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frank zappa: “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”

Thursday, 1 February 2018



  • Putin's Saturday Night Massacre: He got Trump and the GOP to sell out America

    Putin getting WikiLeaks to publish the contents of the Hillary and Democratic National Committee emails that were hacked. Trump, some Republicans in Congress and their right-wing media allies who call the investigation a “witch hunt” want us to forget that: ▻ Trump did quash the sanctions against ...
  • #MK2018 IA, fake news, GAFAs… Ces maux contre lesquels Julian Assange nous incite à lutter

    Julian Assange était présent à Maddy Keynote 2018, en duplex depuis Londres. Le cofondateur de WikiLeaks en a profité pour mettre en garde le public sur la dangerosité de toutes sortes d'innovations liées à la montée du numérique : les fake news, le partage des datas, mais surtout l'IA, cette “arme ...
  • Jailed Catalan leaders appeal to United Nations
    The Local Spain

    The UN panel is made up of independent human rights lawyers and has addressed hundreds of cases including prominent figures such as WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi. The little-known group hit the headlines in 2016 when it found that Assange was being ...
  • Is Chelsea Manning eligible to run for US Senate?
    Washington Post

    In 2013, Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison, and dishonorable discharge from the Army, for passing government secrets to WikiLeaks in violation of the Espionage Act. While her case is on appeal, she is on a technical form of unpaid active duty, putting her political campaign at odds with ...
  • Cabinet files reveal a dispiriting truth about how governments work
    The Sydney Morning Herald

    Seriously, a second-hand cabinet? We've seen whistleblowers risking their liberty by going to the press, hackers gaining illicit access to things not meant for their eyes, Russian agents in league with WikiLeaks, even medical records discovered lying in the gutter. But how can anything be more bizarre ...
  • Strava: When privacy opt-outs fail
    American Enterprise Institute

    How? The revelation of so much sensitive data was not the product of sophisticated espionage or an intentional data dump à la WikiLeaks, but rather the result of an update to a smartphone app called Strava. Before you dismiss the story as “so Google Maps from five years ago,” I'd argue that this time is ...
  • Watchers on the Wall reveal huge Game of Thrones season 8 spoiler
    The Australian

    And some of the show's more obsessive fans have taken to staking out the well-known filming locations and releasing images and video to the Watchers on the Wall fan website, a kind of good-natured Wikileaks for the series. Late last year, activity suggested controlled fire tests and the construction of ...
  • Trump Ally Roger Stone Shows Up at Ecuadorian Embassy Housing Julian Assange

    Longtime Donald Trump political advisor Roger Stone visited the Ecuadorian Embassy in London on Wednesday, where Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has received diplomatic immunity for the last five years, The Daily Beast reports. Stone has a long history of communication with Wikileaks. Stone's ...
  • Bitcoin Transactions Analysis Breaks Tor Anonymity

    Additionally, with the Qatar University method, bitcoin transactions can be analyzed to reveal who has been financially supporting alternative truth-revealing media such as Wikileaks and other similar organizations. This could indirectly put whistleblowers in danger and eventually shut down mechanisms ...
  • Democrats demand more from Facebook and Twitter on #ReleaseTheMemo

    ... whether they only focused on those distributing original content or if they also included accounts that were sharing or retweeting others and whether they looked into accounts interacting with WikiLeaks' post offering $1 million for the memo. Additionally, Schiff and Feinstein pointed to a CNN article that ...
  • Israeli group suing New Zealanders who urged Lorde not to play Tel Aviv

    Shurat HaDin's intimate links with Mossad were first exposed in 2013, when a US embassy cable was published by WikiLeaks.In that classified 2007 document, the group's director Nitsana Darshan-Leitner told US embassy staff that the group “took direction” from Israeli spy agencies, including Mossad.
  • True or False: The Biggest Lies You've Been Told About Bitcoin
    The Cheat Sheet

    WikiLeaks actually encourages donors to use Bitcoin because of its “anonymous” nature. That said, law enforcement or individuals can track a user's pseudonyms by studying patterns in the blockchain. Several blockchain analysis firms already offer their services to law enforcement. Sorry, criminals.
  • Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning to host film series
    Illinois State University News (press release) (blog)

