would say peed off, called to uni, only open for another half hour, manic all over weekend so I stayed indoors the whole time. Traps set include the usual of persons sent hoping to get a lift from me so the Gestapo can claim I have been seen with them and somehow that proves anything they want! The last time I sent out the photos of the looted car brought back to the flats to pretend it was only then sold, was 6 Nov 2015 and we all know what happened by 8 30am the next day. Checking my notes kept from moving in to 28 I see now I was right all along about the former tenant of my bungalow as well as the former tenant of flat 3. My book Vol 3 and 2010 and the antics of bus drivers then in the Manchester area and then Southport, they see you as a threat, that much is certain.”

after I wrote:

to carol, et al, 

 “Carol, I know it may seem like crying over spilt milk and trivial, but considering ive done nothing to warrant this harassment and being stalked [eg. ref: UPDATED: 2 stalkers filmed 28 June 2017 – VIDEO] – everything originating, it seems – from a process of elimination – from what seems like a local police officer who has recruited a team of Watchers who pay constant and untold attention to myself 24/7 – this continual surveillance is out of order. This outrageous surveillance begun in 2010 when I put up 2 posters

Inline images 1 

– one in my nearby local post office shop window, and another on a lamp post 30 yards away, and within days they were removed, and the harassments began, which has got intolerable at times. [I find it interesting that at the same time I met one Belinda  Mackenzie, began visiting her in Highgate, and actually gave her a few posters which I saw one in use attached to the railings at one of her Royal Court of Justice demos. I find my meeting her at the same time all this harassment begun very coincidental].

Also, the nearby printing shop that made these posters for me closed down shortly after these posters were made. A mobile phone stall owner who fixed a mobile phone for me last year so that it couldn’t be hacked also closed down shortly after, and an auction house which I used in Weymouth also closed down after I bought mainly household items from them and sold them online. Coincidences?  And there’s the guy called James from “up north” – who claimed to be a so-called “computer specialist” and mentioned he did work for “Data Protection” during the call with him I recorded at the time  [and filmed as he  remotely took over my pc for 2 hours] – who I used and paid £40 to in January 2016 to check my pc for bugging  [paid for actually nothing I couldn’t do myself, I realised after], the £40 paid direct from my bank a/c when I visited my local bank. That transaction has completely vanished from my bank a/c and statements! That surely is illegal – or if it isn’t it’s extremely odd. Did whoever is behind the surveillance have dealings with this “James”? I’d put money in it! This guy is a hacker!!

Having advertised odd items for sale in the “Buy + Sell” section of my local paper – random things I had bought I thought i could make a couple of quid on – these items would attract a range of neer-do-wells – each seemingly programmed merely to interfere with my selling these things, such as an old BT phone, and a police truncheon [this cost £35 and I've tried selling it for the same for months as I'm fed up with looking at it - some of this will go to charity too] Inline images 2 and other odd items. I would get phone calls from fake buyers, some who visited simply to harass, it seems, as they clearly had no intention of ever actually buying anything. Even buying an item from my local paper came with it very odd behaviour from the person who came round who sold me the item – a Readers Digest German learning course – its like she was frightened of me or something – I was going to ask her “was she ok” as she was acting so nervously and odd. Is there someone at the local paper working with these rogue police operatives who gives them contact details of buyers / sellers so they can be preprogrammed as I strongly allege has occurred in the past? Seems so. I recall trying to buy a laptop in 2011 from a guy called Frank, a businessman, an obnoxious character who gave off excruciatingly bad vibes who was obviously programmed with some old tripe before his visit, who came round with this ancient decrepit laptop I might have bought that was actually worthless, that had been advertised in my local paper. This guy was odd and couldn’t look me in the eyes once until about 10 minutes into his visit, after being invited into my home, stupidly. He mentioned “his daughter was in America” – a very odd thing to say at the time. Having been conversing with American acquaintances at the time, this mentioning of America, and the guy looking me in the eyes for the 1st time, I realised afterwards, was the result of him being preprogrammed, to fish for info, or simply to let me know someone was on my case and I believe, hacking my computer, as that was the only way the info was got re: myself and America.

