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Thursday, 26 October 2017


G4S and Serco could be about to get police powers of arrest. [1] They’ve ripped off taxpayers and been accused of abusing people in their care - soon they could be carrying handcuffs and turning up on doorsteps to arrest people. [2]

The minister for Justice, David Lidington, is deciding right now whether to give powers of arrest to G4S and Serco as part of a police privatisation plan. [3] So far the public has been shut out of the decision, but with our liberty on the line, it’s time to make our voices heard.

A huge public outcry could stop these plans in their tracks. Together, we can prove the public want bobbies on the beat, not a private police force. If thousands of us add our names to a petition demanding these dangerous plans are dropped, the government will be forced to listen.

If you don’t want handcuffs in the hands of G4S and Serco, please will you take 30 seconds to sign the petition?

It sounds like something straight from a sci-fi movie: rogue private security firms G4S and Serco with powers of arrest. And from charging taxpayers to monitor offenders who didn’t exist, to messing up security at the olympics, to allegations of abuse - their track records make for unpleasant reading. [4] But despite all of this, the government continues to award these cowboy companies contract after contract. [5]

It may feel impossible to take on these multinational companies with multi-billion pound budgets. But we’ve made sure big companies can’t make a profit out of keeping us safe before. When G4S were lined up to take control of the 999 calls that help us in an emergency, over 10,000 of us came together to stop the plans and won. [6] Together, we can do it again.

So, if you want to keep powers of arrest away from dodgy companies like G4S and Serco, please sign the petition now.


Thanks for all that you do,

Aiyan, Cathy, Robin, Becca and the 38 Degrees Team

You might have heard - 38 Degrees members achieved some amazing things this week! From protecting our emergency workers to saving local NHS services, together we’re making waves. Read more about it here:

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Daily Mail: Private firms may be given powers to arrest people: Companies would be able to hold individuals who fail to pay fines imposed by courts:
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BBC: G4S - a global security giant with a chequered record:http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-41123840
 BBC: G4S repays UK government £108.9m after tagging scandal
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The Independent: G4S guards filmed 'choking' and mocking detainee who self-harmed at immigration centre:

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G4S BOURNEMOUTH + “Undercover footage allegedly shows staff “mocking, abusing and even assaulting detainees” at a facility in Gatwick”