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Friday, 17 November 2017

Michael ‘Dik Mik’ Davies of Hawkwind Dies + "X IN SEARCH OF SPACE" FULL ALBUM

According to a social media post, former Hawkwind keyboardist/audio generator Michael ‘Dik Mik’ Davies has died. No cause of death has been given at this time.
In 1971, Davies was injured in a major traffic accident and was replaced by Del Dettmar in Hawkwind. He later returned to the fold that same year, but eventually left the group for good in 1973. In the official statement below, Hawkwind says it was “DikMik’s suggestion, and later persistence, that we got Lemmy (Kilmister) to join the band.”
Statement from Hawkwind:
“We are very sad to let you know that our old friend and band mate DikMik, (Michael Davies), passed away early this morning. He will be loved and remembered for his innovative contributions not only to Hawkwind, but to a whole musical genre of which he was an important pioneer…
“Dave Brock….”I remember when DikMik joined the band, he bought himself an audio generator from Tottenham Court Road, got himself a Watkins Copycat echo unit, a fold up card table, (complete with green baize), and became one of the innovators of electronic music!
“It was on DikMik’s suggestion, and later persistence, that we got Lemmy to join the band and you know the rest!
Goodbye old chap your legend lives on……x”

Hawkwind - In Search Of Space - FULL ALBUM

Published on May 12, 2014

This is the second studio album and Hawkwind's first chart entry reaching #18 in the UK Album Charts You Shouldn't Do That (Turner/Brock) -- 15:42 You Know You're Only Dreaming (Brock) -- 6:38 Master of the Universe (Turner/Brock) -- 6:17 We Took the Wrong Step Years Ago (Brock) -- 4:50 Adjust Me (Hawkwind) -- 5:45 Children of the Sun (Turner/Anderson; Blue Mountain Music) -- 3:21

Hawkwind ‎– X In Search Of Space

United Artists Records ‎– UAG 29202
Vinyl, LP, Gimmix Cover + Booklet 

TracklistHide Credits

A1You Shouldn't Do That
Written-By – Dave BrockNik Turner
A2You Know You're Only Dreaming
Written-By – Dave Brock
B1Master Of The Universe
Written-By – Dave BrockNik Turner
B2We Took The Wrong Step Years Ago
Written-By – Dave Brock
B3Adjust Me
Written-By – Hawkwind
B4Children Of The Sun
Written-By – Dave Anderson (3)Nik Turner

Companies, etc.



Different label layout from X In Search Of Space (A1U / B1U, A1U/B2U matrixes); different fonts, "STEREO" further from the edge of the label and with a wider font.

Released in a tri-fold, die-cut heavy card sleeve. which opens out from the centre, to form a 'hawk' shape. This shape is printed blue &; white on the inside and full-color on reverse. Contains an A4, 24-page 'Log Book', printed black on white 'newspaper-quality' paper.

Printed and made by the E. J. Day Group, London and Bedford.
Produced at Olympic Studios, Barnes. Track B2 first recorded at Air Studios.
Ⓟ 1971
Manufactured in England - A product of United Artists Records Ltd.

Publishing info:
A1 to B3 - United Artists
B4 - Blue Mountain Music

(Note: There are probably many copies of this release from which the log book or the original UA imprinted liner have been lost).

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout (Variant 1, side A, stamped): UAG 29202 A-1U
  • Matrix / Runout (Variant 1, side B, stamped): UAG 29202 B-4U
  • Matrix / Runout (Variant 2, side A, stamped): UAG 29202 A-2U
  • Matrix / Runout (Variation 2, side B, stamped): UAG 29202 B-4U