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Monday, 2 October 2017

Bournemouth GP to appear in court charged with alleged murder plot" + MORE - 2 Oct. 17

Bournemouth GP to appear in court charged with alleged murder plot

Alex Winter

A BOURNEMOUTH GP is due to appear before a court this month charged with soliciting a murder.

Dr David Crichton is alleged to have plotted a killing at his home in Cawdor Road, Winton on February 26 this year.
The 63-year-old is one of the directors of the Muscliff Care Home in Tolpuddle Gardens and is still listed as one of the practising doctors at the Tolpuddle Gardens GP surgery.
He appeared at Poole Magistrates' Court for a preliminary hearing on Thursday, September 21. Prosecutors claim he solicited, encouraged, persuaded, endeavoured to persuade or proposed to a person unknown to murder Andrew Bolden.

Crichton is also charged with sending Mr Bolden electronic communications, namely emails and text messages, which conveyed a threat for the purpose of causing distress or anxiety to the recipient, on dates between July 26 2016 and March 4 2017.

The alleged offence took place at Crichton's home.

The defendant has not yet entered a plea to either of the charges against him and is next due to appear for a plea and trial preparation hearing at Bournemouth Crown Court on October 19.
He has been released on bail on the condition that he doesn't contact Mr Bolden or the employees of Brown Shipley Financial Advisers directly or indirectly.

A spokesperson for the Muscliff Care Home confirmed to the Daily Echo that Crichton continues to hold his directorship.

However, he said he was unable to comment further.

Crichton has relinquished his registration to the General Medical Council, although was fully registered with the organisation in August 1978.

He studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh, graduating in 1977.

source:  http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/15569719.Bournemouth_GP_to_appear_in_court_charged_with_alleged_murder_plot/?ref=ebbn



My life was saved after being hit by a car doing 69mph in '82 whilst crossing a dual carriageway - and all those hospital employees, wherever they were, giving me treatment which included emergency ambulance to the hospital 10 miles away after being struck by motor vehicle, almost total blood loss due to injuries, followed by 3 months in Intensive Care on a life support machine whilst in a coma, then 13 major ops [bone grafts etc. for broken legs, broken arm + wrist, skull, bone in back], total of 7 months in hospital [leaving unable to walk, in a wheelchair], 2 years rehab learning how to walk again - but then, 30 years later one's GP [the professionally negligent Dr. M.H. at "Talbot Medical Centre", 68 Kinson Rd, Bournemouth, BA10 6BX and a few of the other characters at that location] blows it all away and doesn't do his job competently for 3 years and nearly murders one by dishing out a seriously dangerous drug [Respiridone] every single prescription without any checks or anything - not even mentioning it once during every fortnightly appointment, nor even checking its compatibility with the other drugs I'm being prescribed by him and there we have the utter negligence of the GP, and to an extent those colleagues of his I had to see also at the time - this entire shambolic behaviour  leading to my collapsing 6 times because my heart stopped beating, and I fall to the floor, literally dead - it all caused by this very lack of checking the drug this GP's been prescribing me with no checks during the 34 month period.

After collapsing 5 times over a 6 week period because ones heart has stopped beating, collapsing dead and falling to the floor in the middle of the night, en route to the bathroom, I came around each time, freezing cold, on my floor, however much later and shortly after each time I went straight to the surgery the following morning when it had opened for an emergency appointment, but each GP I saw, after telling each one what happened hours previously when I had collapsed said: "you're fine, go home!" without giving any tests or anything - apart from 1 solitary occasion when a routine blood pressure test was given on my left arm before I was told to "go home"]. NOT ONCE were any checks done on the drugs I was being prescribed - none of that was ever checked at anytime as to the compatibility of the Respiridone with anything else prescribed, nor was the length of time I'd been on the drug checked either. All GPs seen failed impeccably to do their jobs properly. To me, this just shows the utter scandal of the incompetence shown by government employees whose luxurious and ever-rising salaries are funded by the taxpayer and are so high I doubt if any of them can put an accurate figure on what they actually receive in their yearly earnings - what with all the perks they get from drugs companies, plus the "bonuses" we hear about them getting - some of these GPs are a burden on the public, and nothing less.

