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Monday, 13 November 2017


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 Government Files and the Abominable Snowman  -   
-  Mysterious Radioactive Cloud Sweeps Across Europe -
  Far Side Of The Moon - Lunar Enigmas -
AND: The Legend of Houston’s “Batman”

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Government Files and the Abominable Snowman
By Nick Redfern

Yep, you did read that title right. No, it’s not a mistake. While there is no hard evidence to suggest that government agencies have an interest in the Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas today, that was most certainly not the case decades ago – and particularly so in the 1950s. Indeed, way back then there was more than a bit of interest in the mysterious and monstrous phenomenon and for more than one reason – as you will now see. In 1957, the New York Times ran an article with a very eye-catching title: “Soviet Sees Espionage in U.S. Snowman Hunt.”

In essence, the Russians suspected that certain treks to the heart of the Himalayas were actually ingenious covers for espionage-based activities. One of those who the Russians believed was using his Yeti hunts to do a bit of secret spying for the U.S. Government was Tom Slick. He was a self-made millionaire from San Antonio, Texas who was as tied to the world of Cryptozoology as he was – as some believed – to the domain of espionage. The New York Times added that, as far as the Russians were concerned, the “engineering” of the escalating problems between China and Nepal were being stimulated by “the missing link in the story of the mysterious scientific expeditions sent to the Himalayas in quest of the ‘snowman.'”

But, there was another aspect to the matter of government secrecy and the legendary Yeti. We know this thanks to the provisions of the United States’ Freedom of Information Act. For the evidence, we have to go back to 1959. Specifically to November 30, 1959. The location: the U.S. Embassy at Kathmandu. It was within the heart of the embassy that an undeniably weird document was carefully and quietly drafted. Its title was “Regulations Covering Mountain Climbing Expeditions In Nepal – Relating To Yeti.” The document was put together by a man named Ernest H. Fisk. His official position, at the time, was that of Counselor of the Embassy.

Certain criteria for seeking and hunting the Yeti had been laid down. The document notes that anyone who wanted to set off in search of the Abominable Snowman had to obtain a legal permit from the government officials in Nepal. The files reveal that Fisk considered it perfectly okay to photograph a Yeti. But, shooting at, and even killing, one of the creatures was a definitive no-no. Unless, that was, “in an emergency arising out of self defense.” And there was more to come.

The U.S. Department of State made it very clear that any photos taken, and which appeared to show one or more Yetis, had to be handed over to the Nepalese government at the very earliest opportunity. In addition, legislation was laid down which asserted that any and all data that might conceivably throw light on “the actual existence of the creature” was not to be given to “the press or reporters for publicity without the permission of the Government of Nepal.” Fisk came straight to point: “These regulations are to be observed.”

The archivist who came across this strange but intriguing batch of documentation was one Mark Murphy. He said of the material, located at the National Archives: “I thought I was seeing things. These documents show that finding the Yeti was a big deal in the 1950s. It goes to show the government was taking this seriously.” Yes, the government was taking things seriously. While none of these extraordinary revelations vindicate the claims and rumors that, today, the U.S. military is secretly investigating the Bigfoot phenomenon in the United States, it certainly makes one wonder just how deep the connections between the government and the field of Cryptozoology really go.

Source: Mysterious Universe


Did Russia Make This Ship Disappear?
By Muhammad Darwish

Gurvan Le Meur was steering the 37,500-tonne oil tanker Atria toward the Russian port of Novorossiysk when something odd happened.

His ship disappeared.

"First we had a few alarms -- losing signal alarms," the ship's captain said of the June incident. "We quickly found that the position given by the GPS was offset by about 20 nautical miles."

Alarms were ringing because the ship's navigation system, which is underpinned by the Global Positioning System (GPS), showed that the tanker was located inland, at a regional airport near the resort town of Gelendzhik. The system showed other vessels in the same position.

Le Meur checked his systems, and reported the incident to the U.S. Coast Guard. The U.S. Maritime Administration would later issue an advisory about the incident, confirming that more than 20 other ships in the area had reported the same type of interference.

