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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Record Store Day 2018: The full list of 501 exclusive music releases revealed - 06 March 2018

ABBA, David Bowie, Prince, Wolf Alice and Sigrid are among this year's exclusive RSD releases.s

ABBA, David Bowie, Prince, Wolf Alice and Sigrid are among this year's exclusive RSD releases.

By Jack White 

The complete list of limited edition music releases hitting record shops across the UK for Record Store Day 2018 has been revealed.

The biggest day in any record collector's calendar, RSD 18 promises to be another incredible event on April 21, bringing rare music, never-before-released material and a rainbow of coloured vinyl to some 25,000 record buyers across the UK.

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501 special releases, ranging from live LPs, albums pressed for the first time, exclusive covers collections, remix EPs, and unreleased rarities will be available this year, with artists classic and new being represented. The likes of David Bowie, BBC Sound of... 2018 winner Sigrid, Duran Duran, Steven Wilson and Noel Gallagher are just some of the acts getting involved.

Record Store Day is one of the standout events spearheading the revival of the vinyl format in the UK. Last year, vinyl sales passed four million units for the first time since 1991. The UK's Official Vinyl Albums Chart Top 40 is posted weekly, here on OfficialCharts.com. 

Below is a look at a selection one-off releases on this year's list: 

ABBA - Summer Night City

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of this ABBA classic, Summer Night City will be pressed on clear/yellow splatter vinyl, with a picture of Anni-Frid, Agnetha, Bjorn and Benny in the center.

Sigrid - Don't Kill My Vibe EP

The BBC Sound of 2018 winner will have her critically-acclaimed EP pressed on wax for the first time. The EP features the tracks Plot Twist, Don't Kill My Vibe and Fake Friends.

David Bowie - Welcome to the Blackout

A never-before-released David Bowie live album makes its debut as part of RSD18. Recorded by Tony Visconti at Earl's Court in summer 1978, the 3xLP features 24 tracks from the classic Low and Heroes eras. 

Elton John vs Pnau - Good Morning To The Night

The former Number 1 album from Elton John vs Pnau was Elton's first chart topping album for 22 years when released back in 2012. The collection will be pressed on clear vinyl for the first time.

Wolf Alice - Don't Delete The Kisses (remix EP)

Wolf Alice released their second album Visions of a Life to universal praise in late 2017. Don't Delete The Kisses is a standout track and three remixes from the likes of Charli XCX will be pressed on white vinyl.

Madonna - The First Album

A rare 1983 Japanese 8-track Picture Disc LP has been recreated for Record Store Day, and is complete with original lilac insert and pink heart-shaped obi-sticker. Amazing.

Check out all 501 releases available on Record Store Day on April 21 below: 


ABBA Summer Night City 7" Single "I love the feeling in the air, my kind of people everywhere"; 40 years this year since "Summer Night City" was released as a single. Let's celebrate with this limited edition reissue! Clear/ Yellow Splatter vinyl.  

AC/DC Back In Black Cassette Album Tape cassette version of the classic album.

Adam Sandler They're All Gonna Laugh At You 2 x 140g 12" Black vinyl album 2 black vinyl 12 inch records in a single pocket jacket with RSD sticker, never before available on vinyl.

Air Sexy Boy 1 x 12" picture disc Picture Disc of Air's cult single 'Sexy Boy'

Alarm, The WHERE THE TWO RIVERS MEET EP RSD 12" The first public release of brand new Alarm material since 2013, an extended play 12" Vinyl mini album packed with 8 tracks that serve as prelude to a full length album release scheduled for May 4th 2018.

Albert Hammond Jr Etchings 10" These tracks are B-sides to his new album Francis Trouble that is due for release on 9th March. The only place to hear these b-sides will be on this 10". Side A will include the 2 tracks titled 'I Had To Try' and 'Automatic Line' and side B will be etched.

Alex Somers Untitled LP Previously available as limited edition runs of 100, with hand painted sleeves, at the Norður og Niður festival, December 2017, now being made available in a run of 500 for RSD

Allman Brothers Band, The Live At The Atlanta International Pop Festival Quadruple LP Vinyl An early show recording from iconic Southern band. First time on LP Vinyl. Deluxe packaging with x8 page booklet.

Alternative TV Dark Places 12 EP EXCLUSIVE TO RSD

American Werewolf Academy Dead Without Dying / Gleefully Detached LP New colour vinyl

Amorphous Androgynous, The The Isness Abbey Rd Cut 12" 180g LP The now legendary ‘ Abbey Road’ version of ‘the Isness’ was the originally conceived version before last minute wholesale changes resulted in new tracks , different mixes and/or edits appearing in a wholly different order for the commercial release of ‘the Isness ‘ in 2002 . The ‘Abbey Rd ‘ version had been initially promo’d to ecstatic reviews , receiving an unprecedented 6/5 stars from Mixmag ‘ it’s like a beam of white light from heaven’.

Angèle David-Guillou / Dead Light / Snow Palms / Matt Dunkley Record Store Day 2018 title tbc 12" vinyl This is the first time the Abbey Road version has been officially and commercially available .The band themselves ‘ the Amorphous Androgynous ‘ ( a psychedelic supergroup conceptualized and produced by the Future Sound Of London ) are said to have always regretted the last minute changes to the album ,the creation of which took five years from 1996-2001 post production of the FSOL album ‘ DEAD CITIES’ and marks an important chapter in the production duos history and 5 year disappearance where rumours of madness and disbandment were rife among fans of the band only for them to finally appear with this radical new vision and what is now considered something of a psychedelic masterpiece which along with subsequent albums ‘ Alice In Ultraland ‘ ( on Harvest Records ) and their ‘A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble ( Exploding In Your Mind )’ Dj series ( which chronicle and redefine the history of psychedelia from the 60s to the present ) did much to activate a third wave of global psychedelic sonic revolution .

Anne Briggs Sing A Song For You LP The Isness is a vast samplerdelic sonic galaxy where a huge range of instruments ( from sitars and numerous eastern instruments to flutes, banjos and conventional rock n roll instrumentation) and countless musicians are employed ,collaged and twisted using the studio as instrument ( much in the tradition and lineage of the Beatles and other 60s exponents) to form a startling new vision of cosmic space music and to redefine the possibilities of what ‘ the song ‘ could be in the new millennia with its by turn : cosmic , wildly surreal , absurdist lyrics on epic songs such as ‘ the Galaxial Pharmaceutical ‘ ‘ the Mello Hippo Disco Show ‘ ‘ Divinity ‘ and many others !

António Sanches Buli Povo! LP "Funaná,the most african of music styles from Cabo Verde had been banned by the Portuguese Rulers. But in 1974, with independence and the birth of the Bulimundo band, everything changed. Their leader, guitarist Katchás, believing it was time for a new approach, decided to dig deep into the ancient rural roots of Funaná and modernise it with a full band electrified setting. the idea gave birth to a whole new chapter in the already rich Cape Verdean musical landscape. A group of equally adventurous and talented young musicians with a renewed sense of pride spread across the cities of Lisbon, Paris and Rotterdam followed the path and with the help of out of space synthesizers, electric guitar pedals and all kinds of studio effect created their own renditions of Funaná music. One of these musicians was António Sanches who recorded “Buli Povo!”, the strangest and yet most fascinating funaná recording to emerge from this period. Recorded in Lisbon with the legendary Voz de Cabo Verde in 1983, the album is a synth-drenched journey to the outer limits of Cabo Verdean popular music, which had remained off the musical radar until now. It was only in recent years, as interest in vintage Cabo Verdian music started to grow, that rumours began to circulate about the strange brilliance of his synth-driven journey into the heart of funaná. Impossible to find for many years, the sound of “Buli Povo!” is just as arresting and mesmerising today as it was on the day it was released. It has just taken us thirty-five years to catch up with António’s vision."

ANTONY GORMLEY SOUNDS OF THE STUDIO LP Turner Prize winning British Sculptor Antony Gormley (Angel of the North) is arguably Britain's premier artist. Exhibitions of his works draw huge crowds in every corner of the world. Gearbox Records have created a teleportational sound portrait of his cathedral-like studio in all its working glory. Hammers, grinders, fans, welders, and all sorts of other beasts reverberate in the vast caverns of an extraordinary acoustic space. A true AAA valve mastered mono recording, direct to 1/4 inch tape using the legendary RCA KU-3A ribbon microphone. On 180gm Vinyl for sonic excellence.

Arcade Fire Arcade Fire EP 12" Vinyl EP First time on Vinyl for this 12" transparent Blue coloured & individually numbered EP, with augmented Gold artwork. Originally released in 2003 as a CD demo only available at live dates.

Arthur Lee and Love Coming Through To You: The Live Recordings (1970-2004) 2LP "RED VINYL. This set is a collection of rare live recordings, from a variety of venues, that originated between 1970 and 2004 and was produced by renowned archivist David Skye, with the blessing and participation of Diane Lee, Arthur Lee's widow. This is the first time a large collection of Arthur Lee & Love career spanning live recordings are being made available to the public. This vinyl package contains a 16 page booklet and cover artwork was designed by illustrator William Stout, internationally renowned as one of the first rock n roll bootleg cover artists. Stout also designed legitimate album covers for The Who, The Beach Boys, The Ramones, and The Smithereens and the original Rocky Rhino mascot. DISC ONE, SIDE ONE: 1. August, 2. My Little Red Book, 3. Love Is More Than Words or Better Late Than Ever, 4. Doggone, 5. Good Times DISC ONE, SIDE TWO: 1. La Caloca, 2. That's the Way It Goes, 3. She Comes In Colors, 4. Signed DC, 5. Orange Skies DISC TWO, SIDE ONE: 1. 7 & & Is, 2. Your Mind And We Belong Together, 3. Alone Again Or, 4. Maybe the People Would Be The Times Between Clark and Hilldale, 5. The Red Telephone DISC TWO, SIDE TWO: 1. Andmoreagain, 2. The Daily Planet, 3. Old Man, 4. The Good Humor Man, He Sees Everything Like This, 5. Everybody's Gotta Live - Instant Karma "

Awolnation Live in Vienna 7" These 2 tracks were recorded live to vinyl on a Red Bull TV project called 'Analog in Vienna'. This is one of the only studios in the world that you can still record live directly to vinyl. It features 'Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)' from Awolnation's previous album 'Run' and 'Passion' from their new album released on February 2nd 'Here Come The Runts'.

Backyard Babies Total 13 LPPIC Originally released in 1998, this is the second album from Swedish glam/punk rock legends Backyard Babies, released here as a 1500 w/w limited edition 20th Anniversary Picture Disc.

Balmorhea Chime / Shone 7" Two unreleased tracks the band recorded during the sessions for their previous album Clear Language, itself released in September 2017. The band will be in phase two of their album cycle, and will be touring Europe and the US to promote this release

Barbara Tucker Think 12" A recent Billboard No 1 containing full length DJ versions previously unreleased on 12" - features the full length funk version alongside House versions from Chicago hero Mike Dunn, and Baltimore's mighty DJ Spen & Thommy Davies. Red Vinyl

Barry Gray Orchestra - No Strings Attached - TV themes 10" Coloured Vinyl “Calling International Rescue”, “Stand By For Action” and “This Is the voice of the Mysterons, we know that you can hear us earthmen” all became catch phrases from the classic Gerry Anderson puppet series of the 1960s. Almost as iconic as the actual programmes themselves was their accompanying theme music. The Barry Gray Orchestra Presents No Strings Attached contains the original theme music to Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Stingray and Joe 90 plus a selection of incidental music that would be used during certain episodes. Not forgetting Lady Penelope’s ode to her faithful butler & chauffeur; “Parker, Well Done”. This is being released as a 10” single LP in light blue vinyl with the outer and inner sleeve design containing original images of key characters and crafts from these classic series.

Bass Communion (Steven Wilson) Bass Communion Double LP Double LP (heavyweight 180 gram vinyl) in gatefold sleeve. Re-mastered and exclusive liner notes by Steven Wilson. Includes bonus track not on CD version and brand new artwork.

Batmobile Teenage Lobotomy 7" Yellow/Black mixed One of the best Psychobilly bands around cover Ramones & Crazy Cavan

Baxter Dury Miami 12" "Heavyweight 180g White vinyl Speaking on the remix, Baxter stated: Jarvis I guess isn’t interested in doing things politely, this is a different song, possibly a better one Miami (Original) BBC 6 Music: B-LISTED: MIAMI w/c 02/10, 09/10, 16/10 A-LISTED: MIAMI w/c 23/10 Miami - (Jarvis Cocker and Parrot Remix) the Queitus - 6th top track of 2017 http://thequietus.com/articles/23768-tracks-of-the-year-songs-2017 Trevor Jackson - ""can't start to tell you how much i love this mix, love the original too and hearing this made me buy the album, which i love too! thanks for sending."" Joe Goddard / Hot Chip - ""Amazing tune"" Kelvin Andrews / wONK / Soul Mekanik / Creative Use - ""I'm a big fan of Baxter. This is just great. Nice work Parrot & Jarvis! Thank you! Playing this out loads!"""

Beginning Of The End, The Fishman 12" This is the first time the Abbey Road version has been officially and commercially available .The band themselves ‘ the Amorphous Androgynous ‘ ( a psychedelic supergroup conceptualized and produced by the Future Sound Of London ) are said to have always regretted the last minute changes to the album ,the creation of which took five years from 1996-2001 post production of the FSOL album ‘ DEAD CITIES’ and marks an important chapter in the production duos history and 5 year disappearance where rumours of madness and disbandment were rife among fans of the band only for them to finally appear with this radical new vision and what is now considered something of a psychedelic masterpiece which along with subsequent albums ‘ Alice In Ultraland ‘ ( on Harvest Records ) and their ‘A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble ( Exploding In Your Mind )’ Dj series ( which chronicle and redefine the history of psychedelia from the 60s to the present ) did much to activate a third wave of global psychedelic sonic revolution .

Belinda Carlisle Wilder Shores Blue LP + 7" "Exclusive to RSD2018, ""Wilder Shores"" was released in 2017 and makes it's vinyl debut. Belinda explains ""I have been practicing Kundalini Yoga for over twenty five years and in the last twelve years I have built up a serious practice routine and begun studying the mantras that are used in classes much more closely. I’ve always wanted to do an album like this but I never felt I was ready until early in 2015. It’s not just music on this album, it’s a science that requires an element in the voice called the naad. Naad is almost a transference of energy through the voice and it wasn’t easy for me to learn"". Also included is a bonus 7” picture sleeve single of two songs newly recorded in 2017 for the ""Heaven On Earth"" 30th Anniversary' project (and exclusive to vinyl). “Why” a new song co-written with fellow Go-Go Charlotte Caffey, and Leon Russell’s “Superstar”, a song best-known from The Carpenters’ hit version in 1971. This is limited to 2000 units worldwide."

Belly Feel 10" "Exclusive 4 track release for Record Store Day; two tracks from upcoming album DOVE (May 4th) and two unreleased tracks. This is the first new release from legendary 4AD band BELLY for over 20 years. The band scored two Grammy nominations, two UK top 10 albums, covers of Rolling Stone, NME and more in their heyday - now the original lineup has returned with this exclusive Record Store Day release."

Ben Kweller Sha Sha LP "The first ever US vinyl pressing of Ben Kweller’s classic 2002 record Sha Sha, a monumental album for both Kweller and ATO Records. At the time of it’s release, Rolling Stone said ""classic pop, power pop, alt-pop, indie-pop and anti-folk are all at home on the album… capturing both the loneliness and freedom of early adulthood."" Remastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound from the original 1/2” tapes, packaged in a gatefold jacket and pressed on 180 Gram white vinyl. "

Bert Jansch L.A. Turnaround LP First of a diptych of albums recorded in and influenced by Bert’s time in America. As the title suggests, this album was something of a contrast to Jansch’s usual style - taking in swathes of Nashville-infused pedal steel to sparkling effect. Produced in part by the Monkees’ Mike Nesmith, whose guidance is much in evidence on this perfectly measured slice of British country-rock. Includes 4 additional non-album tracks as a download. Limited edition blue vinyl. 1000 copies worldwide.

Bert Jansch Santa Barbara Honeymoon LP The second of two albums that Bert wrote in America in the mid 70s, ‘Santa Barbara Honeymoon’ foregrounds some of Bert’s most charming and addictive melodies. Album highlights include ‘Baby Blue’, ‘Lost and Gone’ and a reworking of Jackson C. Frank’s ‘Blues Run The Game’. Includes 6 additional non-album tracks as a download. Limited edition purple vinyl. 1000 copies worldwide. 

Bert Jansch A Rare Conundrum LP Though recorded in England, Bert’s time in America recording the preceding ‘L.A. Turnaround’ and ‘Santa Barbara Honeymoon’ is still much in evidence. The breezy, bluesy style carries effortless across standout tracks ‘Looking For a Home’ and ‘3AM’, alongside the more familiar UK folk territory of ‘The Curragh of Kildare’ and ‘Pretty Saro’. Recorded at London’s now-legendary Air Studios, the production - steered Jansch and new collaborator Rod Clements - has a wonderful lightness of touch. Includes 3 additional non-album tracks as a download. Limited edition gold vinyl. 1000 copies worldwide. 

Betty Wright The Movie 12" Double LP Grammy Award winning Betty Wright has been of the most well-known and respected female Soul singers in a career that spans 50 years. Her breakthrough million selling hit from 1971 ‘Clean Up Woman’ is an iconic Soul sister track. Betty recorded eight albums for the Miami based TK label between 1968 and 1979. Betty Wright remains extremely popular today and her 2011 CD ‘Betty Wright The Movie’ is considered among her best and lead to a UK TV appearance on the Jools Holland show. For RSD, Expansion brings you this album for the first time on vinyl as a 2LP double set. It is collaboration with triple Grammy winners The Roots. Guests include Joss Stone, Lil Wayne and Snoop Dog. Betty Wright still tours and her shows are considered the best among all soul artists still working. There will be 750 pressings only.

Beverley Martyn Where The Good Times Are 1LP Not available for USA

Bibio Zen Drums 12" New release from Bibio following his critcally acclaimed Phantom Brickworks album at the end of last year.

Big Audio Dynamite II On The Road - Live '92 12" Vinyl Single First time on Vinyl.

Bim Sherman Lightning & Thunder (Mungo’s Hi Fi remix) 10” "To celebrate Record Store Day 2018, Glasgow’s Mungo’s HiFi have remixed one of reggae’s most regal voices. The soothing, bewitching singer Bim Sherman was a connoisseur’s favourite until his untimely passing in the year 2000. Using a vintage vocal courtesy of On U Sound producer Adrian Sherwood, Mungo’s have repurposed Bim’s classic Rastafari warning Lightning and Thunder in stormy digital fashion. Lightning and Thunder is pressed up on a crisp 10 inch - like the earliest Mungo’s productions - and includes a rumbling, tempestuous dub. "

Blabbermouth Deep State 7" coloured vinyl/Blabbermouth are the brainchild of Lu Edmonds - (Pil, Mekons, The Damned) & Mark Roberts (The Godfathers, Massive Attack etc) and a host of others.

Black Slate Peaceful Demonstration/ Redemption Song / Should I go or should I stay 12” coloured What is special about this release? Black Slate is the first British top Ten Roots Rock reggae Band.                         Why are you releasing it for RSD? This is a limited edition colour vinyl with tracks from our new album,                                  We have done a 12” special edition for RSD, which was a track call “Romans” when we first came back on the road as a band, with the main origiso we are also creating collectors items now. All of our albums are on vinyl, because we have always matain our original type of analog sound

Blanck Mass Odd Scene b/w Shit Luck 12" These two tracks have been recorded specifically with RSD in mind, and were committed to tape in the space of a frenzied two day session in January 2018. Neither track will appear on any Blanck Mass album. They are in a style that is not normally associated with Blanck Mass. BM wanted to do something special and as RSD is a special day for all music fans and collectors of one off releases by their favourite artists, this is the perfect release date. 

Bob Dylan Masters of War 7" Track taken from the 1963 album “The Freewheelin”, remixed for 2018 by French DJ/producer ‘The Avener’.

Bob Dylan & The Grateful Dead Dylan & The Dead LP Vinyl Red & Blue coloured LP Vinyl

Bobbie Gentry Live at the BBC 1LP "No BBC material featuring Bobbie has ever been released (and only Ode to Billie Joe has leaked on Youtube) so these recordings are completely unfamiliar to fans and available for the first time. "

BOY Acoustic Collection LP Limited acoustic LP from Swiss/German duo BOY, album features an acoustic version of the hit 'Little Numbers', all tracks on on vinyl for the first time.

Boys, The The Boys LP Part of the first wave of mid-70s UK punk explosion alongside The Damned, Sex Pistols and Clash, The Boys formed in London in 1975 and were to become the first UK punk band to sign a record deal. They released their acclaimed self-titled debut in 1977 which featured ‘I Don’t Care’ and ‘First Time’. Limited edition vomit splatter vinyl. 1000 copies.

Boz Scaggs Lowdown / Jojo / What Can I Say 12" First time Lowdown has ever been pressed on 12" vinyl single since it's original release. RSD exclusive 180g

Brian Eno with Kevin Shields The Weight Of History / Only Once Away My Son 12" Vinyl "2-track double A side 12"". ""The unexpected, fully welcome, and deliriously successful pairing of professional ex-glam sound genius Brian Eno and his new sidekick, My Bloody Valentine noise sculptor Kevin Shields. Begging to be listened to on noise-canceling headphones or very, very loud speakers, the duo blast off with a drum track that is instantly, almost comically subsumed into a nine-minute sound-cleanse of bells, drones, and a soaring rocket flare that may be a guitar. Ambient but hardly static, its tones and textures return throughout, as if tracing long and inaudibly developing melodies. Not immediately identifiable as either Eno or Shields’ work, a rich, enveloping piece of music"" - Pitchfork. "

Bruce Springsteen Greatest Hits Double LP Vinyl Opaque Red coloured double LP Vinyl. Been unavailable for a long time (Originally released in 1995)

Bunny Striker Lee Reggae Going International 1967-76 DLP This year is the 50th anniversary of Bunny Lee arrived in London. To celebrate this historic event we are releasing this greatest hits package of Bunny Striker Lee an icon in the world of Reggae. This Deluxe Double vinyl album is limited to 175 on Red vinyl,175 on Green Vinyl and 175 on Gold Vinyl. The three wonderful colours of the Jamaican flag.

Car Seat Headrest Twin Fantasy (Mirror To Mirror) 2LP This is the 2011 original version of the soon to rereleased and reimagined Twin Fantasy. A Bandcamp cult classic, this 2011 version has never before been pressed on vinyl.

Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine 101 Damnations LP Their debut album, first time on vinyl since 1990. Limited ed black splatters on white vinyl. Feat. the chart hit Sheriff Fatman. This breakthrough album reached the UK top 30 (on re-release, after #1 indie charts); their subsequent four LPs were all UK Top 10, one at UK #1. Tracks: The Road To Domestos, Everytime A Churchbell Rings, Twenty Four Minutes From Tulse Hill, An All American National Sport, Sheriff Fatman, The Taking Of Peckham 123, Crimestoppers A' Go Go, Good Grief Charlie Brown, Midnight On The Murder Mile, A Perfect Day To Drop The Bomb, G.I. Blues

Celtic Frost Tragic Serenades 12" Picture Disc This is a replica of the limited edition, 1986 12” picture disc single by Swiss avant garde thrash metal trio Celtic Frost. The three songs featured on this EP are alternative versions of songs from their first two seminal albums, ‘Morbid Tales’ and ‘To Mega Therion’ and were part of the 2016 remastering of the band’s catalogue, overseen by vocalist & guitarist Tom G Warrior. This EP has been out of print for over 30 years.

Chain Reaction Search For Tomorrow "7"" " Original 7 inch changing hands for £500 this is a true diggers delight. Expectional soul from the late 70's. large / dinked centre hole black vinyl with inner and outer sleeve

Chaka Demus & Pliers Tease Me 12" Single 25 years after its original release comes the reissue of Chaka Demus & Pliers’ debut single. “Tease Me” was in the UK Singles Chart for three months back in 1993, and now it's on yellow vinyl.

Charlotte Gainsbourg Remixes 12'' 3 original tracks from "Rest" album by Charlotte Gainsbourg remixed : "Deadly Valentine" Soulwax Remix, "Ring-A-Ring O'Roses" Sebastian Remix & "Les Oxalis" Alan Braxe Remix.For yhe first time collected on Vinyl. Special cover printing, exclusive 12'' release

Cheikh Lô Né La Thiass LP A limited reissue of Cheikh Lô's classic debut album Né La Thiass. Produced by Youssou N’Dour in Dakar in 1995. Cheikh ranks the album as his most favourite release. Available for the first time on vinyl, with new artwork and mastered from the original cassette mixes. Includes 2 bonus fully artworked postcards.  180g heavyweight. 16 page colour booklet. Download code included. Cheikh will be touring internationally throughout 2018.

Cheryl Lynn You Saved My Day / Got to Be Real 12" 40 year anniversary release of Cheryl Lynn's much in-demand and RARE 12" mix of "You Saved My Day" backed with all-time feel-good anthem "Got To Be Real". RSD exclusive 180g

Chet Baker Jazz On Film...Tromba Fredda OST 10" Etched vinyl "Unreleased solo trumpet score, by Chet Baker… Tromba Fredda” (“Cold Trumpet”) is a 1963 short surrealist film directed by Italian filmmaker Enzo Nasso. In it Chet Baker silently wanders through an Antonioni-esque landscape in a Felliniesque state of wonderment as his improvised trumpet solos alternate between earnestly offering the obvious and mocking the artiness of the whole affair. "

Chicano Batman Chicano Batman LP Los Angeles' Chicano Batman will reissue their 2010 self titled debut album which has been out of print for many years. This album features the fan favorite song “Itotiani.” The reissue will feature entirely new cover art. Standard black vinyl with album download code.

Cho Young-wuk Sympathy For Lady Vengeance - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: (Vengeance Trilogy Part. 3) LP "* First Ever Reissue! * Color vinyl housed in a gatefold sleeve * Newly designed artwork by Jae-min Lee * Liner notes by Charlie Brigden * Reissue for the first time This is the beautifully done soundtrack to the last installment of Park’s Vengeance Trilogy, the lyrical drama piece Sympathy for Lady Vengeance. The film is a thriller that follows the protagonist, who serves jail time after being falsely accused of kidnap and murder, and the meticulous path of vengeance she carves after being released from prison. As with the soundtrack for the prior film, Oldboy, music director Yeong-wook Jo brings together a team of composers (Seung-hyun Choi, Ji-soo Lee, Seok-ju Na) to create original scores for the film as well as adaptations of classical pieces by Vivaldi and Paganini. Ever since its first CD release in 2005, this vinyl edition is the first reissue of this soundtrack. The film's score, composed by Seung-hyun Choi, is heavily baroque-themed, featuring many pieces with harpsichord, baroque guitars, and other instruments."

Cho Young-wuk Oldboy - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Vengeance Trilogy Part. 2) 2xLP "* First Ever Reissue! * Color vinyl housed in a gatefold sleeve * Newly designed artwork by Jae-min Lee * Liner notes by Charlie Brigden This is the soundtrack to Oldboy, the second installment in Park’s Vengeance Trilogy that was met with global acclaim. This is also the soundtrack that introduced music lovers all over the world to the work of music director Yeong-wook Jo, who had collaborated with Park since . Jo worked with a team of composers (Hyun-jung Shim, Seung-hyun Choi, Ji-soo Lee) to create original scores for the film in various styles including classical, neo-classical, and experimental electronic music, which come together to form a soundtrack that is as compelling as the mysterious and satirical themes of the film itself, making it nothing short of a modern masterpiece. This reissue is a two-LP edition that includes all tracks that were composed for the film (with the exception of the Vivaldi piece by Kyung-wha Chung). Nearly all of the music cues composed by Shim, Lee, and Choi are titled after films, many of them films noir."

Coach Hop I Like Taylor Swift 7" Pink Vinyl / first release in new scratchy records 7 inch vinyl singles club. Autonomy on board for press…we're all sure it will be a hit!

