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Saturday, 31 March 2018



Caravan Of Illegal Immigrants Headed To U.S. - Illegal Immigration - Fox & Friends

Published on Apr 1, 2018

Thousands Of Migrants Prepare to Invade America

Published on Mar 31, 2018



"What we know so far about the Caravan: The caravan has grown to 5000 as of last night and is growing larger every day. https://splinternews.com/a-refugee-caravan-is-head... This is the Facebook page of the organization organizing the caravan of illegal immigrants heading for the Texas border. https://www.facebook.com/PuebloSF/  Here is a photo of their route north as reported on Twitter. Expect this to change as they realize we are coming to the border to stop them. We are already hearing reports that they will divert them to cross at Laredo or even California. https://imgur.com/L3BVsGH.jpg Here is the American based organizer of this invasion. Tweet to him and let him know this act of war will not go unanswered. https://twitter.com/alex_mensing Here is another photo of the contact info for most of the people involved in this caravan. Note Alex Mensing listed as project coordinator. https://i.imgur.com/TLtslsl.jpg This is an act of war. We will respond accordingly. It is time to act. We must go to the border to intercept this caravan. If we do not more and more caravans will follow. This is the exact same tactic used to bring millions into Europe. We must not allow this here. I will continue to post more information as it comes in on my Gab account. I will try my best to let everyone know when and where they will cross so that we may go and meet this threat head on. If you come bring plenty of food and water, not just your gun. Follow me on www.gab.ai as @TexasVet for more updates."

"The Central American Caravan is a rerun of the Green March. In 1975, Morocco sent an group of civilians illegally across the border into the Spanish colony of Western Sahara in order to seize control. They were unarmed and carried green Islamic flags, hence the name. The Moroccans were betting that the Spanish would be too cowardly to open fire or arrest the marchers, and they were right. Morocco took control of the Western Sahara a month later. Symbolically, the Green March consisted of 350,000 people: the number of births in Morocco per year at the time. This was intended as a poke at how Spain's population was aging, dying, and below replacement level. The Central American Caravan is no different. It's Latin America poking the white man in the chest and telling us they're taking our country, and there's nothing we can do about it because we're old and dying and they're young and virile. If ICE doesn't open fire on the Caravan---or at least arrest everyone in it---the Caravan will be proven right."

source: https://gab.ai/topic/2cef921e-801c-4ae4-969f-bef20c458e2c

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