Experts say the episode was likely the result of interference with GPS, a navigation system developed by the U.S. Air Force that is now used in a wide range of civilian applications. They say the system's signal was most likely "spoofed," or overpowered by a stream of false data.

"It's clearly deliberate, to make receivers in one location believe that they're in another location," said Dana Goward, president of the Resilient Navigation and Timing Foundation.

Who was behind the interference? Experts point to Russia.

There has been a major uptick in reports of GPS interference in Russia and its territorial waters in recent years. In 2017, maritime analytics company Windward has tracked nearly 450 cases of ships being at sea when their locations have mistakenly been displayed at airports in Sochi, St. Petersburg and Gelendzhik.

In 2016, smartphone users attempting to access Uber and Google Maps near the Kremlin reported that the apps showed their position as being 20 miles away at Vnukovo Airport. A CNN team in Moscow was able to replicate the error at the time.

"Do I think this is a sign that the spoofing is government backed or state sponsored?" said Todd Humphreys, an assistant professor at the University of Texas at Austin. "I would have to say the evidence points to 'yes.' "

Russian officials did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Russian news agency TASS in October 2016 that he had also experienced the signal jump while driving. At the time, he referred all queries to the Russian Federal Protection Service, which is charged with protecting the Kremlin. That agency declined to comment.

Some experts believe it's a defense tactic and is tied to protect President Vladimir Putin's movements.

A vulnerable system?

GPS underpins an incredible range of modern systems: It is used to track deliveries as well as create maps. It gives accurate location measurements in severe weather, and financial institutions use its clock functions to time stamp transactions.

Reports of interference have raised concerns that the system may be vulnerable to disruptions that would result in severe economic damage. A report published this year by London Economics estimated a navigation systems outage would cost Britain's economy roughly £1 billion ($1.3 billion) a day.

"I have seen an example of the time stamps intended for a stock exchange being slowly, slowly moved, so that they become incorrect," said David Last, former president of the Royal Institute of Navigation. "It is possible to attack financial institutions in this way."

Humphreys said that his research shows "we are dangerously vulnerable to spoofing."

"We depend dearly on GPS signals for timing and location all the way through our infrastructure, and we've never really been tested on our vulnerability," he added. "We're only getting a taste of that now ... on the eastern seaboard of the Black Sea."

Humphreys has himself demonstrated several GPS vulnerabilities. In 2012, he managed to spoof a drone, and a year later his team used a similar technique to move an $80 million dollar yacht off its intended course in the Mediterranean Sea - with the cooperation of its owner - as part of a test.

"We found that we didn't raise any alarms on the bridge," he said of the experiment. "The spoofing was clandestine."

Large vessels and planes have backup systems that reduce the impact of GPS spoofing. Other solutions are available -- but they are pricey, and until now spoofing hasn't been considered a threat.

'Incompetent' tech

Brad Parkinson was the chief architect of GPS, and led the first blind landing of a commercial aircraft using the system. For him, the problem is one of technology -- and priorities.

"There are many receivers today that are incompetent in terms of jamming and spoofing," he said. "A good receiver can be toughened ... but frankly it hasn't been done. The economic imperative has not been there."

Source: CNN


Mysterious Radioactive Cloud Sweeps Across Europe

A nuclear disaster in Russia has sent a radioactive cloud across Europe, experts have warned.

The radiation recorded indicates that an accident happened in a nuclear facility in Russia, or just over the border in Kazakhstan, in the last week of September.

This comes just a week after the UK was struck by "radiation fog" with the Met Office issuing an alert. Nuclear radiation fears are also being caused by North Korea with their testing of the hydrogen bomb and missiles.

French nuclear safety institute IRSN made the terrifying warning this week.

It added the accident was likely in a nuclear fuel treatment site or centre for radioactive medicine.

Luckily there has been no impact on human health or the environment in Europe, the IRSN said.

"Russian authorities have said they are not aware of an accident on their territory," IRSN director Jean-Marc Peres said.

Peres said that in recent weeks IRSN and several other nuclear safety institutes in Europe had measured high levels of radioactive ruthenium 106.

