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Saturday, 4 November 2017

Officer dismissed after using Dorset Police computer system to look up family members - Bournemouth Echo 4/11/17

Will Frampton
File picture
File picture

A POLICE officer has been sacked after using the force computer system to look up family members.

At a hearing at Dorset Police HQ in Winfrith on Wednesday, Police Constable Kenneth Walmsley was told his actions amounted to "gross misconduct".

PC Walmsley had admitted using a police pool car for personal use and improperly using the police computer information system.

The panel found that the officer had breached the standards of professional behaviour for police relating to orders and instructions, confidentiality, discreditable conduct and honesty and integrity.

The hearing was told that PC Walmsley, who has been employed by the force since 2001, was working at Winfrith with the Disclosure and Barring Service when he used a police pool car for personal use on a number of occasions between March 23, 2016, and January 23, 2017.

He also used a police fuel card to refuel the vehicle. The hearing was told that PC Walmsley had since repaid all the money that was charged to the fuel card.

PC Walmsley also admitted searching for information relating to family members on the Dorset Police computer information system. The hearing was told he had not disclosed the information he obtained from the searches to anybody else.

The hearing panel was chaired by independent legally-qualified chairman Ian Taylor. It concluded that the breaches of professional standards were so serious they must result in immediate dismissal without notice.

source:  http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/15638617.Officer_dismissed_after_using_Dorset_Police_computer_system_to_look_up_family_members/?ref=mr&lp=4


butlincat1 - 4 Nov. 17

"I've been gangstalked by neighbours + others for months because of my reporting on a serious case of rogue policing and the serious crimes connected along with the gangstalking of a 60+ years old vulnerable lady in Lancashire - everything controlled by Lancs. police, with my own stalking being connected to my local police, connected to Lancs. police [it is very strongly alleged]. Letters to the Dorset Chief Constable, the Prime Minister + numerous other authority figures over a period of 18 months do nothing. People don't realise what is going on when people "blow the whistle" - people such as the police act so criminally it is truly unbelievable, and everything - even serious crime - is condoned and allowed to happen by those one might have thought would never condone anything like that. Extensive records are stored of everything, naturally, with names, pics etc etc" [comment ends]
Of course, the "60+ years old vulnerable lady" I'm referring to is Carol Woods, greatly persecuted where she is, in Caton, Lancs., by those who do know better but choose to act outside the law...see posts + recent updates going back to Febuary 2016 = https://butlincat.com/?s=the+shocking+carol+woods+coverup