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Thursday, 21 September 2017



Doubts over WikiLeaks' release of Russian surveillance system files
​WikiLeaks, the secret sharing organisation accused of playing a key role in Russian attempts to influence the 2016 US election, has released ...
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On Julian Assange's Twisted Embrace Of Vladimir Putin & Betrayal Of WikiLeaks
When you cut through everything that Julian Assange has said about himself and others have said about him — and there are gigabytes of it — the ...
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WikiLeaks reveals Russian spying operations
The move surprised many observers including Edward Snowden who called it a “plot twist” others think it is a move by Wikileaks to become relevant ...
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Fans left shell-shocked after Morgan Freeman tries to brainwash them for Hillary Clinton [VIDEO]
During the presidential campaign, WikiLeaks released a huge bank of emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) server. The emails ...
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Fox fights defamation lawsuit over death of DNC worker
... theory that DNC staffer Seth Rich was murdered in retaliation for leaking sensitive emails to WikiLeaks regarding Hillary Clinton's presidential run.
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Snowden's EthiopiaLeaks:Reading Between the Lines
Snowden's EthiopiaLeaks follows in the footsteps of Wikileaks Ethiopia File where we find now Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Africa Donald ...
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Defendants in Fox News Defamation Suit Push for Dismissal, Arbitration
... that former Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich was murdered for leaking DNC emails to WikiLeaks were wrongly attributed to him.
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A secret best kept: does pay disclosure come at a price?
With Wikileaks and other data dump sites, not to mention state-ordered pay declarations, the old days of secrecy are pretty much over. In the UK, only ...
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Pammy & Rami
The answer is Julian Assange. Eh? Mr Wikileaks? That strange pale man locked in a Knightsbridge basement with a cat and a treadmill for company?
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Professors Condemn Rejection of Michelle Jones
Also last week, Harvard appointed Manning—a former Army soldier who went to prison for leaking classified military documents to WikiLeaks—to a ...
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Day for Night 2017 lineup: Nine Inch Nails, Thom Yorke, Solange, Chelsea Manning & more
... the transgender soldier who spent time in a military prison for giving classified materials to WikiLeaks; visual artist and musician Laurie Anderson; ...
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Halle Berry shows off romance with Brit toyboy 16 years her junior
PAMELA ANDERSON has finally denied longstanding rumours she's dating WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and confi rmed her relationship with ...
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Iceland's 'Pirate' Politician Won't Run After Government Collapses In Pedophilia Scandal
Nearly one year after she first took office in 2009, the Icelandic parliamentarian and co-founder of the populist Pirate Party worked with WikiLeaks to ...
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One of the world's leading universities has caved into pressure from spooks. That should terrify us ...
Around 100 prominent figures, meanwhile, also signed a statement in support of Edward Snowden, WikiLeaks, Manning, and other whistleblowers in ...
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Ruth: Another security breach, and everyone shrugs
Add to that the mischief caused by Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden and the periodic data dumps by WikiLeaks, and the world pretty soon starts to ...
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Russia Attacks Hollywood's Morgan Freeman and Other Celebrities Declaring US at 'War' With Putin
It also highlights “key players” in Russia's supposed disinformation war, including WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, Russian lawyer Natalia ...
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Seth Meyers takes a look at Rep. Dana Rohrbacher, friend to Trump, Putin, and Julian Assange
Rep. Dana Rohrbacher (R-Calif.) believes the whole Russian election-meddling story is a farce, recently met with WikiLeaks' Julian Assange in ...
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Devil's venom
... build even longer-range missiles —or shorter range missiles with greater payload capacity,” she wrote according to a document posted by Wikileaks.
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Xiaomi brings Mi FileExplorer, with FTP server, to the Play Store for all devices [APK Download]
Xiaomi is following in the footsteps of many OEMs and releasing its apps onto the Play Store for faster updates, which avoids the long waits of firmware ...
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Ousted WH Aide Gorka Joins Conspiracy Theory-Happy 'MAGA Coalition'
Conspiracy theorists assert he played a hand in passing Democratic operatives' emails to WikiLeaks, and that his death was orchestrated as revenge.