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Friday, 6 October 2017

THE HAT MAN Heidi Hollis, the Great Voice, Las Vegas Shooting + more ZFirelight / C2C AM Radio shows 2 Oct. + 20 March 2017

Monday - October 2, 2017
George Noory
John DeSouza
John R. LottHeidi Hollis


In the latter half, author and expert on Shadow People and the Hat Man, Heidi Hollis, spoke about these dark supernatural figures that she believes menace people around the globe. In contrast to Shadow People, the Hat Man appears as a solid, and real being. Around 8 ft. tall, he typically wears a suit, trench coat or cape, gaucho or fedora hat, and is often seen with intimidating glowing red eyes, she reported. Sightings, she added, are on the rise, and generally accompanied by strong feelings of dread and horror.
The Hat Man, she continued, is a singular entity, though as the personification of evil or the Devil, he can appear in multiple places at the same time. Shadow People, the Hat Man, and negative aliens all work together, Hollis asserted, and she uses various protection methods connected to her Christian faith to keep them at bay. She recounted her first encounter with Jesus, which occurred to her in the summer of 1999-- she had gone to take a nap in her apartment, and "fell through her bed," suddenly finding herself on the porch of her parents' home, when he appeared, offering guidance.


The second hour featured John DeSouza, a researcher and experiencer of paranormal and spiritual phenomena, who was a former national security investigator for the US government. He detailed the mystery of the "Great Voice" that has come to him since childhood during crisis and potential tragedy, and is experienced by many others who are known as "clear hearers." Differentiating it from the quiet voice people sometimes hear in their heads, he explained that the "Great Voice" rings out in clear authority to save lives and right wrongs, and is felt rather than heard.


First hour guest, economist and gun rights advocate John Lott offered commentary and analysis of the Las Vegas shooting. The gunman, Stephen Paddock, had apparently purchased his weapons through legal means, though at least one rifle may have been altered to function as an automatic weapon. I'm not sure I can really make the case for ownership of automatic weapons, other than for collectors, Lott remarked. The number of automatic weapons have been frozen since 1986, and can cost up to $20,000-- people have to go through extra background checks and fingerprinting to get one, he cited.

Uploaded on Oct 3, 2017
News segment guests: Dr. Peter Breggin, John Curtis, Steve Kates



source: http://zfirelight.blogspot.co.uk/2017/10/10-02-17-las-vegas-shooting-great-voice.html



Are These Pictures of The Hat Man? 
                            February 15, 2016 in Stories by
A frequent reader of of our site recently submitted a serious of 3 images that claim to be of the Hatman himself. I am including these pictures for your viewing. So what do you think? Are these pictures none other than the Hatman himself? Perhaps of another Shadow being? Or something else? Comment below and let us know what you think!

Hat Man #000 11-25-13 S1770352
Hat Man #002 11-25-13 S1770352
1507959_587271668024725_168158615_n - Copy


Got a problem?  call for  "the HAT MAN"!!...or maybe not..

Date Monday - March 20, 2017
Host George Noory
Neil Howe,  Heidi Hollis

Parts 3, 4: The HAT MAN

In the latter half, author and expert on Shadow People and the Hat Man, Heidi Hollis, described and chronicled these dark supernatural figures that she believes menace people around the globe. The Hat Man, she explained, is a solid entity (compared to the more transparent manifestation of a Shadow Person), usually quite tall (7-8 ft.), may have glowing red eyes, and wears a distinctive hat such as a gaucho, top hat, or derby. "The sensation that people get when they meet him is one of deep fear of losing their soul," she remarked, adding that the entity is occasionally seen along with aliens, and incidents of missing time are sometimes reported with the encounters. 
Hat Man could be thought of as a demon, and preys upon people's fears, she outlined. He is a soul reaper, and recruiting humans to join his mission, Hollis continued. Interestingly, she thinks that in the case in Wisconsin where two girls stabbed a friend as a way to placate the urban legend known as 'Slenderman,' the teens may actually have been dealing with Hat Man, without realizing it. She contends that having faith, using prayer, and calling out the name of Jesus, are viable ways to combat or repel such evil entities. 

Parts 1, 2:  Generational Cycles

In the first half, historian, author, and speaker, Neil Howe discussed his work on generations and how they shape history as well as the twenty year cycle of crisis facing the US as predicted in his book The Fourth Turning. Howe foresaw the rise in populism and his ideas have been studied by the current White House chief strategist, Steve Bannon. Howe suggested that the current 'fourth turning' began in 2008 with the financial crisis, and the election of Barack Obama. Right now, there is a lot of instability in the political scene, yet the stock market is at an all time high. He doesn't see the market maintaining that position for much longer. 
Contrary to some of the press coverage, the Millennial generation (those born in the 1980s and beyond) have a lot of strength and optimism and are actually better read than the Gen Xers' were at their age, he reported. As they move into leadership positions, Generation X brings a lot of grit, resilience and determination to the table, he added. Howe has observed a certain bifurcation among Baby Boomers in life expectancy-- the educated, white collar/technology types are eating well and living longer, but some of the working class have a higher mortality rate, with poorer lifestyle choices and healthcare options. 

