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Sunday, 18 February 2018


1 day ago


  • 'Aithe 2.0' release date announced

    WikiLeaks is just one example. There are many, many other skeletons in the cupboard. DRDO files have been hacked into by a foreign country, a cricketer's bank account was hacked recently. We are telling you such stories in our movie," the director says. Indraneil Sengupta, Zara Shah, Abhishek, ...
  • Trump overreaches to claim indictment proves 'no collusion'

    U.S. intelligence agencies have previously charged that a separate Russian effort hacked Democratic Party and Clinton campaign emails and leaked them to WikiLeaks in an effort to sway the election. And Mueller is probing a 2016 meeting in Trump Tower between the president's son, son-in-law, top ...
  • Vikings in photographs and Lucian Freud Freud in focus – the week's best art exhibitions
    Irish Times

    Once a Russian army conscript, conceptual artist Andrei Molodkin draws on Wikileaks documents that assess the impact of a US nuclear missile strike on Russia. He also addresses the efforts to the US to determine “Russia's alleged influence in the US elections.” An exploration of renewed Cold War ...
  • Past in Perspective
    The Nation

    Are whistle blowers patriots or enemies to the state or the nation? Have they done a disservice for the mass population in the process of going to the state? Wikileaks is the quintessence of this debate. Its been 10 years that the second large wave of classified documents was leaked by Chelsea Manning.
  • Russians Spooked by Nukes-Against-Cyber-Attack Policy
    Antiwar.com (blog)

    Our judgment was fortified last summer – thanks to forensic evidence challenging accusations that the Russians hacked into the Democratic National Committee and provided emails to WikiLeaks. (Curiously, the FBI declined to do forensics, even though the “Russian hack” was being described as an ...
  • Hey, Nicholas Kristof: If You're Smart, Why Do You Act So Obtuse?
    The Daily Caller

    I urge you, the savvy reader, to click over to the Atlantic article Kristof cites as evidence of “secret correspondence” between Donald Trump, Jr. and WikiLeaks. The title and the premise of this pseudo-reportage are so misleading that you may laugh when you see what these “secret communications” ...
  • Indictments reveal how Russia's 2016 election information warfare worked

    A recent leak of Julian Assange's personal messages showed WikiLeaks pushing for the same goal. “The defendants waged what they called 'information warfare against the United States,” Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said on Friday. The indictment includes allegations that the Russians ...
  • Mueller indicts 13 Russian nationals over interfering with US elections

    Let us not forget WikiLeaks was working with the con artist campaign and providing them information. Assange himself even said it would be better for the GOP to win. That's why WikiLeaks never posted any derogatory information about the con artist, including withholding evidence of Russia working ...
  • The Intercept's Transition From Guard Dog to Attack Dog for the Establishment
    Mintpress News

    The Ecuadorian embassy in London cut off Julian Assange's internet access in October of 2016, but the WikiLeaks Twitter account kept posting about leak drops uninterrupted. The embassy's action made headlines all across mainstream media. It is common knowledge for anyone who was paying ...
  • Nano Management

    Leaks from WikiLeaks: The Intercept's Micah Lee and Cora Currier published leaked text messages that show WikiLeaks' Julian Assange rooting for a Republican presidential victory as early as November 2015. “The messages also reveal a running theme of sexism and misogyny, contain hints of ...
  • State of the Union: Losers of the week

    Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and Israeli Prime Minister Benjanmin Netanyahu both lost at the hands of justice: A British judge upheld the arrest warrant for Assange, while Israeli police recommended that bribery charges be brought against Netanyahu. Meanwhile, Dutch Foreign Minister Halbe ...
  • WEB

  • Wikileaks Saudi Arabia sponsoring Isis donating to the Clinton

    allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar supported ISIS Emails released by WikiLeaks add to the growing body of evidence that New WikiLeaks emails reveal that Hillary Clinton acknowledged to colleagues that Saudi Arabia and Qatar sponsor ISIS. link Qatar to ISIS and Clinton. Continued senior-level USG ...
  • "Wikileaks, if you're listening .... …" - Tweet

    Detailed Analytics for Tami Matthews : "Wikileaks, if you're listening .... …" - Tweet.