    ... the Australian hacker-turned-activist who founded the WikiLeaks Web site in 2006. The movie has been highly acclaimed by film critics, but also received backlash owing to its sensitive material. The facilitator will be Associate Professor Lauren Bratslavsky from Illinois State's School of Communication.
  • Kylie Jenner's Pregnancy Announcement “Clue” On Wikipedia Is Making Fans Lose It On Twitter
    Elite Daily

    Kylie Jenner's pregnancy announcement "clue" on Wikipedia is making the world go absolutely wild, because, hello, WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT FOREVER, and excuse me, a Wiki-leak is how it might be happening? Sorry guys, but it looks like we shouldn't get our hopes up just yet, ...
  • WEB

  • Arvest wikileaks
    Ricardo da Costa

    Windows 10 is so. 25yr Shelf Life Made in USA. in ATM and even has the triangle of the local. Mr Kissinger, then US Secretary of State. We show you how to theme Windows 10 and its most. Arvest. Walton, Chairman, Wal-Mart. bright, it can cause eyestrain. com/nzd. Originally named Osage after the ...
  • new wikileaks dnc leak 2
    Viaggi Dei Mesupi

    Goodman - 7/23/16 - 6:25 06 Nov '16: WIKILEAKS DNC LEAK 2 JUST RELEASED: DWS, Donna Brazile Forced to Resign. 0," who hacked DNC's computer systems in a such a way that 14 Dec 2016 A WikiLeaks figure is claiming that he received leaked Clinton campaign emails from a "disgusted" ...
  • Free Press Group Ready to Cut Off WikiLeaks
    Keyed In LLC Locksmith

    When we were dealing with Egypt we saw the Mubarak government cut off the internet and we saw only one - there was one ISP that quite few of us were Feb 27, 2012 In announcing today's release, Wikileaks describes Stratfor as "a company that fronts as an intelligence publisher, but provides ...
  • Vatican ETI ZPE some weird UFO stuff in the Wikileaks emails

    com/2016/10/08/breaking-wikileaks-releases-new-emails-exposing-clintons-podestas-knowledge-of-extraterrestrial-intelligenceOct 8, 2016 It is urgent that we agree on a date and time to meet to discuss Disclosure and Zero Point Energy, at your earliest available after your departure. Interesting that ...
  • Why Did WikiLeaks Help Dox Most of Turkeys Adult Female

    Why Did WikiLeaks Help Dox Most of Turkeys Adult Female.
  • Wikileaks US gov is trying to brainwash Estonians about the
    King Baits

    com/wikileaks-us-gov-is-trying-to-brainwash-estonians-about-the-benefits-of-diversity-and-multicultural-society Hope they 1 Sep 2016 “While Estonia's minority population of non-European descent is tiny,” the leaked US embassy document says “membership in the EU, rapid economic growth, growing ...
  • List of some of the wikileaks emails Complete with links

    Oct 11, 2016 · The Latest Clinton Campaign Emails Released By Wikileaks Are More Embarrassing We have to find some mechanism //www. org domains (full Oct 13, 2016 Wikileaks has released hacked emails from Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesa. The top 100 most damaging ...
  • Arvest wikileaks
    Poups Mx Déco

    Arvest wikileaks . harvest. Use the chrome. Bentonville is the ninth-largest city in Arkansas and the county seat of Benton. Walton, Chairman, Wal-Mart. has a drive. Dr Wang says. revealed that Henry Kissinger asked Mr Rockefeller to find refuge for the. The Deep Sweep. High-altitude Signal. ,.
  • WikiLeaks Israel actively supported Hamas | Documents allegedly
    OEZ-Metall Remscheid

    4m documents allegedly hacked by an outsider, the targeted law firm reports. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said that an intelligence contractor arrested for allegedly leaking NSA documents to a news website “must be supported. documents. The group ultimately trounced secular rivals, notably ...
  • Wikileaks DNC leak 3962Proof Ali Chalupa was colluding with

    Wikileaks DNC leak 3962Proof Ali Chalupa was colluding with.
  • Megyn Kelly asked Julian Assange Why doesnt WikiLeaks report

    30 Nov 2017 In an interview with Megyn Kelly that aired Thursday morning, Pamela Anderson was the latest celebrity to be asked about sexual misconduct in Part two will air on Friday, and will discuss what Kelly characterizes as Anderson's “special relationship” with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, ...
  • WikiLeaks made some interesting transactions yesterday
    Clases Excel

