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Saturday, 13 January 2018

OPEN MINDS NEWSLETTER: DoD UFO Project Head Joins 2018 UFO Congress! - 13 Jan. 2018



Luis Elizondo, the head of the DoD's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program says he was inspired in part by the courage of UFO researchers to come out about his involvement with government program.


Luis Elizondo is a career intelligence officer whose experience includes working with the U.S. Army, the Department of Defense, the National Counterintelligence Executive, and the Director of National Intelligence. As a former Special Agent In-Charge, Luis conducted and supervised highly sensitive espionage and terrorism investigations around the world. As an intelligence Case Officer, he ran clandestine source operations throughout Latin America and the Middle East. Most recently, Luis managed the security for certain sensitive portfolios for the US Government as the Director for the National Programs Special Management Staff. For nearly the last decade, Luis also ran a sensitive aerospace threat identification program focusing on unidentified aerial technologies. Luis’ academic background includes Microbiology, Immunology and Parasitology, with research experience in tropical diseases. Luis is also an inventor who holds several patents.

Lecture: Insights from investigating unidentified threats for the U.S. Department of Defense (recorded). Luis was originally going to join us at the conference, but that will not be possible due to a personal issue. However, Luis still wants to answer questions and speak to the audience of the International UFO Congress. He says: “The UFO community have been ridiculed and marginalized and yet, somehow, doggedly persisted in their pursuit of the truth, despite the naysayers and cynics.” He continued: “It is a fact that part of my inspiration for coming forward after these many years was due to the multitudes of brave men and women who continued to ask the hard questions despite the common consensus of the system.”

Although he can not physically make it to the conference, we will show an interview with Luis recorded exclusively for the International UFO Congress. We will also review the timeline of how Luis’ work with the DoD came to light and made it into headlines around the world. You have time to send in questions you would like Luis to be asked. Send them to alejandro@ufocongress.com.
Read more about this lecture at UFOCongress.com here: Luis Elizondo
In some of the most important UFO news to be released in years, the New York Times and Politico have posted stories on a secret UFO program ran by the Department of Defense, who worked with Bigelow Aerospace. The program was initiated by Harry Reid who was convinced to undergo the project by Robert Bigelow, and partially influenced by a pro-UFO comment made to him by astronaut John Glenn. Reid told the New York Times he is in no way embarassed by funding this important project. The public first heard of the project during the press conference announcing the To The Stars Academy (TTSA), created by Tom DeLonge. Luis Elizondo, who ran the UFO department, retired in October to join TTSA and revealed the existence of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, the progam to look into UFO reports.
Read the Politico story here: The Pentagon’s Secret Search for UFOs
See and read more about the UFO videos at the To The Stars Academy website here: THE FIRST OFFICIAL UAP FOOTAGE EVER RELEASED BY THE USG
See the To The Stars Press Conference and read a transcript at OpenMinds.tv here: Watch Tom DeLonge’s To the Stars Academy UFO Press Conference Here
Read about Tom DeLonge's connection to the story here: Tom DeLonge strikes UFO gold

International UFO Congress

FEB 14-18, 2017 | Scottsdale, Arizona


Tickets are going very fast, so we already know we will have a packed house! Register now!
Get more information and register here: UFOCongress.com


The DoD UFO news is fading. Now what?

The news cycle on this latest revelation that the Department of Defense (DoD) had a project called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) that looked into UFOs – remember the U is for “unidentified” not aliens – seems to be coming to a close. Dozens of interviews were conducted and many more stories written. But it seems with all that was learned, many more questions remain to be answered.
This article reviews some of the unasnwered questions, many of which will be answered in the upcoming exclusive UFO Congress interview with Luis Elizondo.
Read more at OpenMinds.tv: The DoD UFO news is fading. Now what?



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Ex-Military Paranormal Researcher and UK Government UFO Investigator Discuss the DoD's UFO Program on Open Minds UFO Radio!

Dr. John Alexander is a retired Colonel in the U.S. Army, where he worked in intelligence and had participated in projects where they explored paranormal phenomena. He also formed a group of colleagues in intelligence to look for government UFO secrets. Since leaving the Army, John has worked at Los Alamos and is a defense consultant specializing in non-lethal weapons.
Nick Pope worked on the UK government’s UFO project in the Ministry of Defence in the 90s. He has since continued to offer his take on the UFO topic and consults with the UK government on UFOs in regards to media relations.
In this interview, we get insight from John and Nick into the recent news broken by The New York Times, with releases by Poltico and The Washington Post within hours, that the Department of Defense has had a secret UFO project since 2007. News outlets around the world are covering the story, and these guys are in high demand, so we are very lucky to have been able to speak with them. Outside of those directly involved, these are two of the most qualified to speak on this matter.

2017 UFO Year in Review on Open Minds UFO Radio!

2017 turned out to be a breakthrough year for UFOs, especially in the last month. However, there were other exciting UFO stories throughout the year, and our panel is here to discuss what those were. Host Alejandro Rojas, UFO news guy Martin Willis, and our special guest Lee Speigel, UFO journalist and media guy, share their top UFO stories of 2017.
Listen to the interview here: 2017 UFO Year in Review – January 8, 2018


Kathleen Marden and Yvonne Smith Discuss the Future of Abduction Research at the 2017 UFO Congress online now!

Many people believe they have been abducted by extraterrestrials. The mainstream media has a difficult time taking this topic seriously, and even among researchers, there are differing ideas of what is truly happening. This panel includes researchers with backgrounds in therapy and a neuroscientist, all of whom have spent a lot of time and effort to learn more about this phenomenon. In particular, we will hear their ideas about how to move research in this arena forward.

Panel on the Importance of the Phoenix Lights Mass-UFO Sighting at the 2017 UFO Congress online now!

Special 20th Anniversary Phoenix Lights Event – Panel: The Importance of The Phoenix Lights Mass-UFO Sighting – Panelists: James Fox (Moderator), Dr. Lynne Kitei, Richard Dolan, and Jim Mann of Phoenix MUFON. One of the most famous UFO incidents in history was what is now referred to as the Phoenix Lights Incident. Over the course of the day on March 13, 1997, thousands of Arizona residents reported seeing a large craft fly overhead. Reports began in Nevada and the northwest edge of Arizona down the southern border and into Mexico. The highest number of reports coming from the Phoenix metro area.

Panel on Government and UFOs at the 2017 UFO Congress online now!

Panel: Government and UFOs – Panelists: Col. John Alexander, Col. Charles Halt, Ted Roe and Stanton Friedman. Moderated by Alejandro Rojas. There are a wide range of opinions regarding just what the government knows when it comes to UFOs. With the help of individuals who have worked within the government, have worked with governmental organizations on this issue, and/or have researched this issue, we will get insight into this highly controversial topic.
Watch his lecture here: Panel: Government and UFOs

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