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Sunday, 12 November 2017

OUTRAGEOUS: "Met chief knew of Damian Green computer porn find" in 2008! - SUNDAY TIMES

Damian Green, Theresa May’s deputy, considers the computers involved were used by a number of people
Damian Green, Theresa May’s deputy, considers the computers involved were used by a number of people

Britain’s most senior police officer was told that pornography had been discovered on the parliamentary computers of Damian Green during an inquiry in 2008 into government leaks, The Sunday Times can reveal.
Sir Paul Stephenson, then Metropolitan police commissioner, was informed that detectives had found pornographic material on a work computer seized when Green was a shadow minister.
Green’s career now lies in the balance after he said that claims in The Sunday Times last week by Bob Quick, a senior former police chief, were “completely untrue” and “false, disreputable smears”.
The disclosure that the head of Scotland Yard was informed confirms that another officer, more senior than Quick, was aware of the alleged discovery.
This weekend, in response to further questions, Theresa May’s closest political ally did not repeat his blanket denial, but simply said no allegations about improper material had “ever been put to me or the parliamentary authorities”.
A Cabinet Office inquiry into the allegations is understood to be looking at the comprehensive denial issued by Green last week. The inquiry may report as early as this week.
It is understood that Whitehall officials have concerns at the “manner” in which Green — the first secretary of state — replied to claims from Quick, a former assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan police.

Sir Paul Stephenson was told in 2008 that detectives had found pornographic material on a work computer
Sir Paul Stephenson was told in 2008 that detectives had found pornographic material on a work computerDOMINIC LIPINSKI/PA WIRE

As this newspaper went to press last Saturday, the deputy prime minister tweeted a lengthy statement at 9.59pm, comprehensively denying the allegations. Green described Quick as “tainted”, “discredited” and “untrustworthy”.
The Cabinet Office inquiry, led by Sue Gray, Whitehall’s head of propriety and ethics, is examining a potential breach of the ministerial code, which states that “holders of public office” should be “truthful” and “accountable for their decisions”.
Stephenson was appointed acting commissioner of the Metropolitan police in December 2008. He was fully briefed on all aspects of the original investigation.
He is understood to have misgivings that confidential material from a police inquiry has emerged into the public domain. “It was not a criminal matter,” said a well-placed source. “We should not have the police as moral arbiters and running [human resource] departments.”
The source described the material as “straightforward porn”, but other police officers have described the alleged pornography as “extreme”, although it was legal.
It is understood that Green considers the computers involved were used by a number of people but neither he nor — as far as he is aware — his staff had downloaded any pornographic material.
Another senior source told The Sunday Times: “The information relating to the discovery of all the material uncovered from Damian Green’s computers is contained in the investigation case file.
“I’ve read the case file, which is very thorough, and it does . . . reveal the discovery of the pornographic material. You don’t investigate a MP and then destroy a case file. So there are still copies of the case file.”
He said a forensic expert had conducted a hard drive “mirror image”, also known as cloning, which makes a bit-for-bit copy of all the media found on a computer.
Some of the country’s most senior serving officers were involved in the investigation. They include Cressida Dick, who was Quick’s deputy at the time of the investigation and is now the Met chief. She told a parliamentary hearing last week she would help the Cabinet Office.
Two other potential witnesses are Shaun Sawyer, now chief constable of Devon and Cornwall police, and Commander Jim Stokley, head of the Met’s Trident division. Both were involved in the inquiry and Sawyer’s press office said he was ready to co-operate.
Scotland Yard could be asked to produce case files, decision logs and intelligence reports from the 2008 and 2009 investigation for the Cabinet Office inquiry. If a copy of the hard drive or hard drives still exists, they could also be examined.
The Cabinet Office interviewed Quick and Green early last week. It is not known whether Gray has yet contacted or intends to contact Dick, Stephenson, Sawyer, Stokley or has established what files the Met has retained.
Green said: “I reiterate that no allegations about the presence of improper material on my parliamentary computers have ever been put to me or to the parliamentary authorities by the police. I can only assume that they are being made now, nine years later, for ulterior motives.”