Courteeners, The St Jude 2LP "Record Store Day exclusive version of the certified gold debut album by The Courteeners. Featuring top 20 singles 'Not Nineteen Forever' and 'What Took You So Long?' Pressed on red vinyl to celebrate the album's 10th anniversary.  "

Courtney Barnett City Looks Pretty/ Sunday Roast 12" first taste of the new album coming later this year

Creation Rebel Dub From Creation LP "40th anniversary reissue of the debut Creation Rebel album, originally released on pre-On-U Sound label Hitrun in 1978. This is the seminal first studio work by revered dub producer Adrian Sherwood (Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, African Head Charge), and engineered by Dennis Bovell (Fela Kuti, The Slits, Orange Juice). A classic of the genre unavailable on vinyl since original release and now commanding high prices second-hand. Includes DL card for full album plus two bonus tracks, and printed inner sleeve telling the story of the recording in full. "

Cuby + Blizzards L.S.D. / Your Body Not Your Soul 7" White Nederbeat tracks by Dutch blues formation Cuby + Blizzards. Rare and in-demand songs. Newly remastered audio

Cure, The Torn Down 2LP First time on vinyl for 16 new mixes by Robert Smith. Presented as a 2LP picture disc set in a die-cut gatefold sleeve with a download voucher.

Cure, The Mixed Up - Deluxe Edition 2LP "Robert Smith has remastered The Cure's remix album from 1990. Now presented for the first time as double picture disc set in a gatefold sleeve with a download voucher.  "

Curved Air Air Conditioning 12" Picture Disc A facsimile of the first ever rock picture disc LP originally released in 1970

Cymande Promised Heights LP 180 gram vinyl, mastered from original tapes, replica original artwork, official Mr Bongo reissue.

Cypress Hill Black Sunday - Remixes LP Vinyl Previously unreleased remixes to celebrate 25th anniversary.

D.C. LaRue Resurrection - The Remixes – Part Two 12" Part Two of a picture sleeve special release for RSD featuring new and exclusive remixes from Idjut Boys, Folamour, Ron Basejam and JKriv, all produced from original studio master tapes.

Daniel Rossen Deerslayer 12" Brand new solo single from Grizzly Bear band member and sinegr Daniel Rossen exclusivly for RSD.

Daniel Wakeford The Songs of Gigs LP First time Daniel Wakefords smash hit debut album on LP with bonus tracks

Daughter Music From Before The Storm 2LP 2LP clear vinyl in gatefold sleeveFirst physical release for Daughters atmospheric original soundtrack to the second instalment of the popular Life is Strange video game. 

Dave Grusin The Friends of Eddie Coyle (OST) LP First ever release of this 1973 cult classic film by PETER YATES (BULLIT) composed by DAVE GRUSIN - Featuring the cream fo LA musicians (John Guerin, Chuck Rainey, Emil Richard, Bud Shank among them) the soundtrack is an hypnotic funky suite in the vein of Lalo Schifrin's score for Dirty Harry. the release will feature a new front cover by famous Alternative Movie Poster designer OLIVER BARRETT (who previously collaborated with Waxwork and Mondo). Sleevenotes by leading UK journalist, Musician and writer DAVID TOOP (Ocean of Sounds, The Face, The Wire). gatefold sleeve and coloured vinyl plus one bonus track in the form of an alternate take of one of the tracks.

David Amram The Manchurian Candidate 12" Vinyl celebrating the life of US multi-instrumentalist David Amram, remasterd from Davids original tapes...

David Bowie David Bowie 2LP "First time on heavyweight red and blue coloured vinyl for David Bowie's debut album. This 2LP set features the Mono version of the album on Disc One and the Stereo version on Disc Two. "

David Bowie Let's Dance - Demo 1 x 180g 12" Black Vinyl single This black vinyl 45 rpm 12” single features the first appearance of the full length demo of ‘Let’s Dance’ previously released in an edited form through digital download and streaming services for David’s birthday on 8th January this year.  The full length version clock in at 7.34 compared the edit which is 5.19 in length and both versions were mixed by Nile Rodgers (original co-producer of the demo with David) in December of last year. The demo is backed by the live version of Let’s Dance recorded live at Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 12 September, 1983 and mixed by Bob Clearmountain. This version can be seen on the Serious Moonlight concert film and was also previously available on the reverse of the Australian David Bowie Is exhibition exclusive yellow vinyl 7” single. The sleeve of the 12” single is a colour variation of the original Let’s Dance single cover.

David Bowie Now 1 x 180g 12" White vinyl album The first commercial release of a rare 1977 US only compilation promotional only LP on white vinyl. The tracks are drawn from the Low and “Heroes” albums (all audio remastered from the A New Career In A New Town box set) and the package now features a newly designed inner sleeve with black and white images taken in Berlin in 1977 by Corrine Schwab.

David Bowie WTTB 3 x 180g 12" Black vinyl album This previously unreleased 3 LP was recorded live at Earls Court, London on the 30th June and 1st July, 1978 by Tony Visconti and was mixed by David and David Richards at Mountain Studios, Montreux, 17th – 22nd January, 1979. The newly designed trifold sleeve features imagery by photographers Sukita and Chris Walter.

David Sylvian Dead Bees On A Cake 2LP "First time on white vinyl for David Sylvian's album from 1999. Now expanded with the addition of 4 non-album tracks, ""The Scent of Magnolia"", ""Albuquerque"", ""Cover Me With Flowers"" and ""Aparna and Nimisha"".  "

Def Leppard Live from Abbey Road 12" Single 3 track EP of a session recorded at Abbey Road - unreleased from 2008.

Demon Fuzz I Put A Spell On You 7" Silver Highly sough after 7inch of this cult band, high in demand, originals go for more than 100 dollars, FOLLOWS THE SUCCESS OF THE mov RELEASE OF THE ALBUM IN 2016

Der Plan / Schlammpeitziger Split 12" Previously unreleased.

Dermot Kennedy Keep The Evenings Long 12'' Keep The Evenings Long is the first physical release from Dermot Kennedy comprising of tracks featured on his Doves & Ravens EP along with previously released singles. The limited edition 12” LP has been made specifically available for Record Store Day 2018 and is a must for any Dermot Kennedy fan.

Descendents Who We Are 7" First time on vinyl (black), with two previously unreleased tracks on the B side

Desert Mountain Tribe If You Don't Know Can You Don't Know Köln / Live at St Pancras Old Church 12" London based rock trio DESERT MOUNTAIN TRIBE are releasing a 12” limited EP. Side A ‘If You Don’t Know Can You Don’t Know Köln’ contains four new studio songs. Side B ‘Live At St Pancras Old Church’ offers live versions of four songs from the band’s debut album recorded 2017 at a show in that London venue. While the group is finishing a new album, this RSD EP is planned as a gatefold on coloured vinyl. Previously available digitally, this special format will be limited to 500 units.

DESSA Quinine 7" The clear blue 7" includes two Dessa songs; "Quinine" (available for the first time in physical format) and Boy Crazy (the demo version of the song that's on Chime). The 7" also includes a reading of an unreleased Dessa short story, "And Now A Short Recess", voiced by her Recently sang "Congratulations" on the #1 Billboard Album The Hamilton Mixtape

Deviants, The Ptoff! LP/ 12"/ 140GR / Special deluxe reissue of the debut album by the legendary group The Deviants. A milestone of the UK garage rock. Edition with original poster cover art

Dickey Betts Live from the Lone Star Roadhouse 2LP "BLUE VINYL. Dickey Betts maybe not have had the name but he was a co-founder and the ongoing heart and soul of the Allman Brothers. With the deaths of Duane and then Gregg, Dickey slipped into semi-retirement. This show was recorded in August, 1978 with his back-up band, Great Southern, the Lone Star Roadhouse in New York City and simulcast on WLIR on Long Island. Dickey Betts and Great Southern riffed on some of the Allman Bros. best known hits: ""Blue Sky:, ""In Memory of Elizabeth Reed"", ""Jessica"", Statesboro Blues"" and others. Special appearances by Rick Derringer, Jack Bruce and Mick Taylor. DISC ONE, SIDE ONE: 1. Blue Sky, 2. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed DISC ONE, SIDE TWO: 1. Duane's Tune, 2. Jessica DISC TWO, SIDE ONE: 1. Stateboro Blues, 2. One Way Out, 3. Rock n' Roll Hoochie Coo DISC TWO, SIDE TWO: 1. Spoonful, 2. Southbound "

Dirty Three Whatever You Love You Are 2LP Bella Union continue to reissue the catalogue of Australia's favourite post-rock band, The Dirty Three. This year sees the reissue of the critically acclaim career highlight 'Whatever You Love You Are'. It'll be released on double heavyweight gold vinyl, repackaged artwork with painting by the bands guitarist Mick Turner. It will include Download Code

Disturbed The Lost Children 2 x 140g 12" Black vinyl album 2 lp black vinyl in single pocket jacket pressed at Record Industry with RSD sticker, Never before on Vinyl. Compliation of B-Sides & rarities.

DJ Pierre Presents / Various Artists Acid 88 Volume 2 2LP The godfather of acid house DJ Pierre delivers his own selection of stomping delights via his iconic ACID88 project. 12 original tracks from heavyweights such as Hardfloor, Thomas P Heckmann, Posthuman, Bloody Mary, Luke Vibert and the main man himself alongside his legendary partner in crime at Phuture, DJ Spank Spank (RIP). Double LP + shrinkwraped.

DJ Spooky Phantom Dancehall 12" colored vinyl full color jacket This is all new content .There is a minimum 9 month exclusive window for Record Store Day US on this title.

Django Django In Your Beat 12'' Exclusive "In Your beat" Remixes EP, 12''. Original version (from "Marble Skies" album) , Instrumental, Matthias Zimmerman Remix, Body Double Remix

Djavan A Voz, O Violão, A Música De.. LP "Presented in facsimile artwork and pressed on 180g vinyl. Reissue of Djavan's debut LP, one of the milestones in Brazilian music from the post-bossa nova years, originally released in 1976. This wonderful album showcases acoustic samba music in full effect, displaying an array of endearing melodies combined with jazzy arrangements and some delightful funky moments "

DMX X Gon' Give It To Ya 12" Single This 15th anniversary reissue of Ruff Ryder DMX’s best-selling single comes on blood red vinyl, and also features “Party Up (Up In Here)” and the instrumental of the title track. Red vinyl.

Doctor Who The Tomb Of The Cyberman Silver 2LP "Exclusive to RSD2018, ""The Tomb Of The Cybermen"" is a classic Doctor Who story from 1967 featuring the second Doctor Patrick Troughton. Previously unreleased on vinyl, the story is two hours long spread across 2LP heavyweight silver vinyl, and featuring newly commissioned gatefold artwork, sleeve notes and on set photos. The Doctor faces the dreaded Cybermen in the digitally remastered soundtrack of the classic BBC TV story, with linking narration by Frazer Hines. It has legendary status amongst Whovians as the serial was believed lost for many years until discovered in Hong Kong in 1992. The action of The Tomb of the Cybermen follows directly on from that of the preceding serial The Evil of the Daleks, with the Doctor and Jamie welcoming the newly orphaned Victoria aboard the TARDIS. Commissioned as Doctor Who and the Cybermen Planet, this was the third encounter between the Doctor and his half-human, half-machine foes. It was co-written by Kit Pedler, who devised the Cybermen in The Tenth Planet, and Gerry Davis, the story editor who had helped develop them. This is limited to 3000 units worldwide."

Doctor Who City Of Death Translucent Green 2LP Exclusive to RSD2018, "City Of Death" is a classic Doctor Who story from 1979, starring the fourth Doctor Tom Baker, Lalla Ward and Julian Glover. Featuring linking narration by Lalla Ward. Previously unreleased on vinyl, the two hour story is presented on 2LP heavyweight translucent green vinyl, and featuring newly commissioned gatefold artwork, sleeve notes and on set photos. Whilst sightseeing in Paris, the Doctor and Romana notice a series of unexplained temporal disturbances. When a visit to the Louvre lands them in hot water, they realise that a certain Count Scarlioni knows more about advanced technology than a 20th-century Parisian should. With British detective Duggan in tow, the time travellers become embroiled in an audacious plot to steal the Mona Lisa and sell it on the open market. This is limited to 3000 units worldwide.

Doors, The The Matrix Part II 1 x 180g 12" Black vinyl album Following the success of The Matrix Part I for RSD 2017, the second part - The Doors' Live At The Matrix: Let’s Feed Ice Cream To The Rats, San Francisco, CA – March 7 & 10, 1967 will follow for RSD 2018. Originally recorded on March, 1967 in San Francisco. Newly mastered by Bruce Botnick, the historic engineer for The Doors, from recently discovered original master tapes.

Drake White Spark LP "Drake White’s debut album Spark shot to #1 on the iTunes Top Country Albums chart upon release. Drake’s emotional ballad ‘Makin’ Me Look Good Again’ won him the 2017 British Country Music Association Award for International Song of the Year. With strong support from BBC Radio 2, Chris Country (leading UK Country radio station) and critics across the board as well as an avid fanbase, Drake’s return with his second album and a new tour is highly anticipated. This exclusive vinyl with blue and transparent marbling on the disc will be made available exclusively in the UK for Record Store Day. ""One of the country's most energizing performers,"" (Rolling Stone Country) “Twelve feel-good tracks make up the Alabama-raised singer's debut. There's room for smiles and hurt, depth, frivolity... You'll laugh, love and feel better about yourself after an hour spent here.” (Taste Of Country) "

Dream Syndicate, The How We Found Ourselves...Everywhere! 12" New product, with previously unreleased (studio outtakes) and live recordings. On black vinyl

Drowning Craze Singles 81/82 LP A collection of singles from Simon Raymonde's pre-Cocteau Twins band Drowning Craze. Never before released on vinyl, this collection will also include a rare Peel Session the band did. Release on white vinyl. Download included

Duke Reid All Stars / Roland Alphonso Judge Sympathy / Never To Be Mine 7" single Coloured Vinyl To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Trojan Records, a special coloured vinyl edition of the first-ever 7” single to see issue in the UK on a Trojan label. Originally released by Island Records on 28 July 1967, the record features two sought-after rock steady rarities from the legendary catalogue of famed Treasure Isle Records producer, Duke Reid aka ‘The Trojan’. Pressed on orange vinyl and presented in a specially created card sleeve, the record looks as good as it sounds and is sure to become an instant collector’s item!

Duran Duran Duran Duran Budokan 1 x 140g 12" Black vinyl album One 12 inch black vinyl album in single pocket jacket with RSD sleeve, Newly recorded-Never before released

Durutti Column, The Another Setting 2xLP "Factory Benelux presents an expanded vinyl edition of Another Setting, the third studio album by cult Manchester ensemble The Durutti Column, issued in a limited edition of 800 copies for Record Store Day on 21 April 2018. Another Setting was recorded in 1983 at Strawberry Studio, Stockport with production by Chris Nagle, a favourite engineer of Martin Hannett. This new vinyl remaster also includes non-album single I Get Along Without You Very Well, a bittersweet Hoagy Carmichael cover sung by Lindsay Reade, the former wife of Factory foreman Tony Wilson. The second disc is a previously unreleased live show taped at the Pandora’s Box Festival in Rotterdam on 4 September 1983, featuring eight tracks performed by Vini Reilly and Bruce Mitchell. This second disc is pressed on clear vinyl. The RSD edition of Another Setting is packaged in a gatefold sleeve printed on white reverse board, restoring the original cover artwork by Mark Farrow with cover paintings by Jackie Williams. "


Eden House, The Live and in Session LP The goth/prog-rock luminaries’ collaboration, with new, exclusive 2017 live in the studio recordings (following their 3rd studio album). Ex-Fields of the Nephilim, Penguin Café Orchestra; and featuring on vocals Monica Richards of Faith & the Muse, Meghan Noel-Pettitt and Louise Crane. (Previously feat. members of Roxy Music, All About Eve, The Mission etc.) Here’s one track: https://youtu.be/5fZaqFeUnNM Tracks: - Words and Deeds, Second Skin, The Ardent Tide, First We Take Manhattan + 2 more. (Toured UK in November 2017– Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds & London)

Eek-A-Mouse Ganja Smuggling 7" single with color sleeve This is a one-time pressing and record store day exclusive This is one of the biggest hits from Eek-A-Mouse and a stalwart of the Greensleeves catalogue. The B side is more illusive probably availabe from original Jamaican pressings 1. Ganja Smuggling 2. Smuggling Version

Electric Wizard Wizard Bloody Wizard LP White with red splatter, 140 g vinyl,hard board gatefold sleeve, with poster, only the 2nd colour to be pressed on this new album.

Eli Paperboy Reed Eli Paperboy Reed Meets High & Mighty Brass Band CD Created exclusively for RSD 2018, Eli Paperboy Reed joined forces with fellow Brooklynites and musical ensemble, High & Mighty Brass Band, to record a live album complete with energy, soul, and groove. The album features Reed’s greatest hits, plus a brand new track titled “As I Live and Breathe.”

Eli Paperboy Reed Eli Paperboy Reed Meets High & Mighty Brass Band LP Created exclusively for RSD 2018, Eli Paperboy Reed joined forces with fellow Brooklynites and musical ensemble, High & Mighty Brass Band, to record a live album complete with energy, soul, and groove. The album features Reed’s greatest hits, plus a brand new track titled “As I Live and Breathe.”

Elton John vs Pnau Good Morning To The Night 1LP "Good Morning To The Night is a remix album by Elton John and Australian dance duo Pnau, originally released in July 2012. The album’s tracks are created from samples of various early Elton songs combined together to form new tracks. Clear vinyl. "

Elvis Costello Someone Else's Heart 7" More than three decades after producing Squeeze's album East Side Story, Elvis Costello teamed up with ?uestlove, Kirk Douglas, Owen Biddle, Ray Angry, and Frank Knuckles to cover "Someone Else's Heart" from the album for this limited edition 45 single! This version of “Someone Else’s Heart” was recorded in 2011 and marked the first time that Elvis and ?uestlove collaborated, igniting the spark that led to 2013’s Wise Up Ghost. This 45 single features “Someone Else’s Heart” on the A-side and the instrumental version

Elvis Presley The King In The Ring Double LP Vinyl 50th anniversary release & first time on double LP Vinyl. Deluxe packaging with Red opaque coloured Vinyl. (Previously released as 'Tiger Man' on CD)

Emma Tricca St. Peter LP Third album after two on Finders Keepers

End, The Introspection / Retrospection Transparent 2LP "Exclusive to RSD2018, this deluxe edition of British psychedelic group The End's classic album “Introspection”, paired with “Retrospection”, an LP of outtakes from the album sessions (issued briefly on vinyl in the mid-90s). Pressed on heavyweight 2LP transparent vinyl, and featuring a gatefold sleeve including artwork by legendary designer Phil Smee, including photos and ephemera, and a note by founder member Colin Giffin. In 1965 The End arose from the glowing embers of the earlier Tuxedos, Innocents and Original Topics, and like many of their contemporaries evolved into a psychedelic group. Subsequently they re-invented themselves as blues rock outfit Tucky Buzzard in late 1969. Along the way, they won the support and patronage of the Rolling Stones’ Bill Wyman, who in 1968 produced their sole album for Decca, “Introspection”, the first LP in this set. Wyman also co-wrote their signature tune, the psychedelic classic “Shades Of Orange”, although the band wrote all the rest of their material. This is limited to 1000 units worldwide."

Ennio Morricone Drammi Gotici LP White vinyl. Ennio Morricone's score to a RAI television mini-series of gothic horror, broadcast in 1978

Ennio Morricone Autopsy [Original Soundtrack] Double 12" "The giallo thriller genre afforded Ennio Morricone the opportunity to push back musical boundaries and take his compositions into the outer realms of avant-garde experimentation. Armando Crispino’s 1975 horror masterpiece, Macchie Solari (commonly known as Autopsy) is undoubtedly one of the more grisly films of this genre and, responding to the heightened subject matter, Morricone ditched all but one conventionally melodious track in favour of a full-on atonal assault of wretched strings and hellish arias. Never-before released on vinyl, it is presented here on double translucent marbled orange 180 gram vinyl, with 350gsm gatefold sleeve. Newly mastered by James Plotkin with liner notes by Lovely Jon."

Erasure The Two-Ring Circus LP Coloured Vinyl Limited edition double yellow vinyl. Originally released in 1987, the album features six remixes and three orchestral re-recordings including the hit singles 'Sometimes', 'It Doesn't Have To Be' and 'Victim Of Love' and remixes by Little Louie Vega, Flood, Pascal Gabriel and Vince Clarke & Eric Radcliffe.

Eric Burdon & The Animals Nights In San Francisco LP The Animals. What can one say about the Animals? Out of sight? That’s old. That they fly? They’ve been flying since they began. That they’re great. This record proves it. Well, if one were looking for things to say, one could say that everything is better about this album, especially the recording of vocals and drums. But, of course, the only real question is, how is Eric? Eric is, of course, in orbit (he’s also the lead vocalist, for those of you who aren’t Animals fans). The whole of side one is an uninterrupted symphony of R&B. Just listen to the two versions of the absurdly great “C. C. Rider”. On the other hand (also on the other side, side two) is most of their psychedelic material. Compared to the previous Animals albums, this just seems to pack a little more punch than any of the others with the possible exception of Animal Tracks. Jenkins’s drumming really makes a difference in the overall sound. The group seems freer now, especially on the uptempo material (check “Shake, Rattle And Roll”). And Burdon’s vocals seem to be constantly improving, which is a crucial point. I can think of nothing he has done previously to equal “Tobacco Road” or “When I Was Young.” In any event, the fact is that this album rocks. And when the Animals rock, no one can touch them. My one hope is that there is enough material in the can to put out another album as good as this one. INFO - Side 1: Tracks 1-3: 21 January 1967 live in Hamburg. Tracks 4-6: 20 January 1967 live in Offenbach. Side 2: Tracks 1-5: January 1967 Tracks 6-7: October 1967. Side 1: 1. C. C. Rider 2. A Love Like Ours 3. Shake, Rattle And Roll 4. Tobacco Road 5. Roadrunner 6. C. C. Rider Side 2 1. Paint It Black 2. When I Was Young 3. The Same Thing 4. Rockin’ The Blues 5. Connection 6. San Franciscan Nights* 7. Good Times* 8. Eric Burdon interviews

Eric Clapton Rush (Music from the Motion Picture) 1 x 140g 12" Black vinyl album Single 12 inch black vinyl album in single pocket jacket with RSD sticker, previously only available on CD and digital

ESG Come Away With ESG LP Celebrating the band’s 40th anniversary with the reissue of the classic genre-busting debut album by the Bronx sisters ESG, ‘Come Away With ESG’. So the story goes Anthony H hooked up with Ed Bahaman and the band’s debut album, ‘Come Away With ESG’ was created. In the intervening years, it’s been sampled to death. Those in the know have hailed ESG as innovators who fashioned Hip hop and house music, who rewrote post punk and somehow, somehow they remain something of a secret. Limited edition orange vinyl complete with new artwork. 1000 copies.

Esmark / Brockmann//Bargmann Split 12" Previously unreleased.

Europe Walk The Earth 12" vinyl picture disc heavy weight Album never made avaible in this format

Eurythmics 1984 1LP 12" 180g limited edition heavyweight red coloured vinyl repress of the original LP for RSD 2018 .

Face + Heel A Style of Lovin' (I:Cube Remix) 12" Remixes of past tracks by Face + Heel who were the first artist to be signed to the Warm record label. 300 limited copies worldwide of exclusive new remixes by I:Cube, Tuff City Kids and Elliott Lion.

Family Silver, The Small Town Man / Privilege 7" Red Vinyl  

Fatboy Slim Right Here, Right Now (CamelPhat Remix) 12" To celebrate 20 years since the release of Fatboy Slim’s seminal album ‘You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby’ Toolroom are proud to present this truly mammoth release! Number #1 selling artists of 2017, CamelPhat, deliver a killer remix on what is arguably Fatboy Slim’s biggest record ever, ‘Right Here, Right Now’. Black Vinyl With Picture Sleeve

Fickle Pickle Sinful Skinful LP "It’s always tempting to compensate for an artist’s commercial or critical obscurity by making outrageous claims on their behalf – an idea spoofed by self-deprecating album titles like Wizz Jones’s The Legendary Me and the TV Personalities’ They Could Have Been Bigger Than The Beatles. While nobody is suggesting that Fickle Pickle were ever likely to eclipse the Fab Four, they were certainly one of the more interesting acts operating in the early ’70s post-Beatles Britpop wasteland. Boasting four writers, singers and multi-instrumentalists who, between them, also handled production, engineering and arrangement duties, Fickle Pickle had the wit, cynicism, hooks, harmonies and technical dexterity to bridge the barren years between the demise of The Beatles and the eventual arrival in late 1972 of their kindred spirits 10cc. As it turned out, Fickle Pickle did score a couple of hits in The Netherlands, and it was those minor successes that gave these studio-bound pop polymaths the impetus to assemble an entire album. Almost criminally, however, Sinful Skinful failed to gain a release outside of Holland – and, even then, only on a tiny independent label, Explosion. Sinful Skinful duly sold about seven-and-a-half copies before disappearing into the ether, and when follow-up singles also missed the mark, the members of Fickle Pickle vanished once more into the backroom, just another dropped stitch in the unknowable, unending tapestry of British pop. Nearly half-a-century after the Dutch public had largely ignored its release, this first-ever vinyl reissue of the Sinful Skinful album is joined by a four-track EP that features a trio of non-LP single tracks from the era as well as the November 1970 outtake ‘Through The Days’ – the belated appearance of which will at least thrill its writer (and vocalist) Cliff Wade, whose McCartney impersonation on a cloning of ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’ went some way towards giving a largely non-existent outfit the chance to sire the album that you’re now holding in your impeccably manicured hand... "

First Aid Kit You Are The Problem Here 7" Vinyl Taken from the new album "Ruins". Studio version & a version recorded live in Stockholm.

First Choice / Double Exposure Dr. Love / Everyman / Love Having You Around (Late Night Tuff Guy ReWorks) 12" " Legendary Australian Disco-fiend Late Night Tuff Guy turns up the heat on the equally legendary Salsoul Records with 3 absolutely stellar reworks of some bonafide classics. Somehow, LNTG manages to tweak these old-school recordings and injects a thoroughly contemporary edge into them, making them sound brand new. Featured here are 3 stone cold Salsoul monsters, all respectfully handled and edited with care - First Choice's uber-classic 'Doctor Love' & 'Love Having You Around' (penned by Stevie Wonder & his then wife Syreeta, no less!) and Double Exposure's anthemic 'Everyman' all go under the knife in the best possible way! Beautifully mastered and featuring special Black & Gold Salsoul label artwork this special Record Store Day EP will undoubtedly be a collectors item! One for the Disco heads right here! "

Fisher You Didn't Go And Do It Again Did Ya 12" For Record Store Day we're issuing this special vinyl release from Fisher, Featuring the "Oi Oi" EP and "Crowd Control" availible for the first time on vinyl

Five Day Week Straw People Five Day Week Straw People LP "Listed as one of Record Collector's ""100 Greatest Psychedelic Records"" (nestling immediately below the Moody Blues ""In Search Of A Lost Chord""!), this is an album that deserves a place in any discerning record collection. This album recorded the Five Day Week Straw People, relates the imagined ""typical weekend of the average nine-to-five worker"" as they recounted in an interview at the time. The songs had been written by David Montague and Guy Mascolo, who had first met when they were hairdressers in Clapham in 1963. Guy had just co-founded a salon with his brother Toni, which since then has mushroomed into the hairdressing juggernaut that is ""Toni and Guy"". However, in 1967, Guy and David were songwriting in their spare time and, having completed demos for a number of songs, happened to bump into an engineer from the small independent Saga Records. They were quickly signed to the label and put into the recording studio, with backing from Mike Hawksworth on bass guitar, John DuCann (later of The Attack, Andromeda and Atomic Rooster) on guitar and vocals and Jack McCulloch on drums. Perhaps inspired by the extraneous noises used on ""Sergeant Pepper"", David and Guy recorded sound effects for use on their own album, which they employed to better evoke the feeling of the weekend. Thus, car engines revving, children playing, a woman in high heels descending a staircase and a rainstorm complete with thunder all find their place. Mix in some spoken word vocals and a judicious sprinkling of special effects, and the result is a quirky and entirely charming album that will transport the listener to those heady days when just about anything seemed possible. "

Flamin Groovies Grease 2xLP Collection of singles and sessions released on and recorded for the Skydog label between 1973 and 1981, REMASTERED in limited BLUE 2xLP vinyl in Gatefold sleeve. 16 tracks: River Deep Mountain High; So Much In Love; And Your Bird Can Sing; She Don’t Care About Time; Do I Love You; Sweet Little Rock’n’Roller; Slow Death; Let Me Rock; Dog Meat; Jumping Jack Flash; Blues For Phylis; Can’t Explain; Little Queenie; Feel A Whole Lot Better; Paint It Black; Shake Some Action.

