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Saturday, 23 December 2017

The Carol Woods Coverup: I.P.T. [Investigatory Powers Tribunal] refuse to respond to the installation of the illegal tracking device in Carol Wood’s car – 23 Dec. 2017 + archive

After sending the latest complaint by way of 20 pages of printed notes by recorded delivery to the IPT [Investigatory Powers Tribunal] regarding the illegal installing of a GPS device in Carol Wood’s car by Lancs. police, and then phoning them weeks later [as I’d had no acknowledgement to the 20 pages] and finding out they “hadn’t received” these notes, despite the recorded delivery being signed for at their correct location [see the signed receipt below], then being told in that same call to send them again with their official forms, and then waiting months for some kind of progress regarding the illegal GPS tracking device I received the letter below which tells that all was a waste of time, and money. This complete ignoring of a complaint by the IPT regarding Lancs. police’s clear breach the Data Protection Act [and European Convention of Human Rights Article 8, which concerns a citizen’s privacy, etc. – see below] surely shows the lawlessness rampant throughout the chronic and completely unacceptable and hostile targeting of Carol Woods by a police force – Lancs. police force – and their cronies in high places, including the Lancs. county council, Royal Mail and other household names who continue to break the law on an almost daily basis!! So, the IPT don’t want to know, with at least 3 letters from the Home Office telling me to go to the IPT, and the IPCC have already said they’ed be sending anything sent to them regarding Lancs. police back to Lancs. police, it all proves a complete and utter waste of time, and Lancs. police have carte blanche to break the laws exactly how they like with no one in the UK government calling them to account. And also, the HMIC [Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabularies] ignore recent communications sent to them too!

This is the R. Mail signed recorded delivery receipt  [signature deliberately distorted] connected to the original communication with 20 pages of notes  which, I was told, “didn’t arrive” at the IPT, although this signature surely shows the opposite. The repeat sending of the same notes were sent in exactly the same way, to the same postal address, and were received perfectly well but, as the letter above shows, all was a waste of time regarding the installation of the GPS tracking device in the car although it surely clearly breaches the most basic of Data Protection laws as well as Article 8 of the E.C.H.R. [see below]:

WHAT is happening to Carol Woods, with her constant surveillance by the authorities and gangstalking by recruited yobs, along with others must surely be a specialist operation“ undertaken by Lancs. police. Is it not interesting that:

Chief Constable ​ [Merseyside police at present, formerly of Lancs. police]​

 Andy Cooke, QPM

​ ​

​   “In 2008 I left Merseyside after being appointed as Assistant Chief Constable at Lancashire Constabulary with responsibility for Specialist Operations” [from:  ​https://www.merseyside.police.uk/about-us/chief-officer-group/chief-constable-andy-cooke-qpm/] – 

Specialist operations? What is happening to Carol Woods is surely a “Specialist Operation”! Numerous communications have been sent to Mr. Cooke, and many others at Lancs. police regarding the deplorable targeting of Carol Woods, beginning in 2006 - everything ignored.

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butlincat 18 Dec. 2017
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Dear All,
It is truly scandalous that these stalkers are paid from the public purse – and there can only be one agency behind it all – because, for these thugs to be at the University where Carol Woods is, the tracking device must’ve given away her location, either en route to the location, or whilst she was there.
When will this SCANDALOUS lawbreaking stop?
On 18 December 2017 at 19:02, carol woods wrote:
to carol, admin, secofstate, info, wendy.williams, contact, david.lidingto., susan.acland-h., customerinvest., lcj.office, the......