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Monday, 16 October 2017

California Is Under Militarized Criminal Mass Assault By Arson - Michael Mandeville - VIDEO

Michael Mandeville mwman@q.com [earthchange-bulletins] earthchange-bulletins-noreply@yahoogroups.com via talktalk.net 

11:19 (15 hours ago)
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Fear + Loathing In The Belly of the Beast
Earth Changes Bulletin October 9, 2017 MW Mandeville (Black Canyon City, Arizona)

Phoenix Five Report Item: California Is Under Militarized Criminal Mass Assault By Arson

California is under militarized criminal assault on life and property through high technology arson which is destroying major tracts of suburban housing and rural agricultural activities.  The assault began during the first week of October  with the sudden beginning of multiple fires.  The arson reached a crescendo about October 10-12 with the appearance of some 60 major fires which are still burning. 

High winds, lack of water, and unavailability of resources is being blamed for the severity of the fires and the inability of government fire-fighting organizations to contain the outbreaks.  But high winds have been spotty, generally ground wind has been modest with only occasional short periods of brisk wind in most locations.  As is plainly evident, Northern California has plenty of fully charged up water reservoirs thus distribution should not be a problem. Management may however be a problem  Probably the greatest difficulty in fighting the fires is the surreal strangeness of many of the fires, the patterns of the firefronts, and the large numbers of spontaneous outbreaks.  Apparently California fire-fighters do not have enough experience with the present conditions to mount an effective strategy to actually attempt to put the fires out.

Some people are suggesting that they are suffering from agendatwentyone-itis but this speculation is not of much help.

The burn of some Santa Rosa housing tracts reveal without doubt the action of high tech advanced energy beam weapons. Large numbers of cars were "toasted" into oblivion. In most cases the window glass vaporized and non-steel wheels melted, leaving adjacent trees and bushes standing, some apparently still living.   Entire streets of houses were leveled on both sides of the streets.  Nothing left standing.  It is as if all the metal nails and screws were removed and the houses collapsed into piles which burned into a layer of ash a few inches deep. Meanwhile, the plants around the houses are still standing, some with undamaged foliage.  As one Internet connected on-the-spot analyst put it:  "the houses of whole neighborhoods burned in a forest fire in which none of the trees burned."  (see intruthbygrace).

That of course is impossible.  The Internet is now "catching on fire" with eye witness accounts of the California fires and a lot of diverse analysis and questioning of the details.  It is apparent that a lot of people in the area are incredulous.  There is a message here directly from the people: "Ground Control, we have a problem". 

This activity is likely going to supplant the issues surrounding the Las Vegas Massacre, which was an obvious Secret Government operation.  This may be more of the same, but the motives are unclear.  The signatures in the operation are so obvious, it is obvious that they will become as huge a concern as the 911 operation.  It may be that they are attempting to set-up a patsy, such as North Korea, Or perhaps Russia. Would you believe UFO's?  But these are just idle speculations at this moment.

The main thing is that people awaken to the current reality.  People with really high technology are doing crazy murderous things with it.  All of us are being forced to help each other deal with it.  We even have to consider carefully whether a civil insurrection has been  started by dark forces to take over the U.S.  It has been long rumored.  Perhaps it has begun.

~mwm, Sunday October 15, 2017

remarks by anon:

These are all good analyses, but so far I've not heard anyone asking why are so many cars in the driveways, on the streets, or in the garages that are no longer standing. If people were going to flee, they'd drive out, not walk. So it indicates to me that hundreds were literally incinerated in their beds/homes without any forewarning of what was coming. Most of these videos are under 10 min. with only one of them 20 min. The first one is only 1 min. and proves that Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) exist. If you're still snoring away, WAKE UP!

I don't know how much of this evidence you want to view, but wow~~~~~~~~~

Direct Energy Weapon Caught On Video!

Actual DEW Plane fully operational

Demo of application to a target in Iraq

Analysing Santa Rosa fires. Directed energy? DEW  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YyiHz5EarQo

Evidence of Military Grade EMF Accelerants Used in Sonoma Napa FIRES


Napa California Fires: Where did the HOUSES GO?? What twisted the steel??


60  fires started (official reports) in a 24 hour period in widely separated locations - no historical precedence 

Did HAARP CAUSE THE FIRES in California?

MWM:  an empty speculation... HAARP RF would not produce the observed highly differential effects, but here is one guy asking a sincere question.


WHERE did all the California fires COME FROM?

MWM:  This guy with the next video is a little crude and the flow is jumpy, but listen to how he concludes with the maps of the fires.  Califiornia is under a criminal  high technology military assault.  Several dozen fires were started during the last 48  hours throughout northern and central Califiornia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nqqz8eXygVI

GEOENGINEERING Is FUELING FIRES in California - Dane Wigington

MWM:  Wigington discusses how the chemtrails and HAARP style energies are contributing  to the combustibility of the forests, but this input does not address the current militarized direct assault by laser/maser style Directed Energy Weapons on N. Cal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oikqyvuGUGo


May The Force Be With You With Good luck!!!!!!!!, Michael Mandeville
from the mesas of Arizona;


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