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Friday, 9 February 2018



  • Leaked US documents can be used as evidence, rules UK Supreme Court

    “The Supreme Court unanimously holds that the [WikiLeaks] cable should have been admitted into evidence," the bench ruled on Thursday, with five of the seven judges going against the lower court's decision. The ruling comes as a form of vindication for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who tweeted ...
  • French Left Opposition Leader Melenchon Urges Paris to Grant Assange Asylum
    Sputnik International

    Jean-Luc Melenchon, leader of the left populist La France Insoumise party in France's National Assembly, has urged the French government to provide Wikileaks founder Julian Assange with political asylum. In a press release published on his official blog, the politician urged Paris to "intervene and offer ...
  • Julian Assange, Trump's parade plan and a new government for Germany

    The controversial WikiLeaks founder lost one legal bid that would have ended his forced refuge in the Ecuadoran embassy, which began more than five years ago. A British judge upheld a UK arrest warrant, rejecting a call from Assange's lawyers for the warrant to be dropped because he is no longer ...
  • Let's Put an End to 'Horseshoe Theory' Once and for All
    Pacific Standard

    Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, and a hero to many on the left for helping to expose the overreach of U.S. government surveillance, loathed Clinton, and actively sought to help the Trump campaign. Glenn Greenwald, a generally left-wing opponent of U.S. imperialism, said during the 2016 ...
  • Publish and be damned: The media's ethical dilemmas on private lives
    The New Daily

    Wikileaks and other public interest websites with encrypted 'drop boxes' for the receipt of documents from whistleblowers have a default policy of full publication after authentication. Responsible public interest journalism requires clearly marked redaction of names and identifying information only where ...
  • She's magic! Pamela Anderson flashes her busty figure in racy black leotard as she plays ...
    Daily Mail

    The pinup and the Wikileaks founder who's been accused of rape in Sweden were introduced by Dame Vivienne Westwood and Pamela began visiting him at the embassy in late 2016. She's always been coy about the exact nature of her friendship with Assange, but she sees him every time she is in the ...
  • London exhibition shows subversive side of the t-shirt

    Westwood has continued to use t-shirts in her collections and catwalk shows, in 2012 printing her own portrait with "I am Julian Assange" written on it in reference to the WikiLeaks founder. An image of cartoon Mickey Mouse in front of the cloud of an atom bomb was used in 1976 as a critique of US ...
  • Fox News Hypes 'Questionable' Texts From Mark Warner That Republicans Read Months Ago
    Daily Beast

    That was about a week after Wikileaks founder Julian Assange sent a private message to a Twitter account he wrongly believed was helmed by Sean Hannity promising “some news about Warner,” the ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Warner's spokesperson told The Daily Beast ...
  • Looking for something to do this weekend?
    Bloomington Pantagraph

    10, McLean County Museum of History, 600 N. Main St., Bloomington; open knitting event for charity (bring your own materials); free; 309-827-0428. ISU Civic Film Series: We Steal Secrets; 6 p.m. Feb. 12, ISU Stevenson Hall 101; documentary on the creation of WikiLeaks, followed by discussion; free;.
  • 12 things we know about the Russia investigation
    Seattle Times

    WikiLeaks, presumably representing Russian interests, engaged in secret correspondence with Donald Trump Jr. 9. Kushner met a Putin ally. Jared Kushner met with a Russian, Sergey Gorkov, who is close to Putin, in December 2016. Kushner also privately asked the Russians about using Russian ...
  • Coming soon to Central Illinois theaters
    Bloomington Pantagraph

    ... State University's Center for Community Engagement and Service is presenting a February showcase called the Civic Film Series, screening free at 6 p.m. Mondays in ISU's Stevenson Hall 101. This week's offering is We Steal Secrets, the documentary on Julian Assange and his creation of WikiLeaks.
  • Russia Is Boring
    The Root

    Julia Ioffe of The Atlantic recently reported that Donald Trump Jr. communicated with Wikileaks via private messages on Twitter concerning damaging information on Hillary Clinton. Hope Hicks may have possibly tried to hide emails concerning a mysterious meeting between Trump campaign officials ...
  • STI superbug UNTREATABLE: Disease that resists antibiotics spreading fast
    Daily Star

    Trump vs Clinton Like 'Cholera vs Gonorrhoea' - Assange at Green Party Convention. WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange addressed the US Green Party's national convention via video link in Houston, Texas, on Saturday. Among a number of topics, Assange discussed his organisation's leaking of ...
  • WEB

  • Wikileaks finds collusion between DNC and Isikoff
    What Really Happened

    PLEASE DONATE. Hawaii has passed a law against having any cryptocurrency wallet in Hawaii, so I have deleted the bitcoin donations system. Thanks to everyone who donated by that means. If you do not see the current show, empty your browser cache and reload. IF THE ABOVE PODCAST LINK ...
  • WikiLeaks Are All Lies! Having Thatswhyisuggested the Founder Dr Ned Yall Remember That Right?

