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Monday, 20 November 2017

HAMPSTEAD SRA – sort the truth out of this email – there isn’t much!! "FW: More evidence that Hampstead is an MK Ultra psy op" - 20 Nov. 2017

What a load of shite – note half the recipients to this email [below, on a list I can’t be bothered to change from working links, so most aren't shown] – especially “Charlotte aka “Jacqui Farmer” [a self confessed occult cult ex-member] are out + out shills which have been “outed” yonks ago!!  Also, Abraham and Ella asked Mckenzie and Mcneil [of the dubious “charity donations” fame]  to “cease and desist” paying any attention to their case ages ago – what did they do? they did the OPPOSITE and ignored Abraham’s and Ella’s wishes entirely – see the video which goes into detail about A + E’s requests:

Hampstead Cover Up Ella & Abe Expose Brian Gerrish Bill Maloney MI5 McKenzie RCJ Conspiracy + “How to Arrange the Arrest/Imprisonment of a “Troublesome” Mum…”

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That "email"

 "More evidence that Hampstead is an MK Ultra psy op"

From: Belinda McKenzie <bin.mckenzie@gmail.com>
Sent: 20 November 2017 14:54

To: jacquifarmer1984@hushmail.com
Cc: ‘Yolande Lindridge’; 
Subject: RE: More evidence that Hampstead is an MK Ultra psy op


Please find below CORRECTIONS, QUESTIONS & COMMENTS on your ‘public’ (ie. long list of co-recipients) email the other day to Yolande, which I received 3rd hand.
“With friends like this…!” is my reaction – the PTB & Hoaxtead must be splitting their sides at how brilliantly the Truth, Justice & anti-CSA community is destroying itself from the inside! (Or so they intend!)

I’ve dithered all weekend over whether to respond (usually I simply ignore attacks on me, then I don’t have the original list of recipients so how can I respond effectively?). But today Monday realise that so much MISLEADING INFORMATION cannot be allowed to go out unchallenged. So I’ve cobbled together some of the email addresses from historic Yolande emails but am looking to you JF to forward my response to ALL/ANY ON THE ORIGINAL LIST whose addresses I haven’t managed to locate, with a CC to Sabine & me showing you’ve done it too, please.

It is a DISCREDIT TO YOU, as supposed researcher after the truth, esp. re. the case in question, to allow this MULTIPLY-ERRONEOUS & MALICIOUSLY-MOTIVATED communication to sit in so many I’m sure good people’s inboxes and percolate in their brains… So, here goes:   

1)      NO, McKenzie Friends are NOT legal professionals, we are ‘lay legal advisers’ (to quote Robert Green) or ‘litigant friends’ or ‘court friends’ (to quote officialdom/government). Furthermore, our own Association of McKenzie Friends practices all-round Friendship & pastoral care of those suffering injustice in the courts and/or from the British state; we help in multiple ways, including bailing people out financially if necessary. We’ve never charged a penny to anyone we’ve tried to help in the 7 years we’ve been active nor demanded anything back. We are the archetypal McKenzie Friends = REAL FRIENDS to people in dire trouble and it doesn’t get much worse than being hauled up before the UK High Court! Recently, Sabine and I went to that court ourselves against the government to defend McKenzie Friends as a ‘brand’ in the face of attempts to clear us off the judicial scene and we WON! (The case was against the Treasury Solicitor which had tried to sting us for £2000 litigation costs in relation to our defence of a beleaguered US mother of a stolen child);

2)      Number 69 on your screen – very interesting and confirming, thank you as the latest ‘dark’ case I’ve been involved in is that of Peter Hofschroer who in 2016 was convicted of serious sexual offending when 6969 Level 5 child pornographic images were found on his computer. Peter has always claimed he was set up by North Yorkshire Police who protected Jimmy Savile;       

