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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

CLASSIC --> MICK FARREN: "Vampires.." + Pink Fairies Live '87: "Chinese Cowboys" etc + more..

Pink Fairies - Walk Don't Run (Live) 10.15

Published on Dec 21, 2016

Pink Faries - Police Car (Live) 9.43

Pink Fairies - Waiting for the Ice Cream To Melt 4.38

Pink Faries - The Snake (Live)  4.21

Tracks Side 1:

1 Raceway (2:50)
2. Street urchin (6:32)

3. Waiting for the Lightnin' to strike (3:41)
4. when's The fun Begin (5:44)

Tracks Side 2:

1. The Snake (4:20)

2. do it (4:27)
3. Takin' L.S.D. (5:31)
4. white girls on amphetamine (4:44)

Tracks Side 3:
1. seeing double (3:27)
2. as long as the price is right (2:58)
3. Waiting for the ice cream to melt (4:38)
4. police car (9:22)

 Tracks Side 4:
1. City kids (3:47)
2. walk don't run (10:15)

ltd. ed. Record Store Day '87 

- the Pink Fairies reconvened in 1987 around a lineup that paid homage to every past grouping the band had ever enjoyed -- even to the extent of employing two drummers, Twink and Russell Hunter. Add guitarists Larry Wallis and Andy Colquhoun, and bassist Duncan Sanderson, and here was a bunch of sweeties that even the purists would love. The repertoire, too, serves up the greatest Fairies set you could imagine. Recorded at a couple of different shows (including one at a speedway stadium), Chinese Cowboys cherry picks from all three original Fairies albums, to serve up almost desperately dynamic versions of "Do It," "Street Urchin," "City Kids," and an excoriating ten minutes of "Walk Don't Run," around which a slew of friends and relatives cavort with equal abandon. Mick Farren's "When's the Fun Begin" is an early set highlight; Wallis' solo "Police Car," stretched out to three times its vinyl-length, is in on the blazing finale

Pink Fairies - Casgoe in Jamaica  31.50

Pink Fairies - Never Never Land 1971 [Full Album

Published on Oct 19, 2013
1 Do It -00:00 2 Heavenly Man- (Alder) -04:15 3 Say You Love Me-07:57 4 War Girl -xxxx copyright issues 5 Never Never Land -11:45 6 Track One, Side Two-18:40 7 Thor (Alder) -23:21 8 Teenage Rebel-24:20 9 Uncle Harry's Last Freakout-29:41 10 The Dream Is Just Beginning (Alder) -40:33 Bonus Tracks 11 The Snake-41:51 12 Do It (Single Edit)-45:49 13 War Girl (Alternate Extended Mix) xxxxx 14 Uncle Harry's Last Freakout (First Version)-48:54
All tracks Pink except were indicate Words By, Music By, Producer -- Pink Fairies Paul Rudolph - guitar and vocals Duncan Sanderson - bass Russell Hunter - drums Twink - drums and vocals

Mick Farren - vampires stole my lunch money FULL ALBUM

Published on Apr 12, 2016
1)Trouble coming every day 2)Half price drinks 3)I don't want to go this way 4)I want a drink 5)Son of a millionaire 6)Zombie line 7)Bela Lugosi 8)People call you crazy 9)Fast Eddie 10)Let me in,damn you 11)(I know from) self destruction 12)Drunk in the morning

Pink Fairies And Guests

Published on May 10, 2016

1. People Helping People 2. Enter The Diamonds (Twink) 3. Track One Side Two 4. Portobello Shuffle 5. Teenage Rebel 6. X Ray 7. Going Down 8. Well Well Well 9. Chromium Plating 10. Broken Statue 11. Eccleston Chambers 12. Suicide (Twink) 13. Ten Thousand Words In The Cardboard Box (Twink) 14. As Above So Below 15. Play With Fire (Farren) 16. Lost Johnny (Farren) 17. Fury Of The Mob (Farren) 18. Uncle Harrys Last Freakout 19. Do It 20. The Snake 21. Marylin 22. Love Punks 23. I wanna Be Free (Twink-Rings) 24. Safe And Warm - Sick And Tired (Warsaw Pakt)