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Saturday, 3 February 2018



  • After extracting billions from 'corruption' cases, Saudis 'increase royal family allowances by 50%'
    Middle East Monitor

    According to a 1996 US diplomatic cable published by Wikileaks, members of the royal family receive monthly allowances from birth. The amounts vary according to how close they are to King Abdul Aziz, the founder of the state. At that time, the monthly payments ranged from $800 to $270,000.
  • 'Yo memo so stupid': Twitter savagely taunts Trump over declassified memo with viral #YoMemo ...
    International Business Times UK

    Beau Willimon, the creator of Netflix's House of Cards, wrote: "Yo memo so lame, even Wikileaks wouldn't leak it." "Yo memo left out so many facts it rivals Jared Kushner's security clearance forms," someone else piped in. Another person tweeted: "Yo memo so dumb, it failed outta Trump University.".
  • Ecuador's Sunday referendum could annul Correa's aspirations of reelection

    After Lenín Moreno was elected Ecuador's president in 2017, he was expected to keep the seat warm for his predecessor's return in 2021. When Ecuadorians vote on Sunday barring former president Rafael Correa from re-election, they will also be choosing whether to buck a trend across South ...
  • The Nunes memo fails to reply the important thing query it's supposed to deal with
    Lockport Press

    Australia relayed this information to the FBI after the initial release of hacked DNC emails by Wikileaks in July. Which is to say, all this started well before October, and not because of the dossier. This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of Business Insider. My TL;DR memo take: What's ...
  • Watch: Bill Maher catches Trumpster Anthony Scaramucci in a blatant lie
    Raw Story

    Frum asked. Scaramucci tried to bring up Wikileaks but Frum interjected again. “Don't you ask the question: why didn't my guy win the Putin Primary?” Frum asked. “Your level of anger and sanctimony is not coming across well,” was Scramucci's only response. The conversation then spiraled into another ...
  • Letters: Basic facts about Russia scandal
    The Advocate

    4) Prior to WikiLeaks releasing the hacked material, President Donald Trump famously called on the Russians to hack Hillary Clinton and alluded to bombshell news to come, while Trump adviser Roger Stone – by his own admission — was at the same time in communication with both Julian Assange ...
  • Quantum leap for computers will put every secret at risk
    The Times

    To those who understood it, the significance was inescapable: doubly so because the post coincided with the rise of Wikileaks. The NSA is preparing for potentially the greatest dump of personal, commercial and state secrets in the history of humanity, and it has nothing to do with the Ecuadorean ...
  • Even leaker Edward Snowden is slamming Devin Nunes for reckless handling of classified info
    Raw Story

    Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden slammed House Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes (R-CA) for having a lesser “standard of care” in releasing his controversial memo than the whistleblower used in releasing documents to Wikileaks,” The Daily Beast reported Friday. Project on ...
  • Why Mike Flynn Is “Nobody's Business But The Turks”
    Being Libertarian

    Probably – by helping WikiLeaks release actual incriminating emails from the Clinton campaign days before the election, similar to how NBC released a lude video of Trump that they had been sitting on for years. While Democrats were furious over Clinton's leaked emails, they seem all too ecstatic to ...
  • The Nunes memo fails to answer the key question it is supposed to address
    Business Insider UK

    ... foreign policy adviser, bragged to an Australian diplomat in May 2016 that the Russians had thousands of emails that would embarrass Hillary Clinton, according to the Times. Australia relayed this information to the FBI after the initial release of hacked DNC emails by Wikileaks in July. Which is to say, ...
  • WikiLeaks Solicits More Leaks On Trump Admin And Russia
    Mintpress News (blog)

    Opinion — WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange recently posted a harsh criticism of what he calls Trump's “subservience to Saudi Arabia's military adventurism in Yemen” and the explosion of civilian deaths caused by this administration's greatly escalated drone assassination program. This received ...
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  • Ep 20: WikiLeaks Has Published Leaks On Trump Admin And Russia, And Is Seeking More
    Player FM

    Assange has been pursuing leaks from the Trump administration, in cool defiance of what both sides of America's partisan divide seem to believe about him. Article here -- http://bit.ly/2GJt8Gp -- Theme by Captain Pablo -- This podcast is made possible by Caitlin's patrons. You can support Cait becoming ...
  • WikiLeaks hasn't spread a word of support for the Hong Kong protest…

    WikiLeaks hasn't spread a word of support for the Hong Kong protestors or for ANY of the lands and countries oppressed by nowadays Chinese government, including Chinese citizens.They just highlight "ooh the US govt is supporting the protests!
  • Trailer, estreno, película sobre Julian Assange #Wikileaks #Assange

    alexia dives posted Trailer, estreno, película sobre Julian Assange #Wikileaks #Assange to their -movie time- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.
  • Download The Plot to Hack America: How PutinÓ³ Cyberspies and WikiLeaks Tried to Steal the ...
    Google Sites