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Connie WillisSteve Kates 
Guest Podcaster: Michael Decon, "End of Days" 
Couldn't catch this episode of the show? Sign up for Coast Insider to listen at your leisure and never miss another program again! 



source:  http://zfirelight.blogspot.co.uk/2017/03/03-20-17-generational-cycles-hat-man.html

Heidi Hollis
Author on things we all question

* Which includes: Angels, Aliens, Holy Encounters, Ghosts, Faith, UFOs, Heaven and Hell, Shadow People, Bigfoot, Hat Man and everything else you can think of!
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Hat Man
Darkness and evil follows this man and for all who see him!

Heidi Hollis was the first to discover this horror and named it "The Hat Man." Her new book, The Hat Man: The True Story of Evil Encounters, is NOW out!


Have you seen this man and want to share your story or ask questions about him?
Write Heidi here AND THEN LISTEN TO HER SHOW FOR A RESPONSE: DasOutlander @ gmail.com
**Please note: Please allow for up to 2-3 weeks for the first shipment of books to be sent from the publisher to be signed by the author and shipped again, to you directly.

“Have you seen this man?” It was a simple image and question posted online that sparked a worldwide awareness that—HE IS REAL! From the author who discovered him and told you about The Shadow People—now learn of the new THREAT!
Victims worldwide have reported seeing this man peering into their homes, their bedrooms, their cribs, their cars, their lives and even—into their souls!
It starts with the feeling of not being alone, only to look to the foot of your bed and find that you are right. There’s a stranger in your room and you know that you see him, worst of all, you know that he sees you, too!
You try to scream or run, only to find that you are paralyzed!
Terror then reaches new levels as he approaches you, leans within inches of your face and lets you know that he is indeed—your worst nightmare!
This is the true story of the beginning of unthinkable horror that you have never heard of before! 
Not many authors can say that they named two paranormal phenomena like Heidi Hollis! With this original story and almost 50 encounters detailed, you’ll soon find that darkness can hide, but the light always wins!

The above image is compliments of Z. S.

The Hat Man:

It's taken some time for me to finally address a clearer picture of what the thing I've coined to be called "The Hat Man" and what he's about.  Each time I took a step towards even researching this topic, people close to me would start having odd dreams or even a severe streak of bad luck.  I was also in the process of writing about more positive experiences like holy encounters with Jesus and angels, so to take a look into something less than positive just didn't seem right to do for some time.
I don't think it's ever a good idea to deflect from the positive, but in order to see the light better, sometimes one needs to understand why the dark can be so dominating at times.
So, who is the Hat Man?  Well, you can read the first encounters with him in my new book coming out soon called The Hat Man: True Unholy Encounters.   He came at a time when the Shadow People had made themselves known to me.  I admit that this occurrence sounded quite a bit different from the Shadow People.  But in knowing that the Shadows could take on various forms, even influencing people, including taking on the form of what’s called the Men In Black, I was nearly certain he was merely one of the Shadows.
Apparently, I had the right idea,  but not fully.  Seems this Hat Man is indeed related to the "dark side" as the Shadow People are, where even they have  similar agendas.  
Shadow People like to choke, scare, absorb fear and cause it.  This Hat Man can do and will do these same things, but is mostly known for and seen as an observer who appears and may often simply just leave.  Sometimes the timing is significant, while other times it can leave you scratching your head about why he came at all.
If there is anything of importance I'd like to say about a person seeing this Hat Man is that it is a worldwide phenomenon.  Him showing up doesn't necessarily mean you are about to die or someone close to you will.

There's so much more to be said about this Hat Man, and I am and will. My book will be out about him very soon, end of 2012. So for now, please feel free to write me with your story and concerns and I will do my best to get back to you via email or on my radio show, Heidi Hollis-The Outlander.

Please know that I will not use your last name, and please let me know if you don't want your story aired or used otherwise.

Hat Man Name Given By Me

Yes it's true, this is a name that I personally gave him: HAT MAN.  Once I spoke of this entity on the popular program Coast to Coast AM, the name spread across the globe. Pretty wild to think that a name you'd given something actually is now known as that.

The case is also the same for the term "Shadow People." As many now know, I wrote The Secret War book based on Shadow People before anyone had ever mentioned that name.  

So there you have it, some wanted some confirmation on whether or not I gave the Hat Man that name, now you all know...'tis true :)

What The Hat Man Looks Like and Does

The Hat Man’s gear consists of what can be described as him wearing a long-black trench coat, three-piece suit, white collared shirt, and a flat rimmed gaucho hat.  Some have even reported seeing a gold watch hanging on his side on a chain or him wearing a top hat.  Some people describe seeing red eyes, others see solid black eyes if they see any eyes at all under the shadow of his hat.  
He's described as being pale, tall, thin and may or may not have a noticeable goatee and thin moustache.  He may grin, tip his hat, or stare undeniably at a person at length or briefly.  
He appears in most any location, but most commonly is reported in people's bedrooms as they sleep at night.  A feeling comes over the person where they wake up to find him watching them nearby.  
I'm a firm believer that people's guts tell them what's going on around them, especially when it comes to the paranormal.  So please, do your best to describe all you can in regard to what you felt from this Hat Man if you choose to write me with your story to share or for advice. 
  Visit Heidi Hollis on Facebook: www.Facebook.com/1HeidiHollis.com     Follow her:  www.Twitter.com/1HeidiHollis

Monroe Louisiana Paranormal Investigation Interview

Published on Dec 25, 2017
Monroe Louisiana Paranormal Investigation Interview. Subscribe to youtube.com/paranormal2777 and follow our facebook page for the upcoming episodes ..