After my final collapse, in late October 2007 and approximately 6 weeks after this nightmare began, very fortuitously for me I happened to have the emergency appointment with a particularly bright student GP on a training placement, who saw something wrong straightaway - I was looking very ill [as I did after collapsing previously before, but no GP I saw on those emergency appointments took any notice] and after I recounted the tale again, this female trainee GP  finally took notice and sent me to the hospital there and then. I collapsed whilst in the hospital 2 days after arriving there and the following day a heart pacemaker implant was given, effectively saving my life - the collapsing being the direct result of nearly 3 years of being prescribed that drug without the proper supervision by "Dr. M.H.", along with the other GPs I saw during those emergency appointments who also failed miserably to do their jobs properly at the time who did absolutely nothing when I saw each of them during the 6 weeks I was collapsing.

And apart from that, other serious and some life-threatening ailments also arrived as a result of this GP's  negligence - S.A.D.S. [Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome] , and a "long QT syndrome", with Diabetes2 thrown in, and probably more too that I don't even know about, or haven't been told - but, worst of all - the shortening of one's very life due to having to have the pacemaker and all that goes with that...including dieing in one's sleep any night, any time, such is the nature of "S.A.D.S." combined with a "long QT syndrome". The type of pacemaker I was given can do nothing if the heart speeds up too much as it tends to do now, for no apparent reason [some pacemakers can counter this event], so if my heart speeds up randomly, even if I've just woken up from sleep - my heart can literally just burn itself out with the overactivity of it, and there is no remedy from the type of pacemaker I have, and I'm given a beta-blocker to take daily too, which is supposed to counter this life threatening side effect of the heart malfunctioning, but even though that's being taken, still the overspeeding happens, and I believe its only pure luck that it has ceased each time, or my meditating at the time - when I'm saying prayers, incidentally, as, at the times it's happening and my heart and palpitations are banging away and going crazy I know very well these could be my final moments. There is no "good side" to this GP's incompetence. It is, in fact, a death sentence, and there's nothing that can be done about it.

And then, just to top it all off - every agency one turns to for some kind of recompense regarding the appalling negligence of a GP refuses to acknowledge anything that's happened. These false agencies are, in effect, condoning the GP's negligence by their inaction. When one's GP - who's supposed to treat properly the citizens he's paid so highly to oversee, even taking a "Hippocratic oath" in the process - is so negligent by doing the opposite of what he's supposed to do by nearly killing one on at least 5 occasions too, no less, by not doing his job properly ONCE in nearly 3 years - isn't something very seriously wrong here? People have said some government agencies such as the IPCC and CQC are a complete joke and a complete waste of taxpayers hardearnt money - well I see the GMC, the ICO, NHS UK, and Dorset Healthcare, and Dorset Advocacy also as public scandals - all fronts for something they profess to be, but aren't. These frauds are a burden on every citizen who are carrying all those employed in these - and other agencies who reap the ultra-high salaries that goes with those jobs - another public scandal when that money could be put to good use elsewhere, rather than being wasted on these wastrels.

Google "Common Purpose" to see the extent of the mammoth scam that's engulfing the nation, its proponents all condoning each others treacherous behaviour, deceiving the nation wholesale in something that is a massive public scandal that few citizens even hear or know about - until something very serious happens to them, and then they find there's no remedy whatsoever to their predicament - least of all from the people they've been paying their taxes too for all their lives! 

And, taking things a tiny stage further - suppose, just suppose: are there more who have been in a similar circumstance to myself, in any shape or form - who didn't make it through and stay aliveHow many others have fallen, and not lived to tell their tale?

Something is seriously wrong...and no prizes for guessing WHERE!!...

Do I sound bitter?...well, I'm not. But I do very much resent  the fact that citizens trust their GP, and sometimes that is a very very bad mistake, because charletans are everywhere and are not exempt from those claiming to provide a service at a doctor's surgery as a GP - and then every government agency contacted covers up for this disgrace of a GP? This is a public scandal.

This is a true sworn statement by myself, J. Graham"




Update 01/08/17 - this surgery in the bottom 25 [no. 78] out of 100 of: REVEALED: The best and worst GP surgeries in Dorset


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