    WikiLeaks are all lies! having Thatswhyisuggested the founder Dr ned Yall Remember That, Right? Dean James III% from Facebook tagged as Meme.
  • Julian Assange on New CIA Leaks

    officials have suggested, it may reflect 10 Mar 2017 WikiLeaks will release to tech firms the software code of CIA hacking tools that were designed to compromise smartphones and other products, the group's "We have decided to work with" the firms, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said at a news ...
  • Wikipedia Leaks

    wikipedia leaks wikileaks surprise fails assange promises more to come l neil smith s the libertarian enterprise working to fulfill the trump s advisor flynn who called islam a cancer forced out rapists cartoons.
  • Comments by JulianRX Reddit
    Casino de Tolosa

    permalink; They use the outdated Julian calendar, WikiLeaks founder and editor-in-chief Julian Assange hosted a Reddit AMA, Julian Assange Gets Grilled on Reddit Over Also in the top comments was a Per Reddit custom, Assange Julian Assange's Reddit AMA is a classic internet trainwreck. Buy gold ...
  • Live Leaks Wiki

    live leaks wiki wikileaks julian assange whistleblowing outfit says trump tax wikileaks has an surprise for hillary clinton regated cia responds to wikileaks disclosure business insider james o keefe cnn got slow start insider all voicemails democratic committee.
  • Wikileaks US gov is trying to brainwash Estonians about the

    co/mfPue75AW1 whitegenocide https:// 06:07:04: Reader RA said: WOW: Judge Rules Government Can Ban Vegetable Gardens Because They're 'Ugly' https://shar. Bradley Manning, the soldier suspected of being the source of most of the WikiLeaks documents on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and ...
  • WikiLeaks on Twitter

    #BREAKING: London Police are responding to a suspicious parcel outside the Ecuadorian embassy where Wikileaks founder Julian Assange 13 Nov 2017 WikiLeaks has been sliding into Donald Trump Jr. 14 Nov 2017 WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has joked he would still like US President ...
  • Wikileaks Drops about CIA Hive Vault 8
    Coop Luxury Cars

    In November, WikiLeaks released 'Vault 8,' a series of documents detailing how the CIA developed code to impersonate Russian anti-virus giant 'Kaspersky Labs. News: Vault 8 - Das Hive-Projekt der CIA wurde geleakt · AddThis Video. 10 Nov 2017 WikiLeaks publishes source code for malware control ...
  • We are Julian Assange Sarah Harrison Renata Avila and Andy
    Rare Essentials

    Aiming to provide the kind of speculative personality portrait behind Andy Roddick speaks during a news conference during the second round of play at the 2012 US Open tennis tournament, Thursday, Aug. ident ago to develop programs against Putin opposition), Nigel LeFarge (who met with Wikileaks ...
  • Julian Assange tweets quotBitcoin is the real Occupy Wall Street

    Thanks for visiting! I work on freedom, free markets and economics. Meanwhile The Revolution Sashays 15 Dec 2017 In a tweet, Assange said bitcoin was the "real Occupy Wall Street. Wikileaks Founder Responds to Banking Blockade 2. ' From there, he delved into Bitcoin and broke down his quote he ...
  • PDF Saboteurs: From Shocking Wikileaks Revelations about Satanism in the US Capitol to the ...
    Google Sites

    PDF Saboteurs: From Shocking Wikileaks Revelations about Satanism in the US Capitol to the Connection Between Witchcraft, the Babalon Working, Spirit ... Are Manipulating American Society Throug By Thomas R Horn AUDIOBOOK ...
  • Wikileaks tweets then deletes link to full text of Trump book
    GREC Group

    Wikileaks tweets then deletes link to full text of Trump book.
  • Wikileaks Huge Exposure: These Are The Six Republicans That Hillary Had Bribed

    In an email from John Podesta to Huma Abedin, the pair discuss diverting Clinton campaign funds to various Republicans who were secretly on the Clinton payroll. The email, sent in July of this year, describes how funds were being diverted from Clinton's campaign to the Super PACS of Jeb Bush, Carly ...
  • Arvest wikileaks

    Arvest wikileaks. Delta retirees travel net Buonois aires topless female driver Dell laptop power cord. Dec 27, 2017 . Arvest wikileaks. butterflyeffectcommunications.ca. Jul 1, 2001. NOK 3. com/nzd Latest NZD market news, analysis and New Zealand Dollar trading forecast. bank in Springdale, was pretty ...
  • "@wikileaks #WMD" - Tweet

    Detailed Analytics for Jerry Morton : "@wikileaks #WMD" - Tweet.
  • Jazz Festival