3)      Who are “they” in the earlier part of your email?! Yet it becomes clearer as you go on that you consider that I, BM am part of “them”, in your skewed opinion! Shame on you, JF! Yet I forgive you, as when you were staying with me you were delightful, also VM. Have you forgotten our many very merry suppers/evenings together?! I attribute your current misperceptions & confusion to the strain of being so many miles & years from the UK/your roots and from your true friends such as me! This is the kind of situation that “they” (according to MY version of “they”) engender – these types, as I refer to them (as they have abandoned their humanity, however or why ever they did that*), seem to be bent on dividing human communities, splitting up friends and generally sowing confusion & chaos, before we touch on any of the nastier stuff “they” are alleged to get up to;

4)      Yolande & your hacking problem – yes, dear Yolande is a very fine person, she helped S & I a lot when we were just starting out as McKenzie Friends and I’ll always be grateful to her. And, she’s been battling these darkest of the dark forces for far longer than us! But how can she possibly help with your hacking issue? But maybe she can, Yolande is seriously clever (her IQ is probably much higher than mine, but I have other faculties so far not taken much into account!). But also like you she’s become very confused with respect to us and has turned against me in particular – this was because of my non-cooperation with her what she dubbed the Tutu case when I opted to follow what the mother & son in the case wanted to happen, not what she, Yolande wanted to happen;

5)      Sabine & Kris Costa  – this part of your diatribe apparently was sparked when Kris Costa declared you to be a Luciferian! But what’s wrong with being a Luciferian?! It’s only one more religion to add to the many hundreds on the planet, counting in all the various sects & sub-sects of the main religions, then there are the secret societies. Anyone religious should at least show the courage of their own convictions! Although I personally happen to think religion plus any form of secret ritual is on the way out and I totally eschew secret societies, even though my own family going back generations is riddled with them! For sure we’ll all be a lot happier on this planet when humans are just spiritual as they naturally are and we follow the one law of Love;

6)      Rupert- yes indeed, the targeting of Rupert, a normal guy with normal horror at child abuse is a very bad story. As his barrister said at his trial in August, he has been set up as the fall-guy for the case in question. Although I was dead against him coming over to UK and refused to offer him accommodation or put a penny into his fund to get him over here, following his arrest, when his ordeal really began to kick in I took pity on him and have been looking after him solidly ever since. He’s been to stay with me several times, I’ve accompanied him to the court hearings and now I’m looking after him in prison. Lovely young guy, one of the best! He explained he came over to UK because HE AND HIS PARENTS WERE BEING HARASSED by those very unpleasant people in a certain area and he came to face them up;   

7)      NO, Belinda did NOT organise those meetings at the church! Again, I was dead against them from the start and begged Neelu to desist… I did then attend 2 or 3? of them, mainly to try to keep things civilised which on the whole they were. But really we should have gone about things in a different way, more like your own way of doing the kind of research the police didn’t do;   

8)      NO Belinda has NOT done any “deal” with DC Steve Martin!  When I was interviewed by him following being arrested my solicitor advised me to just make a short statement then after that to say No Comment to all the questions, which I did (although I lost my rag at one point and complained to Martin and the young WPC with him that they were winding me up, I wasn’t going to answer them in a stuffy police-cell after a whole day of being harassed by them; if they wanted answers to questions they’d better take me to court where I’d answer, loud and clear and on the public record! I’m still waiting…)

9)      NO, Sabine did NOT “beg” to take the case – wherever did you get that from? We were all very worried and disturbed by it at the time but felt we had to try our best to help… We are McKenzie Friends…

10)   NO, Sabine did NOT leak the videos first-off – the mother had already begun to circulate them long before we came on the scene. The first leak came in December 2014 on Facebook and we have a statement from the individual responsible for that. They were pretty quickly detected and taken down;

11)   NO, Sabine is NOT free  [yes she is …ed.] – she’s been on bail more or less solidly since August 2015. She has already been tried once in 2016, a year in which she was arrested/re-arrested 7 times and now at end 2017 faces trial again on a further 10 charges. Probably, more tiresome prison-visiting is planned for me in 2018…

