A Met Police firearms officer beat up an innocent man during a raid at a Docklands apartment because he believed he had been lied to, a court heard. 

Pc Adrian Daly, 46, is alleged to have punched and kicked Jonathan Spencer while he was handcuffed and naked apart from a duvet. 

The officer believed Mr Spencer had lied about the occupants of the apartment during the 5am raid. 
Daly allegedly said to Mr Spencer: “You don’t f***ing lie to the police[lolol...ed.], Southwark crown court heard.
Daly, of Tower Hamlets, denies assault occasioning actual bodily harm in 2015.

Mr Spencer, his girlfriend Daniella, and a flatmate called Natalie came out with their arms raised when police forced their way in searching for a murder suspect.
Daly told investigators he spoke to Mr Spencer “about lying to the police” but did not attack him. The trial continues.




A police officer being investigated over the death of a man in east London has not been suspended, the Met Police has said.
Rashan Charles, 20, died on 22 July after being apprehended in Dalston.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said the officer had been placed on restricted duties, meaning he has been removed from work that involves contact with the public.
Mr Charles' family said they were ""disappointed" with the decision.

In a statement, the family said:
"This decision sends completely the wrong message about how seriously the Metropolitan Police take what happened to Rashan and we call on them to reconsider. "We are disappointed and concerned that the simple reality of what is seen in the recording has not been translated into prompt and effective action by the police, CPS and IPCC: to suspend this officer and to investigate him as a suspect in possible criminal offences, as well as for gross misconduct.

"We will continue to press for this."
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Image caption A full inquest into Mr Charles' death is expected to be held in front of a jury next June
The decision to place the officer on restricted duties was taken by Deputy Assistant Commissioner Richard Martin following "very careful consideration of the matter", the Met Police said.
Mr Martin said he fully understood the strength of public feeling about "the tragic death".

"I have carefully considered the IPCC's representations and the views of key partners in making my decision", he said.
"The officer concerned will be office-based and have no direct contact with any member of the public whilst the investigation is ongoing.

"As always, the serving of a notice by the IPCC does not mean that misconduct has been proven against an officer."
ProtestImage copyright PA
Image caption The 20-year-old's death led to protests in Hackney
The watchdog previously said it had found attempts were made to remove an object from Mr Charles' mouth or throat after he was restrained.

The package was later revealed to contain a mixture of caffeine and paracetamol.

The 20-year-old's death led to angry clashes in Hackney with protesters throwing fireworks and bottles at riot police.

A full inquest into Mr Charles' death is expected to be held in front of a jury next June.

source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-41334902





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