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Monday, 25 September 2017


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Open Minds
Mysterious readings on US submarine sonar leads UFO researcher to believe Navy has secret USO program
The Mutual UFO Network’s chief photo expert, Marc D’Antonio, says he was on a US Navy submarine when they tracked a very fast moving object in the ocean. Subsequent responses from Navy personnel lead D’Antonio to believe the Navy has a secret program regarding Unidentified Submerged Objects (USOs).
USOs are the underwater equivalent to UFOs. Although much less popular, there are famous USO cases Ufologists often reference.
Read this story at OpenMinds.tv here: Mysterious readings on US submarine sonar leads UFO researcher to believe Navy has secret USO program

The disappearance of the UK’s “most spectacular” UFO photo
Hanging on the wall near the British government’s UFO Desk was what one of the men who occupied that desk called “the most spectacular UFO photo ever sent to the Ministry of Defence (MoD).” The photo has since disappeared, but the story of how the picture was obtained, and what it showed, has not.
Nick Pope ran the MoD’s UFO project from 1991 to 1994. When he was first assigned to the position, he was not excited about it. He felt the issue was ridiculous and he was not looking forward to having to deal with a bunch of UFO nuts. However, over the years, Pope found there were credible cases of incredible things, and began to see there was something truly mysterious about the phenomenon. One of the cases that lead him to this conclusion had to do with a photo that was made into a poster that he found hung in the office near his desk when he began working the UFO desk.
Read this story at OpenMinds.tv here: The disappearance of the UK’s “most spectacular” UFO photo

Travis Walton



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We have some very exciting names and presentations listed. We have been VERY HAPPY with the incredible people we have been able to confirm, and we have a few favorties that we have not listed yet. Just need to finish up details, but trust me, many will LOVE what we have in store, although the response to those we have already listed has been very positive. This is going to be a great year, and, like every year, we will delight attendees with information they have not heard anywhere else before. We take pride in bringing information to the forefront others do not have the ability or courage to present.
Attending the International UFO Congress is like visiting family for the holidays, in this case a UFO and ET holiday. The fellow attendees, the IUFOC staff, and the beautiful Arizona desert all play a part in providing an experience like no other. We are honored to facilitate such a unique and important gathering, and humbled by the large amount of people who choose to come back. We eagerly await seeing old friends and meeting new ones!
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Spielberg offered to aid in United Nations UFO effort during Close Encounters era

Steven Spielberg is really into UFOs. This is not too hard to imagine given movies like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, ET: The Extraterrestrial and his mini-series Taken, among others. In a recent interview with journalist Lee Speigel, I discovered that he also lent a helping hand in a 1970s effort get the United Nations to investigate UFOs.
Read this story at OpenMinds.tv here: Spielberg offered to aid in United Nations UFO effort during Close Encounters era



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We have had a lot of GREAT presentations. Most presenters either meet or exceeded our expectations, and we are very excited to share their important research.
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Lee Speigel discusses his tie to the Close Encounters movie and UFO history on Open Minds UFO radio!
Lee Speigel is a journalist who has spent much of his career covering UFOs. He has worked for ABCNews.com, AOL News, and, most recently, the Huffington Post. He is now working with filmmaker James Fox on a script for an upcoming UFO documentary.
In 1975, Lee produced a documentary record album, “UFOs: The Credibility Factor,” for CBS Inc. It marked the first time that military and scientific voices came together to disclose their personal UFO encounters and to call for government recognition of the phenomenon. Soon after he aided the Prime Minister of Granada in an attempt to get the United Nations to officially investigate the UFO phenomenon. During this effort he worked with UFO research pioneers Dr. J. Allen Hyenk and Jacques Vallee, and was invited to meet Steven Spielberg, who wished to aide the group in their efforts.
Listen to the interview here: Lee Speigel – Close Encounters and UFO History – September 12, 2017

Martin and Alejandro discuss recent UFO news and Mars on Open Minds UFO radio!
Alejandro and Martin discuss the latest UFO news, including the recent detection of mysterious signals from space and humanity’s plans for Mars. No special guest in this episode, besides the always special ufo news presenter Martin Willis of Podcast UFO. Martin and Alejandro talk at length about some of their favorite topics that have recently made headlines and/or were featured articles on OpenMinds.tv. This includes the discovery of signals from space by an organization searching for intelligent extraterrestrial life. Signals that some scientists speculate could be the result of advanced extraterrestrial technology. We also discuss Mars, Alejandro’s visit to the set of the National Geographic Channel’s Mars TV show set, and current plans to get humans to Mars within the next 10 years!
Listen to the interview here: UFO News, Mysterious Space Signals and Mars – September 5, 2017


Watch Ben Hansen's talk at the 2017 UFO Congress online now!
Ben Hansen is the former host of Fact or Faked: Paranormal files, where they investigated paranormal cases, often attempting to reproduce the phenomena. Often they were able to uncover hoaxes, and innocent misidentifications. However, some cases they were unable to explain. Since the show ended, Hansen has continued his investigations into the paranormal, and is a frequent lecturer at paranormal conference. He also runs Night Vision Optics, and hold UFO night sky watching events.
Hansen has a background in law enforcement, and spent years as an FBI agent. He has conducted thousands of interviews, and while not formerly educated in the area of body language analysis, he has a lot of experiencing working with experts. Last year Bill Clinton appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Kimmel asked the former president about UFOs. Ben thought his body language was peculiar, so he conducted an analysis that he posted on YouTube. More recently, Obama also appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and was also asked about UFOs. Hansen analyzed that interview as well. In both interviews, Hansen believes the presidents were not sharing everything they knew.
Watch his lecture here: Ben Hansen - Analysis of Recent Presidential UFO Comments

Watch Mike Clelland's talk at the 2014 UFO Congress online now!
Mike Clelland began his study of the UFO abduction phenomenon in 2006 as a way to better understand his own personal experiences. This act of looking unleashed a flood of synchronicities as well as intense owl sightings. These events have been the focus of his ongoing research. Both owls and profound synchronicities seem to play a guiding role in the direct experience of some abductees, this connection points to a deeper reality at play in these mysteries. By looking at these elusive and often ignored aspects of the abduction lore, something truly mystical seems to be revealing itself.
Mike Clelland is an avid outdoorsman, illustrator, and UFO researcher. He has written extensively on the subject of alien abductions, synchronicities, high strangeness, owls, as well as his own personal experiences. He has had a lifetime of unusual events that seem directly intertwined with the UFO reality. His website explores these events and their connections to the UFO phenomenon in pop culture and mythology. This site also features extended audio interviews with visionaries and experts examining the complexities of the overall UFO experience: www.HiddenExperience.Blogspot.com.
Watch his lecture here: Mike Clelland presents Owls, Synchronicity, and the UFO Abductee

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