12)   Michael & archangels – be careful of those seducers! DON’T LET ANYONE ELSE INSIDE YOUR HEAD JF, stick to nature & the LAW OF LOVE, as said, can’t go wrong with that. I think a lot of your confusion has come from reading all those books on the OCCULT you left in my house, an interesting collection and thank you! But to me those tomes containing far too many useless = uninspiring words IMO wonderfully exemplify the perennial effort put in by the other side to cloud and confound our most precious human faculty, INTUITION, of which “they”are terrified!! “They” also deeply fear the clarity of collective mind that comes from more and more of us /we waking up, joining up the dots and realising what they’ve been up to all these centuries (and why they now need to get very lost indeed but I personally am pressing for an AMNESTY);

13)   LOVE – not in your email but my 13th point or comment in this little November Monday email to you and a very select few: as the Beatles sang years ago before they were taken over, “all you need is Love” and that really is the case, it is BLINDINGLY SIMPLE! PERFECT LOVE CASTS OUT ALL FEAR, especially the fear born of confusion, of the kind your email to Yolande was full of and dear Yolande might also decide to abandon her own EGO, ie. false self which is not helping her. She just needs to be her own wonderful, ultra-clever self and practice LOVE, relentlessly, if so, BOTH of you will be protected and no one out there can ever hurt you. It works!
Belinda x

*MANY are coming back to us, their programming having finally failed! So exciting and I look forward to this turning into a tidal wave on the planet 2018-2020!!!

From: Sabine K McNeill [mailto:sabineskm@gmail.com
Sent: 18 November 2017 18:09

To: ‘len lawrence’ >
Cc: ‘Belinda McKenzie’ <bin.mckenzie@gmail.com>
Subject: RE: More evidence that Hampstead is an MK Ultra psy op
Thank you, Len!!!

From: len lawrence [mailto:bae146@hotmail.co.uk
Sent: 18 November 2017 12:23

To: sabine@3d-metrics.com; Sabine K McNeill <sabineskm@gmail.com>;
Subject: Fw: More evidence that Hampstead is an MK Ultra psy op

For information
cannot see you on the list

From: jacquifarmer1984@hushmail.com <jacquifarmer1984@hushmail.com>
Sent: 18 November 2017 11:15

To: Yolande Lindridge

Cc: 101@sussex.pnn.police.uk; Sussex Police DI Robert Morland; Lynne Daniels; Androulla Theodorou; margaret Musarurwa; Mr Raiman; ZDANOKA Tatjana; Inin Vadim A.; ITV Meridian Maidstone; BBC SE Today; Clive Driscoll; Paul Carter; Malcolm Denyer; Kudzanayi Goromonzi;  len lawrence; Emma anderson; clairendanny evans; Claire mom; Tom Dobbie; Kevin Hughes; Patriots Freelist; john TIMBRELL; ; Kathy Hildige; Gosia Chylins; Maggie Tuttle; Brian Farmer;  Caroline Newman; maureen spalek; Alan brunwin; Alan M Dransfield; Rainer Kurz; Diana Z; Victoria Hutchings; Supreme Court; Alex Fung; Martin Browne; BHUPESHKUMAR NAVINCHANDRA PATEL; Terry Armstrong; Juliana Kennedy; Mile Ilic; Christopher Sims; albert burgess; mary rooney; Jake Loves; Mohamed Razzem; Diana Smith;  Nigel Ward; ‘John Banks’;  Wayne Fitz; Rebecca; Catherine Pointer;  Beckii Gaffney; Cllr Jeremy Moulton; chrisg; Charles Goromonzi; 
Subject: More evidence that Hampstead is an MK Ultra psy op

Dear Yolande

More evidence that Hampstead is an MK Ultra psy op
I am very concerned for you. I view you as a targeted individual and hope that you and your family stay as safe and well as possible. Fortunately, you have many friends, are widely respected and in the public eye.

I am writing to formally notify you in your capacity as McKenzie Friend ie a legal professional that I am being electronically harassed to do with the Hampstead case. I would be very grateful if you could note that I can provide videos of items being moved around on my Macbook Pro computer. I received a message referencing the number 69 on my screen and the word Hampstead highlighted in my files. The hacker is in everything, including my hushmail. This is malicious and highly inconvenient.Obviously, it is illegal.