Fleet Foxes Crack Up / In The Morning 1 x 42gm Black Vinyl 7" Crack Up (Choral Version) / In The Morning (Recorded Live in Montreaux)

Fleetwood Mac Tango In The Night Alternate 1 x 180g 12" Black vinyl album 1LP of alternate takes disc from Tango In The Night deluxe edition, released in 2017. Previously released only on CD, first time on LP.

Florian Fricke Spielt Mozart 2XLP Florian Fricke (1944 – 2001) was a German music pioneer who started his career in electronic music using the Moog synthesizer within the famous Krautrock group ‘Popol Vuh’. Fricke studied piano, composition and directing at the conservatories in Freiburg and Munich where he also dedicated himself to new kinds of music like ‘free jazz’. In 1967 he met German film director Werner Herzog and the two formed a life long friendship (Fricke was later responsible for the soundtracks of several of Herzog’s movies). His recordings left an indelible mark on German electronic music. However, he later significantly gave his Moog to fellow German musician Klaus Schulze and largely renounced electronic music in favor of often-acoustic tones. Besides working on his own music, Fricke collaborated with many German musicians & bands like Tangerine Dream & Amon Düül. Over the course of his career Florian put out countless Popol Vuh albums and two solo albums, the first one being ‘Die Erde und ich sind Eins’ (1983) and in 1991 he recorded an intimate album of Mozart compositions. Fricke plays a beautiful selection of his favourite Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Allegro’s & Adagio’s on ‘Spielt Mozart’ (plays Mozart). A very personal album for Florian, it was released as a tribute for the 200th anniversary of Mozart’s death. Trying to achieve a deep inner-peace, Fricke looses himself completely in the vibrations and wonderful melodies. The result here is a honest interpretation without pretence or hidden motives, a tribute from one composer to another, almost like a dialogue between the two. Now, for the FIRST TIME ON VINYL (these recordings only received a limited CD release in the early nineties) OWS records proudly presents a deluxe double vinyl edition exclusively for Record Store Day 2018. Strictly limited to 1000 copies, available in participating stores on 4/21

Frank Zappa Lumpy Gravy: Primordial LP Lumpy Gravy: Primordial contains Frank Zappa’s first orchestral-only edit of the music sessions recorded at Capitol Studios during 1967. This self-described “ballet” was never officially issued until 2008 on the posthumous collection Lumpy Money. This April it makes it’s debut on limited edition 12” 45rpm mono translucent burgundy colored vinyl, mastered from the original 1967 1/4” mono master tape, with FZ’s original gatefold album design lovingly restored.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood The First 48 Inches of Frankie Goes To Hollywood 4 x 12" The first four 12” singles from the classic album ‘Welcome To The Pleasuredome’ collected onto one limited edition deluxe box set. Featuring the singles ‘Relax’, ‘Two Tribes’, ‘The Power of Love’ and ‘Welcome To The Pleasuredome’ and the original releases' b-sides.

Future Sound Of London, The My Kingdom 12" 180g LP The Isness is a vast samplerdelic sonic galaxy where a huge range of instruments ( from sitars and numerous eastern instruments to flutes, banjos and conventional rock n roll instrumentation) and countless musicians are employed ,collaged and twisted using the studio as instrument ( much in the tradition and lineage of the Beatles and other 60s exponents) to form a startling new vision of cosmic space music and to redefine the possibilities of what ‘ the song ‘ could be in the new millennia with its by turn : cosmic , wildly surreal , absurdist lyrics on epic songs such as ‘ the Galaxial Pharmaceutical ‘ ‘ the Mello Hippo Disco Show ‘ ‘ Divinity ‘ and many others !

fuzztones braindrops lp+7" coloured vinyl Plus free 7"

Gaffa Tape Sandy /Goldblume You Fexi Thing Vol 4 7" Red vinyl flexi disc with download

Gary Clail Sound System Electric Skies / Twisted Love (Dub) 10" 10" Vinyl - (500) copies Limited Edition cut at 33rpm. This double A-side is the result of a series of sessions that took place throughout 2017, when Gary collaborated with producer Mike Bennett.

Gary Clark Jr. and Junkie XL Come Together 1 x 140g 12" pic disc Includes comic book and poster. From the Justice Leage Soundtrack, 12 inch picture disc with Exclusive 24 page Justice League comic book and exclusive folded 24x36 inch Justice League Poster in a clear vinyl sleeve with RSD sticker

Gary Stewart Mowtown 7" All songs previously unreleased and permanently exclusive.

Gaz Coombes The Oaks (Remix) 12" Exclusive physical release of brand new Gaz Coombes track 'The Oaks' with a fantastic new remix by Leftfield

Gemma Ray The Leader LP "British artist Gemma Ray released her debut album “The Leader” in 2008 to widespread critical acclaim. 10 years later the album gets its first vinyl release, a Record Store Day exclusive, on a strictly limited edition (500) lucky-dip coloured vinyl edition, with new and revamped artwork, and a download card included. The album was recorded and produced at home with Michael J Sheehy upon the breakup of her previous band The Gemma Ray Ritual. Since then Gemma has released 7 albums in 8 years, with her next album scheduled for release in September 2018. "

George Martin Beatles To bond And Bach 1LP Blue "This album highlights the work of one of Britain's best music producers of all time, Sir George Martin. Ranging from his own rendition of the James Bond theme to a Beatles medley and of course Theme One. This kind of album is one where you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the hypnotic rhythms of the 60's ..."

Gershon Kingsley And The Moog Pop Corn 12" Yellow 12" Vinyl

Giant Sand Provisions LP 23 years into a career that includes releases under a host of nom de plumes, Howe Gelb returned to Giant Sand after a four-year hiatus for ‘proVISIONS’. The result was a slice of typically off-the-cuff beat-styled pontificating set to music that defied boundaries – there a country-tinged ballad nestles next to a swing-styled croon, a rambunctious guitar holds court and intricate wordy couplets emote before echoey melancholy takes charge courtesy of a wailing steel guitar. Polly Harvey, Neko Case, M Ward and Isobell Campbell are part of the party, swaying breezily with Howe as old friends. Limited edition white vinyl. 1000 copies.

Ginger Wildheart Paying It Forward EP 10'' Picture Disc EP Paying It Forward from Ginger’s latest album Ghost In The Tanglewood, plus 3 tracks including an exclusive new song on limited edition 10’’ picture disc EPs. With no download code included, this is only available on these 500 vinyls. As well as wanting to back independent record shops for their invaluable contribution to his career to date with this release, these will include a caller awareness pocket card from Samaritans as Ginger continues to support mental health awareness and suicide prevention – “Ghost In The Tanglewood, and the accompanying songs presented here, was written about mental health concerns, and composed during heavy spells of depression. I fully support The Samaritans and want to release this four song EP to further help draw focus to these amazing people and the incredible work they do. When all hope is lost you can always count on The Samaritans to pick up the phone. These angels save lives where the medical profession fails. I am deeply honoured to release this exclusive disc in support of The Samaritans."

Girls Names Primitive Desire LP Primitive Desire is an 11-track collection of the first ever studio sessions by Girls Names, recorded in 2009 in Belfast. It compiles their debut EP originally released on Captured Tracks, the eight songs that originally featured on the long-out-of print You Should Know By Now mini-EP released on Tough Love, and a hereto-unreleased bonus track. Primitive Desire is exactly as labeled and provides fans with a document of the band's early years as a two-piece, fuelled by a distinct nervous energy and nascent dark edge that would manifest itself much more obviously on subsequent albums. Tracklisting Side A 1. Blood River 2.Tear Me Down 3. Blood Well 4. Graveyard 5. I Guess 6. Warm Hands, Cold Heart Side B 7. Running Scared 8. If I... 9. Oh, Girl! 10. Don't Let Me In 11. Don't Let Me Drown

Gloria Gaynor I Will Survive [12” Disco Version]/Substitute [12” Disco Version] 12" Single One of the most popular, well-loved disco anthems of all time turns 45 this year. To celebrate this, the single with full 12” Disco Versions of both “I Will Survive” and “Substitute” (the original A-side) is being released exclusively for RSD18.

Goat Double Date Score 10" exclusive soundtrack

GoGo Penguin v2.O (deluxe edition) Vinyl LP 2LP clear vinyl

Goldie Goldie Presents: 25 Years of Goldie, unreleased and Remastered 3x12" 3 x plates collectors package with RSD only sleeving and coloured vinyl

Gordon Beck Trio Gyroscope LP "Personnel: Gordon Beck – Piano, Jeff Clyne – Double Bass, Tony Oxley – Drums. Born in London in 1935, the young Gordon Beck received classical piano lessons from his violinist father. However, at that time it didn’t appear that music would be his career, and when he was 21 he emigrated to Canada to follow a career in aero-engineering. However, he kept up his musical interests, and on his return to London he took up with renowned saxophonist Peter King’s quartet at Ronnie Scott’s club. In 1962 he joined Tubby Hayes’ band before his own trio became the house band at Ronnie Scott’s in the late 1960’s. In 1969, as part of a trio with Jeff Clyne (also a Tubby Hayes and Ronnie Scott’s veteran) and Tony Oxley (previously Ronnie Scott’s house drummer), he made his only recording for the tiny Morgan label - the “Gyroscope” album. Between 1969 and 1972 he was a member of Phil Woods' European Rhythm Machine, bringing him to international attention. After that he formed his own band, named after the Morgan album, whilst also working as a session musician with such stars as Lena Horne, Gary Burton, Clark Terry and Charles Tolliver. He recorded too in 1969 with guitarist Allan Holdsworth, a relationship that continued on and off for a number of years. In the mid-1970’s he went on to record with Ian Carr's group Nucleus, and continued to perform solo and as a member of various trios in the following decades. The Daily Telegraph, in its obituary of Gordon (who died in 2011), said of Gyroscope that it was, “a mature and vastly impressive set of original compositions that attracted much critical praise.” "

Gordon Jackson Thinking Back LP w/ 7" This lost classic features a British singer-songwriter backed by the whole of Traffic, as well as members of Blossom Toes, the Action, Family and more. It’s presented here with a bonus 45 and detailed booklet. Format: Black LP with 7 Inch Record and Vinyl Booklet in a Hand Numbered Sleeve.

Grandaddy Grandaddy "Practice '97" LP Never released Grandaddy session from 97

Grant Green Slick! Live at Oil Can Harry's 2LP - Gatefold "Slick! - Live at Oil Can Harry’s is a never-before-released recording from soul-jazz guitar great Grant Green captured live on September 5, 1975 in at a popular club in Vancouver, BC Canada called Oil Can Harry’s. Featuring a primarily Detroit-based band with Emmanuel Riggins (father of drummer Kariem Riggins) on electric piano, Ronnie Ware on bass, drummer Greg “Vibrations” Williams (Jack McDuff, Lou Donaldson) and Gerald Izzard on percussion, Slick!’s centerpiece is the over 30 minute funk exploration medley of Stanley Clarke’s “Vulcan Princess,” “Skin Tight” by the Ohio Players, Bobby Womack’s “The Woman’s Gotta Have It,” “Boogie on Reggae Woman” by Stevie Wonder and “For the Love of Money” by the O’Jays. This recording was originally broadcast on CHQM-FM and has been transferred from the original 10” reels to reveal a sterling sonic experience. Aside from Resonance’s companion piece, Funk in France, being released simultaneously with this recording, this is only the 4th live recording released of the underappreciated soul-jazz guitar hero. Captured 3 years after the classic Live at the Lighthouse album released on Blue Note in 1972, this marks the latest known official live Grant Green recording on CD and LP. Available exclusively for Record Store Day on April 21, 2018, the hand-numbered, limited-edition of 2,000 2LP gatefold are mastered at the legendary Bernie Grundman Mastering Studios and pressed on 180-gram vinyl at 33 1/3 RPM by Record Technology Inc. (RTI) "

Grant Green Funk in France: From Paris to Antibes (1969-1970) 3LP - Gatefold "In partnership with the French National Audiovisual Institute (INA), Funk in France: From Paris to Antibes (1969-1970) is the first official, previously unissued live recordings of legendary guitarist Grant Green in over a decade. This deluxe 3LP set brings together a collection of recordings of Green captured at the ORTF studios in Paris on October 26, 1969 with bassist Larry Ridley and drummer Don Lamond, also including jazz guitar legend Barney Kessel comping behind Green on the beautiful “I Wish You Love;” plus full concert recordings from June 18 and 20, 1970 at the Antibes Jazz Festival featuring saxophonist Claude Bartee and organist Clarence Palmer, who both played on Green’s classic 1969 Blue Note album Carryin’ On, and drummer Billy Wilson. The ORTF studio session was taped for a radio broadcast produced by legendary French producer André Francis, and the Antibes recording was taped less than a month before Green’s first live release Alive! on Blue Note Records. Both performances showcase Green’s early transition to a heavier, funkier sound as he entered the 1970s. This is the first time any of these songs from the Carryin’ On and Iron City albums are being made available as live performances, and represent his earliest live recording as a leader. Available exclusively for Record Store Day on April 21, 2018, the hand-numbered, limited-edition of 2,000 3LP gatefold are mastered at the legendary Bernie Grundman Mastering Studios and pressed on 180-gram vinyl at 33 1/3 RPM by Record Technology Inc. (RTI) "

Grateful Dead Fillmore West, San Francisco, 4 x 180g 12" Black vinyl album Side 8 etched. The Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA 2/27/69 show, along with 3 others from the same year was released in the limited edition CD boxed set, The Complete Fillmore West 1969 in November 2005. The box, which was limited to only 10,000 units sold out quickly and the coveted shows have been unavailable physically ever since. We plan to release all 4 shows on vinyl over the next 4 years. This will be a Limited Edition, 4 LP (8th side etching,) on 180 gram vinyl.

Groundhogs, The Scratching The Surface LP Entering its 50th year since it's release, ‘Scratching The Surface’ is The Groundhogs extraordinary debut album. A landmark in the British blues movement in the 60s, the record released in 1968 includes their fierce reworking of Muddy Waters’ ‘Still A Fool’. Limited edition and newly remastered for vinyl. 1000 copies.

GUNDELACH REMIXES RSD 12" Splattered heavyweight vinyl. On this 12” Norwegian space disco legend Prins Thomas sprinkles nu discoey magic dust across Gundelach’s Games and turns it into an organic sounding and infectious banger on side A, while legendary Swedish producer Dan Lissvik makes Garden his own on side B.

HALEY Bratt 7" Brand new and exclusive music for Record Store Day, the first new release under Hlaey Bonar's newly simplified monika HALEY

Handsome Beasts, The Bestiality + Bonus 12" LP + 12" 1982's Bestialty album re-issued with a bonus 12"

Hans Zimmer/Jacob Shea/David Fleming Blue Planet II 1LP Coloured Vinyl/Gatefold Sleeve/Numbered Limited Edition BBC's Blue Planet II series began a global conversation about the horrifying impact of plastic on our oceans and environment. In keeping with the spirit of the series, the gatefold sleeve of the RSD 2018 vinyl release is printed on recycled board and the package is not shrink wrapped, held together instead by a paper obi-style band.

Hawkwind Levitation Triple LP A unique 3 LP set featuring the classic LP from 1980 plus two bonus LPs of a live concert recorded in Lewisham, London in 1980 recently remixed from the original multi-track tapes A version never previously released on vinyl The set is on blue vinyl and also features a replica tour programme from the 1980 "Levitation" UK tour

Hawkwind Dark Matter 2 x 180g 12" Black vinyl album 2 LP of the unreleased material previously only on 'Parallel Universe' 3 CD, it has never been released on vinyl.

Hayseed Dixie It Happened So Grassed! Live in Scotland 2LP Hayseed Dixie, creators of the musical genre Rockgrass, release "It Happened So Grassed! Live in Scotland," a double-LP live album of their complete 2017 show as recorded live in front of a sold-out crowd of 1,300 in Glasgow, Scotland. This is the first official live recording released by the band, recorded to multitrack and meticulously mixed entirely analogue. Now, in the comfort of your own home, you can pour some whisky in your coffee, kick the chairs and tables to the wall, and boogie your face off - just like at an actual Hayseed Dixie show! Side 1: 1 – Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Heads, The Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere 2LP Numbered edition of 500 copies for the UK in clear blue vinyl. Much acclaimed as the Heads finest album. Originally released in 2000, then remastered and reissued in 2012, now sold out on any format. Comes with WAV/FLAC DL codes.

Hempolics, The Riding For A Fall / Come As You Are 12” New music from The Hempolics. A clutch of covers including John Holt’s classic rocksteady / reggae track ‘Riding For A Fall’ and Nirvana’s ‘Come As You Are’. Band had a stellar 2017 with multiple playlisted tracks on 6Music, 6Music ‘Album Of The Year’ placement and support from Radio 2 and 1Xtra. This is their first new music since.

Hifi Sean & David McAlmont Transparent 7” Clear 7” vinyl in a clear plastic bag with a clear sticker to announce the partnership of Hifi Sean and David McAlmont (McAlmont & Butler) of their forthcoming album in later part of 2018 which is partially recorded with a Bollywood orchestra in Bangalore India . The single ‘Transparent’ is in two parts over both sides and will only exist on this vinyl and will not be included on the forthcoming album.

High, The Say It Now / Sugarpuff 12” The High were formed in 1989 by Andy Couzens ( ex Stone Roses ) John Matthews, Chris Goodwin and Simon Davies. They signed to London Records after one gig and their highly acclaimed debut Lp Somewhere Soon combining 60's pop and psyche guitar was released in 1990 to rave reviews. In brief, ' Somewhere Soon ' is a very effective record, expertly executed and completely addictive. The dog's bollocks. I hope they become massive. ( 9/10 ) Jack Barron NME. The band split in 1993 but reformed in 2015 with Tony Meehan replacing Simon Davies and Jack Couzens taking over from Chris Goodwin on drums. Scott Parkinson has since replaced Jack Couzens. 25 years after their last release, these Manchester favourite's are finally back with new material.

Hit Parade, The Happy World 7" 500 black vinyl pressing

Holland-Dozier feat Lamont Dozier Why Can’t We Be Lovers          "7"" " 45 year anniversary release coinciding with Lamont Dozier 2018 Summer tour. Large / dinked centre hole blue vinyl


Human League Secrets White 2LP "Exclusive to RSD2018, Human League ""Secrets"" will be available for the first time on vinyl. Presented on a 3 sided LP, and housed in a gatefold sleeve, with inner bags, put together by the original album sleeve designer. Originally released in 2001, Secrets was the eighth studio album released by iconic British Electronic band Human League. After a six year hiatus, the band returned to the UK charts with the first single from the album “All I Ever Wanted”. This is limited to 1000 units worldwide. "

Ian Siegal Sh*t Hit LP Transparent Green Vinyl Includes free 3^ tattoo Limited Edition vinyl featuring 7 key tracks from new album 'All The Rage'

Irvine Welsh & Arthur Baker Dead Mans Trousers /Fly Boys At Soho 12" 2 new tracks launching the new welsh book Dead Mans Trousers - handnumbered 12" with handstamped effect artwork

Jackie Mittoo Showcase 7" four track EP (33 1/3RMP, small hole) with color sleeve These songs were featured on the Jackie Mittoo "Striker Showcase" CD - a 34 track collection of Mittoo hitsvery desirable 7” EP in a vintage style picture sleeve coupling up of two in-demand crossover club classics with two heavyweight sides for the roots and culture crowd.

Jacques Renault Favicon 12" "Almost ten years ago, back in November of 2009, before Let’s Play House was even a humble basement-bar and hotel-lobby party, Jacques Renault quietly released a four-track EP on Hole in the Sky, an imprint run by Canyons’ Leo Thomson and Ryan Grieve, called Favicon, that was both a snapshot of New York City’s glitter-dusted disco-revival haze and the culmination of the first few years of Renault’s career through the club circuit. It quickly became a cult classic and set in motion much of what followed for Renault; it added some fuel to the fire that was Runaway, his project with Marcos Cabral, and helped ready the stage for LPH’s entry."

Jah Wobble & MoMo Maghrebi Jazz LP A unique mix of jazz and north african music - the like of which has never been heard before...on black vinyl

Jake Bugg ALCOHOL 7" 7" single.  Jake Bugg celebrates RSD by releasing a 7” single containing covers of two of his favourite songs.Both songs, Good Time Charlie Sings The Blues and Witchita Lineman are featured in Jake’s Live Acoustic show which he is currently touring the world with.They form the first in a series of  Acoustic Live Covers Of Heros Or Legends (Alcohol) which may eventually become an album. 

James Brown Live At Chastain Park 1985 LP  

Jamie Stewart - An Aggressive, Chain Smoking Alcoholic Jamie Stewart - An Aggressive, Chain Smoking Alcoholic LP Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu releases his first solo album under his own name, on a special limited edition heavyweight colour vinyl for Record Store Day. Written almost entirely on modular synths, An Aggressive, Chain Smoking Alcoholic sees Jamie explore the darkest reaches of his subconscious, pushing, bending and shaping the sound to his will. Produced by ambient drone pioneer Lawrence English, this is an album of stark and menacing beauty, capturing the essence of some of the most brutal sections of Xiu Xiu from an even more twisted perspective. Tracklist: Dosey Doe, As a Favor to Me Please Kill Your Wife's Step Father, Thanks for Nothing, Inconsistent and Peculiar Volume, Scout Schultz, Rollin Forties, Western Destroying Angel, Raw Deal, Dosey Duh.

Jarrod Lawson Jarrod Lawson 12" Double LP "First ever Vinyl release of this iconic critically acclaimed Soul album from 2014 for RSD 2018. This record is one of the most significant and award winning Soul albums of the 21st century. The album is presented a Double Vinyl with a gatefold sleeve limited to 750 copies. The album draws on the spirit of Donny Hathaway and Marvin Gaye along with influences from Stevie Wonder and many of the Soul and Jazz greats, but Jarrod has created his own identity. The twelve self penned songs have meaningful lyrics and a spirituality which is uncommon in contemporary music, making it a future classic. It has been one of the best selling independent Soul albums in the last decade. Jarrod Lawson has performed many times in the UK supporting the album at many venues including Ronnie Scott’s,  Jazz Café and at Shepherds Bush Empire as part of the London .Jazz Festival, building up a large fan base. Jarrod also recorded a session for Gilles Peterson’s BBC6 which increased his profile. The release will be backed up by an online eflyer and video campaign from both Soul Brother and Dome Records in the UK and internationally from Jarrod Himself, to create awareness and demand. awards Album of the Year 2014 –Soul tracks.com Soul Album of the Year 2014 – soulbrother.com Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Awards 2014 Album of the Year Runner-Up Jazz Ain't Jazz Awards - Best Male Vocal, Best Album 2014 Jazz FM Awards - Soul Artist of The Year 2014 "

Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit Live From Twist & Shout 11.16.07 2-sided 12" This is a live EP recorded a the Denver, CO record store, Twist & Shout. Recorded in 2007 around the release of "Sirens Of The Ditch." The title was originally released on CD and digitally in 2008

Jean Carn Was That All It Was / Don't Let It Go to Your Head 12" Two Jean Carn seminal hits combined for RSD. RSD exclusive 180g

Jean-Jaques Perry Prelude au Sommeil 12" Prelude au Sommeil was Perrys first release just over 60 years ago.. it has never been re-releasd in its entirety on vinyl... this remastered consists of two 25-minute-long pieces of languidly billowing, pillowy textures that unfold at a sedate – or even sedative – pace. The overall vibe is suggestive of funeral-parlour Muzak in a mausoleum on the moon. But rather than the Big Sleep, the album has been scientifically designed to ease passage to Death’s briefer nightly foretaste: the slow slide into unconsciousness.

Jeff Buckley Live At Sine Quadruple LP Vinyl A x4 LP Vinyl set in deluxe packaging, with a booklet & numbered sleeve. First time on LP Vinyl

Jethro Tull Moths 1 x 100g 10" Black vinyl 6 track EP "6 Track mini LP, Artwork based around the original single 'Moths' using the same shot of Ian Anderson on the cover replacing the original black and white for colour. Living In These Hard Times / Life Is A Long Song / Beltane / A Stitch In Time / Sweet Dream (Live). 2018 is Jethro Tull's 50th anniversary. "

Jesus Jones Zeroes and Ones 12" Rare, near-mythical remixes by Aphex Twin and The Prodigy lead this 25th anniversary, individually-numbered 12” clear vinyl edition of Jesus Jones' prediction of the rise of social media. Strictly limited edition of 1,000 worldwide. Also includes original instrumental demo version, previously unreleased.

Jimi Hendrix Mannish Boy / Trash Man 7" The first recording session featuring bassist Billy Cox & drummer Buddy Miles. Includes a rare outtake of "Trashman".

Jimmy Castor Bunch, The It's Just Begun LP The Jimmy Castor Bunch was an extraordinary 1970s American Soul-Funk outfit led by multi-instrumentalist James Walter Castor. The group reached the peak of their success in 1972 with the release of the ‘IT’S JUST BEGUN’ album. ‘It’s Just Begun’ became a DJ favorite and has been heavily covered, used in films and sampled extensively by various major players in the hip-hop & dance scene. Notable acts using samples from the album include Pharrell, Grandmaster Flash, Jamiroquai, Eric B. & Rakim, De La Soul, Jungle Brothers, Ice-T, 2 Live Crew, Mos Def, Bloodhound Gang, The Prodigy, The Rock Steady Crew and even James Brown! ‘It’s Just Begun’ also contains the track ‘Troglodyte (Cave Man)’ which became a big hit in the US, peaking at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100. The track stayed in the charts for 14 weeks and was a million seller that went on to receive a gold disc award. All of the above is no coincidence, we’re talking about an exceptional album here, its success comes from an effective and distinctive mix of funk, pop hooks, social commentary and gonzo comedy. The group knocks out a relentless stream of thick funky grooves and tackles everything from morality to philosophy. ‘It's Just Begun’ is littered with heavy vamping funk grooves, powered by growling fuzz baselines, Hendrix-inspired guitar work and Castor's trademark use of Afro-Latin rhythms. ‘It’s Just Begun’ is an important and influential release and well worth a listen for anyone interested in the roots of 1970s funk. After being plagued by unauthorized reissues over the last two decades, we are proud to announce the official reissue of this rare & out of print record. Available as a limited color vinyl edition (2000 copies) featuring the original Corrigan artwork & liner notes from Al Roberts. Released exclusively for Record Store Day 2018, available in participating record stores on 4/21.

Jkriv Férias ’77 Reworks 2 x 12" For Record Store Day 2018 RNT ushers in the springtime sunshine with Férias ’77 Reworks, a collection of Brasilian revisions from label co-head JKriv. A longtime lover of Brasilian sounds, this 8 song double 12” compiles reworks he created over nearly a decade, drawing from some of his most revered and respected sources. From the upfront boogie of “Relaxa,” to the stomping “Babaluae,” the tropical funk of “Rainha do Mar,” the downtempo sway of “Era Um Era,” to the almost balearic-leaning “Dotô” and more, this mini-album contains a wide swath of Brasilian styles and flavors. With beautifully vibrant artwork practically jumping off the sleeve, a free download card, and a cheeky sticker pack included, this one is an absolute RSD essential! 2 x Black Vinyl With Picture Sleeve, Sheet of Stickers With label Art + Download Codes

Jobriath Jobriath 1LP Pink "Jobriath's debut.Grand, grandiose, obsessive, overbearing, precocious, pretentious -- it's all that and more. Jobriath is arguably America's first glam rocker and gay America's first public icon as for its actual contents. His voice falls somewhere between vaudeville over-elucidation and operatic emphasis. Produced by Eddie Kramer. For the first time available on coloured Vinyl."

