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Friday, 27 October 2017

Thousands Rise Up Against 'Rothschild-Owned' President Macron In Paris + THEY ARE PREPARING US FOR WHAT COMES NEXT... VIDEO

The French people need to dust off the Guillotines, and "Off with their heads!" History needs to repeat itself.

They are preparing for what comes next... (2017-2018 EVENTS)

N.Korea aint started no wars neither has Iran..fact!:just gonna invade for their minerals natural resources etc all for Rothchilds and Rockafellas.

Greetings citizens of the world

There's been a lot in the news lately; From threats of war, to future
space endeavors. Two very different ends of the spectrum with vastly
different consequences for humanity. While politicians bicker over power
 plays by opposing nations here on Earth, we continue to face many
threats from beyond this world.

The unfortunate truth is that while our generation may survive the next
100 years... It's only a matter of time till humanity as a whole faces
catastrophe on a global scale. We occupy one tiny world, around a single
 star out of billions, in a single galaxy out of trillions in the
observable universe. That alone shows how fragile our species really is.

Thus we come to realization, and an inevitability; Earth cannot remain
our only home forever. Some of the voyagers we set forth to the farthest
 reaches of the galaxy will lose contact with us, and we'll never hear
from them again in our life time. Nevertheless, our legacy will live on
though them as they colonize new worlds across the stars...

While we can ensure the survival of humanity through migration and
colonization, we can also help ensure the survival of Earth through
unification. As we unite to explore other worlds, we'll in turn find
ourselves securing our own. Earth will always be our homeworld, and as
such it will always hold a special place in our hearts. While we don't
know what the future might hold, we don't know one thing for certain; it
 will be much brighter with humanity united.

If we continue on our current course, our mutal destruction is ensured;
so some may ask why we continue to have wars and fight amongst
ourselves? Humans are influenced by their cultures and many other
factors growing up. From what their parents believed, to what shool and
religion teaches them. With that in mind, it's no wonder with over 270
religions, 196 countries, and with modern society being derived from
thousands of different cultures.... That people tend to bump heads on
wordly views.

Nonetheless, those differences are what makes humanity so unique! Rather
 than being used to divide us, they are precisely what should be
bringing us together. From art, to food, and even technology, those
differences in culture make humanity... And that's what should be
celebrated. Every year we do share in a celebration, people from all
over the world come together to celebrate the new year. We stand
together and share in our cultures, and for one day we are united as a

Now we must channel that same energy and use it to into coming together
again; not for the promise of money, or fame, but to embark in the
greatest journey humanity has ever made. It took just 12 years to go
from launching the first artifical satellite, to landing humans on the
moon and returning them back to Earth safely. In the 43 year since
Apollo 17 humanity has never gone back, nor accomplished a greater
manned mission... Not for a lack of money, nor a lack of technology.....
 But because priorities changed and collectively humanity no longer has
the drive to venture beyond Earth.

With that being said, the direction and future of humanity itself is on
the line, and our priorities must be clear. Due to the theory of special
 relativity, interstellar travel is possible within our lifetime, and
entirely doable with technology that on a much smaller scale already
exists today. Therefore the choice ia now entirely up to you! Will we
unite as a species to ensure the survival of the human race and explore
the unknown? Or will we continue to fight each other and play russian
roulette until all the chambers are loaded?

We are Anonymous,
We are Legion,
We do not forgive,
We do not forget,
Expect us.

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