It is usually used in nuclear medicine.

Which isn’t to say the cloud’s mysterious origin is not a concern. Or that the French wouldn’t have handled things differently, had it started within its borders instead of... wherever it was that it happened.

“The consequences of an accident of this magnitude in France would have required to implement locally measures of protection,” the agency wrote — evacuation or sheltering for at least a couple miles around the incident.

Contaminated food would be expected in an even wider radius — though the French government sounded confident it wasn’t importing any bad mushrooms from Russia.

Still, the cloud remains a mystery. This isn’t the first time radiation of unknown source made its way across Europe. Scientists were also vexed when Iodine-131 spread over the continent in January.

Source: Daily Star

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California Home Struck By Strange Ball of Ice
By Brian Rokos 

Brandon Blanchard figures that all things considered, a mere hole in his roof isn’t so bad.

On Saturday, Nov. 4, his wife was lying down in a bedroom about 17 feet from where chunks of ice crashed through the roof of his Chino home and into his daughter’s bathroom. The ice – believed to have fallen from a passing airliner – could have just as easily hit his wife, Blanchard said.

Instead, it landed in a bathtub.

“Just wild, wild and bizarre, and every day we realize how fortunate we are,” Blanchard said.

Federal Aviation Administration officials visited him Tuesday and will talk with Blanchard again next week, he said.

The FAA had not yet concluded whether the ice came from an airliner. Spokesman Ian Gregor said that the ice is clear, not blue, meaning that it could have formed on the outside of an airliner from a leak in its galley. Blue ice would have come from an airliner’s lavatory, Gregor said.

The FAA is trying to determine which, if any, aircraft were flying over the area at the time, Gregor said.

Blanchard preserved the ice and is keeping it for evidence. And for safety reasons, it’s in a freezer other than the one in which he stores food.

Asked how big the hole is, Blanchard said, “A high school student who is in shape will fit through it,” maybe 2 1/2 feet in diameter.

Mysterious ice falls are nothing new to the world of the weird. On June 2 2017, a chunk of ice fell from the sky and landed in a backyard in Cape Coral, Florida.

It was Tiffany Laymance's husband who saw the whole thing happen while he was walking his dog. He says he heard something cut through the air and hit the ground.

"You heard it 10 seconds before it hit and it sounded like a drone, like something pushing past the air," the man said.

"He comes running in the house and tells me that I need to grab my phone and jump in the truck," Tiffany said.

They took a quick drive through the neighborhood to investigate the crash landing, finding a big chunk of ice lying in a crater in the ground.

The ice landed in a pile, but also scattered large chunks 30 feet from the impact zone.

In Busby, Renfrewshire, UK, a huge block of ice fell from the sky on September 27, 2017 and smashed into a family's back garden, leaving a large crater and a mystery.

The Helliwell family say they're fortunate no one was injured or killed when the ice chunk landed with a "big boom" and shook their house. The impact left a crater measuring 1.4m by 1.2m (4ft 7in by 3ft 11in) in the middle of their lawn with bits of ice scattered across the grass.

Source: Daily Bulletin


Far Side Of The Moon - Lunar Enigmas
Our bodies are tuned to its passage, and our calendars to its phases. Next to the sun, no other object in the heavens has played such an important role for mankind as the moon.It is our closest celestial neighbor and has been the inspiration of lovers and poets for countless generations. It has been the source of spiritual awakenings and the earliest of religious beliefs. Some have even credited the moon as being crucial for the development of life on Earth.It has been extensively studied and photographed, yet, even after six manned moon missions, there is still more that we do not know about the moon than what we do know. There is even a debate among scientists on whether the moon is a true satellite, and even refers to the Earth-Moon system as a "double planet."We do know that the moon is one-sixth the size of the Earth; it is about 4.5 billion years old; it is approximately 238,000 miles distant from the Earth; it has a thin atmosphere made up of a highly dispersed collection of molecules believed to originate from the release of gases from within the Moon by moonquakes and the loosening of molecules from the surface by the impact of molecules from the solar wind. It is widely thought that the moon has no water, though there have been hints of ice within craters near the poles. Unlike the Earth, the moon has no magnetic field. However, some rocks brought back from the Apollo missions have a preserved magnetism in them. One explanation for this is that the Moon had an ancient magnetic field that somehow disappeared after the old lunar rocks had formed.The origins of the moon have been hotly debated among scientists for years. The theory of the day holds that in the early days of the solar system, our moon may have formed from matter ejected from the Earth after a collision with a wandering celestial body the size of Mars. Others say that the moon was formed independently from the same cloud of dust and gas as the Earth, and immediately became the Earth's natural satellite. Another theory holds that the moon originated somewhere else in space and was captured by the Earth.