Joey Negro presents Remixed With Love 12" Three new and exclusive disco remixes from Joey Negro as part of his Remixed With Love series

John Fogerty Centrefield / Rock'n'Roll Girls 12" Picture Disc Ex Creedence Clearwater Revival member Features 2 iconic tracks from his double platinum selling album Centrefield

Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison (Legacy Edition) Quintuple LP Vinyl Two complete concerts on a x4 LP Vinyl set, plus a bonus 10" Vinyl of rehearsal recordings. Deluxe packaging includes book & numbered sleeve.

Johnny Cash I Love You Because / You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven 7" Orange 7" Vinyl

Johnny Thunders So Alonesome 1LP Recorded during his stay in London in the Spring of 1978 it was co-produced by Steve Lillywhite.   This release also tips a hat to the songs writer George 'Shadow' Morton who died five years ago (14Feb13) and who also produced Thunders for the New York Dolls 'Too Much Too Soon' album.   It is backed with a full length instrumental of the track.

Johnny Thunders (feat:Patti Palladin) (Give Her A) Great Big Kiss 7" Pic Disc Although Johnny Thunders legacy remains underground, there are  no end of 'Best of..' listed artists who name check the New York Doll / Heartbreaker as a major influence, which has outstripped any empirical chart statistic.  To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of his first solo album which he self proclaimed as the best album he ever made, Remarquable Records is releasing the latest in their Johnny Thunders releases,  a previously unreleased special 40th Anniversary mix of his cover of the Shangri-Las '(Give Him A) Great Big Kiss' featuring Steve Jones & Paul Cook (Sex Pistols); Walter Lure & Billy Rath (Heartbreakers); John 'Irish' Earle (Thin Lizzy); Chrissie Hynde & Patti Palladin.  

Jónsi & Alex All Animals LP Previously available as limited edition runs of 100, with hand painted sleeves, at the Norður og Niður festival, December 2017, now being made available in a run of 500 for RSD

Josephine Foster A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing LP ‘A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing’ (2006) is an unusual album, first because it does things with classical music that aren’t usually done. The songs Josephine Foster sings here are classical pieces, written (the texts are German poems) by some of the greatest German composers of the 19th century, Franz Schubert, Robert Schumann, Johannes Brahms, and Hugo Wolf. “Foster has found perhaps the most appropriate vehicle yet for her singular and affecting talents – 19th century German art-songs, wholly reconstructed here via Foster’s skeletal arrangements of voice and guitar” Pitchfork. Remastered and repackaged with new artwork. 1000 copies.

Jowe Head pincer movement lp first time on vinyl for swell maps tv personalities man

June Tabor Ashore 2LP 180g 2LP WHITE vinyl gatefold sleeve. Ist time every on vinyl.

Jungle Rot What Horrors Await LP "• Never before pressed on vinyl. • Limited edition colored LP vinyl. • Completely remixed and remastered. • Includes MP3 digital download card."

Kaleidoscope Faintly Blowing (Alt Unreleased Vers) / Jump In My Boat (Unreleased Track) 7" Following hot on the 50th Anniversary celebrations for their debut legendary album 'Tangerine Dream', Kaleisdoscope Sounds present two previously unreleased never heard before tracks out the bands personal archive. The A-side is the title track from the band's second album: 'Faintly Blowing', released April '69 although this versions is an early version of the track dating back record some 20 monthsealier to August '67 & the summer of love and features a different and more upfront guitar and vocals. The b-side 'Jump in my Boat' is an entirely previously unreleased studio track from the band from 1968 and one of a series of recordings the band dug up recently whilst searching through Peter Daltrey's loft. This version is Take 4. Both tracks have been beautifully remastered by the sonic psychedelic pioneer that is Pete Kember of Spacemen 3 who also remastered the bands debut album from Kaleidoscope Sounds last autumn.

KARA MARNI Golden 12" Single Kara's debut physical release

Karine Polwart with Pippa Murphy A Pocket of Wind Resistance 2LP Gatefold 2LP vinyl pressing of previously CD and digital only album released in Nov 2017. A album of the year on Any Decent Music, Songlines, fRoots, The Guardian.

Karizma Tech This Out, Pt. 1 12" A true & original Deep House classic gets the 2018 treatment it richly deserves… remixes from Atjazz & Yoruba Soul. Black Vinyl in 3mm Black Spined Sleeve

Karl Jenkins The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace LP The Armed Man is a Mass by Welsh composer Karl Jenkins (Soft Machine, Nucleus, Adiemus), subtitled "A Mass for Peace" is a powerful anti-war piece for choir and orchestra. Recorded during summer 2000, the album was released on CD and Cassette in 2001 and has achieved double-gold award status in UK. Available for the very first time on vinyl, this deluxe 180g gatefold double-album features custom inner-sleeves as well as extensive liner notes and sung-texts. Tracklist includes the 2010 'special edition' bonus track "For the Fallen - In Memoriam Alfryn Jenkins". This releaese is also times to comemorate the Armistice Day Centenary, 11 November 2018.

Kevin Morby & Waxahatchee Farewell Transmission b/w Dark Don't Hide It 7" Kevin Morby and Katie Crutchfield, both fans of Jason Molina, decided to record two iconic covers of Molina’s, “Dark Don’t Hide It” and “Farewell Transmission” and are planning on donating all proceeds from the release of the songs to the charity MusiCares.

Killing Joke Absolute Decent 2LP Transparent yellow + 2 bonus tracks,gatefold sleeve with poster and sleeve notes, only 300 made before on svart records, and fully remastered also featuring the original line up.

King Kurt Ooh Wallah Wallah LP 35th Anniversary reissue of their debut album, originally on Stiff Records. Feat. the UK top 40 hit Destination Zululand, etc. First time on vinyl since 1983. Limited edition in yellow vinyl. Tracks: Zulu Beat, Destination Zululand, Bo Diddley Goes East, Hound Dog, Wreck-A-Party Rock, Ghost Riders In The Sky, Gather Your Limbs, Rockin’ Kurt, Lonesome Train, Mack The Knife, Oedipus Rex, Do The Rat.

King Rooster, The The King Rooster LP The King Rooster are a heavy funk quartet consisting of Ian Stevens & Mark Claydon (Bass & Drums from London funksters, The Getup) joined by Sam Montero on keys & James Forster on guitar.  Collectively the band have played, recorded and shared stages with artists such as Sir Joe Quarterman, Alexia Coley, JTQ, Gizelle Smith, Reuben Wilson, Pee Wee Ellis, The Getup, Speedometer and Rhoda Dakar to name but a few.Having released a cassette only EP, Charisma Café, last year followed by a string of limited 7” vinyl only releases on various independent labels in Europe and the US, The King Rooster & Dinked Records are pleased to announce their self titled debut LP on heavy weight 180g black vinyl for Record Store Day 2018. Limited to 500 copies with picture sleeve and printed inner, each copy comes with a unique download card for digital. 14 tracks, including 8 previously unreleased ones.Droppin’ hard hitting instrumental workouts along with some heavy vocal bangers, real funk is the order of the day!

Kreator Behind The Mirror 12" Picture Disc This is a replica of the limited edition, 1987 12” picture disc single by Germany’s finest thrash metal quartet, Kreator. The title track is taken from the band’s seminal album, ‘Terrible Certainty’ and is backed with a rare cover version of British, cult NWOBHM band, Tygers Of Pan Tang’s track ‘Gangland’ and has been unavailable for over 30 years.

L7 fast & frightening 2LP First time on Vinyl

Lalo Schiffrin Enter The Dragon OST 1 x 140g 12" picture disc album Picture Disc of the 1973 martial arts action film "Enter the Dragon" soundtrack. This was Bruce Lee's final film appearance before his death on 20 July 1973 at age 32. The film was first released on 26 July 1973 in Hong Kong, six days after Lee's death. Often considered one of the greatest martial arts films of all time, in 2004 the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant". The film score was composed by by Argentine pianist and conductor Lalo Schifrin. First time on Picture Disc.

Laraaji Sun Transformations LP "An exclusive new RSD album comprising remixes and edits of material from Laraaji's recent 'Sun Gong' and 'Bring On The Sun' LPs. The Album connects the new age ambience of Laraaji's music to the kaleidoscopic cut-ups of the LA beat scene via e-works from the likes of Ras G, DNTEL, Mia Doi Todd and Dexter Story. Limited to 2,000 copies worldwide, housed in a printed kraft board sleeve with full colour printed inner. "

Laser Pace Granfalloon LP First ever reissue of the very curious prog LP released on John Fahey’s Takoma Records -- the 1974 LP by L.A.'s Laser Pace

Laura Veirs Fading of Stars 7" In anticipation of her new album 'The Lookout' Laura Veirs will release a very special 7" of unreleased track 'Fading of Stars' alongside a beautiful rendition of Daniel Johnston's classic 'True Love Will Find You In The End'. On Clear vinyl.

Led Zeppelin Rock And Roll 7" Yellow vinyl single for RSD 2018. With large hole and adaptor. Yellow 7" Single, with large hole and adaptor that can be removed, housed in a printed paperboard sleeve. Tracks: Side A: Rock And Roll (Sunset Sound Mix) / Side B: Friends (Olympic Studios Mix). Both tracks are previously unreleased. 

Legendary Marvin Pontiac, The Greatest Hits LP In 1999 John Lurie released the album The Legendary Marvin Pontiac: Greatest Hits, a posthumous collection of the work of an African-Jewish musician named Marvin Pontiac, a fictional character he created. The album includes a biographical profile describing the hard life of the troubled genius and the cover shows a photograph purported to be one of the few ever taken of him. Lurie wrote the music and performed with John Medeski, Billy Martin, G. Calvin Weston, Marc Ribot, and Tony Scherr. The album received praise from David Bowie, Angelique Kidjo, Iggy Pop, Leonard Cohen, and others. "I thought people would be up in arms about pretending to be a black person," Lurie said in a 2008 interview, "but people were more upset that I pretended to be an insane person."

Lemonheads, The Favourite Spanish Dishes 7" EP Released in 1990, Favourite Spanish Dishes sees The Lemonheads revisit Linda Rondstadt and the Stone Poneys’ ‘Different Drum’. “Dando has always had an ear for a cover version, able to select songs that fitted his melodic and lyrical sensibility perfectly, and Different Drum was perfect for him.” Guardian (The Lemonheads: 10 Of The Best). The 12” features an acoustic rendition of The Misfits ‘Skulls’ where “the grain of this voice gives the cover magnetic weight” (Rolling Stone) and self-penned tracks include ‘Paint’ and ‘Ride With Me’. Remastered, limited edition 5 track, pink, 45RPM EP with Spanish dishes recipe booklet. 1500 copies.

Lewis Capaldi Bloom - EP 12" "Lewis’ first ever physical release of the critically acclaimed Bloom EP. Clear vinyl & scented inner sleeve. Lewis has decided to release a physical version due to popular fan demand and to support independent record shops. "

Liminanas, The Dimanche/Two Sisters 7'' The Liminanas always had a very special relationship with Vinyl and are always thinking of special vinyl releases, including exclusives Record Store day items.The band also loves to do covers of their cult songs and bands. This 7'' features an original track featuring Bertrand Belin from "Shadow People" album and anexclusive B side : "Two Sisters", a gorgeous cover of The KInks, featuring Anton Newcombe (Vocals)

Liminanas, The Remixes 12'' A second The Liminanas vinyl item for the Record Store Day , this time their songs revisited by other artists. The Liminanas got lot of support over the years from many artists.Here, two great french guys loving their work,Laurent Garnier & Arnaud Rebotini, remixed "Dimanche" & "Istanbul Is Sleepy". Exclusive 12"" release

Linkin Park One More Light Live 2 x 140g 12" Gold, Black mix vinyl album 2 LP colored vinyl-Gold with Black in single pocket jacket, First Time on vinyl.

Lisa Knapp Till April Is Dead LP Limited edition 180 gram white vinyl with exclusive prints especially for Record Store Day. “An album overflowing with warmth, light and waywardness.” The Guardian

Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes Expansions / A Chance For Peace 12" First time this ground-breaking release has been available on 12" for four decades. 180g

Lou Reed Animal Serenade 3 x 140g 12" Black vinyl album Live album recorded in Los Angeles at the Wiltern Theatre in 2003 after The Raven. The show features a drummer-less band (including Mike Rathke on guitar/synth, bassist,vocalist Fernando Saunders, and the cello of Jane Scarpantoni). Reed delivers dramatic readings of some of his most compelling work. In addition, Anohni, of Antony and the Johnsons fame, contributes background vocals throughout and sings the lead on "Set The Twilight Reeling" and "Candy Says."

Lovely Eggs, The This Is Eggland (RSD Egg Edition) LP Special Fried egg vinyl, 500 copies only, in a special hand packed sleeve. Designed by the band, the giant fried egg appears in its own polythene display sleeve with a uniquely designed cardboard top. This is a true gem for any collector. Northern psychedelic punks The Lovely Eggs return with a mind-melting new album. The Lovely Eggs are one of the most unique, innovative and genuine bands on the British Underground music scene. Heavier and more in-your-face than anything they’ve done previously, Holly Ross (guitar/vocals) and David Blackwell (drums) bring together a fierce DIY ethos, surreal sense of humour and kitchen-sink realism. Working with a producer for the very first time, Dave Fridmann (Mercury Rev, The Flaming Lips) lends his magic dust to bring out the best of The Lovely Eggs’ explosive blend of motoric krautrock, 60s psychedelia and punk rock attitude. They create their own world and invite us to join them in Eggland. The album title is a cheeky nod to Shane Meadows’ series, This Is England. It is a comment on the current state of modern Britain. The album is about being an outsider and doing things differently, eschewing society’s conventions as they have done. Since having their son in 2013, the pair have taken him on tour with them, racing round the UK with 2 fingers up to conventional family life firmly out of the window. They have also remained in their hometown of Lancaster, despite its cultural and geographical isolation. As Holly explains; “On this album we're saying it's OK to live life differently, we're doing it and you can do it too! “Living up here in Lancaster is kind of mad. It's a bit like the Twin Peaks of Great Britain.” The town has a rich history of the witchcraft, notoriously it was where the Pendle witches were hanged”. For the first time ever, the pair worked with a producer on the new album, welcoming in legendary Grammy award winning engineer Dave Fridmann to their world. “We received an email from Dave Fridmann. He had got our answerphone message, listened to our stuff and wanted to work with us. It was just totally bizarre!” The album was self-recorded at Lancaster Musician's Co-op and the Eggs’ own house. Dave Fridmann then produced it remotely. They then went out to Dave's Studio in New York State, for mixing. The result is a gratifyingly rich sounding record, which still retains the raw energy of the band’s sound but harnesses a real power and dynamism. It’s much heavier than anything they’ve done before. As Holly says: “It's pretty relentless. It kind of sounds like a chip shop on fire. We still write about everyday life and the stuff that goes on in our world, it's just the new album is more fierce”. The Lovely Eggs have been nudging towards a heavier sound with their previous album This Is Our Nowhere, which was praised by the NME, who called them; “One of the country's most beloved underground bands.” Having formed in Paris in 2006, they named themselves after a pigeon laid two eggs on an abandoned nest on the windowsill.To celebrate their 10th anniversary last year, they reissued their first three albums on coloured vinyl. The band have built up a cult following, selling out gigs across the UK, as well as gaining support from 6 Music and Radio One. This Is Eggland is a giant leap forward in their wild-ride of a career. The album is like listening in on The Lovely Eggs’ own secret world, with philosophical songs about the mysteries of the universe (“Hello I Am Your Sun”), to abandoning “ the grass is always greener” mentality (“Wiggy Giggy”), to being on the wrong side of society or the music industry (“I’m With You”) and several inspired by local witchcraft. Unashamed to be themselves and have fun while they’re at it, The Lovely Eggs weave an intoxicatingly magnetic magic spell and we’re helplessly and willingly falling under it. Tracks: 1 Hello I Am Your Sun 2 Wiggy Giggy 3 Dickhead 4 I Shouldn't Have Said That 5 Return Of Witchcraft 6 I'm With You 7 Repeat It 8 Witchcraft 9 Big Sea 10 Let Me Observe 11 Would You Fuck

Lulu Heaven And Earth And The Stars Translucent Blue LP + 7" "Exclusive to RSD2018, and originally released in 1973, ""Heaven And Earth And The Stars"" was the 7th studio album released by British pop star Lulu. The album famously featured covers of 2 David Bowie classics; ""The Man Who Sold The World"" and ""Watch That Man"", both produced by Bowie and Mick Ronson, and featuring Bowie on backing vocals and saxophone. The album also contains Lulu’s theme song for the James Bond film ""The Man With The Golden Gun"". This numbered exclusive Record Store Day version is pressed on heavyweight translucent blue vinyl, and features newly commissioned artwork. As a bonus it includes a limited and collectible numbered 7” single of the two David Bowie written/produced songs (""The Man Who Sold The World"" and ""Watch That Man""). This is limited to 2000 units worldwide."

LUMP Curse of the Contemporary 12" "Curse of the Contemporary" is the first track from the brand new band LUMP. It is a perfect introduction for their self-titled debut album.

Lurkers, The Fulham Fallout LP Celebrating the 40th Anniversary since release on Orange Vinyl

Mac DeMarco Old Dog Demos Yellow LP Captured Tracks brings listeners a selection of demos - one of which was previously left on the cutting room floor - and instrumentals from Mac DeMarco's latest LP This Old Dog.

Mac DeMarco / Shamir Mac DeMarco and Shamir Cover Beat Happening Clear 7" The artists are good friends and have a special relationship with Beat Happening. Mac used the lyrics from "Indian Summer" as his high school yearbook quote and Shamir has a tattoo of a Beat Happening album cover on his arm. All the profits from this release will go to the Immigrant Defence Project (IDP), a non-profit organisation that give legal aid to immigrants battling deportation and discrimination.

Maccabees, The Wall Of Arms LP Limited Edition, individually numbered 12" picturedisc of The Maccabees' second album, Wall Of Arms (2009). It is presented in a clear plastic sleeve and includes a download code.

Machito Machito. From Montuno To Cubop LPX2 Double vinyl. Some tracks have been remastered and restored and some are presented on vinyl after many years.

Madness I Do Like To Be B-side The A-Side LP Fans of Madness have been requesting a vinyl release of their B-sides for some time now. 'I Do Like To Be B-Side The A-Side' contains the B-sides for the first eleven Madness 7" singles. Collated on a 12" LP on heavyweight black vinyl, the album's packaging has been designed by long-time Madness collaborator Paul Agar and features a wonderfully surreal black and white image of the band on a diving board at a holiday camp, 1950s style. Tracks include 'Madness', 'In The City' and 'Mistakes'.

Madonna The First Album 1 x ???g 12" picture disc w/ obi strip Replica of - MADONNA The First Album (Rare 1983 Japanese 8-track Picture Disc LP, complete with the original lilac card insert, fold-out page Japanese biography / lyric insert & clear PVC outer with the pink heart-shaped obi-sticker.

Madonna You Can Dance 1 x 140g 12" Red translucent vinyl 7 track EP Replica of Venezuelan version of You Can Dance (Mix 2) Tracklising: A1. Spotlight, A2. Holiday, A3. Everybody, A4. Physical Attraction. B1. Over and Over, B2. Into The Groove, B3. Where’s The Party

Main Ingredient, The Work to Do / Instant Love "7"" " Main Ingredients fantastic take on the Average White Band's original funky classic. For the first time ever on 7" too. backed with a Main Ingredient track that's shot-up in popularity over the last few years, so welcome to the long 7" version of "Instant Love" previously only available on the U.S. promo 7" which will set you back circa £80 large / dinked centre hole

Mal-One Never Mind The Punk 45 black vinyl 7'' London artist Mal-One has recorded a 7'' to celebrate all things PUNK..name checking many London Record Stores in this song,with a Reggae/Dub version on the B-side. The record cover is a collage of a 100 Punk singles of all the classics From Adam and the Ants to X Ray Spex. His next London Punk Art exhibtion is in May on Piccadilly and inside the shrink wrapped 45 is an invite to the show. Mal-One has exhibited along side Banksy and Peter Blake among others. This black vinyl 7'' only release of 600 copies.

Manfred Mann The Albums '64-'67 LPB " DELUXE RECORD STORE DAY BOX SET featuring Manfred Mann's 4 albums released 1964-1967  Includes: The Five Faces of Manfred Mann (1964) Mann Made (1965) As Is (1966) Soul of Mann (1967  Newly remastered, manufactured on heavy duty vinyl and card, with new sleeve notes written by members of the band.  This Box set is being released under the “Artist Approved” banner, signifying that this release is issued with the full approval of the featured artists.  This is the first time for over 30 years that these albums are all available on vinyl (with the exception of Five Faces which had a limited reissue of 1000 units in 2012).  The box set also includes a DVD featuring interviews and footage of four members of the band, filmed in 2017, as well as a high quality artwork print of the classic 60s band.  The box size is 318x318x20mm  All five original members of the band are still playing and touring regularly: The Manfreds tour the UK and Europe, while Manfred Mann himself still records and gigs regularly with his Earth Band around Europe and Scandinavia, and recently celebrated 40 years of the Earth Band with a 22-CD box set. MANFRED "

Mansun Wide Open Space 12" First Time Both 'Four' EP Tracks Released On Single 12" Vinyl

Marc Bolan & T. Rex The Final Cuts Picture Disc LP "Exclusive to RSD2018, this special numbered picture disc LP is the first time this material has been issued on vinyl. Originally released in 2006 on CD, this album was put together from multi-track tapes that had been returned to Bolan’s son Rolan. Recorded at AIR Studios Oxford Street location, these tapes had been kept by the studio receptionist in her broom cupboard in Weston-Super-Mare, southwest England in the intervening years. These tapes make up the bulk of the final recorded studio work from the final twelve months of Marc Bolan’s life. With the addition of four tracks recorded at Decibel Studios in Stamford Hill in April 1977, the picture is almost complete and we can enjoy and understand more fully in context the direction in which Marc Bolan’s music may have been heading as he approached his thirties. Seven of the twelve songs on this were not released during Bolan’s lifetime. This is limited to 2000 units worldwide."

Marc Jonson Years LP+7" 180g LP with 7" featuring 4 extra tracks. Reissued on vinyl for the first time, Marc Jonson's debut, "Years", is a psych folk/baroque pop masterpiece originally released on Vanguard Records in 1972

Marvin Gaye Sexual Healing: The Remixes LP Vinyl Red smoke coloured Vinyl. 35th anniversary package of remixes, including Kygo club hit.

Marvin Gaye Let’s Get It On [45th Anniversary Edition] 1LP Come Get To This; it’s the 45th anniversary of Marvin Gaye’s landmark soul album, Let’s Get It On. This limited edition release has been pressed on 180g heavyweight red vinyl.

Mary Clark Take Me I'm Yours 7" Single These two classic tracks from the elusive Mary Clark were originally released on the P&P distributed La Shawn label in 1980. The Original 45 is now extremely rare and in demand and now sells for circa £200 if you can find one.

Mastodon Emperor of Sand 1 x 140g 12" picture disc album ‘Take Me I’m Yours’ has that classic Patrick Adams NY Disco/Boogie sound and is a very popular club anthem, being reissued on 45 for the first time here.

Max Richter The Blue Notebooks - 15 Years LP(2) ‘You Got Your hold on me’ is a beautiful Modern Soul /2-stepper that has gained popularity in recent years. it is re-released on a single for the first time here.

Maytones, The Only Your Picture LP This single will be very popular with DJ’s and Disco and Soul collectors.

Mekons, The Never Been In A Riot 7" Limited to 1000 hand numbered copies with RSD and date in text.

Mekons, The Where Were You / I'll Have To Dance Then (On My Own) 7" Yellow vinyl..repress of seminal second Mekons' 45. Originally released in 1978 on FAST Records.

Melvin Sparks Texas Twister LP Melvin Sparks (1946–2011) was a talented American Soul Jazz, Hard Bop & Blues guitarist. The Texas native picked up a guitar at age 11 and was only 13 when he sat in with B.B. King. As a high school student first he joined Hank Ballard and the Midnighters, and then the Upsetters (a touring band formed by Little Richard, which also backed Curtis Mayfield, Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye). Sparks and his guitar were very much in demand during the ‘60s-‘70s and he was featured on sessions by Lonnie Smith, Charles Earland, Lou Donaldson & Sonny Phillips among others. During his career Mr. Sparks recorded multiple albums for renowned labels such as Prestige & Savant and worked as a session musician for Blue Note Records. Melvin Sparks’ songs were sampled countless times by DJ’s and Hip-Hop outfits (including Grandmaster Flash) over the decades. In 1973 Sparks moved into funkier directions and joined the Westbound/Eastbound family where he recorded an all time classic: ‘TEXAS TWISTER’. This record is a delight and there’s A LOT happening while Sparks is peeling off some fluid lightning riffs! Texas Twister features Idris Muhammad on drums, which means a frenzy of funky JB-influenced over-the-top soul-jazz drumming. Featured on Hammond Organ is the great Ceasar Frazier and bass duties are handled by Wilbur Bascomb (know for his performance on Jeff Beck's ‘Wired’ album and the soundtrack for the 1979 film version of Hair). Add some extremely tight horns and congas to the mix (which gives this album a sweet Latin Jazz vibe) and you’re swinging all night long. All of the above is carefully overseen by engineer Malcolm Addey & producer Bob Porter (known for their work with Quincy Jones, Charles Mingus, Duke Ellington, Nat King Cole, Miles Davis, Coltrane etc). Originally released in 1973 on Eastbound Records, super rare and fetching large sums on the collectors market, now finally back available as a limited deluxe vinyl edition (1500 copies) featuring the original art by Neil Terk (known for his work for Muddy Waters, Dire Straits, Funkadelic, Grace Jones etc), released exclusively for Record Store Day 2018 and only available in participating record stores on 4/21.

Members, The Greatest Hits - All The Singles LP Most Recent album on clear vinyl

Merzbow, Mats Gustafsson, Thurston Moore, Balazs Pandi Cuts Up, Cuts Out LP SLIPCASE, HEAVYWEIGHT VINYL

Michael Kiwanuka Out Loud! 12" On the special occasion of RSD 2018, Michael Kiwanuka releases an exclusive live album. Recorded over his 2017 tour in three iconic UK venues. 

Michael Raven And Joan Mills Death And The Lady LP One of the rarest of all 70s British folk albums, this darkly beautiful record has never been available on vinyl since the first pressing of just 250 copies was pressed in 1972. It’s presented here together with an insert telling the story behind the album, with rare photos. Format: Black LP with Insert in a Hand Numbered Sleeve.

Midland On The Rocks LP The debut offering from singer Mark Wystrach, lead guitarist Jess Carson and bass player Cameron Duddy, collectively known as ‘Midland’. Midland is the embodiment of Seventies California country, all smooth Eagles harmonies and heart-on-your-sleeve lyrics. Their songs are intoxicating country sung with the twang of George Strait. And it's impossible to resist. Their No. 1 hit single “Drinkin’ Problem” earned Best Country Song and Best Country Duo/Group Performance nominations for the Grammy’s 2018. If there was a perfect country album which combined those traditional sounds with modern hooks for me then this is it! (Six ShooterCountry ). This vinyl is only available in the UK as part of Record Store Day.

