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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

"WAR, JOURNALISM & WHISTLEBLOWERS" - massive whistleblower event in London -FREE - March 2 + DUNCAN CAMPBELL: "GCHQ AND ME" - VIDEO

Invitation to whistleblower event in London.

Katharine Gun
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Fifteen years ago, Katharine Gun leaked a GCHQ memo revealing U.S. spying operations on UN Security Council members. This simple act of bravery helped to galvanise the mass movement of opposition to the Iraq War. It also served as a telling reminder of the essential role played by the press in speaking truth to power and upholding the fabric of democratic life.

A generation on, the legacy of that leak is writ large in a resurgent politics of resistance to the warfare and surveillance state on both sides of the Atlantic. This unique event brings together a panel, including Katharine herself, to discuss the lessons of that leak, and ask: What can and should we be doing -- journalists, scholars, activists, policymakers, the public overall -- to do justice to the immeasurable public service performed by whistleblowers?

15 Years After Katharine Gun’s Truth-Telling on the Verge of the Iraq War
     Friday, March 2 at 6 pm
     Birkbeck, University of London
     Malet Street, London WC1A 7HX

You can RSVP for this free event by clicking here.

RootsAction is pleased to be co-sponsoring this event with ExposeFacts, Media Reform Coalition, National Union of Journalists, Centre for Investigative Journalism, Courage Foundation, Big Brother Watch, Veterans for Peace UK.

Speakers will include:

*  Katharine Gun, former GCHQ translator responsible for the 2003 leak;
*  Thomas Drake, former senior executive of the U.S. National Security Agency;
*  Duncan Campbell, award-winning journalist, author and TV producer;
*  Matthew Hoh, former U.S. Marine and State Department official serving in Afghanistan and Iraq;
*  Jesselyn Radack, national security and human rights attorney representing Edward Snowden among other whistleblowers;
*  Silkie Carlo, director of Big Brother Watch and leading voice in the campaign against the UK's repressive surveillance and official secrecy laws.

Please share this announcement with people you know in the London area.


With best wishes,
The RootsAction.org Team

One of the speakers at the above event is: Duncan Campbell, award-winning journalist, author and TV producer =

Journalist Duncan Campbell,Talk's Widespread Surveillance and Secrecy by GCHQ

Published on Sep 17, 2013

http://www.duncancampbell.org/ The extent to which GCHQ has tried to guard its secrets for decades was wonderfully illustrated nearly 30 years ago when a former codebreaker wrote about his work during the second world war. Sir Peter Marychurch, then director of the government's eavesdropping centre, chastised Gordon Welchman, one of the brilliant group of intelligence officers at Bletchley Park, GCHQ's wartime predecessor, for referring to codebreaking successes. Marychurch's intervention provoked a scathing attack from Sir Stuart Milner-Barry, one of Welchman's colleagues. "To suppose that the battles which we had to wage before the birth of the first electronic computer (which must seem to present-day cryptanalysts rather like fighting with bows and arrows) could be relevant to security now is just not credible," he said. To suggest that national security had been harmed was "absurd", Milner-Barry added. Conventional spying may be the second oldest profession but signals intelligence has always been regarded in Whitehall as acutely sensitive. That is because of the growing emphasis on gathering information by intercepting communications from the air waves, cables, and satellites, and Britain's growing reliance on the resources of GCHQ's American partner, the National Security Agency, the .NSA The relationship between the two agencies was laid bare in a 1994 staff manual which told GCHQ staff that the agency's contribution must be "of sufficient scale and of the right kind to make a continuation of the Sigint [signals intelligence] alliance worthwhile to our partners". It admitted: "This may entail on occasion the applying of UK resources to the meeting of US requirements." The relationship was further exposed nine years later when Katharine Gun, a GCHQ employee, revealed a NSA request to bug the offices of allies in the UN Security Council before the decision to invade Iraq. She was arrested under the Official Secrets Act but the charges were dropped -- out of concern, it was believed, about a potential jury's sympathies and of what more might emerge in public about GCHQ's activities. GCHQ's cover was first blown in 1976 by an article, The Eavesdroppers, published by the London magazine, Time Out. Its contents came as a shock even to the spouses of GCHQ staff who had little idea of what their partners were up to. The article led to the arrest of journalists Crispin Aubrey and Duncan Campbell, and army signals corporal John Berry. Their prosecution, in what became known as the ABC trial, became a cause célèbre. The three received non-custodial sentences and Mark Hosenball, an American journalist at Time Out, was deported. Widespread surveillance by GCHQ, and its increasingly close relationship with the NSA, typified by the US base at Menwith Hill on the North Yorkshire moors, continued to be reported. But GCHQ's role, eavesdropping, decoding and encoding communications, was not officially "avowed" until 1982. It was triggered by a real spy, Geoffrey Prime. A GCHQ employee, Prime was first arrested on suspicion of molesting young girls. Only after his wife found spying equipment under the floorboards was he arrested for espionage. He was sentenced to 38 years in jail -- 35 for selling secrets, three for sex offences against children. Although it consumed many more resources than MI5 and MI6, GCHQ remained largely under the public's radar. In 2003 it dropped all pretence of obscurity and moved its 4,500 (now more than 6,000) staff into a spectacular building, known as the doughnut, on the outskirts of Cheltenham. The initials GCHQ which not so long ago could only be whispered, are now prominently displayed as a stop on route maps published by the local bus company. And they also feature prominently in headlines throughout the world. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use

Duncan Campbell: GCHQ and Me

Published on Aug 4, 2015

On December 2, 2014, veteran investigative journalist Duncan Campbell used his Register Christmas Lecture to recount how he has spent a lifetime unpicking the UK and US’s surveillance state - and how he realised his involvement with Britain’s secret services stretched back even before he was born.