Strange Things on the Moon

The one thing that all scientists do agree on is that the moon is, and always has been, devoid of life of any kind. It is an extremely hostile, sterile environment, with withering radiation from the sun, and extremes in temperature that range from broiling hot in the sun, to freezing cold at night.
Nevertheless, the moon is far from inactive. Unexplained lights and shapes seen on the Moon are a classic example of an enigma called Transient Lunar Phenomena (TLP), and skywatchers have been intrigued by them since the earliest times.It is thought that the first recorded example of TLP was on June 18, 1178. This is when a group of men at Canterbury in England witnessed an incredible event according to a manuscript written by Gervase, a 12th century monk whose chronicle is preserved in the library of Trinity College, Cambridge. Gervase reports that the men were startled by "a flaming torch" which suddenly appeared on the four-day-old crescent Moon, "spewing out, over a considerable distance, fire, hot coals and sparks." The Moon is said to have "writhed like a wounded snake" and assumed a blackish appearance shortly after this unprecedented occurrence.On May 4, 1783, William Herschel, the astronomer who discovered the planet Uranus, observed through his telescope a strange glow on the dark half of the crescent moon that resembled: "Slowly burning charcoal thinly covered with ashes."In April 1787 Herschel recorded other prominent TLP, and he became convinced that the lunar surface was experiencing volcanic activity. Herschel even invited King George III to view the moon with him using the royal telescope in the grounds of Windsor.In July 1821, Franz Gruithuisen, the creator of the meteoric impact theory of Lunar cratering, saw flashing points of light on the surface of the moon, however, when he revealed he had discovered a lunar city he was ridiculed by his colleagues and he burned his notes.Since those early observations, many lunar observers have reported witnessing the brief appearance of inexplicable mists, cloud-like shapes, glows and flashes on the moon. Astronomer F.H. Thornton reported seeing "a puff of whitish vapor obscuring details for some miles," in February 1949. In 1954, Astronomer Walter H.Haas observed a "milky luminosity" present on the wall of the crater Tycho.That same year, Spanish engineer Sixto Campo seriously promoted the theory that a technologically advanced civilization had once waged nuclear war against itself on the lunar surface. Annihilation came quickly he claimed, and the resulting craters remain as testament to the holocaust on a now dead world. However, red glows continue to be observed in the region of the moon's North Pole and blue misty glows have been periodically noted near craters at the South Pole.Russian astronomer N.A. Kozyrev, has recorded numerous incidents of red transient lunar phenomena, particularly in the 80-mile wide crater known as Alphonsus. It was at this location in 1965 that the final Ranger probe 9 crash-landed. Aristarchus is not only one of the brightest formations on the moon; it is responsible for more than half the number of reported TLP.Astronomers take TLP very seriously and one of the first real attempts to catalog a large number of TLP sightings was made on behalf of NASA and published in NASA Technical Report R-277. This report gave details of 579 mysterious lunar events dating from November 1540 to October 1967. The February 1969 issue of National Geographic says that: "One could disregard such reports were it not that they number more than 800, many of them from respected astronomers. The sightings have been concentrated in a few locations, notably the craters Aristarchus and Alphonsus."TLP also was observed close-up by the Apollo astronauts.  On July 19, 1969, the Apollo 11 command module had just achieved orbit around the moon when Mission Control received word that amateur astronomers reported TLP in the vicinity of the crater Aristarchus.  Asked to check out the situation, astronaut Neil Armstrong looked out his window toward the earthlit region and observed an "area that is considerably more illuminated than the surrounding area. It just has…seems to have…a slight amount of fluorescence to it." Although he wasn't sure, Armstrong believed the region was Aristarchus.As well, while in lunar orbit, Harrison Schmitt on Apollo 17 witnessed a flash of light near the crater Grimaldi. In the past, more than a dozen reports of light flashes have been reported by Earth-based observers near Grimaldi.It would appear that despite what has been believed for years, the moon is far from a cold, inert neighbor after all. Yet, despite a profusion of observations and space missions, the moon still manages to retain its secrets, and to remain intriguing to this day.  

