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Friday, 2 February 2018



Criminal Investigation Into Hawaii Nuclear Deception

our follow-up to:

The Hawaii Deep State
Nuclear Psyops


Our New Video is Now Showing.

Media Watchdogs Vet Pattern of Anti-American Activities by NBC News, the CIA-linkedWashington Post, and Honolulu Star AdvertiserSmearing the “Button Pusher” While Concealing his Supervisor’s Sabotage 

(Honolulu, HI; 1-31-18) Reading the Honolulu Star Advertiser’s delinquent “AFTERMATH” news report (published 1-30-18) caused three independent investigators to balk over the most important neglected fact–the night supervisor sabotaged the messaging system using her cell phone to confuse fellow warning officers. The hack caused a million people to face immanent death.

Thank you Healthy World News subscribers for the overwhelming positive support we received from our last mailing covering the Hawaii Deep State Nuclear Psyops video and article.  We received kudos from around the world, especially from Americans, including several very thankful government officials who not only have been reading our articles, but forwarding them to officials in FEMA, the FCC, and the Justice Department who have been following-up on our published discoveries to bring justice to bear on responsible parties.

The attached news feature, titled "Criminal Investigation into Mass Media Deception" provides a compelling scholarly analysis of the mass media-censorship of even the FCC's determinations! We explain the media's anti-American activities and conflicting interests, and the laws broken during and after the civil defense crisis impacting the U.S. military, and especially citizens of Hawaii, from January 13th to the time of this writing.

This article will give you the real story, detailing how the "button pusher" was "framed" to be the "fall guy," precisely as we proposed in our initial coverage.

As mentioned in our last Healthy World Newsletter, your subscription grants you a gift PASSWORD for your  FREE VIEWING of our latest video on this topic. The PASSWORD is: "HawaiiPSYOPS"

From your appreciation and support we had many new subscribers join our team of thousands. So if you have not already encouraged your network of friends and family to subscribe here to receive their own password for them to share this video and free information, please do so at your earliest convenience.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know.

Best wishes in the Spirit of health,

Healthy World staff.


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