Elon Musk is prepared to baffle some aliens with his space-bound supercar. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO waved goodbye to his Roadster on Tuesday, as it lifted into orbit inside a Falcon Heavy. The rocket, currently the world’s most powerful, sent Musk’s red electric car into space as part of its inaugural flight.“After that it’s just going to be out there in space for maybe millions or billions of years,” Musk told Space.com and other reporters after the launch at the Kennedy Space Center. “Maybe discovered by some future alien race thinking what the heck, what were these guys doing? Did they worship this car? Why do they have a little car in the car? And that’ll really confuse them.”
Perhaps even weirder is when the aliens look inside and see a dummy in the driver seat. “Starman,” the nickname for the passenger, is wearing the same spacesuit that SpaceX intends for use on its manned missions inside the company’s Dragon capsule. Perhaps it won’t be the only time aliens spot the suit after all.