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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Anthropocene began in 1965, according to signs left in the world’s ‘loneliest tree’ - The Conversation newsletter 20/02/2018


Editor's note

Since the 1950s, every tree on earth has contained tiny traces of radioactive material from nuclear bombs. This nuclear “signature” will remain, even after these trees have died, and sunk into the ground and eventually turned into rock. Thousands or millions of years from now, future civilisations may see this as a marker of the Anthropocene – a new geological epoch brought about by humans. Chris Turney, Jonathan Palmer and Mark Maslin report on how the remotest tree of all helped them identify the point when human impacts became truly global and irreversible.
Most of us have experienced the distinct and disgusting smell of “death” when coming across an animal corpse. Yet, until now, it has been unclear exactly how we sense it. Jean-Christophe Nebel talks us through how he discovered the biochemical mechanics behind it – and explains how the findings may help treat depression.
While Team GB do great in the heat, they aren’t exactly known for success in the Winter Olympics. The skeleton is however a notable exception, and disgruntled murmurs from other teams have suggested that British riders have revolutionary skin suits to thank. According to Nick Martin, talk of a whole second’s advantage per run is nonsense – but that doesn’t mean the suits weren’t crucial.
Will de Freitas
Environment + Energy Editor

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Pavla Fenwick

Anthropocene began in 1965, according to signs left in the world's 'loneliest tree'

Chris Turney, UNSW; Jonathan Palmer, UNSW; Mark Maslin, UCL
Nuclear bomb tests potentially mark the start of a new geological epoch: the Anthropocene.
Edvard Munch’s “The Smell of Death”.

Our discovery of how humans experience the smell of death may one day help save lives

Jean-Christophe Nebel, Kingston University
Genetic research could help us produce new ways of diagnosing and treating depression and suicidal ideation – including a 'death smell test'.

A streamlined Lizzie Yarnold sliding her way to gold. Singer/EPA

Were Team GB's skeleton suits responsible for fantastic three medal haul?

Nicholas Martin, Northumbria University, Newcastle
The science behind the suits that gave Britain's medal-winning athletes a crucial speed boost.

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