Anomalies on the Moon

Along with strange lights and clouds, the moon also has its share of what appears to be mysterious structures and shapes on its surface.  In 1953, astronomer John O'Neil observed a 12-mile-long "bridge" across the crater Mare Crisium. British astronomer Dr. H.P. Wilkens verified its presence, "It looks artificial. It's almost incredible that such a thing could have been formed in the first instance, or if it was formed, could have lasted during the ages in which the moon has been in existence."Early Russian and American lunar probes, such as the 1966 U.S. Lunar Orbiter 2, took photos showing strange spires on the moon. One scientist from NASA said that they looked like an "array of antennae." Other pictures show a remarkable series of domes that appear to be about 1,500 feet high and two to ten miles wide.On March 21, 1996, a grass-roots space research group under the aegis of Richard Hoagland's The Mars Mission, held a press briefing at the National Press Club in Washington DC.  The group had called the conference to report on analyses of 30-year-old "suppressed Evidence" revealing alleged manufactured artifacts on the moon.The suppressed evidence consisted of a series of photographs showing unusual structures taken by various lunar probes and Apollo missions.  One anomaly, referred to as "the Shard," is an obvious structure which rises above the Moon's surface by more than a mile. The amount of sunlight reflecting from parts of the Shard indicates a composition of crystal or glass rather than lunar rock.Another anomaly is called "the Castle," and was photographed in 1969 hanging seven miles above the lunar surface by Apollo 10.  The Castle seems to have a definite structure, like the remnant wall of some ancient building. The bottom looks as if it has rows of columns that support a high spire. Whatever it is, it's much brighter than the surrounding landscape.Hoagland insists that there are other intriguing photographs of strange moon anomalies that are currently hidden deep inside the NASA safes. Hoagland speculates that this information is being kept secret because NASA feels the public is not yet psychologically ready for the implications that the moon may have been visited by intelligent life whose origins are somewhere other than planet Earth.  

Source: Tim R. Swartz/Conspiracy Journal


Villagers Fear Ghost is Killing Local Men

Public health officials, including a doctor and psychologists, have been dispatched to a tambon in Nong Kung Si district in Kalasin province following rumours that a porb ghost had killed four men.

The rumours prompted action by Kalasin chief public health officer, Dr Prawit Sriboonrat, to try to pacify frightened villagers.

However, villagers in Moo 3, Moo 8 and Moo 11 villages of Tambon Nong Suang had already taken action by hiring a “hermit” to perform a superstitious rite to chase away the ghost.

The villagers said they believed the ghost has eaten the internal organs of the four men, causing them to die.

Northeastern traditional beliefs relate that porb ghosts cannibalistic spirits that hides in a body to devour in human intestines. The old tale says that Porb was originally from a witch or a dark sorcerer who went mad from their uncontrollable power. When Porb is successfully haunting and possessing its preys, their intestines will be eaten during their sleep. Porb moves from one body to another to eat their internal organs. As Porb are dying, it will find a way inherit one self to others.

Prasit Singhamat, head of Moo 3 village, said yesterday the rite calmed the villagers and they appeared to have stopped worrying. Most returned from the rite with smiles on their faces.

However, the head of the public health team, Dr Pairat Songkhram, a preventive medicine specialist, said officials would continue to look into the scientific causes of the deaths, and psychologists would interview the families of the four men.

“At this point, we have found that one of the four men died of leptospirosis and another of blood-pressure problems,” Pairat said.