    Hospital plumbing and drains provide a good home for drug-resistant superbug bacteria to breed and to share their superpowers with other germs, the NIH found. A judge said the arrest warrant for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, issued after he skipped bail to avoid extradition on sex assault ...
  • free wikileaks founder julian assange
    Rate That News

    Story Tag: free wikileaks founder julian assange. 1. Julian Assange Speaks Publicly About Roger Stone's Brilliance youtube.com. Robert 38 mins ago in Politics 0. Search for: Categories. Animals · Business · Crime · Economy · Education · Entertainment · Environmental · Finance · Food · Health · Law ...
  • UK court to decide validity of Assange arrest warrant

    Assange has strained the patience of his 2 days ago A court decision on whether a UK arrest warrant against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is still valid is due on 6 February, The Independent reported. 2 days ago Julian Assange's legal battle to walk free from the Ecuadorian embassy was today ...
  • Julianassange Reddit
    Delta Prefabbricati

    But the UK has warned it will arrest the WikiLeaks founder if he steps outside Ecuador's embassy. No implying or calling another user a shill. A Reddit investigation has directly linked a pro-Democrat Super PAC and a tech company with employees with close ties to Hillary Clinton with a smear campaign ...
  • Live Leaks Wiki

    live leaks wiki wikileaks vice news new wiki leaks donald trump bill clinton cia and missing reporter national leader went to un proof of ufos according to intelligence implicates russian hacking walks back claim tax returns ignore whopper emails from last apple totally dissed week here why pile love live ...
  • Cicada 3301 and Vault 7 CIA Leaks
    Nirjur Designs

    Strange connection between Cicada 3301 and Vault7, released, by Wikileaks. Jacob Appelbaum: "There is no safety if you want to do good work" · Julian Assange Press Conference Wikileaks Vault 7 Year Zero Part One (Improved Quality) · Inside Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Published by Wikileaks · CIA ...
  • Wikileaks Police Report Leaked
    WOMC - Radio.com

    Wikileaks Police Report Leaked. Sponsored By. Wikileaks Leaked... Oh The Irony. Listen Live. Detroit's Greatest Hits - Detroit's Greatest Hits. Follow 104.3 WOMC. Follow @1043womc · Your Day Radio.com. Follow More Stations and Personalities · Latest Galleries · Jim Johnson At Beaches Resort ...
  • Wikileaks
    WOMC - Radio.com

    Wikileaks Leaked... Oh The Irony. Listen Live. Detroit's Greatest Hits - Detroit's Greatest Hits. Follow 104.3 WOMC. Follow @1043womc · Your Day Radio.com. Follow More Stations and Personalities · Latest Galleries · Jim Johnson At Beaches Resort · 1043WOMC Tweets. A ton of schools are closed in ...
  • From the earliest discussions, Young alleges, Wikileaks intended to…

    From the earliest discussions, Young alleges, Wikileaks intended to pimp out the information for funds. "Well, it only came up in the topic of raising $5 million the first year. That was the first red flag that I heard about. I thought that they were actually a public interest group up until then, but as soon as I ...
  • Wikileaks What Knowledge - Prophecy

    This Bible Code discovery was actually one of my first peer approved Codes. Wikileaks has DUPLICATED and… by prime-cleric.
  • Wikileaks latest news today
    Ophelia S. Lewis

    A British court is to decide on Tuesday whether to lift a UK arrest warrant for Julian Assange, potentially paving the way for the WikiLeaks founder to leave the Ecuadorian embassy in London where he has spent the last five The latest Tweets from WikiLeaks (@wikileaks). 's lawyer. Dec 8, 2017 2016 ...
  • Wikileaks
    98.7 KLUV - Radio.com

    The Top 10 Hillary Clinton Discoveries Found Via WikileaksWhether you're for or against Hillary Clinton for President, the one thing we can all agree on is wanting to know what was in those emails. Unfortunately, for most of we don't have time to sit down and read every single item, line by line.
  • t.co

  • historic win in uk supreme court today for the admissibility of diplomatic cables published by ...

    The Supreme Court, Judgment, WikiLeaks, Historic, Get all the Latest news, Breaking headlines and Top stories, photos & video in real time about WikiLeaks.
  • Wikileaks UFO Emails & Disclosure Webinar ~ Podesta – Clinton
    Before It's News

    Headline: Bitcoin & Blockchain Searches Exceed Trump! Blockchain Stocks Are Next! Join Grant Cameron for a visual presentation of the WikiLeaks emails that have recently been released in regards to ETIs, Extraterrestrial Intelligences, UFO Disclosure, Consciousness and debriefing presidents on ...
  • How do you feel about Julian Assange and the Wikileaks controversy?
    Yahoo Answers

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