There is of course a precedent: my blog HR was illegally hacked. This may be the same person.  I believe that the alleged abusers employed a security consultant, perhaps the person who wrote to Hoaxtead on behalf of the people of Hampstead? If you experience computer problems too, you could investigate that person.

From my point of view, the longer this case drags on, the more obvious the guilty parties are. We had already been taken in once at Belinda’s (where is Nigel Cooper, by the way?) – why should “they” not set something else up for others? Like Hampstead! I was involved by coincidence, if you like……I really messed it up for them. So of course they will try and get me, too. They will be working on that at the moment. Sabine has been gathering evidence on me from the beginning, and is still availing herself of the services of handler Kris Costa so let’s hope no one has the power or resources to come and drag me back 4000 miles if I am tried and found guilty of whatever flim flam in absentia.

I wonder why not one of those alleged abusers answered my polite emails inviting them all to publicly clear their names of those horrendous allegations? Not one! What would you have done? And three years down the line, here they are whining that they’ve been harassed. And targeting Rupert! They could have stopped everything – yet they did not. Not one of them has spoken out publicly – they are obviously working together or connected in some way. Why is this hugely expensive farce still continuing? The fact that Hoaxtead are still going indicates that large amounts of money are involved – typical MK Ultra with  its endless black budgets. The fact that the Tutu case seems to be connected in some way evidences possible (shadow) government involvement.

If this was “real” British government involvement, my blog would have been hacked a lot sooner than it was. The fact that it took them so long indicates, I believe, a planning and co-ordination period in order to find the right security consultant – someone prepared to break the law. More evidence of shadow government operation. They work in compartments so it takes a long time to back engineer communications when things go wrong.

The alleged statement poor Rupert made about not wanting to take responsibility for his “guilt” constitutes even more evidence that the poor young man has been ruthlessly used a patsy. Youtube comments indicate that he may be from a CIA family but his statement would not support that thesis unless he is also under mind control……which they have now got down to a T. Whatever the case, I feel for Rupert and consider what they have done to him ruthless and disgusting. What about the man who stood outside the church every week on Sunday with a placard? What about Belinda, who organised the meetings outside the Church? I’m not singling out P or Belinda particularly but there are so many more others who did so much more than poor Rupert did! Mind you, Belinda did do that deal with DC Martin. Who is asking her all about me. When the public purse is paying him to chase criminals. Like child abusers. Not pople who used to own a blog supporting abused children (and what about the children? All of them? Is anyone chasing up those terrible allegations, substantiated by a doctor?

I am sending this email out for others to note. In a case like Hampstead, every last bit of factual information is useful for people who are, like me, still trying to work out what is going on. Indeed, anyone interested in witnessing what happens when a shadow government py op is inadvertently messed up should keep an eye on this.

So we have the fact that Sabine begged to take the case. 

The fact that she is not qualified to do so. Sabine who leaked the videos but not the statements. And does not see why she has to justify her actions – while Rupert is in prison! Why is she still free? This case is dragging on longer than Lord Lucan! None of it makes sense unless it is a psy op. And as for Angie, I believe that she must also be under mind control. She said to me once, “We’ve never had anything like Hampstead Research before – it was so funny!”

Who was “we”?! I should have asked what she meant. Was it her alters? Or the shadow government?! The problem is that a person gets to like someone’s Christian alter and never gets to meet the others less charming.

Anyway, thank you for noting my ongoing harassment. I am not requesting that you do anything more than note this email. Thank you for reading it. .I also have documented a previous hack.

However peculiar this sounds, I have wonderful experiences with these archangels. Michael informs me that I am protected. I hope they are not all an illusion but I‘m only puffing on an occasional little pipe of medical marijuana so it‘s hardly hallucinating. One day I would love to ask you about your near death experience.

Thank you.

Best Regards