Miguel War & Leisure x2 LP Vinyl Double, 150gm, Black, LP Vinyl with download code inserts. (CD was released in late '17). RSD exclusive until Oct '18

Miles Davis Rubberband 12" 1 x 140g 12" Black vinyl single Recorded in 1985, Miles Davis’s long lost album, Rubberband is now on schedule for release. Rubberband’s title track has been updated and remixed by its producers, with vocals by R&B / jazz singer Ledisi. Randy Hall and Zane Giles also finished the original version for this exclusive 4-track Record Store Day EP. This is the start of the set up for the full album, which will finally see the light of day this autumn, stretching Rubberband over 30 years. Miles Davis had shocked the music world by moving from Columbia to Warner Bros, and the Rubberband sessions marked a radical departure for him., with funk and soul grooves that would have featured Al Jarreau and Chaka Khan.

Miroslav Vitous / Deodato New York City / Whistle Bump 12" Double header of David Mancuso Loft classics together for the first time on one remastered 12". RSD exclusive 180g

Moebius Story Leidecker / Andreas Spechtl Split 12" Previously unreleased.

Mogwai Ten Rapid (Collected Recordings 1996-1997) LP Ltd coloured vinyl repress of long out of print collection of Mogwai singles, b-sides and rarities.

Mohawks The Champ 7" gold 50 years ago, The Mohawks, a group of session musicians assembled by Alan Hawkshaw, released The Champ. This Hammond infused dance groove went on to be one of THE essential Hip-Hop samples of all time. Originally released in 1968, the legend of The Champ has continued to grow, there is a Wikipedia page dedicated to the track, and WhoSampled lists 641 tracks that have used it’s groove – an A list of Hip-Hop and Rap royalty including Eric B & Rakim, Mantronix, Afrika Bambaataa, Onyx, Nas, DJ Shadow, Method Man, Ice Cube, Easy E… and many more! If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for you! Grab a slice of Hip Hop history for RSD 2018

Molly Nilsson These Things Take Time 2LP "Edition of 500 CLEAR VINYL for RECORD STORE DAY It would be easy to say that Molly Nilsson needs no introduction, but These Things Take Time is an introduction. Originally self-released in 2008 on a limited CDR run with handfolded sleeve, Nilsson’s debut album has slowly taken over the hearts of many. In 2014 this modern classic of autonomous, DIY pop and punk-as-you-like attitude was released as a double vinyl a beautiful edition featuring unreleased bonus tracks across two discs, it sold out within a month of release.. Now repressed for RSD18"

Morbid Angel Kingdoms Disdained 12" vinyl picture disc heavy weight Album never made avaible in this format

Motorhead Death Or Glory 1LP SILVER “Death Or Glory” is one of two studio albums with the short-lived Lemmy, Würzel, Zööm and Mikkey Dee lineup and was originally released in 1993 as “Bastards”, the eleventh Motörhead studio album. On this album the band returned to their roots: being loud and fast. The lyrical themes range from social criticism ("On Your Feet or on Your Knees"), to war ("Death or Glory" and "I am the Sword") to child abuse ("Don't Let Daddy Kiss Me") and total mayhem ("Burner"). “Death Or Glory” is cited by the band as one of their best works. In his autobiography White Line Fever, vocalist/bassist Lemmy called it: "…one of the best albums we ever did…"

Motörhead Heroes (TBC) 7" single vinyl picture disc heavy weight The 'Heroes' single has never made avaible in this format and the release features the 2017 official Wacken Hymn on side B. This was a live recording of the crowd at Wacken 2017 singing along to the launch of the 'Heroes' single. This audio is not available for sale anywhere else.

Mushrooms Project vs Earthboogie The Remixes 12" Mushrooms Project and Earthboogie selected a track from each others recent catalogue with a view to reinterpret the original in their own style. Mushrooms Project are known for their sleazy mid-tempo laid-back style and Earthboogie are making a name for themselves with their African inspired dancefloor productions. Here these two approaches collide with great effect.

N.S.U. Turn On, Or Turn Me Down LP "An air of mystery surrounds this album, and indeed, even the label on which it was originally released. DJ and percussionist Count Simon de la Bedoyere (aka Simon Stable) set up the Stable label in 1968, only to fold it a year later, but during that brief spell it released a handful of great albums. One of those was “Turn On, Or Turn Me Down”, the only album made by psychedelic blues rock band N.S.U.. Hailing from Glasgow, and setting out their stall by taking their name from the first track on the first Cream album, they recorded the album over 3 days in February 1969 at De Lane Lea in Holborn, London, a cutting edge studio where Jimi Hendrix, The Who, The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd had also recorded. In their 2017 “Buried Treasure” feature on the album, Classic Rock magazine highlighted guitarist Ernest Rea’s “glorious flashes of acid-fuzz soloing”. The band was assisted on backing vocals by the legendary Sue and Sunny, ubiquitous at about that time, singing back-up on Joe Cocker’s “With A Little Help From My Friends”, “20th Century Boy” for T. Rex and for the likes of Dusty Springfield, Tom Jones, Elton John and even Frank Zappa. The album features eight original band compositions together with their 8 minute version of the old blues song “On The Road Again”, popularised by Canned Heat. Having performed at the Royal Albert Hall to accompany the release of the album in July 1969, the band (and label) slipped back into obscurity… "

Nas Live From The Kennedy Center 2XLP Nas has announced a new concert film of his Illmatic performance at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. Produced by Mass Appeal, the film will include backstage footage along with the performance, as well as commentary from Nas on the classic 1994 album. The film premieres on February 2 on PBSas part of their “Great Performances” series and will stream on PBS’ website following it’s initial debut. Originally recorded in 2014, the Kennedy Center performance celebrated Illmatic’s 20th anniversary, and featured the National Symphony Orchestra. Packaging includes 2XLP in a red velvet gatefold cover, sheet music, lyrics, and download for the film.

National, The Boxer live in Brussels Clear LP LP in mirri-board sleevePreviously unreleased live version of the bands Boxer album performed in full - recorded at Forest National, Brussels, Belgium, 09 November 2017

Nazz Fungo Bats Acetates (Unreleased LPs) 2LP "BLACK VINYL. Nazz's second album was to be a double album (as per Todd's wishes) called """"Fungo Bat"""". Recording began in November, 1968 and completed in March, 1969. Due to band members indifferences and management decisions, it was never released as such and Todd left the band to pursue a solo career. Todd's personal copies of the masters of """"Fungo Bat"""" were among the possessions lost in the tragic fire at his place many years back. The source of the recordings are from an individual, who was a friend of a friend in Austin, Texas, who once owned one of the only known copies of the acetates for """"Fungo Bat"""". There were three 12"""" acetates, with typed labels. The track listing on the acetates are in the original order, 24 tracks and if this was indeed to be the album order, what is listed here is the logical place for album side breaks. DISC ONE, SIDE ONE 1., Forget All About It, 2. There's Only One Winner, 3. Magic Me, 4. Gonna Cry Today, 5. Meridian Leeward, 6. Under the Ice DISC ONE, SIDE TWO 1. Some People, 2. Rain Rider, 3. Resolution, 4. Old Time Lovemaking, 5. Featherbedding Lover, 6. Take the Hand, 7. How Can You Call That Beautiful? DISC TWO, SIDE ONE 1.Loosen Up, 2. Sing A Song- Good Lovin' Woman- Sing A Song reprise DISC TWO, SIDE TWO 1.Hang On Paul, 2. Not Wrong Long, 3. You Are My Window, 4. A Beautiful Song "

Neil Young Roxy - Tonight's the Night Live 2 LP Black Vinyl Tonight's The Night Live was taped during a short run of shows at LA's Roxy venue in 1973, just afterYoung and his band at the time (Billy Talbot, Nils Lofgren, Ralph Molina and Ben Keith AKA The Santa Monica Flyers) had recorded Tonight's The Night. Three side black vinyl album with engraving on side D. Gatefold package with insert and limited edtition photo for RSD only

Niall Horan Mirrors EP 10" "• On My Own • Mirrors • On The Loose • Slow Hands 10"" black vinyl Shrinkwrap "

Nic Fanciulli Saying Feat. Damon Albarn 7" Grammy-nominated DJ & producer Nic Fanciulli and Blurs lead singer Damon Albarn collaberate for this experimental soundscape, LTD edition red, single sided 7” vinyl (taken from Nic’s debut album “My Heart”)

Nick Hakim / Onyx Collective “Vincent Tyler” B/W “The PawnBroker/Rat Race” 12" Collaborative 12" release with new original songs recorded by Nick Hakim and Onyx Collective. Psychedelic soul artist Nick Hakim released his acclaimed debut album 'Green Twins' last year after the critical success of his debut EP series 'Where Will We Go.' Onyx is one of the most talked about rising artists in NYC's burgeoning new jazz scene. Standard black vinyl with album download code.

Nick Heyward Stars 10" "Classic pop songwriter Nick Heyward’s critically acclaimed ninth album, Woodland Echoes, harvested an abundance of rave reviews from critics and fans alike. An album of exceptional warmth and intimacy full of paeans to nature, it debuted at No. 4 on the Official Independent Album Chart. Described by Mojo as a top 10 single and the best track on the album, “The Stars” is the third single from Woodland Echoes and is Heyward’s first exclusive for Record Store Day. Its echo of itchy pop-funk recalls his early days as frontman of new wave group Haircut 100, a foundational part of the 80s pop explosion.Exclusive b-side “Everyone & Everything”, brings a swirling psychedelic 90s vibe to the nature pop fest and carries on “The Stars” theme of our universal interconnectedness with everything. "

Nico I’m Not Sayin’ / The Last Mile 7” single I’m Not Sayin’' was the first original single release by Andrew Loog Oldham’s Immediate Records in August 1965. Written by Gordon Lightfoot and produced by Oldham, the song features a haunting vocal by Nico, backed by beautiful orchestration arranged and conducted by David Whittaker with The Rolling Stones’ Brian Jones on guitar with Jimmy Page. Two promotional films were shot by Peter Whitehead, one featuring Nico wandering through London’s West India Docks in 1965, an area long since changed. The song was chosen by Morrissey as a Desert Island Discs choice on BBC Radio Four. The gatefold sleeve features photography by Gered Mankowitz from the original recording session. The original b-side ‘The Last Mile’ was a co-write between Oldham and the-then Immediate Records’ musical director, Jimmy Page. Even as early as 1965, the multi-talents of the future Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin maestro were apparent: as well as guitars, Page also produced, arranged and conducted the song.

Nikki Sudden last bandits 2lp expanded double Lp version rights have been bought back after 30 years

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds It's A Beautiful World (Remixes) 12" single on Monochrome Vinyl Andrew Weatherall and Mike Pickering/Graeme Park Remixes

Nothing But Thieves Crazy / Lover You Should've Come Over 7" Vinyl NBT cover Gnarls Barkley & Jeff Buckley! Numbered sleeve.

Notorious B.I.G., The Juicy 1 x 140g 12" Black / clear marble swirl vinyl single Widely considered one of the greatest rappers of all time, this 12” inch single by Notorious BIG is back on vinyl for the first time since its 1994 release. This “Best Rap Solo Performance” Billboard Award Winning, RIAA Platinum Certified single off the legendary debut album “Ready to Die” will be reissued on grey vinyl as a special Record Store Day exclusive. 

Ocean Colour Scene Marchin' Already 2LP "Exclusive green-coloured heavyweight vinyl for Record Store Day 2018. Number one album released September 1997. Featuring three top-10 singles - Hundred Mile High City / Better Day / Travellers Tune "

Ocean, The Rhyacian LP "EXCLUSIVE 12"" PICTURE DISC FOR RECORD STORE DAY 2018!!!!  This 12“ picture disc features a brand new studio re-recording of the ""Precambrian"" opener Rhyacian, with the band's current lineup.  The B-side has an instrumental version of the same track, which is exclusive to this Record Store Day release!!  While THE OCEAN are working on the conceptual sequel to the band's 2007 album Precambrian; the band has recently reissued the album on vinyl. To further celebrate the 10th anniversary, the Berlin musician's collective has announced a short tour around a number of European festivals this spring, where they will perform the album in its entirety.  “Epic in scope and flawless in execution, “Precambrian” reinforces The Ocean as one of the most exciting names in modern heavy music. Behold mind-blowing metal on a wagnerian scale” – Rock Sound, 9/10  “Full of cinematic breadth and orchestral majesty, it’s easy to get lost in the album’s 80 minutes of rhythmic sea changes and powerful riffing. The Ocean excel in their idiosyncratic nuances and hammering insistence on this Teutonic paean to Earth’s geology” – Revolver, 4/5  “… engrossing to the point where words don’t necessarily matter: The Ocean do for earth science class what Mastodon did for Melville: make learning brutal” – Decibel, 9/10  “An ape-sized thorn to religious types who believe Earth is 2000 years old. Badalamenti-inspired passages and heaps of classical instrumentation finding a healthy home during the ascents and descents of crooned dark rock, Mr. Bungle-playfulness, Neur-Isis dirges and DEP/NIN electronica. Astounding work.” – Terrorizer, 9 /10  For fans of BREACH, CULT OF LUNA, ISIS, CONVERGE, ROSETTA, RUSSIAN CIRCLES, MONO, MASTODON, PG.LOST TRACKLIST 1.Rhyacian: Untimely Meditations (2017 studio version) 2.Rhyacian: Untimely Meditations – instrumental (2017 studio version) "

Odyssey / Phyllis Hyman / Keni Burke Native New Yorker / You Know How To Love Me / Let Somebody Love you (Dimitri From Paris Special Re-Mixes) 2 x 12 Gatefold French Disco auteur Dimitri From Paris' Le Edits imprint is proud to present a very special and limited record store day release for 2018. Le Edits burst onto the music scene in 2017 with the highest quality re-workings of stone-cold Disco classics and rarities for the discerning record buyer, striving to present the best possible product in a world of cheap bootlegs. This particular release has been in the works for the last 18 months and has been conceived with all copyright owners’ blessings. Using only the finest materials available, sourced from multiple countries across the globe, as well as top shelf engineering and mastering - this  product cost 4 times as much to produce than your average Disco edit 12’’ because Le Edits believe in quality first and foremost.Strictly limited to 300 copies, hand numbered and signed by Dimitri From Paris - No re-issue guaranteed. Utilising the highest end tip-on heavy duty gatefold sleeve, and inner protective sleeves, pressed onto100% virgin vinyl and housed in a handsome protective plastic cover and exclusive printed tote bag. These new mixes have been commissioned for RSD 2018 and will not be available digitally. A truly collectible and desirable item indeed. 

Oliver Coates John Luther Adams' Canticles of the Sky LP "Oliver Coates presents his interpretation of John Luther Adam's Canticles of the Sky. A composition normally for 16, 32 or 48 cellists surrounding an audience, Coates conducted 32 cellists for the UK premiere in Sheffield. Inspired by the performance, Coates recorded himself playing 16 parts, overlaid for this recording and limited vinyl release. Oliver Coates has received wide acclaim for his work with Mica Levi, Radiohead, Johnny Greenwood, Actress, and solo efforts Upstepping and Toward the blessed islands"

Open Mind, The The Open Mind LP w/ 7" One of the most legendary and collectible of all British psychedelic albums, this definitive vinyl reissue comes with a poster, 45 (with picture sleeve), and detailed booklet packed with rare images. Format: Black LP with 7 Inch Record and Vinyl Booklet in a Hand Numbered Sleeve.

OST / Hitchcock Themes 7" Vertigo / North By Northwest 7" coloured vinyl Coloured Vinyl - Double A side - numbered edition

OST / Various Sucker Punch 1LP Transparent Green "Sucker Punch is a 2011 dystopian fantasy steampunk action thriller film directed by Zack Snyder and co-written by Snyder and Steve Shibuya. The film stars Emily Browning, as a young woman who is committed to a mental institution. Sucker Punch: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack was considered one of the best soundtracks of 2011, reaching number twenty-two on the Billboard 200, and number 1 in the Top Soundtracks chart. Soundtrack produced by Marius de Vries featuring Björk, Skunk Anansie, Emilíana Torrini, Queen a.o. + covers of songs by The Smiths, Pixies, Eurythmics and Roxy Music by Emily Browning. First time on vinyl! First pressing of 1,000 numbered copies on transparent vinyl MOVATM release, housed in a deluxe PVC protection sleeve, package includes a printed innersleeve + exclusive bonus poster "

OST/ Various Artists Fawlty Towers - Second Sitting Picture Disc LP "Exclusive to RSD2018, Demon Records present Fawlty Towers - ""Second Sitting"", available as a picture disc for the first time. Featuring 2 of the most highly rated episodes ever. The classic episode ‘Basil The Rat’ backed with ‘The Builders’. Created by John Cleese and Connie Booth, Fawlty Towers is a classic BBC programme from the 70s. In 2000 the British Film Institute ranked it number 1 in the 100 Greatest British Television Programmes list. This is limited to 2000 units worldwide."

OST/ Various Artists American Dreamer OST LP "* Official Record Store Day release * Deluxe edition limited to 1,000 copies * Red wax housed in a deluxe gatefold “tip-on” jacket * Includes 18x24 film poster * First time on CD * First ever LP reissue “Lenin believed that the revolution would be fought with the camera and that the minds would be won in a theater rather than a battlefield. When you go to a dark theater, you’re giving yourself to that screen and wanting to believe, and if it’s done well, you do believe.” – Dennis Hopper After the incredible success of the film Easy Rider, Dennis Hopper was given a blank check to direct and star in the bizarre, surrealist The Last Movie – released in 1971. Filmed in Peru with Hopper, Peter Fonda, Kris Kristofferson, Dean Stockwell, Michelle Phillips and others – Hopper then brought the raw footage to his home in Taos, New Mexico for editing and final cut. And that’s where the real fun began - fueled by drugs, guns, and orgies – all captured on film by director Lawrence Schiller in a 1971 documentary titled The American Dreamer – that has to be seen to be believed. The soundtrack features exclusive recordings by Gene Clark, John Buck Wilkin, John Manning, Hello People, and a Fred Neil cover – all produced by Nick Venet (known for his work with Beach Boys, Karen Dalton, Scott Walker, etc). Dennis Hopper archivist Jessica Hundley has written a lengthy essay about the film & soundtrack – including new interviews with director Larry Schiller, some of the musicians and others involved, while the booklet also features dozens of rare, unseen photos from the New Mexico madness that we’ve printed in full color in a large booklet. "

Osunlade Same, Same… / Music Had Appeal 7" Osunlade's beautifully crafted Yoruba Soul imprint drops 2 delightfully soul & funk fuelled cuts in his distrinctly unmistakable style. Pressed in bespoke 7" sleeves.

Otoboke Beaver Okoshiyasu Otoboke Beaver LP Remastered 12" LP, solid PINK colour

Oumou Sangaré Mogoya Remixed 12'' "‘Mogoya Remixed’ sees Oumou Sangaré’s critically praised 2017 album ‘Mogoya’ remixed by six prestigious artists including Mercury Award winner Sampha, alongside St Germain, TWOTEK, Natureboy Flako, PEDRO and Pouvoir Magique. The remixes, which have never been released on vinyl before, will appear exclusively for Record Store Day on 12” white vinyl on Nø Førmat!. Hailing from Mali, Oumou is the greatest living female voice in African music whose latest album - included in the Albums Of The Year lists by Gilles Peterson, MOJO, BBC Culture and Songlines - was produced by  the French production collective A.l.b.e.r.t.. On working with Oumou’s track 'Minata Waraba’, Sampha explained: “My dad had a copy of Oumou’s album “Worotan” and no other album has spoken to me quite like that. Her music had been a huge inspiration ever since and it’s a real honour to have remixed some of her music.” While the enigmatic Manchester duo TWOTEK explained of their Fadjamou remix: ""We see it as our very own FIFA World Cup Anthem."" WHITE VINYL _TRACKLISTING A1. Minata Waraba - Sampha remix A2. Yere Faga - Natureboy Flako remix A3. KounKoun - PEDRO remix B1. Fadjamou - St Germain Remix B2. Kamelemba - Pouvoir Magique remix B3. Fadjamou - TWOTEK remix"

Our Broken Garden When Your Blackening Shows LP Celebrating 10th anniversary with first ever release on vinyl. White vinyl. Download code inlcuded

Paddy Kingsland The Changes 2LP Cult BBC TV series from 1975 with music by electronic pioneer Paddy Kingsland, who went on to score "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" and "Doctor Who". Only ever released as a single. which is now in high demand on Discogs.

Parquet Courts Mardi Gras Beads 7" Limited 7” / Brand new song from the forthcoming album in May / Exclusive indies only B side

Pat Thomas Introduces Marajita Pat Thomas Introduces Marajita LP Replica original artwork, official Mr Bongo reissue.

Patrick Adams Presents Phreek Weekend 12" 40 year anniversary of the patrick adams produced Phreek project featuring Leroy Burgess. Three tracks fully remastered taken from the Phreek album. RSD exclusive 180g

Patti Smyth and Scandal Goodbye To You: Live In the 80s 2LP "PINK VINYL. A true ""New Wave Queen"" (once married to Richard Hell), Patty Smyth hit the big time with Scandal, becoming their vocvalist in 1981. They had a huge hit with ""Goodbye To You"" and follow-up with ""Beat of the Heart"", ""Love's Got A Line on You"", and ""The Warrior"". After Scandal broke up, her hard edged vocals caused Eddie Van Halen to invite her to join Van Halen. She declined. The first 3 sides were recorded at the Agora Ballroom in New Haven, Ct. on July 15, 1983 and side 4 was recorded from a date at Indiana University on October 22, 1984. DISC ONE, SIDE ONE: 1. Child of the Night 2. Love's Got A Line On You 3. She Can't Say No 4. Less Than Half of What You Say Is True DISC ONE, SIDE TWO: 1. Another Bad Love 2. Tonight 3. All I Want 4. Hold On DISC TWO, SIDE ONE: 1. Goobye To You 2., Win Some, Lose Some 3. Second That Emotion DISC TWO, SIDE TWO: 1. Beat Of A Heart 2. Talk To Me 3. Warrior 4. River Deep, Mountain High"

Paul Quinn Please Stay/Pale Blue Eyes 7" Vinyl unreleased tracks by one of the best singers of a genaration.. 20 years on from his last album, these precious recordings show what an amzing talent Paul was during his shoert singing career.. a Paul Quinn anthology of his time on Postcard Records and his colaborations with Edwyn Collins,will be released later in the year, in cahoots with Moochin' About...

Pere Ubu Terminal Tower LP Pere Ubu’s earliest releases in the late ‘70s upended punk rock’s simplistic howl. It rewrote Dylan’s paranoid visions of cold war and political intrigue and introduced a band that would transcend genres and rewrite the theory of rock music, ripping up the plan and re-collaging it as they saw fit in subsequent years. Formed in 1975, their early incarnations were captured a decade later on the seminal ‘Terminal Tower’ an 11-track that brought together their early 45s and flipsides. Limited edition 180g vinyl. 1000 copies.

Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons Silver Machine 7" Black Vinyl Cover version of Hawkwind classic by ex-Motorhead guitarist Phil Campbell's new band - tribute to Lemmy. Includes previously unreleased B-side.

Phoenix Monologue 1 sided red heart shaped vinyl Non album track, single sided red-colored heart shaped vinyl, no B side. - clear sleeve with a sticker only (to show off the vinyl) as it was on the Ti Amo vinyl

Physics House Band, The Mercury Fountain 2LP REMIX ALBUM WITH LIVE TRACKS

Pictish Trail Future Echoes 2LP ‘Future Echoes’ is the latest album from Pictish Trail, AKA Scottish singer-songwriter Johnny Lynch. These spectral songs are filtered through a sun-warped pop lens, where heart-pumping guitar shriek-outs collide with sampled gurgles and fractured lyrics figure-skate over sine-waves of glacial synth. ‘Future Echoes’ represents the most confident, cohesive and pop-savvy collection of music Pictish Trail has written to date. Limited edition ‘cosmic’ coloured double 12” LP with disc of extras. 1000 copies.

Pineapple Thief, The 8 Years Later LP Previously only released as bonus CD material, The Pineapple Thief present their in demand 40 minute progressive/ambient recording '8 Years Later' on LP for the very first time. Pressed on 180g white vinyl.

Pink Floyd The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn 1 x 180g 12" Black vinyl album 1LP 180g black vinyl, in special envelope gold sleeve and includes a poster, unreleased Mono mix of the album

Plush Fed Vinyl LP Double LP, pressed at 45rpm, gatefold sleeve, download code

Police, The Roxanne - Picture Disc 7" Single "Reissue of the second Police single ‘Roxanne’, the first for A&M Records. Released in April 1978, it was the first single from debut album Outlandos d'Amour. Bespoke gatefold sleeve with die-cut ‘dialling holes’ – front cover is the original UK red ‘telephone’ image. Blue European sleeve for inner sleeve. Reissue sleeve, with band photo, for inside gatefold. "

Popol Vuh Messa Di Orfeo LP Born as Florian Fricke’s brainchild, Popol Vuh needs little introduction, the band stayed active between the late 1960s & late 1990s (until Florian’s passing in 2001). Regarded as pioneers in avant-garde German electronic music, their early works practically laid down the foundations for ‘Kosmische Muzik’ (Space Music) with the then new sounds of the Moog synthesizer joined with ethnic percussions. Later the group evolved to include all kinds of instruments (both electric and acoustic alike) shrouding their music in a spiritual & introspective mystical aura. Popol Vuh influenced many other European bands with their uniquely soft but elaborate instrumentation, which took inspiration from the music of Tibet, Africa and pre-Columbian America. With music sometimes described as "ethereal", they created soundscapes through psychedelic walls of sound, and are regarded as precursors of contemporary ‘world music’, as well as of ‘new age’ and ‘ambient’. Popol Vuh regularly contributed soundtracks to the films of Werner Herzog that include classics like ‘Aguirre’, ‘Nosferatu’, ‘Heart Of Glass’ & ‘Cobra Verde’. Messa di Orfeo is Popol Vuh’s twenthieth and last album, released in 1999 and features music played during the audio-video-light installation as performed in the Labyrinth of Molfetta (Bari-Italy). What makes this album so special is the fact that Popol Vuh were a group that almost never performed live as Florian Fricke didn't feel it would be possible to sustain the level of intensity needed for a full concert, and he preferred to spend the time he would have taken touring with writing and recording. With this unique album, POPOL VUH adds another major work to its constant search for the fusion of mysticism and music. Healing energy via sound (that are very reminiscent of the ambient pieces on Fitzcarraldo and Cobra Verde) makes these recordings spine-tinglingly beautiful. Now, for the FIRST TIME ON VINYL (these recordings only received a limited CD release in the late nineties) OWS records proudly presents a deluxe color vinyl edition exclusively for Record Store Day 2018. Strictly limited to 1000 copies worldwide this release also comes with an insert containing lyrics, liner notes and rare photographic materials. Available in participating stores on 4/21

Powersolo Peek-A-Bo 7" 500 black vinyl pressing

Prince 1999 1 x 180g 12" Black vinyl album Reissue of the European 1LP version of Prince “1999”, unavailable on LP since 1983

Prince Fatty Sunshine feat. Omar & Fatlip 7" (Dinked) Everyone loves the sunshine! And everyone loves to be surprised when the sequal does the original justice. Sometimes the fear rises when you hear a version has been made of a classic record, but this unlikely trio have exceeded those doubts and done Roy Ayres a justice. Soon as you hear it being played, you feel as bright as the vibe that shone at its release in 1976, on Polydor records.For this Record Store Day exclusive 7”, Prince Fatty has put together a stellar cast of collaborators, including legendary reggae rhythm section - Horseman & Mafia as well as Bubblers on Keys, with vocals by the immortal ‘Fatlip’ from LA Hip Hop legends ‘The Pharcyde’ and UK Soul royalty ‘Omar’. Prince Fatty who has been compared to ‘Lee Scratch Perry’, has an infamous vintage analog sound that can be heard on his productions with artists such as Lilly Allen and Manu Chau, to London’s rising star, Hollie Cook. Omar has an MBE! But may prefer to be better known for hits such as ‘Man in the Mirror’ and ‘Dogs Like Cats’. ‘Fat Lip’ made hip hop legendary status in his group The Pharcyde, who need no introduction.With this limited run (1000 black vinyl only) 7” rework of this classic, in true Prince Fatty style, was recorded live, with no additional programming and no overdubs. Mixed in Prince Fatty’s sunshine studio in Siracha Thailand, this reggae version of Roy Ayres 'Everybody Loves the Sunshine' is a must buy! It’s ‘soulful, dubby and poetic’ A real treat!

