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Friday, 13 October 2017


Date Wednesday - October 11, 2017
Host George Noory
L. A. MarzulliLon Milo DuQuette

Pts. 1 + 2:  Fatima Miracle

In the first half, author and researcher L.A. Marzulli discussed his new work on the Fatima sightings (view trailer), and in particular, events which unfolded on October 13, 1917 that were witnessed by 70,000 people in a field in Fatima, Portugal and remain controversial 100 years later. Earlier, three children had reported seeing a Marian apparition beginning on May 13, 1917, and continued to see her on the 13th of subsequent months. One of the children, Lucia, was said to receive telepathic communications from the woman, Marzulli recounted, adding that Lucia never said the woman was the Virgin Mary, but just referred to her as a "lady" who came from the sky.
Marzulli recently went to Portugal to investigate the event that took place on October 13, 1917, which has been called the "Miracle of the the Sun." Word had spread about the apparitions the children were seeing, and Lucia had been told that a sign would be presented for all to see on the 13th. After a morning of rain, the clouds parted, and the sun came out. From out of a cloud an object appeared, spinning on its axis, as it cast vibrant colors over the crowd. Then, the disc-shaped object descended, before flying low over the gathering. Rather than a holy miracle, Marzulli has concluded that it was a UFO of demonic origin that the crowd witnessed, and that in later years Lucia presented confabulated information in tandem with the Catholic Church about the events that occurred in 1917.

Pts. 1 + 2: The Life of Aleister Crowley 

In the latter half, author and ceremonial magician Lon Milo DuQuette spoke about the controversial life and work of occultist Aleister Crowley. In spite of his reputation, Crowley was not an evil man, DuQuette opined, but the wider public misunderstood the "spiritual art form" that he practiced, personifying aspects of consciousness as angels, demons, and spirits. Calling himself the Beast 666, he was referencing the Kabbalistic side of the Book of Revelation rather than being a literal Antichrist, DuQuette explained. The Beast represented a new phase of human consciousness-- one of the high emanations on the Kabbalah's Tree of Life.
Confirming that Crowley was a spy for British intelligence, DuQuette suggested he may have even been a double or triple agent at times. Crowley, he continued, did try to conjure demons as a way to improve his existence, evoking entities that represented out-of-control elements. He would tell the entities to work for him rather than against him, and if that didn't succeed, he'd banish or annihilate them from his universe. Aleister Crowley also helped introduce astrology to the modern world, ghostwriting two hugely popular books on the subject for Evangeline Adams, DuQuette revealed.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Neil Slade, Leslie Kean




source:  http://zfirelight.blogspot.co.uk/2017/10/10-11-17-fatima-miracle-life-of.html





Published on Nov 16, 2015