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Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Spy Files Russia
Today, September 19th 2017, WikiLeaks starts publishing the series "Spy Files Russia" with documents from the Russian company Петер-Сервис ...
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BUSTED: Claire McCaskill Refuses to Condemn Menendez—But Wanted @JulianAssange ...
Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill refuses to condemn fellow Democrat Bob Menendez while his bribery trial is underway but rushed to say Wikileaks ...
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BLA terrorists using Swiss soil for launching propaganda against Pakistan
According to WikiLeaks, “Foreign powers have dangerous designs in Balochistan”, “KGB along with RAW and KHAD had supported insurgency in ...
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Hillary Clinton: Media got played by the Russians
... and the Russians] because it would take people in the American political system, and in this campaign particularly, to say, 'Drop the WikiLeaks now.
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Donald Trump's gratitude of debt to Chelsea Manning
... was deployed to Iraq. Evidently, Manning hated it because she went rogue and used her computer skills to pass on classified material to WikiLeaks.
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Emmy Awards Wrap-Up, SoFi CEO Out, Chelsea Manning Uninvited From Harvard
Manning, a former soldier in the U.S. Army, served nearly four years in prison for leaking classified military information to WikiLeaks. Fortune.
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Hillary Clinton and David Remnick Discuss “What Happened”
... social media and guiding the WikiLeaks release of the hacked e-mails of her campaign staff. In her new book, “What Happened,” Clinton describes ...
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Alumni Call on IOP to Drop Lewandowski and Spicer
Last week, the appointment of Chelsea E. Manning, a former U.S. soldier convicted of leaking classified documents to WikiLeaks, as a visiting fellow ...
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Hillary Clinton ordered pizzas from DC restaurant at the center of 'Pizzagate' conspiracy theory as ...
... been 'stolen' by the Russians – saying she hated the word 'hacked' – and then handed over to Wikileaks, in which they were selectively released.
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Israel's Nuclear Reactor: 10 Years Past Its Projected Lifespan With No Plans to Be Shut Down
According to documents released by WikiLeaks, Israel told U.S. officials that it had replaced all the reactor's systems except the metal core, which, ...
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Former whistleblower starts company to give advice to would-be tipsters
“We're not WikiLeaks,” Tye said. “We provide legal advice and information to people who have sensitive information and want to explore their lawful ...
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NY Times's WH reporter to delete 'distraction' Twitter account
Thrush was at the center of controversy last October after a WikiLeaks email dump showed the then-senior Politico reporter allowing Democratic ...
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Hacker group Ourmine breached Vevo, leaked 3 TB worth data containing celebrity dossiers
The hacking group Ourmine has previously been associated with other high-profile leaks such as HBO's social media accounts and Wikileaks.
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'I'll always be indebted': DOJ demands more of Barrett Brown's money
The hacked emails, released by WikiLeaks, seemingly damaged the company considerably. For Brown's role, the government has ordered him to pay ...
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Spanish Central Government Tries To Stop Catalans From Voting On Independence
WikiLeaks' Julian Assange says he has been helping to defend the website. Critics of the referendum, including Ada Colau, the mayor of Barcelona, ...
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NYT, CNBC Reporter: Media Coverage of Clinton Emails Was 'Dumb,' 'Obviously Ridiculous'
During the election, Harwood faced scrutiny when WikiLeaks released a series of emails that showed Harwood giving advice to the Clinton campaign ...