Prodigy Keep It Thoro LP Vinyl Mobb Deep frontman. Picture disc Vinyl of remixes & A Capella versions. (Inc. Havoc remix).

Public Image Limited Live At Brixton Academy 1986 2LP "Previosuly unlreased on vinyl. The entire Brixton Academy concert from 1986. "

Public Service Broadcasting People Will Always Need Coal 12"  

Q'65 Kjoe Blues 7" Yellow Nederbeat by Dutch pop group Q'65 (or Q65) which was formed in 1965. Originally released in 1967, these are 4 MONO songs. Newly remeasted audio.

Queers, The /Chris Barrows Band Split EP 7" loosely based on "Rachael's song" from BLADERUNNER by vangelis

Quicksand Triptych Continuum 12" New product, with previously unreleased tracks on side A and etch on side B

Radio Slave Feel The Reverse (DJ Koze Edits) 12" Rekids special Record Store Release features two extraordinary DJ Koze Re-edits of two recent Radio Slave tracks, from his recent Feel The Same album. Seriously hot and a must for all Radio Slave and Koze fans.

Rage Against The Machine Democratic National Convention 2000 LP Vinyl Recording of the legendary protest concert from 2000. First time on LP Vinyl

Ramones Sundragon Sessions 1 x ???g 12" ??? Vinyl album Early mixes from the Leave Home album, previously avaialble on disc 2 of the 40th Anniversary Edition Deluxe Box. First time on vinyl! Tracklisting: 1. Glad To See You Go, 2. Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment. 3. I Remember You, 4. Oh Oh I Love Her So, 5. Carbona Not Glue, 6. Suzy Is A headbanger, 7. Pinhead, 7. Now I Wanna Be A Good Boy, 8. Swallow My Pride, 9. What's Your Game, 10. California Sun, 11. Commando, 12. You're Gonna Kill That Girl, 13. You Should Never have Opened That Door, 14. Babysitter.

Reel People feat. Navasha Daya I'm In Love / Can't Fake The Feeling 12" First 12" Vinyl release in a new series from Reel People recreating classic Soul and Disco records from the 1970's and 80's.

Residents, The The W***** B*** Album LP The legendary, unreleased pre-Residents album - as sent to Warner Brothers Records in the spring of 1971. The rejected tape was returned to the then un-named group's shared home addressed to 'Residents' and a legend was born. Seminal, mythical, irreverent and unlike anything you've ever heard before!

Rhi Reverie (+ Jam City Remix) LP Revierie is the debut album from Rhi, this is the first time the album will be pressed to vinyl. The LP will be housed in a full colour and machine numbered sleeve, while the vinyl comes in transparent purple. As a bonus, in demand producer Jam City has remixes Too High and this will appear at the end of the LP (not featured on the CD/Digital). Rhi's debut album recieved a wide range of support from tastemakers such as Lauren Laverne, Benji B, Nemone and praise from Complex, Independent, Kaltblut. (ALBUM PRESS RELEASE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8d4xsi312t2ingk/TRU350%20Rhi%20-%20Reverie.doc?dl=0)

Richard Bone Brave Tales LP Medical’s fourth reissue from the UK’s Survival Records (see also the simultaneously released ECT Vol 4 compilation) is Richard Bone’s cult classic 1983 LP “Brave Tales”. Richard is considered one of the founding members of the New York electronic scene. This is the first time the LP has been reissued on vinyl. The album is a quirky and bombastic synth pop / new wave masterpiece. Containing such hook-filled tracks as “Alien Girl” and “Monster Movie”, the LP is a great listen front to back and will dazzle even the most discerning dance floor. Contains original reproduction artwork and remastered by Martin Bowes at the Cage, UK.

Richard Hawley Funny Cow / Love Me 7" Black 7" vinyl. Exclusive tracks on 7" from the soundtrack to the acclaimed British film 'Funny Cow', starring Maxine Peake and with original Richard Hawley soundtrack. Richard also appears in the movie.

Richard Youngs Endless Futures Single vinyl LP Brand new album exclusively released for Record Store Day. Coloured heavyweight 180 gram vinyl LP: white

Richie Havens / Donny Hathaway Going Back To My Roots / The Ghetto 12" Double sided super rare 12" combo. Mint original copies change hands for £150 plus. 180g

Ride Waking Up In Another Town: Weather Diaries Remixed 2LP Exclusive remix 2LP of the shoegaze pioneer’s first album in over 20 years, Weather Diaries, released in 2017 on Wichita Recordings to mass critical acclaim. The Remix's have been put together with love and care by fans and friends of the band, from Mogwai too Cavern of Anti-Matter, especially for Record Store Day.

Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock It Takes Two 12" LP Vinyl 30th anniversary release on Red opaque Vinyl.

Robert Glasper Experiment The ArtScience Remixes 12" EP 8 remixes from Robert Glasper Experiment’s Artscience – remixed by Kaytranada and Glasper. It will also include a feature from Talib Kweli. The 12” vinyl EP will only be released in the US, UK, & Canada as a RSD special.

Robert Goerl The Paris Tapes LP previously unreleased album of one half of German electronic pioneers DAF. Recorded in Paris in 1982

Robyn Hitchcock Robyn Hitchcock and his LA Squires 7" Rare live performance recording of Robyn Hitchcock with a full band - recorded May 2017 at The Troubadour in LA.

Roger Taylor Journeys End 10" Roger’s recently released Journey’s End film piece, the music is now appearing on a limited edition 10" vinyl EP exclusively for Record Store Day. The EP consists of two new tracks and two previously unissued tracks pressed on sunset gold vinyl.

Rolling Stones, The Their Satanic Majesties Request 1LP "Transparent coloured vinyl remastered stereo version of classic 1967 album. Original album packaging with stunning lenticular (‘3-D’ sleeve) front panel Remastered by Bob Ludwig. Pressed on heavyweight vinyl "

Ron Gallo Really Nice Guys 2-sided 12" The CD was released on January 19, 2018. The LP/EP is a 2-sided (same audio on both sides) Orange disc. Pressed at 150g. The vinyl is an exclusive for indie retailers.

Ron Grainer OST / The Omega Man 2LP Coloured vinyl Coloured Vinyl - Double LP - Heavy duty "paper over board" laminated gatefold sleeve

Rory Gallagher The French Connection 1LP Never released before Rory Gallagher's live concert recorded in Paris, France in 1974 for RTL French Radio

Rowland S Howard autoluminescant 7" blue vinyl exclusive release

Rudimental Healing / No Fear 1 x 140gm Black Vinyl 12" Double A side release from Rudimental - Rudimental - Healing (feat. Joseph Angel) / Rudimental & The Martinez Brothers - No Fear (feat. Donna Missal) [Extended Mix]

Run The Jewels Stay Gold Collectors Box 12" vinyl box set LIMITED EDITION Box set! • Limited to 5000 units worldwide. • Incudes 12” EP on etched clear vinyl with custom Marvel Comics branded artwork. • Custom metal box set includes space to store your copies of RTJ1 -3 plus space for the upcoming RTJ4! • Also included is a custom RTJ turntable slip mat with images on both sides, collectible poster and a sticker set for the kids.

Ryuichi Sakamoto ff2 12" New product with two previously unreleased tracks on 45rpm 12"

S.E.L You Gotta Be / The Sweetest Pain 7" UK soul artist, Soulful Emma Louise (S.E.L), has released her new single, a cover of Des’ree’s wonderfully uplifting song You Gotta Be. Produced in collaboration with famed American DJ and Executive Producer, DJ Spen, S.E.L’s adaptation resonates with authentic old skool hip-hop and 1990’s soul characteristics. On the flip is the beautiful recreated version of Dexter Wansel's The Sweetest Pain. Black Vinyl

Sam Waymon Ganja & Hess (Original 1973 Motion Picture Soundtrack) LP Strange Disc Records proudly presents the original soundtrack to one of THE groundbreaking films of African American cinema, Ganja & Hess (1973). Ganja & Hess is a seminal work of African American cinema, flirting with the conventions of blaxploitation and horror cinema, Bill Gunn’s revolutionary independent film is a highly stylized and utterly original treatise on sex, religion, and African American identity. Starring Duane Jones (Night Of The Living Dead) & Marlene Clark (Midnight Cowboy, Enter The Dragon) as the leading roles. Ganja & Hess was honored as one of the ten best American films of its decade by the Cannes Film Festival but was barely distributed to American audiences. Commissioned at a time when ‘blaxploitation’ movies like ‘Shaft’ played as blockbusters in African American neighborhoods, it was suppressed in the United States because it did not turn out to be the Hollywood genre film the producers intended. They wanted a film that would exploit African American audiences — a black version of white vampire films— so Ganja & Hess was withdrawn the when Gunn went beyond the vampire genre and turned in an original product. The original cut was donated to the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) whose restoration work & screenings helped build the film’s reputation as a negelected classic of independent African American cinema. The restored version later received a superior DVD & Blu Ray release through Kino Lorber and in 2014 the film was remade by Spike Lee as ‘Da Sweet Blood of Jesus’. The soundtrack to this exceptional film was composed Sam Waymon, a creative legend who has contributed to local, national and world culture. Born in North Carolina, Sam Waymon began his musical odyssey playing along with his sister, Eunice. His sister left North Carolina in the ’50s and traveled north to pursue her career. Along the way she dropped her given name and became one of music’s most influential and independent musicians, known as Nina Simone. Sam performed with and wrote music for his sister for over ten years but finally broke away to develop a style of his own that combines gospel, R&B, blues and jazz. Sam went on to record for record labels like: RCA, Polygram, and his own label Resolution records. He has worked side by side with legendary artists such as Miles Davis, Donnie Hathaway, Roberta Flack, The 5th dimension, and the list goes on and on. Even more haunting than the film is its music, Sam Waymon created an innovative, ahead-of-its-time mixture of soul, tribal chants, gospel and trippy, dissonant experimental cues that makes for the strangest score for a vampire film. Now, for the FIRST TIME ON VINYL (or on any format) Strange Disc records proudly presents a deluxe color vinyl edition exclusively for Record Store Day 2018. Curated and supervised by composer Sam Waymon himself, this release is strictly limited to 1000 copies worldwide & available in participating stores on 4/21.

Sandy Denny Like an Old Fashioned Waltz 1LP 45th aniversary vinyl reissue of Sandy's third solo LP (1973) hasn't been pressed since 1986. Considered by many to be her best solo release, it features musicians from her Fairport days, including Richard Thompson on guitar, contains the track 'Solo', one of very finest compositions and probably her best known after 'Who Knows Where The Time Goes?'. Pressed on clear vinyl.

Saun & Starr Look Closer – Instrumental Versions LP "Transparent Muted Blue Colour LP Only 1800 Worldwide! No Repress! Exclusive for record store day 2018, Daptone Records is proud to present the Instrumentals from 2014's critically acclaimed ""Look Closer"" album, by Saun & Starr. Performed by the baddest band in the land, The Dap-Kings, this album features two instrumentals of tunes previously unavailable till now. DJs take note because once these puppies are gone...they're gone!"

Saxon Thunderbolt 12" vinyl picture disc heavy weight Album never made avaible in this format

Saxon Princess Of The Night 7" Coloured Vinyl This 7” is a replica of Saxon’s 1981 single ‘Princess Of The Night’ taken from their seminal ‘Denim And Leather’ album. Inspired by the name of a steam train, the song is the band's most listened to track on Spotify at 8 million streams and is still a live favourite to this day. In Kerrang’s first issue in 1981, vocalist Biff Byford explained. "Some time ago we used to park our van at Barry Island in Glamorgan. There's a huge compound there where they keep all the old steam trains that they don't use anymore. They're just left to rot and I suppose that upset us because they really were magnificent machines. Well you can't beat the days of steam can you?"

Saxon Metalhead Picture Disc LP "Exclusive to RSD2018, this exclusive LP picture disc of Saxon's 1999 album “Metalhead”, featuring the classics “Are We Travellers In Time” and “Sea Of Life”. The two sides feature the fabulous original front and back cover paintings by Saxon’s artist-in-residence Paul Gregory. This is limited to 2000 units worldwide."

Say Sue Me It’s a Short Walk 12" unreleased material. 12" one sided EP, 4 tracks of cover songs, CLEAR colour

Serge Gainsbourg Le Pacha (OST) LP First ever complete release on vinyl of this landmark SERGE GAINSBOURG Soundtrack from 1967 featuring the cult classic "REQUIEM POUR UN CON". Bonus Tracks: Never-released instrumental mix of "Requiem Pour Un Con" plus two very rare tracks from the "Mister Freedom" soundtrack (1968): "Freedom Rock" and "No No Yes Yes". Gatefold sleeve and coloured vinyl plus new front over by French Alternative movie poster artist MAXIME PECOURT.

Sergio Vilas Rebate EP 12" 180g Vinyl "SubSensory Recordings is an American techno label with a global sound, with support from many top class djs, including one of the biggest in the world Carl Cox. Initially the label had been releasing on digital only but with the help of the Unreleased Vinyl Project we are hoping to put Subsensory in to the hands of vinyl collectors that love to hear the quality that the format brings, plus open up the label to whole new audience. For Record Store Day 2018 we will be releasing to vinyl one of the biggest tracks from the labels back cat, the ‘Rebate EP’ by SERGIO VILAS. Sergio has been producing and touring the world for the last 10 years, now settled in the UK, hes back in the studio producing more tracks for his ever growing discography. The EP features the original and remix by ‘JAK’ the label boss of Subsensory, plus an exclusive bonus track form Sergio entitled Light Protector. When the original of Rebate came out digitally in 2013 on the album Route 94, Carl Cox supported and played it at many big festivals around the World including Ultra Miami and is still supporting Sergio Vilas and his new music to this day. We are also asking Carl to support the track again with the run up to RSD to aid with the release. Carl Cox You tube footage: Studio Mix : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=li3bPteS7XU Live from Ultra Miami https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DP6LRfzynjk "

Sevdaliza The Calling EP 1LP Mixed coloured vinyl New EP by Sevdaliza featuring 7 brand new songs

Shaggy Oh Carolina 7" Single This limited edition green vinyl reissue celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Shaggy’s first Number One hit (UK/IRE), “Oh Carolina”. This includes the original B-Side, "Oh Carolina" (Raas Bumba Claat Version).

Shakin' Stevens Echoes Of Our Time LP New album, first time on vinyl...RED vinyl!

Shaun Escoffery Days Like This (DJ Spinna Mix) 12" Soulful House anthem repressed for the first time in 15 years. RSD exclusive 180g

Shiho The Body Is A Message Of The Universe LP Clear pink colour vinyl. A special limited edition reissue of this rare and unusually dreamy electronic ambient new age album.Originally created and released in a  small edition in Japan back in 1987 by the mysterious musician/magician Shiho.

Shocking Blue Single Collection (part 1) 2LP Blue Ultimate best of by these legendary Dutch band. Includes all their greatest hits. A.o. Venus, Send me a Postcard. Includes beautiful Mariska Veres poster. Remastered Audio

Sigrid Don't Kill My Vibe EP 12'' It’s been a big year for 21-year-old pop sensation Sigrid. Achieving international success with single “Don’t Kill My Vibe”, 2017 saw Sigrid pick up critical acclaim from the likes of the Guardian, Sunday Times, DIY, Clash and The Fader to name just a few; perform on TV shows The Late Late Show with James Corden, Later With Jools, Sounds Like Friday Night and Graham Norton as well as multiple Radio 1 playlists and a busy touring schedule including Glastonbury, Latitude, Reading and Leeds and her own soldout headline tour. In January 2018 she was announced as the winner of the BBC Music Sound of 2018, setting up 2018 to be even bigger than last year. Her debut EP 'Don't Kill My Vibe' will be released physically for the first time on heavyweight red vinyl with download card especially for Record Store Day.

Sigur Ros Route One LP Previously available as limited edition runs of 100, with hand painted sleeves, at the Norður og Niður festival, December 2017, now being made available in a run of 500 for RSD

Sigur Ros Liminal Remixes LP Previously available as limited edition runs of 100, with hand painted sleeves, at the Norður og Niður festival, December 2017, now being made available in a run of 500 for RSD

Six By Seven 04 2LP Six By Seven's acclaimed album from 2004 available for the first time on vinyl. This deluxe release comes as a double album on heavyweight coloured vinyl (1 toxic green LP, 1 blood red LP) in a gatefold sleeve with three bonus tracks. Six by Seven returned with their best album to date, produced by Dave Fridmann (Flaming lips) and Ric Peet (Charlatans, Muse) and the band. It’s their most accessible album, big, open and honest with a rich vein of Flaming lips style pop!, Spiritualized like ambition and New order-esque electronic flourishes. It’s the sound of a band finally realising the potential which they had been threatening since their 1998 debut album. Tracks : A1. Bochum (Light Up My Life) A2. Catch The Rain A3. Sometimes I Feel Like... A4. Ocean B1. “................” B2. Ready For You Now B3. There’s A Ghost B3. Say That You Want Me C1. Lude II C2. Leave Me Alone C3. Lude I C4. Hours D1. She Didn’t Say D2. Pretty Baby D3. Ready For You Now (Original Version)

Sleigh Bells Kid Kruschev LP "Brooklyn, NY’s Sleigh Bells - comprised of vocalist Alexis Krauss and producer/guitarist Derek Miller - released a digital only mini-album entitled Kid Kruschev on November 10th, 2017 via Lucky Number. The LP will be pressend onto Clear Vinyl, with a full printed inner, a lytic sheet and poster also. "

Sly & Robbie & Junior Natural Militant Dub 1LP gold "Sly & Robbie need we say more? They hooked up with young and upcoming reggae artist Junior Natural. The sleeve & titel says it all : Militant Dub !"

Small Faces Lazy Sunday Afternoon (Early Mix) / Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake (Alternate Take - Phased Mix) (stereo) 7" single luminous vinyl in die cut crescent moon-shped picture sleeve "Exclusive coupling for Record Store Day 2018 features stereo mix of Small Faces no.2 hit single from 1968. Recently discovered, previously unreleased alternate version of ‘Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake’ title track exclusive to this RSD single! Luminous vinyl in die-cut, crescent moon-shaped picture sleeve. This stereo version of the Small Faces' most successful UK hit single (originally released in mono) highlights Steve Marriott’s soulful vocals together with astonishing performances by band members Ronnie Lane, Ian McLagan and Kenney Jones. Engineer Glyn Johns, striving for authenticity, got up early one Sunday morning (as the band themselves were going to bed) to record the sound of church bells heard on the record. A classic! This 7"" vinyl single is an exclusive Record Store Day 2018 release and previews the eagerly-awaited 50th anniversary 3-LP box set edition of ‘Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake’, the Small Faces legendary no.1 album released in 1968 and cited by both Rolling Stone and Q magazines as one of the greatest and most influential British albums ever released. Side 2 of the original LP featured the story of 'Happiness Stan' and his quest for the missing half of the moon and the collectable crescent moon packaging of ‘Lazy Sunday’ is a tribute to that. "

Snapped Ankles Violations 12" "Snapped Ankles release their brand new violations of songs by Can ('Bel Air'), The Fugs ('CIA Man'), Joey Beltram ('Energy Flash') and The Comateens ('Ghosts'). Limited white vinyl edition with download code. From the forest floor: “These four tracks were dug up from the sturdy roots of the Ankles undergrowth - but in the process the original recordings were damaged. We reconstructed them using the latest in biomechanical stem re-assemblage processes, which invariably has lead to some misinterpretations and considerable violations of the original recordings. As we tried to decipher the magical genetic code of the originals, events around them informed the nature of these violations; forest fires tore through the wealthy neighbourhood of Bel Air, friends vanished into the dating app dimension never to be seen in solid earthly form again, and as our log synths pounded along to a broken copy of Joey Beltram’s ‘Energy Flash’, we created a possession so potent that the we were left pondering the difference between the mental states of ‘trance’ and ‘ecstasy’. Having unearthed The Fugs’ ‘CIA Man’ some years before, we were shocked to discover a newer more sinister agency had taken over from the diatribe’s protagonist with an updated set of ills. Now the forest is full of agents, we are taping up our microphones and masking our connections!”"

Snarky Puppy Shark Tank 10" Shark Tank - the unreleased bonus track from Snarky Puppy's last album, "Culcha Vulcha". This has not been released and only played live at shows. This is the secret track for Snarky Puppy fans, and they've always asked for it and when it would be released

Snatch Snatch 1LP 35th Legendary Punk girl duo (Patti Palladin, Judy Nylon) from New York, associated with the Art-Rock scene.The album has never been re-issued until now with this special RSD release

Soft Cell Say Hello Wave Goodbye / Youth 12" Single Double-A-sided 12” of new extended versions of Soft Cell’s classic ‘Say Hello Wave Goodbye’ and the fan favourite album track ‘Youth’. Soft Cell were legendary for their well-crafted extended 12” mixes and on these new versions original member Dave Ball uses the original studio parts to create what he and Marc would have wanted fans to hear 1982. 

Son Volt Okemah and the Melody of Riot (Deluxe Reissue) 2LP Double Gatefold opaque red vinyl with bonus tracks and custom sticker

sonic's rendezvous band live 78 LP blue vinyl exclusive release

Sorrow Under The Yew Possessed LP Under The Yew Possessed is the debut album by Sorrow, a group comprised primarily by Rose McDowall and her then husband Robert Lee. Originally released on World Serpent in 1993, Under The Yew Possessed was a stylistic jump from an artist associated primarily with sparkling pop music and a cult hit in the growing neo-folk movement. Self-recorded by the duo with guest musicians from the hidden reverse of the U.K.’s post industrial landscape, this is the first time this work has been available on vinyl. 500 copies GOLD VINYL

Soul Jazz Records Presents STUDIO ONE Dub Plate Special 7" Box Set Soul Jazz Records are releasing Studio One Dub Plate Special, an exclusive Record Store Day collectors 7” box set featuring 10 amazing unreleased Studio One tracks, only ever released as extremely limited edition hand-etched one-sided dubplates (250 copies!), available only directly to Soul Jazz Records subscribers (most of these sold out in less than 2 hours!). This box set brings together all 8 of these exclusive dubplate unreleased cuts, plus two more also never before released alternate cuts. Featuring Alton Ellis, Cedric Brooks, Brentford Road All Stars, Jacob Miller and more!

Soul Jazz Records Presents Congo Revolution – African, Latin, Jazz And Funk Sounds From The Two Congos (1957-73) 7" Box Set Unique Soul Jazz Records’ Record Store Day seven-inch box set which brings together a stunning five-single/ ten track selection of mind-blowingly groovy selection of African, Latin, Jazz and Funk music from the Congo. Absolutely killer and essential tracks (mostly unknown) from the masters of the vibrant Congo scene in the 1960s – featuring the groups Franco & OK Jazz, Rock-A-Mambo, African Jazz, African Fiesta and more. Roots African meets Dizzy Gillespie, James Brown, Ray Barretto & more. The bomb! This unique box-set edition is only available as a one-off pressing especially for Record Store Day 2018.

Soul Jazz Records Presents PUNK 45 – Approaching The Minimal With Spray Guns: An Edition of Five Independent Singles In Original Cover Art 7" Box Set "Unique Soul Jazz Records’ Record Store Day seven-inch box set comprising five fantastic bespoke rare and collectors’ punk singles, all re-mastered and all come in their own separate exact replica original artwork. Featuring classic punk rarities from the likes of X_X, The Bizarros, Hollywood Squares and more, all in original stunning artwork!  This unique box-set edition is only available as a one-off pressing especially for Record Store Day 2018. "

Soundgarden A-Sides 2LP "First time available on vinyl, A-Sides is a compilation album with songs spanning the band's thirteen-year career. Originally released on November 4th 1997 through A&M Records. "

Spacemen 3 Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To Double LP Berry coloured heavyweight 180 gram vinyl double LP in a gatefold sleeve with new artwork layout. Re-mastered by John Rivers at Woodbine Studios especially for vinyl release.

Sparks You've Earned The Right To Be A Dick 7" It’s a 7” picture disc cut out in the shape of the Hippo head on the front cover of the album, There’s a doublesided insert included in a clear plastic bag.

Sparks Sparks - The best of & The rest Of 2LP "This double album represents one of the most exciting, inventive and witty musical sequences across LP One – ‘The Best Of Sparks’ reissued on vinyl for the first time since it’s 1978 appearance.LP Two ‘The Rest Of Sparks’ rounds up all of the band’s Island B-sides from the period, of which have only ever been available on the 2015 Sparks Box set and prior to that unreleased. Remastered from the original ¼” master tapes, the set comes pressed on 180GM transparent red vinyl. "

Spectrum Highs, Lows, and Heavenly Blows LP First time reissue on any format of the 1994 album by Spectrum. Spectrum is the project of Sonic Boom (ex-Spacemen 3 as well as Experimental Audio Research) and collaborators. Technically his 3rd album but the 2nd under the name Spectrum. Carrying on the signature sound exemplified on “Soul Kiss (Glide Divine)”, “Highs, Lows, And Heavenly Blows” lulls the listener into a deep trance with it’s droning and hypnotic tracks and treated vocals on top of a myriad of analog synths and Sonic’s recognizable guitar treatments. The first track “Undo the Taboo” sets the stage for a meditative ride that doesn’t let up until the last track. Absolutely crucial and long awaited reissue.

Spiritualized Fucked Up Inside Single vinyl LP Re-mastered by John Rivers at Woodbine Studios especially for vinyl release. Milky clear coloured heavyweight 180 gram vinyl LP in an embossed and hot foil finished sleeve

Steve Ellis Everlasting Love / Lonely No More 7" Vinyl Frontman of 'Love Affair'. Newly recorded version of "Everlasting Love" (50th anniversary). B' side is produced by Paul Weller who plays on the track. Gold 7" Vinyl, numbered sleeve.

Steven Wilson How Big The Space 12" Exclusive release of bonus track 'How Big The Space', recorded as part of the 'To The Bone' album sessions & not available anywhere else. plus an exclusive version of 'People Who Eat Darkness' with Ninet Tayeb on vocals, the original version of which is included on Steven's latest album 'To The Bone'.

Stone Broken All In Time LP For the first time ever on vinyl,heavy weight picture disc, the band have never had a vinyl release and with rapid growing audience and a uk tour selling out fast! A must for any Stone Broken fan

Stone Sour Hydrograd Acoustic Sessions 1 x 140g 12" solid Silver vinyl 4 track EP 4 Track EP - acoustic tracks from the Hydrograd album

Stooges, The The Stooges (The Detroit Edition) 2 x 180g 12" Black vinyl album Compiled by Ben Blackwell of Third Man Records, previously only available as a limited edition at the TMR record stores in the US only.  The Stooges first LP with a bonus LP including tracks lifted from the deluxe Stooges CD box. Includes some tracks appearing on vinyl exclusively for the first time. 

Streets, The The Streets Remixes & B-sides 2 x 180g 12" White vinyl album "2LP, white label of a remix and B-side comp covering the first 2 (and the most popular) Streets records. Previously only available as a CD in 2004, this would be the first time on vinyl. Six date UK Streets tour to take place in April (19-26 April). Packaging will be “no frills”, plain and like an old demo. "

Suede Suede - 25th Anniversary Silver Edition Silver 2LP "Exclusive to RSD2018, Suede’s classic debut album presented on 2LP heavyweight silver vinyl featuring new silver gatefold artwork, and for the first time including 9 B-sides plus Suede's cover of Pretenders ""Brass In Pocket"". The album was originally released in March 1993, selling over 100,000 copies in its first week, and going on to win the Mercury Music Prize. The album included the four singles “The Drowners”, “Metal Mickey”, “Animal Nitrate” and “So Young”. This is limited to 2000 units worldwide."

Sufjan Stevens Mystery Of Love EP 10" TBA 10" featuring 3 new songs by singer/songwriter Sufjan Stevens from the critically acclaimed move "Call Me By Your Name"Exclusive for Record Store Day, only 5.000 individually numbered copies will be available worldwide.