A latest event was when I went to a weekly “healing” session run by a holistic healer, in Boscombe – one of the connected persons blurted out “is this where the MI5 meeting is held?” after he made his appearance during my 3rd and final visit to the sessions – an extremely odd thing to say at a healing session and obviously directed at myself – the guy having been preprogrammed with whatever to say such by whoever is on my “case” and very much behind this rancid targeting I am and have experienced for at least 7 years.  This “case” has now progressed in 2017 to a team of Watchers – particularly 6 over-zealous neighbours who act in the strangest manner – along with numerous strangers who harass my every move when out. I will make complaints to whoever I can in an effort to expose whoever is behind this nonsensical Watching – and there’s only a 3 cops I’ve had contact with since 2010 [not including the 2 who came round recently after I contacted the chief con of Dorset regarding not being allowed to report the serious crimes committed against Carol Woods] – those 3 contacts being:

1] contact with a local police officer when I reported the Holly Greig case – a case of child abuse – to the Child Abuse section of Dorset police,

2] I visited my local police station and saw a certain policeman when I took my mobile phone there after I received hundreds of dodgy emails in my yahoo a/c which contained links I thought may be of a dubious nature – it turned out these links were nothing. This character is top of my list.


3] another cop I had email interchanges with re: a 6 day hearing at the RCJ in November 2011 when the Musa prosecution team lied in court in front of Nicholas Wall and were reported.

Other than those 3 cops Ive had no contact with anyone [apart from contacting the CC re: C Woods, and the “Dorset Enquiries” service – a futile exercise]. Each effort of visiting my local police station proved fruitless when I was ignored each time when, say, trying to report what was happening to Carol Woods over the months – I couldn’t get past the civilian on the front desk – few can it seems. Even the “Dorset Enquiries” representative from their contact section on the online Dorset Enquiries police site hung up on myself when he rang after I tried making contact with them to report the crimes Carol Woods was experiencing. Yes, the “Dorset Enquiries” service responded to my contacting them, but its how they responded that is the joke.

I cannot list here the areas in total which are affected by this unwanted and intolerable surveillance – I very strongly allege even my medical history and conversations have taken place, contrary to the Data Protection Act, between this police operative and the GP’s I see when visiting my local surgery – which I undertake with duress anyway after what’s already happened to me regarding many GP’s professional incompetence who have dealt with me at my local surgery – the very same GPs who nearly killed me with their incompetence in 2007, and directly before.  

So, all in all, it could only have been one of those 3 officers I had contact with at my local police station in 2010 / 2011 who even knew anything about my business until then, and I believe it was one of those who started the ball rolling re: this rancid surveillance I am experiencing to this very day – some of which is completely intolerable. I have all the details of all my contacts from 2010, plus all the email interchanges with everyone too – local and otherwise, plus numerous audio recordings and notes made at the time – each and every one stored safely.

 Suffice to say I have not exposed a gang of corrupt SS child workers as Carol has [which is a positive thing and not something that a person should be punished for, as is clearly happening to Carol] nor done anything that warrants the outrageous targeting Carol is having to experience, yet a constant stream of events occur – for example, council reps come round at regular intervals over minor matters [checking electricity etc] and my computers and phones are hacked continually. I have had constant trouble with R Mail, and constant harassment whilst out – right in my face – and a whole lot more – all because of what? What have I done to warrant this blight? I have done nothing and don’t even have a criminal record – the last time I was busted was in 1984 for a minor drug offence. Whoever’s doing this is out of order and now it is my mission to expose it all – because, apart from my own personal suffering – some else somewhere is going through a whole lot worse – courtesy of this cop who shouldn’t even be employed as such because what he’s caused is underhand – and criminal.

So, now other departments will become involved, if only to begin new complaints processes – and all names I have had contact with will be named in an attempt to find out just who began or is now behind this totally unacceptable surveillance and harassment upon myself, before I leave this place prematurely, as a result of that GP’s gross incompetence back then in 2005/6/7.”




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