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Wednesday, 16 August 2017



Come With Me If You Want to Leak: Assange Dumped DNC Emails Using Math Algorithm
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has revealed he developed an algorithm - "Stochastic Terminator" - to randomly select which internal Democratic ...
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Behind the Portrait: Julian Assange
In 2010, Phillip Toledano photographed Julian Assange, the publisher of WikiLeaks, for Raffi Khatchadourian's Profile of the man, titled “No Secrets.
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Julian Assange: software developer, whistleblower ... and 'edgewalker'?
Sounds like someone we know well. Yes, it's Knightsbridge embassy cleaning staff bete noire Julian Assange. What has he done now? The WikiLeaks ...
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Corrupt media censoring news of lawsuit against Democratic National Committee that allegedly ...
However, emails leaked by WikiLeaks appear to show strong evidence of collusion between the campaign of Hillary Clinton and top DNC officials, ...
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Of Course The Origin Story Of Julian Assange's Cute Cat Was A Lie
In a newly published profile of the WikiLeaks founder, the New Yorker reveals that Assange may have lied about the origin story of his famous pet.
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Meet China's new point man on North Korea
... was an "arrogant, Marxist spouting former Red Guard who 'knows nothing about North Korea, nothing about non-proliferation'," the Wikileaks cable ...
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New report claims DNC hack was an inside job — not Russia
... as Guccifer 2.0 broke into the DNC system and passed embarrassing information about Hillary Clinton to WikiLeaks at the behest of the Russians.
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One Click Compliance from NominoData to be Featured at ACAMS Conference in Las Vegas ...
Negative News, Sanctions/Watch-lists, PEPS, exchange enforcement, gaming industry, Panama Papers/Wikileaks, corporate listing and corporate ...
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Lithuania ignores US lawmakers' protest at construction on Jewish graves
The sum was noted in a cable sent by a US State Department official and leaked by WikiLeaks. Ginsberg has said the sum was never paid and was a ...
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Hillary Clinton's Pastor Plagiarized Prayer at Heart of Book
... her 2016 election loss against Donald Trump despite winning the popular vote, but claiming that the FBI, Wikileaks and misogyny also played a role.
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Letter: Is your congressman trying to start WWIII?
Materials were leaked by an insider and forwarded to WikiLeaks. Key metadata was altered afterward (likely by Brennan) to make it appear that the ...
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Trump Retweets Alt-Right Leader Who Has Praised White Supremacist Richard Spencer
... D.C. pizza parlor, and the murder of Seth Rich, who the alt-right claims was killed by Democrats after he leaked the party's emails to Wikileaks.
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Former Mohave County Sheriff candidate summoned in shoplifting case
A former Mohave County Sheriff candidate has been summoned to appear in court following a shoplifting incident reported late last month, police say.
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Donald Trump retweeted an alt-right conspiracy theorist. Here's why.
... a former Democratic National Committee staffer, was murdered because he was somehow tied into the WikiLeaks releases during the campaign.
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Rackspace launches new data security offering
... from Sony Pictures in 2014, including embarrassing emails from studio executives about actress Angelina Jolie that were posted on Wikileaks.
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Thrones' success can't ease headaches for HBO
The information released from the Sony theft was eventually made available on WikiLeaks, making private e-mails easily searchable by the public.
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Today in History
Ecuador decided to identify WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange as a refugee and give him asylum in its London embassy. Actor William Windom, 88, ...
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Leaked emails expose UAE's ambitious plans to rule region
The emails by WikiLeaks clearly reflect his country's ambitions to lead the region and the level of drift growing among the members of the Gulf ...
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Rebels of Google: Senior Vice President Led BLM Chant on Google Stage
WikiLeaks also revealed how Schmidt wanted to be “head outside advisor” to the Clinton campaign, and was prepared to “fund, advise, and recruit ...
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Benedict Cumberbatch May Star In Brexit TV Series
... while Cumberbatch has already played a real-world, controversial figure when he stepped into the role of WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange in The ...
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CEOs of Merk, Under Armour and Intel Walk Away from President's Manufacturing Council
... were part of a child-sex ring and that the Podesta emails, that were leaked by Wikileaks, used codewords for pedophilia and sex-trafficking.
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Spain: 4772 political parties and counting
Even the former superjudge Baltasar Garzón – currently the head of the legal team for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange – got involved, joining ...