Sun Ra Pine Street Theatre, Oct 28th 1988 2LP Comes with full concert poster. Unearthed Sun Ra Double live lp from Portland, OR (10/28/88). Never before released concert from the archives of the audiophile recording engineer. Approved and sanctioned by Sun Ra Estate. Includes concert poster. Mixed by Drew Canulette (Nirvana, Neil Young). Pressed at RTI - Audiophile pressing. Limited to 2000 copies worldwide. Track listing : Blue Lou, Stardust from Tomorrow, The Shadow World, Sunset on the Nile, Space Medley (Space is the Place, We Travel the Spaceways, Rocket Number Nine, The Second Stop is Jupiter, Saturn Rings), Improvisation, Improvisation, Medley (Discipline 27-11, I'll Wait For You)

Superjoint Ritual Use Once And Destroy DLP "Use Once And Destroy" is the 2002 debut album by Phil Anselmo's (Pantera/Down) SuperJoint Ritual.  It was recorded in Anselmo's barn turned recording studio in Louisiana.  Whereas PANTERA albums have high production values and a certain major label sheen to them, "Use Once And Destroy" is all about rawness and noise.  A mishmash of thrash/death/hardcore sounds, recorded with a minimum of finesse and a ton of crude energy.  For fans of C.O.C., Down, Pantera, Crowbar.  FANTASTIC 140 GRAM TRANSPARENT GREEN VINYL  LIMITED EDITION  Full servicing to all relevant media  Extensive print & internet advertisin

Superjoint Ritual A Lethal Dose Of American Hatred LP "A Lethal Dose Of American Hatred" is the 2003 sophomore album by Phil Anselmo's (Pantera/Down) SuperJoint Ritual.  On this album there's a barrage of aggressive and fast songs that pummel the ears with the intensity.  It is a relentless and ferocious metallic assault that covers territory somewhere between late-Eighties thrash and all-out old school hardcore.  Whereas PANTERA albums have high production values and a certain major label sheen to them, Superjoint ritual is all about rawness and noise.  For fans of C.O.C., Down, Pantera, Crowbar.  FANTASTIC 140 GRAM TRANSPARENT GREEN VINYL  LIMITED EDITION  Full servicing to all relevant media  Extensive print & internet advertising

T.Rex Bolan Boogie 1LP First time on heavyweight blue vinyl for this iconic 'Best of' from 1971.  Features the singles "Get It On", "Hot Love", "Ride A White Swan", By The Light Of A Magical Moon" and "Jeepster". 

Tangerine Dream Miracle Mile LP The soundtrack to the original motion picture directed by Steve De Jarnatt (1989) and twelfth film score from Tangerine Dream, the tension in ‘Miracle Mile’, both the music and on the screen, make it one of their strongest and a masterpiece. Limited edition marbled colour vinyl. 1000 copies.

Tangerine Dream TBC 12" Rescued from the archives by his widow Bianca Froese-Acquaye, these two magical tracks are among the last work recorded by Edgar Froese and have never been heard before

Tao Eenie Meenie 12" Cute Swedish Pop from 1984; a Gothenburg secret. One for the heads, collectors and diggers! Passed from Music For Dreams` Kenneth Bager to Cantoma`s Phil Mison to Rogue Cat Sounds` Dean and Ben. Pop that rocks a cool, faux-Reggae lilt with Bluesman licks and harmonica hooks with original and Mark Seven mixes. Full picture sleeve.Black Vinyl With Picture Sleeve

Tears For Fears Head Over Heels (Mark Barrott Remixes) 12" As per the previous PR for the Talamanca System Tribal Persuasion mix, part of the true spirit of Balearic/Ibiza has always been slightly left field pop - Prefab Sprout, It’s Immaterial, Talk Talk and of course TFF, so TFF are always held in high regard by the Balearic brigade and this song (Head over Heels) in particular. Whilst a slightly daunting prospect to remix, across the 4 remixes (two by Talamanca and two by Mark Barrott) the aim was to capture the original spirit of Ibiza across it’s different moods, from the dance floor to Sunset via the early poly-rhythms of Underworld, the dramatic majesty of Padilla’s Cafe Del Mar and the dubbed out vibe’s of Larry Heard inspired slo mo house.Whilst these are to be enjoyed by all, in many ways their natural home is on vinyl, as they capture that original spirit and re-frame it in a modern context, taking the atmosphere of the original track and intertwining it with all the aforementioned elements of Ibiza’s musical heritage. Packaging will be black in colour.

Tears For Fears Head Over Heels (Talamanca System Remix) 12" As per the previous PR for the Talamanca System Tribal Persuasion mix, part of the true spirit of Balearic/Ibiza has always been slightly left field pop - Prefab Sprout, It’s Immaterial, Talk Talk and of course TFF, so TFF are always held in high regard by the Balearic brigade and this song (Head over Heels) in particular. Whilst a slightly daunting prospect to remix, across the 4 remixes (two by Talamanca and two by Mark Barrott) the aim was to capture the original spirit of Ibiza across it’s different moods, from the dance floor to Sunset via the early poly-rhythms of Underworld, the dramatic majesty of Padilla’s Cafe Del Mar and the dubbed out vibe’s of Larry Heard inspired slo mo house.Whilst these are to be enjoyed by all, in many ways their natural home is on vinyl, as they capture that original spirit and re-frame it in a modern context, taking the atmosphere of the original track and intertwining it with all the aforementioned elements of Ibiza’s musical heritage. Packaging will be black in colour. 

Television Personalities Privilege LP 1989: It’s nine years since John Lennon died, and five years since The Television Personalities have had an album released. Fire Records sign the latest incarnation of the TVPs and let them loose in a proper studio. Dan Treacy’s muse is overcome by the versatility of Swatch watches and Back To The Future II, he doesn’t allow the songs on ‘Privilege’ to bend to temptation. The world is still wrong; it’s still unreal; as evidenced by the guest list at ‘Salvador Dali’s Garden Party’. Elsewhere there’s a hint of ‘60s soap operas, from Cathy Come Home to The Wicker Man. Remastered on limited edition black and white marbled vinyl. 1500 copies.

Television Personalities Closer To God 2LP ‘Closer To God’, as with all TVP albums, is mightily personal. Dan Treacy provides the antidote to the opening of the ill-fated Disneyland Paris and the first McDonald’s in China – it’s a white knuckle ride through his innermost hopes and fears with off stage giggling, half heard dialogue and feedback that sounds like an opera is expiring in an adjoining L-shaped room. ‘Closer To God’ is a spiritual rollercoaster that sounds as poignant and pressing as ever. Remastered double LP on limited edition on marbled black and white vinyl. 1500 copies.


This Is The Kit Wriggle Out The Restless vinyl LP now 22 years later the group have recreated the track in 8 new compositions

Thomas Andrew Doyle Live at the Crocodile Café Seattle 12" OPAQUE GREEN VINYL. QUICK side: Studio recordings from sessions at two different studios, Jupiter Studios with Martin Feveryear and Zachary Landsdowne at Electric Eel, both in Seattle in 1999. These songs were never before released until now. This is the last incarnation of the band, a three piece consisting of original members Tad Doyle and Kurt Danielson with addition of new drummer Mike Mongrain. The songs are yet another distinctive direction that the band blazed into.  “QUICK” showcases songwriting that raised the bar musically and lyrically with increasing depth and meaning, yet unmistakably TAD in character, delivery and punch. DIRTY side: Live at the Crocodile Cafe in Seattle 1995. After the departure of guitarist Gary Thorstensen and the release of Infrared Riding Hood, Tad, Kurt and drummer Josh Sinder are chronicled as a three piece that brought forth a powerfully dense sound and feel.  The live set was an aggregation of the band's career up to the point in time of this 16 track to tape recording. This recording will leave you with a sense of the substantially massive sonic foot-print the band left in its wake that still ripples and quakes the core of heavy music today. It is important to note the contributions of both Thorstensen and early drummer Steve Wied, who were a part of the TAD legacy in some of the songs represented here.TRACKLISTING:1 Mummified Cop2 Let's Go For A Ride3 Corbomite Maneuver4 Polyestesia5 Signs - Amnesomnia6 Soteria7 Tool Marks8 Behemoth9 Paragoric10 Delinquent11 Jinx

Thomas Andrew Doyle Incineration Ceremony LP  

Thomas Fraser Long Gone Lonesome Blues LP This special RSD release will be a truncated version of the Long Gone Lonesome Blues CD which was originally released to great acclaim in 2002. It release is intended to mark the 40th anniversary of Thomas Fraser's death in 1978. The Thomas Fraser story is remarkable. From 1953 to 1977 he recorded thousands of country and blues songs in his remote Shetland croft house. The tapes lay undiscovered for decades until their discovery by Grandson Karl Simpson. This will be the first ever official vinyl release of Thomas Fraser material. All 17 tracks wil be remasterd using the latest technology. The release will feature new sleeve notes by writer Duncan McLean. It will be pressed on 180g black vinyl with gatefold sleeve containing artwork from family archives. Limited to 500 copies.

Thomas Rhett Life Changes LP  

Tim Armstrong A Poet's Life LP seamlessly flowing together the journey travels from ambient rock to a land of electronica


Timeless Legend Everybody Disco 12" Single "Timeless Legend are a 70s soul group from Columbus, Ohio. Their ‘Synchronised’ album from 1980 is one of the rarest ‘rare grooves’ and both original copies and the single “I Was Born To Love You” currently sell for over £1,000 a copy. For RSD, Love Vinyl in conjunction with Expansion bring you an earlier 1979 single ‘Everybody Disco’ (itself worth over £200), a remix and ‘I Was Born To Love You’ on a 12” single limited to 750 copies. The remix of ‘Everybody Disco’ is by The Mighty Zaf & Phil Asher who command major respect from the current disco scene and have transformed the song into what will become one of the most significant dance releases of 2018. This is the first and only time for these tracks on 12” single. "

Tiny Ruins Some Were Meant For Sea LP Reissue of the New Zealanders album. Gold vinyl. Download code included

To Kill A King No More Love Song (acoustic) 7" tbc

Tom Waits Brawlers LP Part of the Orphans collection, available on its own for the first time. Newly remastered. Exclusively for RSD on red vinyl

Tom Waits Bastards LP Part of the Orphans collection, available on its own for the first time. Newly remastered. Exclusively for RSD on grey vinyl

Tom Waits Bawlers LP Part of the Orphans collection, available on its own for the first time. Newly remastered. Exclusively for RSD on blue vinyl

Toy Dolls Nellie The Elephant 7" Pink "Toy Dolls are an English punk rock band formed in 1979. Departing from the angry lyrics and music often associated with punk rock, The Toy Dolls worked within the aesthetics of punk to express a sense of fun To add a little fun to RSD2018 we re-release their punk rendition of ""Nellie the Elephant"", a classic children's song, which hit No. 1 in the UK Indie Chart. "

Toyah Desire - 30th Anniversary Edition Translucent Red LP "Exclusive to RSD2018, this numbered 30th anniversary edition of Toyah's “Desire” pressed on heavyweight red Translucent vinyl was her first album for the EG label, and features her hit single cover version of “Echo Beach” as well as a cover of Donna Summer’s “Love’s Unkind”. Produced by Mike Hedges (Tears For Fears, The Cure) the album features Robert Fripp (who co-wrote the title track) and Ronnie Wood. The inner sleeve features the lyrics and musicians credits. This is limited to 1000 units worldwide."

Trampled By Turtles Wild Flowers 7inch SIDE A - Wild Flowers (Tom Petty Cover), SIDE B - Lead track from new studio album **Wild flowers wouldn't be available anywhere else, the side b would be already be available digitally**

Trevor Burton Long Play 1 LP Blood Red After a career that has spanned fifty years, Trevor Burton, co-founder of iconic British sixties band The Move, is releasing his first solo acoustic album, Long Play. The album contains Trevor's acoustic interprettions of an eclectic array of eleven carefully-curated songs from a broad array of songwriters ranging from classic rockers like Tom Petty and Eddie Vedder, to indie legends including Vic Chesnutt and John Darnielle, as well up and coming talents like Al Scorch and Radiator Hospital's Sam Cook-Parrott. Trevor's unrelenting and unapologetic performance renders the songs his own, enduring and resilient, stripped down to the basics: a strong, time-weathered voice and haunting acoustic guitar, occasionally accompanied by haunting backing vocals, keys and pedal steel guitar. The album will be released on colored vinyl in a limited edition run of 500 copies. 100 copies will include a coupon for a free and exclusive 7 inch record with two electric songs that Trevor recorded with some friends. Long Play will also be available on CD.

Twin Peaks Twin Peaks (Music From The Limited Event Series - Score) Limited 2 x ???g 12" picture disc album Score - from the new series on double picture discs. The four picture disc images feature iconic shots / stills from the TV series.

Twin Peaks Twin Peaks (Music From The Limited Event Series - Soundtrack) Limited 2 x ???g 12" picture disc album Soundtrack - from the new series on picture disc. The four picture disc images feature iconic shots / stills from the TV series.

U.K. U.K. LP 40TH anniversary edition transferred to vinyl for the first time since its 1978 release by Eddie Jobson, founder of the band, "The Abbey Road 2016 Remaster". Selected by Rolling Stone as one of the top 30 Progressive Rock albums of all time. Includes a 6 page color booklet on 180gm vinyl. The recording features the original band of Eddie Jobson, John Wetton, Allan Holdsworth and Bill Bruford. With the 2017 deaths of Wetton and Holdsworth, this album has become sought after for some time.

U2 Lights of Home 12'' "U2 release their Record Store Day exclusive 12” Picture Disc for 2018, containing three versions of ‘Lights of Home’ taken from their fourteenth studio album Songs Of Experience released last December. Hear the new Beck Remix of (Lights of Home /Free Yourself) exclusively for the first time anywhere. Tracks on this 12” are: Lights Of Home, Lights of Home (St Peters String Version) and (Lights of Home /Free Yourself/Beck Remix). Includes a Download Voucher. Following last year’s acclaimed stadium run with The Joshua Tree Tour 2017, U2 will return indoors this year with the eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour. Kicking off in North America on 2nd May 2018 , the European leg of the arena tour will reach Berlin on 31st August ahead of shows in Manchester (19th October) and London (23rd October). "

UhUhBoo Project Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Vengeance Trilogy Part. 1) LP "* First Ever Reissue! * Color vinyl housed in a gatefold sleeve * Newly designed artwork by Jae-min Lee * Liner notes by Charlie Brigden This is the soundtrack to the first film of Chan-wook Park’s Vengeance trilogy, released in 2002. The film is a crime thriller that follows a botched plot to kidnap the daughter of a small business owner, the plan having been to use the ransom money to pay for a kidney transplant. When the child is accidentally killed, the situation flies out of control as the plot unfolds unpredictably. The film portrays the aspects of human psychology as the protagonists are pulled into the maelstrom, while also focusing on the nature of evil. The soundtrack was provided by UhUhBoo Project, an experimental unit by Hyun-jin Baek (singer) and Young-gyu Jang (producer / bass) who seek to fuse local traditional music with avant-garde /contemporary rock. This is an astounding soundtrack that includes several experimental tracks that fully embody the unique style of UhUhBoo, as well as some folk songs and contemporary pieces. The soundtrack, which was released at the same time as the film, was sold out almost immediately. This left no more copies in circulation, making it nearly impossible to find in its entirety. This vinyl issue is the first reissue of this soundtrack since its original release in 2002."

Ulrika Spacek Suggestive Listening E.P 12" EP Following the release of two consecutive albums over two consecutive years (2016's 'The Album Paranoia' and last year's 'Modern English Decoration'), Ulrika Spacek release new music in the form of an extended play record titled 'Suggestive Listening'. Recorded at both KEN and a rural studio in France, this work reveals experimentation in both a home and studio environment. A departure from the band's beloved album format, and perhaps a suggestive insight into future endeavours. Tracks: 1 - No. 1 Hum 2 - Black Mould 3 - Freudian Slip 4 - Lord Luck 5 - Wave to Paulo, he's not there

Uncle Tupelo No Depression - Rarities LP Vinyl First time on LP Vinyl (Black).

Undertones, The Singles box 13 x 7" Box Set Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the ‘Teenage Kicks’ single (1978), and including all 13 of the classic Feargal Sharkey era singles and hits. Original single artwork replicated and masters cut from original analogue tapes.

Undisputed Truth, The You + Me = Love / Sandman 12" Two seminal cuts from Norman Whitfields standout project, The Undisputed Truth. Remastered and reissued on 180g vinyl. RSD exclusive 180g

Unkle Live - On The Road: Koko Triple LP Exclusive Triple heavy coloured Vinyl Live LP, in triple gatefold embossed sleeve. Inc Download Code

Unkle Live - On The Road: Koko Double CD Exclusive Double Live CD in triple gatefold embossed Card sleeve.

Urban Dogs Urban Dogs 2xLP 35th Anniversary reissue of Punk rock icons collaboration (UK SUBS’ Charlie Harper and Alvin Gibbs together with with THE VIBRATORS’ Knox) debut album in limited RED vinyl, + bonus, previously unreleased live LP. First time on vinyl since the original 1983 release. Disc 1: New Barbarians, Limo Life, New Baptism, I Need A Slave, Dragnet, War Babies, Human Race, I Wanna Be Your Dog, Sex Kick, Be Friends, A Bridge Too Far, Human Being. Disc 2: Studio b-sides: Cocaine, Speed Kills, Warhead. Live, previously unreleased: New Barbarians, Wanna World, I Wanna Be Your Dog, Warhead, The Word, Limo Life, Troops of Tomorrow.

Uriah Heep Sonic Origami LPX2  

Uriah Heep Look At Yourself LP Mirrored Sleeve / Black Vinyl Initially released in 1971 ‘Look at Yourself’ is the third album by British rock band Uriah Heep. Fast forward 46 years and it remains a timeless classic. Painstakingly remastered by Andy Pearce, this 180g heavyweight vinyl pressing aims to rejuvenate iconic tracks such as ‘July Morning’ & title track ‘Look At Yourself’. The packaging and artwork features a full silver foil-board outer which turns the entire package into a giant "mirror", which was seen as conveying a distorted image of the person viewing it. The idea, by guitarist Mick Box, was for the cover to directly reflect the album title. BMG have taken this concept and turned it up to 11! ‘Look At Yourself’ became viewed as a highpoint in Heep’s long and illustrious career with fans and critics alike agreeing that ‘Look At Yourself’ was their finest album alongside ‘Demons and Wizards’ released the following year. The special packaging version of ‘Look At Yourself’ will be released on the 21st April 2018 through BMG exclusively for Record Store Day.

UT Live at the Venue Nov 1981 LP first time on vinyl . Part of the ongoing UT remaster/reissue series. Originally released in 1982 as a Cassette only release. Features five tracks recorded in November 1981 at the Venue.

Van Morrison Alternate Moon Dance 1 x 180g 12" Black vinyl album An alternate version of Van Morrison’s landmark album, featuring alternate versions and takes of the albums’ 10 songs. Tracklisting: 1. And It Stoned Me, 2. Moondance, 3. Crazy Love, 4. Caravan, 5. Into The Mystic, 6. Come Running, 7. These Dreams of You, 8. Brand New Day, 9. Everyone, 10. Glad Tidings

Van Morrison & Joey Defrancesco Close Enough For Jazz / The Things I Used To Do 7" Vinyl New track from forthcoming album

Vapors, The Turning Japanese 7" The Vapors' New Wave-defining international No. 1 hit single from 1980: remastered and repressed on 33rpm 7” red vinyl, with bonus track and numbered artwork. Strictly limited edition of 1,000 worldwide.

Various - Material REACTED LP/ 12"/ 180GR / 45 RPM Unedited compliation, with rare materials from the Celluloid Records archive. Includes collaborations of Bill Laswell with important figures of the likes of Whitney Houston, Archie Shepp and Sonny Sharrock.

Various Artists The Bristol Recorder 4 LP Clear colour vinyl in gatefold sleeve with 20 page magazine. The Bristol Recorder is a unique combination of vinyl record and topical magazine devoted to the music and cultural life of Bristol. The ten vinyl tracks are by local and nationally recognised artists and the magazine's sixteen pages have quality articles on the city's cultural and social scene, present and past.

Various Artists Themes About The House (From The De Wolfe Music Library) 10" "Cult 1970s Original TV Themes and Interludes from the legendary De Wolfe Music Library featuring the music of Johnny Hawksworth, Jack Trombey, Simon Park, Lee Mason, Reg Wale and Barbara Moore (The Voice of The Saint Theme). "

Various Artists Takin' Care Of Business BoxSet (10 x 7") Soul, R&B and garage from the vaults of Rampart Records 1963-1971.Ten 7"s featuring brilliant soul, R&B and garage from the Rampart, Faro, Gordo and Linda labels, established by Eddie Davis in East Los Angeles.Includes a 16-page illustrated booklet

Various Artists colour climax LP ost from low budget cult adult films

Various Artists Last Shop Standing - The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of the Independent Record Shop 7" Limited to 500 copies. Deluxe Record Store Day Fifth Anniversary Edition Gatefold Vinyl. The package includes : The 7” Single “Last Shop Standing” by Batteries (taken from the new film released later this year) . A download featuring : The Acclaimed 2013 RSD Original Documentary Film “Last Shop Standing - The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of the Independent Record Shop” by Pip Piper. Exclusive Liner Notes by Author Graham Jones and Director Pip Piper. Hear from over 20 record shop owners and music industry leaders as well as musicians including Paul Weller, Johnny Marr, Norman Cook, Billy Bragg, Nerina Pallot, Richard Hawley and Clint Boon as they all tell us how the shops became and still are a part of their own musical education, a place to discover and cherish new bands, new music and why they might just have a brighter future. Bonus Features: Never broadcast before : Last Shop Standing - The Rebirth, Continued…, Last Shop Standing - Shop Talk, Last Shop Standing - Official Trailer, Last Shop Standing - Johnny Marr Extended Interview, Last Shop Standing - Paul Weller Extended Interview, Last Shop Standing - Jo Good Extended Interview, Last Shop Standing - Richard Hawley Extended Interview, Last Shop Standing - Billy Bragg Extended Interview, Last Shop Standing - Sid Griffin Interview. Reviews: “Brilliant” ★★★★★ – Q Magazine // "An essential watch..." – Mark Searby, MTV // “A touching documentary" – Sarah Lay, Louder Than War // "You are never going to discover Captain Beefheart or the 13th Floor Elevators or the Velvet Underground in your local supermarket, ever" – Richard Hawley, Musician // “Punchy and engaging!” – MOJO Magazine // “Last Shop Standing is more than just a film about collecting records. It’s about passions, and people caring about what they love.” – Johnny Marr, Musician // “You need a physical record shop full of people who are going to help you and guide you.” – Jo Good, BBC Radio 6 Music // “Record shops kept me going when I was desperately trying to work out how to be an international rock star.” – Billy Bragg, International Rock Star // “See the film… you will laugh and cry.” ★★★★ – Record Collector

Various Artists Reggae Going International 2LP Coloured Vinyl

Various Artists Singapore A-Go-Go 2LP "1. An hour of groovy Singapore 60's Beat A-Go-Go Pop Classics 2. Songs sung in Mandarin and Hokkien Chinese dialects 3. Surf guitars, teen beat, orchestral pop, odd percussion, & crazy vocals! 4. 2-LP gatefold edition with gorgeous photos of original 45 covers 5. Extended liner notes by compiler William Gibson"

Various Artists Iconic Performances from the Monterey International Pop Festival 2 x LP "Double vinyl LP set to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the legendary Monterey Pop Festival, produced by Lou Adler. 13 iconic performances of the festival by Jimi Hendrix, Otis Redding, Big Brother & The Holding Company featuring Janis Joplin, The Who, Jefferson Airplane, Simon & Garfunkel, Buffalo Springfield, The Mamas & The Papas, and others. 2xLP on colored vinyl packaged in a heavyweight tip-on shiny gold gatefold jacket."

Various Artists New York Soul 67 LP Despite intense competition from the often frenetic pace of sessions in Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles, it was still New York that retained the crown of holding the most Afro-American recording dates and 45 releases in the US in 1967. The many studios in the city were always busy, cutting a wide range of styles from proto-funk to the gentlest of group sounds, from Motownesque pop through to the deepest of gospel based varieties. Whatever the approach, New York tried it all and labels both large and tiny hustled sales from willing punters and jukeboxes. This LP reflects all of this broad based musical activity, showcasing both thumping dance music and tender ballads. But whatever the genre you can be sure that it all has 100% SOUL! Side 1 -: 1 A Taste Of The Good Life - Little Charles 2 Running Out - Bongi & Judy 3 Three Hundred And Sixty Five Days - Donald Height 4 40 Days - 40 Nights - Don Covay & The Goodtimers 5 Four Walls - J J Jackson 6 Make Love To Me - Johnny Thunder & Ruby Winters 7 Because I Love You - Shirley Wahls 8 Lights Out - Zerben R Hicks.. Side 2: 1 Another Lovin' Kind Of Feelin' - Billy & Wolfe 2 Blow My Cool - Joe Beck 3 No One Could Ever Love You - Freddie Scott 4 Don't Mess With My Money - Jesse Gee 5 Please Come Back - Jimmy Tate 6 Tears Tears Tears - Ben E. King 7 Baby Come Back To Me - Bobby Harris 8 The Next In Line - Hoagy Lands

Various Artists Soho Scene 60 - Jazz Goes Mod LP As far as proving its international mettle was concerned, 1959 had been the most impressive year yet for British modern jazz. Barely three years had passed since the lifting of the embargo on visiting American jazz artists, and by the close of the 1950s, it was no means uncommon to find celebrated US soloists praising the work of London jazzmen in print, illustrating how the Smoke's parochial take on Hard Bop fashion now stood shoulder to shoulder with the Big Apple's original. By early 1960, the first waves of Ornette Coleman's New York musical tsunami had begun to reach British shores, and the local model of “free-form” then being pioneered by Jamaican altoist Joe Harriott found more critical acceptance than its counterpart played by Coleman, but Harriott a maverick, and would have little direct impact on the work of the majority of his contemporaries. Elsewhere though it was the template of the Jazz Couriers and their Hard Bop-derived modus operandi that continued to set the style for local modern jazz groups and in its wake came several worthy successors; the MJ6 featuring Stan Tracey; “The Quintet” headed by Ronnie Scott and Jimmy Deuchar; the Bert Courtley/Ronnie Ross Jazztet; the Ken Wray/Bobby Wellins Quintet; Allan Ganley and Keith Christie's New Jazzmakers: the Jazz Five co-led by Vic Ash and Harry Klein. In summer 1960, John Dankworth reorganised his big band, bringing in new names such as pianist Dudley Moore and Peter King, the alto sensation who had lit up Ronnie Scott's club the previous autumn. Tubby Hayes was another young veteran who welcomed the rise of a new wave, in one interview singling out not only King but also pianist Brian Dee, drummer Tony Mann and tenorist Stan Robinson as young men to watch. Like all other UK modern jazzmen, Robinson's opportunities for growth and exposure were foreshortened; his début recording (with the Jazzmakers) was taped in December 1960 but up until its inclusion on this anthology it remained unissued. At club level, modernism continued to survive if not quite thrive, although the scene was still so small that it occasionally resulted in skirmishes between those promoting the music – most notably a very public spat between Ronnie Scott and Sam Kruger. But otherwise modernists remained on the back foot. One of the few successes was the sudden interest in Tubby Hayes following his Tubby's Groove album making the unprecedented leap to Melody Maker's LP of the Month in June 1960. A month later came the infamous “Battle of Beaulieu”, a yob-culture fracas at the annual jazz festival held at Lord Montagu's Hampshire home, which somehow or other got blown up into a battle between the respective fans of trad and modern jazz. Side One: Southern Horizons - Harry South Big Band, Samba De Janeiro - Tony Crombie Orchestra, Threesome - Dill Jones Trio, One For Picka - Ernest Ranglin Trio, I'm Gonna Go Fishin' - The New Jazzmakers, Treasure Drive - Johnny Dankworth Orchestra…. Side Two: But I Was Cool - Oscar Brown Jr, Husky - Larry 'Wild' Wrice, West Coast Blues - Ernie Andrews, Funky Festival - Rune Overman Trio, Go To Hell - Mr. Billy Paul, Triste - Armando Peraza Trio, Me And My Lover - Billy Higgins, Wailin' - Lionel Hampton

Various Artists Soho Scene 66 – Jazz Goes Mod LP Getting the platters that matter. It’s what it’s always been about. Straight in to Transatlantic Records Limited in Marylebone Lane W.1. Eyes scanning some great records such as ‘Kirk’s Work’ by Roland Kirk, and ‘Hip Soul’ by Shirley Scott. I pull out a copy of ‘Presenting The Harry South Big Band’ and check out the dream line up of British artists involved. Look at the sax section alone: Roy Willox, Alan Branscombe, Ronnie Scott, Tubby Hayes, Dick Morrisey and Pete King. ‘Six To One Bar’ is a blues in 6/4 time, and it hits the spot. Of course I already know of Harry South, having seen him with his orchester earlier in the year at the Marquee, playing alongside some of the musicians already mentioned plus Georgie Fame on vocals. It’s all about getting the nights right. You usually avoid the 100 Club as it’s too trad, but every so often they may put on somebody like Art Themen, so you pop down there, but if you have the night wrong, you are bombarded with R&B styles such as Steve Darbyshire and The Yum Yums or maybe The Artwoods. Even our old haunt, Klooks Kleek in West Hampstead, has given itself over totally to these kind of acts. No jazz on the menu there these days! The best place in town, is in fact the newest place in town. It is of course, dear old Ronnie Scott’s, who has moved to new larger premises at 47 Frith Street, although it still only holds 160 people. Now it’s open from 8.30 till 3am, with the good news being that the bar is open until it closes and not 1am like the old gaff. Best gig for me personally was the fantastic Mark Murphy with Alan Haven on organ duties and Tony Crombie on drums. That was some gig! But that’s the great thing about Ronnie’s, the fact that although some may say it’s expensive, in reality they always provide a great vocalist backed by a great band. For instance, earlier this year Ernestine Anderson backed by Yusef Lateef, or Sonny Rollins on another occasion. Its lack of dancefloor guarantees you have to watch and listen to the band. The year of Jazz ’66 belongs to Ronnie Scott’s smoke-stained club! Side One: 1 Six To One Bar - Harry South Big Band 2 Treat It Lightly - Ronnie Scott 3 Coming Home Baby - Harry Stoneham & Johnny Eyden 4 Big P - The New Jazz Orchestra 5 Bluesology - Alex Welsh 6 Hit and Run - Ralph Dollimore 7 Punjab - Johnny Scott.. Side Two: 1 Mizrab - Gabor Szabo 2 Vampire - Jimmy Tillman Quartet 3 One Track Mind - Freddie Roach 4 Hi Heel Sneakers - Benny Poole Quartet 5 Hallelujah - Freddie Roach 6 The Wailer - Sonny Cox

Various Artists Electroconvulsive Therapy Volume 4: The Art of Survival Records LP For Record Store Day 2018, Medical Records brings you the next installment of their compilation series showcasing the mighty UK label Survival Records. Already having reissued Drinking Electricity and Play, we present a hand-picked selection of the rarest/finest new wave and dance cuts from the early singles from Survival’s catalog. Contained herein includes both sides of the Analysis “Surface Tension” 7” (featuring Martin Lloyd from Oppenheimer Analysis and David Rome from Drinking Electricity) as well as The Limit “Shock Waves” 7”. Other infectious songs include Richard Bone’s “Digital Days” and “Quantum Hop” plus two tracks by Thirteen At Midnight and one track by Eddie & Sunshine. This collection will soon be a staple in your valuable wave vinyl collection. All tracks have been carefully remastered.

