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Thursday, 19 October 2017


Lobbyist sues Hillary, DNC for access to hacked server
The DNC emails were released by WikiLeaks on the eve of the Democratic National Convention last summer. Rich had accepted a position with ...
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Pro-abort billionaire George Soros gives $18 billion to make his foundation second richest in US
Documents from Wikileaks revealed in 2016 that Soros paid $650,000 to lobby U.S. Catholic bishops on liberal issues during the pope's visit to ...
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YouTube removes video of WPA2 vulnerability
The videos released by WikiLeaks that show an American helicopter gunning down Iraqi civilians and Reuters photographers is one among the ...
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Pro-Trump Twitter Account With Massive Clout Was Run by Russian Trolls
This included re-sharing WikiLeaks emails targeting the Clinton campaign, writing hyper-patriotic tweets, and even posting a photo of an NBA ...
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Saudi Arabia's King Salman announces plan to set up Islamic anti-extremism center
WikiLeaks cables from the US State Department from 2009 revealed“donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most significant source of funding to Sunni ...
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Veterans' lawsuit claims Big Pharma bribes in Iraq helped finance terrorism
... witnesses, private and public reports, contracts, emails, and more, including even documents published by WikiLeaks, according to the suit.
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India is quietly preparing a cyber warfare unit to fight a new kind of enemy
An IIT Kanpur study shared with Parliament's Committee on Finance this year said attacks from the 'Equation group' — which a WikiLeaks reports said ...
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EU citizens to start registration process in UK by the end of next year
Addressing the home affairs committee, UK's Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, announced this Tuesday that the circa three million European citizens ...
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Former Blink-182 Member Tom DeLonge Is Crowdfunding a Spaceship
This is partially due to his emails with Hillary Clinton's campaign manager John Podesta, which leaked during last year's big WikiLeaks campaign ...
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White House Memo Casually Claims, Without Evidence, NAFTA Led to Increased Abortions ...
The U.S., per the totally coherent campaign promises of Donald Trump, is currently in the middle of renegotiating the North American Free Trade ...
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Author of Fairbank gangster book holds tour
... Cava is mentioned early on as Capone's bookkeeper, as well as an 89-page FBI report she found on Wikileaks detailing La Cava's testimony outing ...
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Writing's on the wall for Trump, Zuckerberg in West Bank
He is currently asking fans which famous figure he should paint next, with suggestions ranging from another of Zuckerberg to Wikileaks founder Julian ...
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Son of slain Malta whistle-blower assails 'complicit' PM
Caruana Galizia, a veteran journalist once described as a “one-woman Wikileaks”, used her widely read blog to make a series of detailed allegations ...
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Fethullah Gulen either a pious Muslim or radical Islamist?
Yet U.S. State Department cables, divulged by WikiLeaks, reveal that Foggy Bottom, which has closely monitored Mr. Gulen since 2003, describes the ...
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Facebook, Twitter and Google Deserve Scrutiny, but Not the Way Congress Wants
Indeed, while promoters of the "Trump-Russia" narrative are overhyping the story of the "Kremlin-linked" advertisements, WikiLeaks founder Julian ...
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Why Cybersecurity Should Be Top Priority For Businesses Today
The DNC e-mails were hacked and published on Wikileaks, which led to a debate on whether the breach altered the outcome of the US presidential ...
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Clinton Admits 'Perhaps' She Could Have Done Better Reassuring White Voters
... say in the book, until Jim Comey's letter, aided and abetted by the Russian WikiLeaks information weaponisation,” Clinton told The Economist Asks.
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Russian Collusion? Yep, But It Was Clinton/Obama, Not Trump
... of “unethical, illegal, and corrupt behavior” revealed in the leaked Clinton campaign and DNC e-mails and documents published by WikiLeaks:.
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Hillary Clinton Docs on Sex Offenders Laptop
What does Hillary have to do to be prosecuted? The media rarely reports on her blatant crimes, there is no outrage over the content of the WikiLeaks ...
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Is America Ready For The Shocking Release Of The Final JFK Assassination Documents?
This means that thousands of pages worth of classified documentation will be dropped on Americans all at once, Wikileaks style. A lot of confusion will ...