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Saturday, 12 August 2017


Wikileaks Now Accepts Donations in the Cryptocurrency Zcash
Nonprofit media organization Wikileaks recently tweeted that it has begun accepting donations of the privacy-oriented digital currency Zcash.
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CIA CouchPotato tool 'captures video stream images remotely' – WikiLeaks — RT Viral
The CIA has developed a top-secret program allowing users to remotely hack and capture still images of video streams, according to the latest release ...
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Damning the river
It's quite a reversal because, you'll remember, leaks were 100% a-OK when WikiLeaks was dumping information daily about the Dems during the ...
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WikiLeaks: CIA neemt videostreams op met CouchPotato-tool
De handleiding van CouchPotato (pdf) is afkomstig uit Vault 7, de grote verzameling tools, exploits en documenten van de CIA die WikiLeaks in ...
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Fire, Fury, And Fox News
Rich was killed some 12 days before WikiLeaks released a swath of embarrassing DNC emails on the cusp of the Democratic National Convention.
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Viewpoint: There's something fishy about Russian hacking
It's been pretty clear from WikiLeaks messages culled from the records of the Democratic National Committee that the Democratic leadership found ...
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Hillary Must Clean Up Her Past Before Preaching
A Wikileaks document showed that Podesta was instrumental in creating phony Catholic organizations, Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good ...
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Limbaugh: 1 Democrat 'blabbermouth' holds key to Trump-Russia fairytale
This casts serious doubt on the initial 'hack,' as alleged, that led to the very consequential publication of a large store of documents on WikiLeaks last ...
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Schumer's Gateway woes, spies who doubt the Russia hack & other comments
... in order to “fabricate evidence” the DNC “had been hacked by Russia” so as to “defuse” the WikiLeaks disclosures promised by Julian Assange.
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Spain urged to free Swedish-Turkish writer Hamza Yalcin
On Friday, Baltasar Garzon, a former judge who now defends WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange among tohers, called for his release.
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Legal Hacking Tools Can Be Useful for Journalists, Too
Datasploit is a command-line tool that runs many tasks, such as hunting company emails or querying Wikileaks' databases in quick succession.
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Foreign intervention in our politics is old hat
... the U.S. accused Russia of interfering through the hacking of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and leaking its documents to WikiLeaks.
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Russian Antivirus Software Kaspersky Lab Banned in the US
Documents published by Wikileaks, purportedly pulled from CIA data, point to the vulnerability of anti-virus software, and who may influence its ...
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Dems Want Debbie Wasserman Schultz to Just Go Away
It screams WikiLeaks now. DNC lawsuit. It screams a lot of negative things to the public. That's not how we want to rebrand ourselves. Everything that's ...
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Super football agent reportedly declares Liverpool a no-go area for his clients
Perhaps, football's own version of WikiLeaks the famous Football Leaks, will come out with the publication of some unknown details and “clause” ...