Various Artists Planet Terror - Original Soundtrack LP Planet Terror was part of a double feature film release between Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino.  Planet Terror stars Rose McGowan, who sings on three tracks exclusive to this soundtrack.  The majority of the score is composed by Robert Rodriguez with contributions from Graeme Revell, (The Crow, Sin City), Chingon and Nouvelle Vague.  White Vinyl. No download code.

Various Artists Witches Brew 12” Compilation of Burning Witches artists for 2018. Synth heavy, instrumentals. Download card included, printed 12x12 insert card and hand numbered. 1 time coloured vinyl pressing

Various Artists Independent Venue Week 18 Live LP "For the first time, we will be releasing a live record of artists performing during Independent Venue Week for our 5th birthday. Artists so far that are willing to contribute to the record include Gaz Coombes, Cabbage, HMLTD Goat Girl, Trudy and the Romance, Fizzy Blood, Slow Reders Club. Waiting on Idles, Nadine Shah, Richard Hawley and This is the Kit. The release will be vinyl only - 1000 copies. "

Various Artists Wharf Cat Records ACLU Benefit Compilation Double LP Wharf Cat Records made a double LP with various artists (The Men, Merchandise, Pop.1280, Palberta, Old Maybe, Psychic Blood, Alice Cohen, Dollar Band, Mail Thief, Weeping Icon, Signal, Profligate, Jeff Zagers, Horoscope, Cheerleader, and more ) to benefit the ACLU. The artwork done is by Emma Kohlman. The record store day copy will come with a flexidsic containing 2 songs only available with this special RSD copy as well as a special poster only available with the RSD copy. The record will also include a download card. All proceeds from the sales of this record will go directly to the ACLU. The LP's also feature a center label done by Nic Van Woert, and an insert made by Jason from Psychcic Blood.

Various Artists Gary Crowley's Punk and New Wave Translucent Red and Blue 2LP "Exclusive to RSD2018, is the vinyl edition of Gary Crowley's acclaimed 2017 compilation 'Punk & New Wave'. Available on vinyl for the first time, and pressed on 2LP heavyweight translucent red and blue vinyl, ""Punk and New Wave"" features 30 tracks of Punk, New Wave, Post Punk, Power Pop and Mod Revival originally released between 1977 – 1982 (including many on vinyl for the first time in up to 40 years). Some of these tracks are super-rare and very hard to find having only been pressed on extremely limited 7” singles. “Ever get the feeling you’ve been treated? Well how does a dynamite selection of 77 Punk and New Wave treasures grab you? These aren't the usual classic anthems; this is a mix from the heart chosen by yours truly, Gary Crowley, and my broadcasting better half/ buddy Jim Lahat.” Features an introduction and personal track by track notes by Gary Crowley and Jim Lahat. “That is what Punk has always meant to us. It was about innovation and moving forward. We loved the look, the attitude, the edge and the back to basics approach. We were the audience and the bands were mostly the same age as us. The energy and excitement feeding from stage to fans and back again was palpable….. This set is a testament to the vital role that Punk music, and all that it spawned, has played in each of our lives.” This is limited to 1977 units worldwide."

Various Artists Texas Soul 67 LP This is the fourth LP in our highly regarded series of albums devoted to Texas African-American music from the 1960s. As with those other sets, you may not know the singers, but you’ll surely love the music, because on here you will find tracks for the feet and songs for the heart – truly all the best 67 sounds from the Lone Star state. Side 1: 1. Van Dykes - Save My Love For A Rainy Day 2. Bobby Adeno - Treat You Like A Queen 3. Bobby Patterson - Till You Give In 4. O.V.Wright - What Did You Tell This Girl Of Mine 5. Lee Mitchell - You're Gonna Miss Me 6. Clarence Green - I'm Wondering 7. Kim Tolliver - Get A Little Soul 8. Les Watson - Teardrops On Your Letter Side 2: 1. Buddy Ace - Hold On (To This Old Fool) 2. Al 'Tnt' Braggs - Home In That Rock 3. Jean Knight - I Just Don't Want You No More 4. R L Griffin - Believe In Me 5. Joe Medwick - Just Be Yourself 6. Ernie K-Doe - Dancin' Man 7. Barbara Favorite - Then I'll Be True 8. Bobby Williams - I'll Hate Myself Tomorrow

Various Artists Pornosonic: Unreleased 70s Porn Music Featuring Ron Jeremy LP Album of unreleased faux 70's porno music featuring Famous adult film actor Ron Jeremy was to hired by Mini Mace Pro Records to perform voice overs

Various Artists The Beginning Of The End: The Existential Psychodrama In Country Music (1956-1974) LP From the people who brought you 'Hillbillies In Hell'... 16 timeless tales of existential angst wrought from backwoods ballads and anguished urbane odes. Plaintive fiddles, furtive banjos and lonesome voices soundtrack a bleak vista of endless, eternal questions and unquenchable wanderlusts. Apocalyptic laments, harrowing self-examinations, faltering ids, devastated inebriates and tortured misfits. Many originally waxed on private press labels and distributed in tiny amounts, these troubled but marginalised troubadours sing of collapsing egos and stygian landscapes of molten self-doubt. Years in the making – 'The Beginning Of The End' presents existential howls and Freudian diatribes from broken preachers and disrupted transgressives. All for your bewildered listening pleasure. •WITNESS Whitey Gallagher and his endless SEARCHING! •HEAR Bobby Grove chase THE WHISTLE OF THE GRAVY TRAIN! •SEE Jim Ed Brown confront THE ENEMY! •RSD 2018 Limited Edition 500 Deluxe Gatefold LPs with exclusive scholarly liner notes by Alvin Lucia! •Full dynamic range 2018 remasters direct from the first generation analogue master tapes! *250 (randomly inserted) Apocalypse Orange / 250 (randomly inserted) Collapse Black LPs

Various Artists Hillbillies In Hell: Volume 666 (Country Music's Tormented Testament: 1952-1974) LP "Deep, deep underground... From the brimstone Hayseed labyrinth comes Hillbillies In Hell: Volume 666 - a blazing collection of psychedelic pedal-steel guitars, tortured Gospel odes, She-Devils, possessed minors, hayseed barroom homicides, hallucinogenic nightmares and desperate souls. Originally waxed on microscopic labels and distributed in minuscule amounts, these troubled and forgotten troubadours sing of drug-fulled delusions, deathly rivers and Satan's perpetual temptations. Years in the making – ‘Hillbillies In Hell’ (Volume 666) presents 18 testaments of benighted sinners, timeless tribulations, bottomless graves and the tall flames of eternal damnation. A Luciferian cache of subterranean 45s, some of these sides are impossibly rare and are reissued here for the very first time. All for your primordial listening pleasure. •WITNESS Sorrells Pickard at THE GATES OF HELL! •HEAR Bobby Griggs plead PLEASE DEVIL! •SEE Jack Turner battle his terrifying NIGHTMARE! •RSD 2018 Limited Edition 666 Deluxe Gatefold LPs with exclusive scholarly liner notes by Alvin Lucia! •Full dynamic range 2018 remasters direct from the first generation analogue master tapes! *222 (randomly inserted) 'Hellfire Red' LPs / 222 (randomly inserted) 'Lucifer Ablaze' Orange Splatter LPs / 222 (randomly inserted) 'Endless Torment' Black LPs! Deep, deep underground... From the brimstone Hayseed labyrinth comes Hillbillies In Hell: Volume 666 - a blazing collection of psychedelic pedal-steel guitars, tortured Gospel odes, She-Devils, possessed minors, hayseed barroom homicides, hallucinogenic nightmares and desperate souls. Originally waxed on microscopic labels and distributed in minuscule amounts, these troubled and forgotten troubadours sing of drug-fulled delusions, deathly rivers and Satan's perpetual temptations. Years in the making – ‘Hillbillies In Hell’ (Volume 666) presents 18 testaments of benighted sinners, timeless tribulations, bottomless graves and the tall flames of eternal damnation. A Luciferian cache of subterranean 45s, some of these sides are impossibly rare and are reissued here for the very first time. All for your primordial listening pleasure. •WITNESS Sorrells Pickard at THE GATES OF HELL! •HEAR Bobby Griggs plead PLEASE DEVIL! •SEE Jack Turner battle his terrifying NIGHTMARE! •RSD 2018 Limited Edition 666 Deluxe Gatefold LPs with exclusive scholarly liner notes by Alvin Lucia! •Full dynamic range 2018 remasters direct from the first generation analogue master tapes! *222 (randomly inserted) 'Hellfire Red' LPs / 222 (randomly inserted) 'Lucifer Ablaze' Orange Splatter LPs / 222 (randomly inserted) 'Endless Torment' Black LPs! "

Various Artists Motown Funk Vol. 2 2LP "By popular request Volume 2 of Motown Funk - first issue of volume 2 and it begins on vinyl. "

Various Artists The SugarHill Boom Box 4 X 12" Box Set 12” beats, rhymes and b-boy breaks from the label that started it all. Four 12” single box set featuring eight Sugar Hill classics in their unedited, full length, ground breaking original 12” glory. Featuring The Sugarhill Gang ‘Rapper's Delight’ (Long Version), Grandmaster Flash ‘The Message’, Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five ‘The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash On the Wheels of Steel’, West Street Mob ‘Break Dance - Electric Boogie’, Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel ‘White Lines (Don't Do It)’ (Long Version), The Sequence ‘Funk You Up’ (12" Version), Positive Force ‘We Got the Funk’ (12" Mix), The Sugarhill Gang ‘Hot Hot Summer Day’ (12" Version).

Various Artists I-Robots - Turin Dancefloor Express pres.: Svengile E.P. 1977 - 2017 - 40th Year Anniversary 12" 40 year anniversary Original copies of Stratosferic Band changing hands for £125. Black Vinyl

Various Artists Mighty Instrumentals R&B-Style 1963 LP Here’s a selection of cracking instrumentals from 1963, none of which ever got so much as a sniff at the charts. It’s mostly guitar-led rockers with fiery picking from Roy Buchanan and Jimmy Spruill and some early fuzzbox action from Lou Josie of the Ho-Dads. Up in New York, King Curtis is blowing out on the Rinkydinks (later adopted as the Soul Train theme). From Eastside, Los Angeles, The Mixtures try out their new Wurlitzer electric on the M. G.’s Chinese Checkers. There’s Louisiana sounds from The Mighty Trojans and James Booker and over in the Mid-West, we’ve got Little Milton Meddlin' and Jimmy McCracklin Trottin’. So there you have it - fourteen Mighty Instrumentals R&B-Style from 1963. Side One: 1 Trottin' - Jimmy McCracklin 2 Big Nick - James Booker 3 Honky - The Ho-Dads 4 Chinese Checkers - The Mixtures 5 Braggin' - Bob Moore & The Temps 6 The Hash - Johnny Otis 7 Ba Dada - Sam Kimble 8 Meddlin' - Little Milton Side Two: 1 Just About Daybreak - The Mighty Trojans 2 Ginger Snap - The Exotics 3 Hot Potato - The Rinkydinks 4 Back Slap - South St. Six 5 The Scratch - Long John Hunter 6 Cut And Dried - Wild Jimmy Spruill 7 Susie Q - Billy & The King Bees 8 Tension - The Nu-Trons

Various Artists New Orleans Soul 1967 LP By the end of 1967, the music business in the Crescent City was in a bad way, and after Cosimo Matassa’s downfall, recording activity in the city fell off a cliff. As in 1966, over 400 Crescent City recorded soul songs were issued in 1967. This number dropped to less than 100 in 1968. This was truly the end of an era. Like its predecessor album which covered 1966, this LP brings together the best soul tracks recorded in New Orleans in 1967. At this time southern soul was in the ascendant but as usual the musical background of the Crescent City – jazz, R & B, the Caribbean – ensured that music recorded there always had a rhythmic twist and arrangements all of their own. New Orleans – the joker in the soul pack for sure. No national hits here, just the sound of the streets. The heartbeat of the city. Side 1 : 1. Carlies Allen - You Better Know What You're Doing 2. G Davis & R Tyler - Hold On Help Is On The Way 3. Sammy King - Ain't That Satisfaction 4. Aaron Neville - A Hard Nut To Crack 5. Al Reed - 99 44% Pure Love 6. Charles Mann - I'm Too Far Gone 7. Beverly Brown - You Got Me Helpless 8. Tony Owens - I Got Soul… Side 2: 1. Johnny Adams - Time And Time Again 2. Senator Jones - Call The Sheriff 3. Charles Brimmer - The Glide 4. Booney Taylor - If You're Gonna Love Me 5. Guitar Ray - Funky Pete Pt 1 6. Tammy Mcknight - Stop These Teardrops 7. Barons - I've Got A Feeling 8. Curtis Johnson - I've Got To Get Away From You

Various Artists - Rock Steady Box Rock Steady Box 10 x 7" box The successor of ska and precursor to reggae, rock steady originated in Jamaica in the summer of 1966 and for the next two years dominated the island’s musical landscape. During this brief, yet intensely creative period, many of the foundation stones for the modern Jamaican music industry were laid by some of the greatest talents ever to emerge on the Caribbean music scene. ‘Get Ready… Do Rock Steady’ brings together reproductions of 10 of the most collectable rock steady 7” singles of all time. Pressed on high-quality vinyl and presented in stylishly designed sleeves, the 10 x 7” box also contains a card insert featuring a fascinating essay on the development of the rock steady sound.

Various Artists (Spark Records) Up All Night…Non-Stop Dancing: The Very Best of Spark Northern Soul 12" LP Spark Records was started in 1967 as the record label of the Southern Music Group. During the late 1960s and early to mid 1970s a distinct and select flow of Northern Soul singles started to appear on the label. Many of these have become relatively rare and are now fetching high prices. This compilation album showcases a selection of these collectable 7” single releases including Gene Latter’s dancefloor favourite “Sign On The Dotted Line” (covered in the 1980s by John Bradbury of The Specials offshoot band JB’s All Stars), Tommy Hunt’s crossover Top 30 hit single “Love On The Losing Side” and Ruth Swann’s cover version of the northern soul classic “Tainted Love”. 

Various Erased Tapes Artists 1+1=X 3xLP Box Set Produced by label curator Robert Raths, 1+1=X sees all Erased Tapes artists come together and make an album as a collective — sharing the same space, instruments and musicianship in a residency at Vox-ton in Berlin to record 20 exclusive songs in celebration of the label's 10-year history. The 3-LP set, accompanied by a book of photographs documenting the recording process, is housed in a bespoke, hand-assembled white box with a recessed X that slides open on one side.

Vaselines, The Dum Dum Single vinyl LP Exclusively licensed from Sub Pop for Record Store Day. Clear heavyweight 180 gram vinyl LP

velvet hands partys over lp blue vinyl+signed by band

Voidz, The Qyurryus / Cool As 7" Single taken from new album. The Voidz is Julian Casablancas (The Strokes) band.

Voivod Too Scared To Scream 12" Picture Disc This is a replica of the limited edition, 1987 12” picture disc single by Canadian progressive, thrash metal quartet Voivod. Recorded during the sessions for their cult album ‘Killing Technology’ the two songs featured haven’t been available on vinyl for 30 years.  The artwork for the cover was also designed by long standing drummer and artist, Michel ‘Away’ Langevin.

Warsaw Warsaw 1LP BLACK & WHITE Joy Division, originally named Warsaw, consisted of singer Ian Curtis, guitarist and keyboardist Bernard Sumner, bass player Peter Hook, and drummer Stephen Morris. “Warsaw” was the planned debut album by the English post-punk band. Recorded in May 1978, it comprised eleven tracks now known collectively as the "RCA Sessions". The band was disappointed with the label's post-production work and the deal fell through, the album being scrapped. This “Warsaw” release presents the RCA Sessions (some of which would be released on their debut EP, “An Ideal For Living”); "As You Said" from the 1980 "Komakino" single; and the band's first recorded music, five "Warsaw Demo" tracks from 1977. An interesting historical and musical testimony to Joy Divison's early artistic qualities.

Waterfront, The Normandy ( On A Beach ) / When The Wind Blows 12" Black Vinyl The Waterfront were a short lived Manchester supergroup from the early 80's. The band consisted of 3 original members of The Stone Roses. Andy Couzens ( Guitar ) Gary Mounfield ( bass ) John Squire ( Guitar ). The drummer was Chris Goodwin ( The High ) and David ' Kaiser' Carty on vocals. Although the band never played a gig they did record 2 tracks in a small studio in 1983. Only a handful of cassette tapes ever existed among friends of the band. Andy Couzens owns the original ¼ inch reel to reel tape and has kindly offered the recordings for a special release to raise money for The Christie in Manchester. Andy and John later formed The Stone Roses with Mani joining years later. Chris ended up in numerous bands before having success with Andy in The High. Kaiser chose a different path and went to serve for Queen and Country. The Rest is History.

Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band / The Meters Express Yourself / Just Kissed My Baby 7" Remastered and resissued double A sider for soul aficionados, B Boys and Jazz Funk lovers. As sampled by N.W.A. & Public Enemy respectively. Limited green coloured vinyl

White Hills/Gnod aquarian downer LP aqua blue vinyl

Whitesnake 1987 1 x 140g 12" picture disc album Picture Disc of the band's multi-platinum album using the recent 2017 remastered audio, housed in a die cut sleeve.

Who, The The Kids Are Alright (OST) 2LP "Legendary companion album to the band's classic documentary film of the same name from 1979. Double LP on red and blue heavyweight coloured vinyl with original LP packaging including 20-page booklet - long out of print on vinyl. "

Wilco Live At The Troubadour 11/12/96 2 x 180g 12" ??? vinyl album The alt country pioneers Wilco performing a 20-song set at the legendary Troubadour, Hollywood from November 12, 1996. The repertoire includes songs from their debut and sophomore albums A.M. and Being There, as well as songs from their Uncle Tupelo days. Today Wilco is considered one of the finest and most exciting touring bands and many of these songs are featured in current set lists and are notable fan favourites.

William DeVaughn Be Thankful For What You Got 12" 45 year anniversary of William DeVaughn's smooth soul classic remastered and reissued for RSD on exclusive white vinyl

Winston Reedy & Salute Vision In Life LPX2 Legendary UK Reggae artist Winston Reedy comes with a double LP of brand new material.

Wipes, The Live At The Met, December 31st 1982 LP New Years Eve 1982. Unreleased performance from the “Youth Of America” tour. Recorded live in Portland, OR. From the Original Master Tapes and Mastered by Greg Sage. Pressed at RTI - Audiophile pressing. Limited to 2000 copies. From the original tapes with amazing sound. Track listing : Alien boy, Messenger, Romeo, Dimension 7, Something to Prove, Let's Go, Up Front, No Solution, Heart On Fire, Potential Suicide, No Generation Gap, Fly By Night, Tragedy, Scared Stiff, Pushing The Extreme, Telepathic, Mistaken Identity.

Wire NINE SEVENS 7" Box Set "NINE SEVENS is the first of a series of re-releases of Wire's 70's catalogue, released for the first time worldwide on the band’s own label pinkflag. The 7"" box set itself is a unique collection of Wire 7""s recorded in the period 1977-1980 and includes 6 singles released originally on Harvest, one originally released on Rough Trade and one single recorded in 1980 that was never released on 7’. The 9th item is the EP given away with the first pressings of the album 154. Everything is freshly re-mastered from the original archive analogue sources. This product is intended as a Record Store Day exclusive, produced in an edition of 1500 with no plans to repress. In addition, until after Record Store day many of the tracks are no longer available in digital stores or spotify. "

Wishbone Ash Roadworks - Junctions LP Never released before on Vinyl this Double LP features specially chosen selections from the 4 CD Boxset release. Gatefold Sleeve and 180gm black vinyl

Wolf Alice Don't Delete The Kisses (remix EP) 12" "White label remix EP with never-before released remixes of Wolf Alice’s hit single, “Don’t Delete The Kisses” Tracklist: Don't Delete The Kisses Don't Delete The Kisses (Charli XCX / Post Precious remix) Don't Delete The Kisses (Tourist Remix) Don't Delete The Kisses (Jelani Blackman remix) "

Wrangler Three Memes 12" exclusive release/crooked man/richard h kirk remix

Wussy Gettign Better 7" 7" EP - 4 tracks of cover songs, solid YELLOW colour

Wu-Tang Clan Enter The Wu-Tang 36 Chambers Cassette Album Tape cassette version of the classic album.

Yazoo Situation - The Francois K Remixes 12" Released on limited edition heavyweight 180 gm vinyl this 12" brings together four 'Situation' remixes from the legendary French / New York producer, François Kevorkian. Side A features the two classic U.S. mixes from 1982, while the flip side includes the 1990 'Deadline' mix and the unreleased 'More Dub' mix available on this 12" for the very first time. Written by Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet, 'Situation' was originally released as the b-side of Yazoo's debut single 'Only You' which went to Number 2 in the UK Charts.

Yes Tormato 1 x 140g 12" picture disc album Picture Disc of Yes' ninth studio album 'Tormato'. It is their last album recorded with singer Jon Anderson and keyboardist Rick Wakeman prior to their departure from the group in 1980

Yung Wu Shore Leave LP The Feelies percussionist, Dave Weckerman, takes center stage as the primary singer / songwriter for Yung Wu, a 1987 Feelies side project that includes all of the Good Earth era members plus John Baumgartner, keyboardist for The Trypes and Speed the Plough. Produced by Glenn Mercer and Bill Million and originally released on Coyote Records, it was largely overlooked at the time but is considered among Feelies enthusiasts to be an important part of their discography. Shore Leave is a minor classic of 80s jangle pop ripe for rediscovery. Key release among Feelies discography. Record Store Day LP Includes Limited edition Flexi Disc w/ 1980 Dave Weckerman single available in initial pressing only. Includes the original version of the title track along w/ a rare bside – “Out of Baby’s Reach.” Previously un-published photos and new liner notes by Dave.

Zero 7 7 x 7 Seven x 7" box set "Zero 7’s debut album ‘Simple Things’ sold over a million copies and was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize and the band as Best Newcomer at the Brit Awards. The album featured singers Sia, Sophie Barker and Mozez. ‘When It Falls’ followed with the same guest vocalists along with Danish singer Tina Dico. Their third album ‘The Garden’ was nominated for a Grammy Award with singers Jose Gonzalez and Sia. Two further albums ‘Yeah Ghost’ and a best of ‘Record’ completed their time with Atlantic Records. For Record Store Day 2018 they are launching an exclusive collectors 7” box set. The package contains seven 7”s, containing 14 tracks picked by the band. 4 tracks are taken ‘Simple Things’: ‘Destiny (ft. Sia & Sophie Barker)’, ‘In The Waiting Line (ft. Sophie Barker)’, ‘Distractions (ft. Sia)’ & ‘I Have Seen (ft. Mozez)’. 3 from ‘When It Falls’: ‘Home’, ‘In Time’ & ‘Somersault’ (split across 2 sides). Another 4 from ‘The Garden’ ‘Futures’ & ‘Today’ (both featuring José González)’, ‘Pageant Of The Bizarre (ft. Sia)’ & the instrumental ‘Dreaming’. The final 2 come from 2009’s ‘Yeah Ghost’: ‘Swing (ft. Binki Shapiro)’ & ‘Pop Art Blue (ft. Martha Tilston)’. Packaging wise – the artwork will be made by the bands’ original design collaborator – Julian House, director of creative agency ‘Intro’, using elements & samples from their iconic ‘Simple Things’ album artwork. The sleeves will also be colour coded & placed into a cruciform overwrap sleeve with heavyweight vinyl. This is the 1st time some of these tracks havel be made available on vinyl & all of them have never been cut as 7”s. Side A.  Destiny (ft. Sia & Sophie Barker) Side B.  In The Waiting Line (ft. Sophie Barker) Side C. Distractions (ft. Sia) Side D.  I Have Seen (ft. Mozez) Side E. Home (ft. Tina Dico) Side F. In Time (ft. Sophie Barker) Side G. Somersault Part 1 (ft. Sia) Side H. Somersault Part 2 (ft. Sia) Side I. Futures (ft. José González) Side J. Pageant Of The Bizarre (ft. Sia) Side K. Today (ft. José González) Side L.  Dreaming (ft. Sia) Side M. Swing (ft. Binki Shapiro) Side N. Pop Art Blue (ft. Martha Tilston) "

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