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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Strange Happenings in Puerto Rico - Joshua P. Warren - Open Lines - ZFirelight / C2C AM Radio 16 Feb. 2018

The "gargola" pic from www.joshuapwarren.com - see pt. 2 of the show, below

 DATEFriday - February 16, 2018HOSTGeorge NooryGUESTSJoshua P. WarrenOpen Lines

Strange Happenings in Puerto Rico - Joshua P. Warren, Open Lines

For the first time since Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico, Joshua P. Warren reported live from the island, discussing a variety of weird stories surrounding the storm, the appearance of harbingers that warn of impending tragedies, and bizarre UFO sightings. "Harbingers are these manifestations that occur before some traumatic event," Warren explained, recounting the tale of the Gray Man of Pawleys Island, South Carolina, who warns residents of coming severe storms and hurricanes.
People in Puerto Rico feel hurricanes are living spirits and strange activity usually accompanies them, he continued. On the island there have been reports over the last decade of a six-foot-tall Gargola with bat wings and a Doberman Pinscher snout spotted ahead of hurricanes. "They would see the Gargola flying around the sky at night, sometimes he would just be seen walking through a field or across the road," he said. According to Warren, he has spoken to five active duty police officers who claimed to have seen the Gargola.
Other Puerto Rican residents have reportedly witnessed balls of light hovering in their bedrooms at night. "When people wake up and see this in the bedroom they are absolutely petrified," Warren said. 
The balls of light emit a sound that females hear as a sped-up recording and males hear as a voice announcing the coming of a major event with assurances the couple will be safe, Warren, revealed. The sightings of harbingers may involve a build up and discharge of energy associated with the forthcoming occurrence, he noted.
Increased military presence since the last hurricane has brought an uptick in sightings of strange craft, Warren reported. At an airport near Laguna Cartagena, where some believe there is an underwater UFO base, a towering object was spotted in the background of a series of photos. Locals have developed a conspiracy theory about the intelligence behind these UFOs working with military, and how the hurricane may have been influenced to create the tragedy, Warren disclosed. "A lot of these people believe that there are beings on this island that look more or less like humans but that they are not actually humans," he said.
Warren also unveiled a new system he's developed to help "hack reality" by matching your personality type with a method that works for you. "The idea is to teach everyone techniques to, sort of, beat the system and improve your luck in life—to attain what I call lucid living," he said. Warren suggested reality is a dream and individuals can take control of it using his techniques. He is offering a one-time-only teaching event for 100 people in Las Vegas. Get more info here.
The last hour of the program featured Open Lines.


News segment guests: John M. Curtis / Peter Davenport





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