Pairat added that he had also instructed team members to avoid saying anything that would ridicule or belittle the villagers’ beliefs.

Doctors erected tents yesterday to provide health checks for village residents, under the stipulation that they would not discuss their religious beliefs. Health officials did target the houses of the four deceased men to check the health of their family members.

Dr Nattakorn Jampathong, head of the Khon Kaen Rajanagarindra Psychiatric Hospital, said relevant authorities would need to provide help to boost the villagers’ quality of life.

A widow in the village had been accused of being the ghost, he said.

Source: The Nation


The Legend of Houston’s “Batman”

For decades, Houstonians whispered about its own version of the legendary Dark Knight.

However, many say this urban legend may share more in common with Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster than with Superman or Wonder Woman.

The legend of Houston’s “Bat-Man” started on June 18, 1953, according to the myths.

In the early morning hours of one dark Houston morning for instance, three neighbors in the Heights claim they saw a large bat-like creature, enveloped in a halo of light.

The three witnesses, 23-year-old Hilda Walker, 33-year-old Howard Phillips, and 14-year-old Judy Walker, said they saw the being sitting on Walker’s front porch at 118 East Third Street on the warm June night in Houston.

Walker stated of what happened next: “…twenty five feet away I saw a huge shadow across the lawn. I thought at first it was the magnified reflection of a big moth caught in the nearby street light. Then the shadow seemed to bounce upward into a pecan tree. We all looked up. That’s when we saw it.”

She went on to describe the entity as being essentially man like in shape, sporting a pair of bat style wings, dressed in a black, tight-fitting outfit, and surrounded by an eerie, glowing haze. The trio all confirmed that the monstrous form stood about six and a half feet tall and also agreed that the strange glow engulfing him was yellow in color. The Batman vanished when the light slowly faded out and right about the time that Meyer issued an ear-splitting scream.

Mrs. Walker also recalled the following: “Immediately afterwards, we heard a loud swoosh over the house tops across the street. It was like the white flash of a torpedo-shaped object… I’ve heard so much about flying saucer stories and I thought all those people telling the stories were crazy, but now I don’t know what to believe. I may be nuts, but I saw it, whatever it was… I sat there stupefied. I was amazed.”

Howard Phillips, meanwhile, was candid in stating the following: “I can hardly believe it. But I saw it… we looked across the street and saw a flash of light rise from another tree and take off like a jet.”

Professional cryptozoologist and former Houston resident Ken Gerhard is perhaps the most studied person on the sightings, reportedly investigating the Houston Batman for years.

He said he recorded several sightings of similar creatures across Texas and Mexico, and is writing a book on the phenomenon.

“It’s a very chilling encounter,” Gerhard said in an interview with a local TV station about a 1953 sighting. “Subsequently, (the witnesses) were so horrified by their experience that they contacted the local police.”

Gerhard attempted to locate the address on East Third Street where the event took place and discovered that it no longer exists, overtaken by the expansion of the nearby Interstate 10.

Several years after he first heard about the exploits of the Batman, a close friend of Gerhard told him about the experience of a number of employees at Houston’s Bellaire Theater, who claimed to have seen a gigantic, helmeted man, crouched down and attempting to hide on the roof of a downtown city building late one night during the 1990s.

Not everyone is convinced that what people saw that night in 1953 had anything to do with the supernatural.

For instance, a local bat colony used to stand near the house where the bat-like man would frequently be spotted.

Another explanation could be shadows from a streetlight.

The sighting could, of course, also be a hoax or practical joke played by a prankster.

In any case, Houston is home to its fair share of bats – and not just in the Astros dugout, and not everyone is convinced the Bayou City is a place Bruce Wayne likes to spend his summers.

“If there were a bat as tall as a man, his wing-span would have to be 18-feet or more from wingtip to wingtip. It’s not something that you would easily mistake,” Suzanne Jurek, a zookeeper and bat specialist at the Houston Zoo, said in an interview.

Reports of a giant spotlight atop City Hall casting a giant bat-shaped shadow across a passing cloud remain unconfirmed.

The truth is out there, Houston.

Source: Rare Houston

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