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Tuesday, 16 January 2018


Today 16 Jan. 2018 letters [below] were received from Maurice, who is being treated appallingly, as usual, in HMP Parc, Bridgend, Wales. He writes that he is still refused phone calls out to friends / family, and also that he is refused his medication "for 6 days now", as well as being denied hospital appointments, and more, appallingly. He writes it is the police who are blocking his hospital appointment[s], claiming, as a "MAPPA 3" subject [everything based on convoluted nonsense to cause maximum harassment on that] he is "too dangerous" to be taken to hospital. WHAT RUBBISH THEY COME OUT WITH!!  Anything to give him a hard time.

If anyone recalls before when MK was in HMP Cardiff during his last sentence beginning in November 2013 [for 17 months total incarceration], he had his ankle damaged [allegedly] by a thug warder who knew him of old, and disliked him immensely [allegedly] and kicked his ankle seriously hard enough to rebreak it and make it swell to the size of a football, according to visitor's witness reports at the time. Not only did the prison play games by giving him only one crutch to get around at the time, or none at all at one point, which was a particularly cruel waste of time as one needs 2 crutches to be able for them to work, but they also put him on the top 4th landing of a wing used for cons doing life sentences - not the most salubrious of surroundings - the lack of crutches [and painkillers] giving him untold problems getting up  and down the banks of steps one has to use many times a day to get food, for starters, along with seeing the doctor etc., also located on the ground floor. Also denied him were painkillers, and treatment at the hospital for the swollen and broken ankle, and the police refused to take his statement regarding the assault, or photograph the ankle for the records. The cold, callous screw's and the police's typical uncaring knows no bounds!

During this same sentence Maurice also went on hunger strike for 33 days, in order to get the papers from the HMP Health team which told of his NOT having a brain tumour as the dodgy doctor claimed in his dubious report. Maurice ended his hunger strike after 33 days after succeeding in acquiring the hospital letter showing the results of hospital tests which proved he had no "brain tumour"[which he had been trying to get for over 4 years] but unfortunately once he began taking food again his stomach collapsed and he ended up having parts of his stomach hanging from his rectum - a particularly painful occurrence, which saw him again denied painkillers and hospital treatment. The prison even relented once and took him to the hospital, but whisked him off, back to the prison, before any doctor could see him or any thing could be checked. Unbelievably cruel.  Again he was denied painkillers for weeks on end during the time he needed them most, to cause him maximum pain and distress. He wrote of having to sleep in his wheelchair for 6 days at one point as he was unable to get onto his bed and no screw would help him. Also, in earlier more mobile times during this sentence, whilst apparently undertaking a "citizen's arrest" upon a screw who obviously needed it, the prison then arrested him for "assault" upon the warder, as Maurice put his hand on the subject's shoulder as part of the citizen's arrest. After doing this, he was framed for assault upon the screw and was forced to undertake a kangeroo court hearing - the result of that being  certain "loss of priveleges" deemed upon him as the punishment. Do these characters hail from Hell itself, or were they just dropped on their heads as babies? This writer needs to know. 

Anyway, more importantly Maurice asks for help to retrieve his van, at the Cardiff Crown court location [or wherever the police may have moved it to since 14 Dec. 17] with it's contents of vital and irreplaceable legal papers in it which need saving. On the 14th December just gone he seemed to have been whisked into court, sentenced, then quickly removed from the court before anyone could arrive at the hearing - I got to the building at 10.50am, and all was done and dusted by then with Maurice in the cells, and thus anyone was denied being given the key to his van, etc., so it could be looked after. One cannot help but think this was a deliberate planned move on behalf of certain Welsh authorities to again cause maximum distress all round. He is denied now getting the van key out to anyone. All expenses will be paid for everything to do with the moving of the van into safety, including travel costs, and the retrieval of his legal papers. I have no driving licence, therefore am of limited use, but if anyone can help Maurice please write to him at M. KIRK, A7306AT, HMP Parc, Heol Hopcyn John, Coity, Bridgend CF35 6AP, or contact me direct. He can be contacted quickly also via the "Emailaprisoner" site - his details: Maurice Kirk, no. A7306AT, at HMP Parc - those are the only details needed to contact him at HMP via that site - or please relay the info to myself and I'll forward the info and save anyone 40p for the email message which is charged. Letters of complaint regarding treating this 72 year-old citizen like an animal can be sent to the Home Office, or any relavent government rep., or addressed to "The Governor" [or the IMB [Independant Monitoring Board - allegedly there to make sure fairness is received by citizens serving sentences] at HMP Parc, Heol Hopcyn John, Coity, Bridgend CF35 6AP, with reference Maurice Kirk A7306AT.

Finally, he asks for help regarding his plane in Kenya, for sale or to use free until further notice, or transfer to Kenyan registration.
Letters of complaint to the HMP Parc governor, and the IMB also there regarding the appalling treatment meted out to him by characters in the pay of the taxpayer have gone ignored so far, as no acknowledgement from those addressed, or change in Maurice's situation has been received. Sincere thanks to anyone who can help.

Received 16 Jan. 2018:

The added writing on the left in green ink below, written by Maurice, from a report whereby MK was reported for being "disrespectful" after being denied his medication yet again, states: "This 2nd paragraph was, I suspect, dictated by another and resembled a Grimm's fairy tale"

Maurice's sister writes, 16 Jan. 2018:

"Maurice is in HMP PARC. He is being treated appallingly (this must go viral):

After a month he has been denied his vitally important medicine (Prescribed by both UK GP and French doctor) for his split diaphragm. This makes it impossible for him to move around without huge pains hitting him regularly and not sleeping at all well. He used to use one of the following to alleviate pain: omeprazole or paroxetine and zopiclone. He thinks he has PASD brought on by the fear of injections administered whilst asleep at Caswell Clinic. He made sure this did not happen by sleeping against the door on the floor each night. He also insisted on eating only food brought in by family. He was not going to allow 'them' to 'doctor' him.

The Crown Court Judge in December stated that she had no authority to report 'the doctor' to the GMC. She was also notice that the reason M could not attend the doctor in Birmingham was his gut pain. He called at the Court Office twice to ask them to change the appointment date but nothing happened. 
It is interesting to note that the Parole Board is in trouble for not revealing the 'evidence' in Worboys parole hearing. Is the same reason given for not organising Maurice's due parole hearing when in HMP Swansea? 

He has been told that he is still on MAPPA 3 ! Twelve (12) complaint forms within HMP Parc have not been answered or acknowledged. He is only allowed to phone 3 people and not allowed regular access to the Canteen stamps shop. 

He has had notice about his appeal to the Criminal Court of Appeal. The letter was written 11th January and he has just received it, 5 days later. The number is :2017 04 259 B4 JL
His Sister"

To be continued.

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