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Monday, 16 October 2017

Real Vampires, Bigfoot + Dogman - ZFirelight / C2C AM Radio 14 Oct. 17

Date Saturday - October 14, 2017
Host Connie Willis
Douglas RobinsonParker DuvallMike FeltnerMike Miller

Real Vampires - pt. 1

In the first hour, Douglas Robinson joined the program to describe what he has found about real life vampires. Robinson has written a series of fictional novels about the creatures which he claims are based in reality. He explained that the classic vampire that we know from novels, movies, and TV are not real. Robinson he has seen people that "need to drink blood to live" and based his series of fictional novels on people he says he actually knows. In his experience, people exist who have "physically changed" so that the only way hey can get nourishment is by drinking human blood. In the course of his relationships with these vampiric people he has learned that they are secretive, and can blend in with normal human society. Robinson warned that any attempt to kill them off would make "blood flow down the streets" as they defend themselves with vicious efficiency. He says that he prays for these vampiric people and tries to understand them and believes that love is the only way to get through to their race.

Bigfoot + Dogman - pts. 2,3,4

To celebrate the spirit of the season, Connie Willis (email) welcomed four different guests to the program. Parker Duvall described his journey from skeptic to full-on researcher of Bigfoot and the Dogman in his home state of Kentucky. At a transitional time in his life, he apprenticed with a Bigfoot researcher and began to question witnesses. Six months later he was concentrating his efforts in an area where there was a group of unusual sightings, and saw one of the entities walking near a graveyard with his night-vision equipment. Parker said that his "world was turned upside down." Witnesses also began to tell Duvall about other creatures they were seeing, which turned out to be what is known as the "Dogman." Parker says he telepathically communicated with one and then met it face to face. He says he has developed a relationship with the beings, who are "like warriors and are very proud." He considers them a race that inhabit the Earth just as humans do, and that they coexist with what Duvall calls "the Bigfoot people." Duvall believes that the Dogmen interact with humans in order to fill witnesses with "primal fear," because he believes you find out the most about yourself in these moments. Duvall sent these images to accompany his appearance.
The final 90 minutes featured Bigfoot researchers Mike Feltner and Mike Miller of the "Ohio Night Stalkers," who played recordings they made of eerie Bigfoot vocalizations recorded on a trip to a rural area of central Ohio on the night of October 11, 2014. There was an abundance of activity, which Miller described as the equivalent of "the World Series and the Superbowl in one night." One of the recordings apparently featured both Bigfoot sounds and a coyote. Feltner remarked that he believes that the animals "scavenge off of each other" for food. He added that they soon had a very close encounter with something that was mere yards away and retreated to their cars to escape, only to be stopped in the road by a deer that was staring at something in the woods. Miller said that they had picked this remote spot because it had not been investigated before. Their "adrenalin was through the roof" at this point and they finally headed home very early in the morning. They both remarked that they are often approached by witnesses because they want to talk to someone who will not make fun of them. Feltner concluded that there has to be respect paid to the creatures, but when there is activity, "It’s an adrenalin rush. I am addicted to it."

pt. 2 = https://www.youtube.com/embed/9DMpjkIaXzc?rel=0&autoplay=1

pt. 3 = https://www.youtube.com/embed/I5ADHfbuyeE?rel=0&autoplay=1





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