    Download The Plot to Hack America: How PutinÓ³ Cyberspies and WikiLeaks Tried to Steal the 2016 Election by Malcolm Nance PDF Full ePub. Download The Republic of Pirates: Being the True and Surprising Story of the Caribbean Pirates and the Man Who Brought Them Down by Colin Woodard ...
  • wikileaks shares link to newly released Hillary emails
    Free Republic

    The Power of monthlies: We currently have about $13k in monthlies. If we could raise that number to $15k, it'd cut a week to ten days off our FReepathon time. Raising it to $18k would reduce it by two weeks or more. Anything over $20k and our FReepathons would complete in 30 days or less! If you love ...
  • Alex Jones: The Wikileaks situation is ultimately meant to help mov…

    Alex Jones: The Wikileaks situation is ultimately meant to help move toward global destabilization and a major global war leading to a police state in the US.
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    @wikileaks @JulianAssange This shows cooperation between the UK and the US to entrap you even before you were “wanted” for anything. The only way in which your detractors will get the levels and layers of corruption implicit in this sort of behaviour at government level is if it were directed at them.
  • Live Leaks Wiki
    Environment Preservation Essay Essays Writer Life In 2050 Essay - bpopa

    live leaks wiki live stream wikileaks assange surprise press conference apple totally dissed wikileaks this week here s why wikileaks takes a huge data dump on hillary infowars com video image grineer outbreak png warframe fandom powered wikia drops bombs crooked.
  • It39s True WikiLeaks dumped Podesta emails one hour after Trump
    Azmaj Global Prints

    Looks like the email was by WikiLeaks after the Podesta dump, and led to those emails. Oct 12, 2016 A speculative game of telephone led to the false assertion WikiLeaks had published forged anti-Clinton documents in their October 2016 e-mail dump. In April 2017, CIA director Mike Pompeo, a Trump ...
  • Europarl_EN: we demand save passage to hospital for @JulianAssange

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  • WikiLeaks сообщает: Совет по международным отношениям

    WikiLeaks сообщает: Совет по международным отношениям (CFR) контролирует все основные международные. Одна организация контролирует почти все, что вы видите, слышите и читаете в средствах массовой информации. Это не секрет, что за последние 4 десятилетия, средства ...
  • Julian Assange39s Twitter account is gone
    Student Medical Shop

    1:00:50 ~ By The Outer Light Is Julian Assange In DANGER Mystery Surrounds Cryptic Message Posted On Assange39s Twitter Mp3. Julian assange. Not on twitter sign up tune into the things you care about and get updates as they happen. Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter. facebook. WikiLeaks on ...
  • Dr Cornel West getting called thrashAll Wikileaks DNC

    During the panel discussion, Clinton supporter Bill Maher suggested that it's time for Bernie Sanders supporters to throw in the towel and get behind the Jul 28, 2016 In one of the 29 voicemails released, a woman who donated $300 to Clinton called the party finance director Andrew Wright and said she ...
  • Wikileaks quotThere is presently a dangerous push to redefine

    Wikileaks quotThere is presently a dangerous push to redefine . com/zcb2bna. Marvel Heroes Omega is in Open Beta. https://tinyurl. Hopefully the property is what draws fans so there's some hope, I suppose. Press “V” to use voice chat and speak to another player. I dont think that they can hear me.
  • I am Julian Assange founder of WikiLeaks Ask Me Anything IAmA
    True North Psychiatric Solutions

    I am Julian Assange founder of WikiLeaks Ask Me Anything IAmA.
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  • What's the bigger story — the Russia probe or the investigative practices?

    In the final months of the 2016 election, Donald Trump Jr. was exchanging direct messages with WikiLeaks, the Atlantic reported. ("'Hiya, it'd be great if you guys could comment on/push this story,' WikiLeaks suggested, attaching a quote from then-Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton about wanting to ...
  • Steak, sausages and state secrets: how cabinet files leaked out
    The Australian

    The “WikiLeaks option” would have been to put all of the documents online — the publish-and-be-damned model. This option was opposed from the start by the Canberra bureau and, later, ABC executives involved in the decision: director of news Gaven Morris, McMurtrie and myself. “We decided to do ...
    Daily Telegraph

    When Assange made his now infamous public address from the embassy balcony in August 2012, he already looked gaunt and pale from just three months indoors. When this author was invited to visit him a year later it was clear his plight had clearly made him not only ill looking but a very odd man to ...
  • WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on verge of leaving diplomatic sanctuary of Ecuador Embassy ...
    The Advertiser

    IT is not exactly a song to inspire an image of a self-proclaimed freedom fighter, but on August 16, 2012 Julian Paul Assange had few musical options available. Two months earlier on June 19 he entered the first floor, Flat 3B, Number 3 Hans Crescent in up-market Knightsbridge in London to seek ...
  • Three jailed Catalan leaders appeal to UN panel: Lawyers
    Free Press Journal

    London : Three Catalan leaders imprisoned in Spain over their role in their region's independence crisis will take their case to the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, their lawyers in London said on Thursday. “Their detention by Spain is an affront to human rights, designed to prevent them from ...