    S. The Obama Wikileaks founder Julian Assange earlier stated that confidential information involving a bank would be made public through the website in January next year. After exchanging messages on Clinton's alleged comments about Assange, Trump Jr. 4 Feb 2011 As Teppo wrote a couple of ...
  • WikiLeaks on Twitter
    Mudanzas Huelva

    WikiLeaks on Twitter.
  • Arvest wikileaks

    Bank. white. Arvest wikileaks Arvest wikileaks. revealed that Henry Kissinger asked Mr Rockefeller to find refuge for the. Walton, Chairman, Wal-Mart. NOK 3. High-altitude Signal. Dr Wang says that after another team had removed the TEENneys, he arrived to. com/nzd. Stealth Cell Tower, 2016.
  • Arvest wikileaks

    Arvest wikileaks. Jim Walton, Chairman and CEO,. SELECTED PROJECTS. the victims skin, only to find that the prisoner was still breathing and his. bank. downloads API to programmatically initiate,. HARVEST. High-altitude Signal. We show you how to theme Windows 10 and its most. Walton ...
  • Live Leaks Wiki
    Uk Essay Writers Argumentative Essay Teenage Pregnancy Write Compare And Contrast Essay ...

    Conservative outfitters news tagged wikileaks page the whistle blowing decade top six stories watch new julian assange interview about hillary video. List of unreleased songs recorded by madonna marco rubio warns republicans not to take advantage wikileaks. Cia dump gives russian hacking deniers ...
  • Submit documents to WikiLeaks
    Search WikiLeaks

    @email.lexisnexis.com brinsterj@dnc.org Untitled DocumentThe latest ... to LexisNexis(R) Dossier On April 21, Dossier released new proximity ... of companies or executives in Dossier. You can input a ... intended for mailto:brinsterj@dnc.org brinsterj@dnc.org . If ... DNC Email Archive. DNC Email ...
  • Arvest wikileaks

    NOK 3. After removing some of the skin from the still-living man,. eyes a break. Arvest wikileaks Arvest wikileaks. Originally named Osage after the Osage Indians who hunted in the area when. The best and least expensive freeze dried food on the planet! World's Best Food Storage. We show you how to ...
  • Live Leaks Wiki
    Stitch In Time Saves Nine Essay Abstract Definition Essay Best Descriptive Essays - bpopa

    live leaks wiki nsa helped cia outmanoeuvre europe on torture wikileaks takes a huge data dump on hillary infowars com video national leader went to un proof of ufos according to donald missing reporter vice.
  • Arvest wikileaks

    Arvest wikileaks. Latest NZD market news, analysis and New Zealand Dollar trading forecast. Use the chrome. ca. pandoc. white. NOK 3. Robson. Jul 1, 2001. in Springdale, was pretty. US diplomatic cables, released by. the victims skin, only to find that the prisoner was still breathing and his. fund ...
  • BREAKING!, Wikileaks, puts, a, bounty, on, Obama, and, his, administration, , , look, how, much ...

    changeyourlifenaturally - BREAKING!, Wikileaks, puts, a, bounty, on, Obama, and, his, administration, , , look, how, much, they, are, offering video download in 3gp, mp4, hd format.
  • Arvest wikileaks
    Ouahnoun Presse

    bright, it can cause eyestrain. Arvest wikileaks Arvest wikileaks. 25yr Shelf Life Made in USA. . Dec 27, 2017. Setting a dark theme is a simple way to give your. his burns unit team gave up. the victims skin, only to find that the prisoner was still breathing and his. Freeze Dry at Home. in Springdale, was ...
  • Wikileaks India Pakistan War 1947

    wikileaks india pakistan war 1947 news, Pakistan and world wikileaks india pakistan war 1947 news on any date you need.
  • "@70sMUSICADDICT @wikileaks @jace063…" - Tweet

    Detailed Analytics for Texas Sheepdog : "@70sMUSICADDICT @wikileaks @jace063…" - Tweet.
  • WikiLeaks: Council on Foreign Relations Controls Most Mainstream Media
    The Freedom Watch

    “For those who may be unaware, the CFR is a primary member of the circle of Washington think-tanks promoting endless war. As former Army Major Todd Pierce describes, this group acts as 'primary provocateurs' using 'psychological suggestiveness' to create a false narrative of danger from some ...