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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

‘Spycop’ scandal hits new low with claim that officer exploited elderly activist as part of cover" + JANET ALDER SPEAKS OUT + archive


An undercover police officer allegedly befriended an elderly activist as cover for intelligence-gathering. She was partially blind and deaf. The ‘spycop’ went on to head Special Branch.


During 1980 and 1981, police officer Roger Pearce used the cover name Roger Thorley to spy on members of the anarchist Freedom Press in London’s Whitechapel. As ‘Thorley’, he wrote several articles [pdf] for the newspaper Freedom, attacking the police.
As part of his cover, he is alleged to have been a ‘chauffeur’ for veteran anarchist Leah Feldman. At the time, Feldman was in her 80s, was partially deaf and blind, and often needed help moving around.

The spycop

Roger Pearce went on to head the Special Demonstration Squad and oversaw the creation of the National Public Order Intelligence Unit. He was later appointed Director of Intelligence; and Commander, Special Branch. On leaving the police service, he was appointed Counter-Terrorism Adviser to the Foreign Office.
Pearce was first identified as an undercover police officer in June 2014. In March 2017, Lord Pitchford (then head of the Undercover Policing Inquiryrefused [pdf] anonymity status for Pearce. The inquiry subsequently revealed that Pearce had infiltrated anarchist groups from 1979 to 1984.
In July 2013, when Pearce was asked about the practice of undercover police officers forming sexual relationships so as to gain intelligence, he said:
the [Special] Branch was inviting individual officers to live a false life for four or five or more years, the false friendship can develop and escalate into a sexual relationship. So it’s almost inevitable that these took place and I am making no moral judgement about them at all.
Pearce is also an author:

The activist

Feldman was a Jewish (secular) anarchist revolutionary, whose activities spanned several decades. She was born in Poland in 1899, but later moved to London, where she worked in sweatshops. When news of the Russian Revolution broke, she moved there. She provided behind-the-lines support to the anarchists led by Nestor Makhno in their fight against Tsarism, Bolshevism, social democratic oppression, and foreign intervention.
Leah Feldman leaving Moscow after the revolution
In the 1930s, Feldman was active in Palestine, where she organised the anarchist federation. In 1935, she returned to London to organise supplies for the anarchists in Spain, fighting Franco.
According to Black Flag founding editor Albert Meltzer, Feldman:
wanted to give aid to the Spanish Resistance in spite of all, and during the turbulent sixties, with the International First of May Movement, helped in taking care of the armoury, even taking it with her luggage into Spain. She was known affectionately by Catalans, always prone to giving nicknames, as “la yaya (granny) Makhnowista”.
In 1985, during a taped interview by Anarchist Black Cross comrades Leo Rosser and Phil Ruff, Feldman talked about her time in Russia, her role in helping to organise the funeral of anarchist Piotr Kropotkin, of Emma Goldman, of the Spanish Revolution, and of Rudolf Rocker’s internment during World War One.


In her later years, Feldman grew increasingly suspicious of new people in the anarchist scene. Sadly, her instincts in this regard were spot on, and some blame must be attributed to those who failed to check ‘Thorley’s’ credentials.
That Pearce allegedly exploited Feldman in the way he did shows the depths that undercover police officers are prepared to sink to collect information on those they identify as political activists.
[Disclosure: the author of this article had no connections with Freedom or Freedom Press, but knew Leah well, as both a friend and comrade.]
Featured image supplied via Leah Feldman’s photograph album

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Janet Alder speaks out - ‘Hold cops to account over deaths in custody’ Twenty years after her brother Christopher Alder died + #spycops archive

Janet Alder speaks out - ‘Hold cops to account over deaths in custody’

Twenty years after her brother Christopher Alder died, Janet Alder is still fighting for truth and justice
Tuesday 27 March 2018

Janet Alder has campaigned for 20 years for justice over her brother Christopher Alders death
Janet Alder has campaigned for 20 years for justice over her brother Christopher Alder's death (Pic: Guy Smallman)

Sunday will mark 20 years since Christopher Alder was unlawfully killed in a Hull police station.
The Justice for Christopher Alder campaign will hold a commemoration protest on Saturday.
Christopher was involved in a fight at a nightclub in the early hours of 1 April 1998.
Police came to the hospital where he was being treated to interview him and arrested him.
He was conscious enough to talk briefly to a hospital security guard. Then he was manhandled into a police van.
His sister Janet told Socialist Worker that when Christoper arrived at the police station he was “totally unconscious”.
“His trousers and boxer shorts were down to his knees,” she said. “He was dragged to the custody suite and put on the floor bleeding from his mouth.”
Christopher died in the custody suite of Queens Gardens Police Station. CCTV footage showed cops near to him, making monkey noises as he died.
An inquest in 2000 found that Christopher was unlawfully killed. No officer has been charged with crimes relating to his death.
Since then his family has been subjected to repeated humiliation at the hands of the police and the state.
“Without the support we’ve had from ordinary people I’d have been totally crushed,” said Janet. “I could never have done this on my own.
“I took Christopher’s case to the European Court of Human Rights. When we got there, the government said his right to life had been denied.
“After that I thought, ‘I’ve done everything I possibly can. At least now they’ve had to acknowledge Christopher rather than view him as insignificant like all the other deaths in custody.’
“I thought it was time to get on with my life.” Instead Janet uncovered more injustices.
“We thought we’d buried Christopher in 2000,” she said. “But in 2011 it emerged that his body had laid in the mortuary for 11 years in six body bags.”
His family had buried the body of 77 year old Grace Kamara in his place.
South Yorkshire police set up an inquiry into the incident. Janet believes the way they conducted the inquiry was contemptuous of her and her family.
“They said they didn’t know who had swapped his body or when the swap had taken place,” said Janet.
“Then in 2011, I was told the police had spied on me during the inquest proceedings. It’s not just one injustice, we’re talking about three injustices.”
Janet said it’s the responsibility of all ordinary people to hold the cops to account.
“The number of people, particularly black men like Christopher, dying in police custody is unbelievable,” she said.
“Absolutely no one in authority has had the guts or the ethics to think about what’s been going on here. This has been such a stain on British society.”
March to remember Christopher Alder, Saturday 31 March, 1pm, Victoria Square, Hull HU1 3DX

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