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Thursday, 8 March 2018

WIKILEAKS UPDATES 08 MARCH 2018 - ROGER STONE, MANNING, AUDIOBOOK: "A German Hacker Offers a Rare Look Inside the Secretive World of Julian Assange"


  • Sam Nunberg Might Cooperate With Mueller's Team After All

    The revelation contradicts Stone's testimony to the House Intelligence Committee, during which he said he had never "said or written that I had any direct communication with Julian Assange", the WikiLeaks founder. I just, because it is the talk out there, again, I know it's awkward. Tur then asked how he ...
  • The Duality of Chelsea Manning: In the Spotlight at Bard

    Chelsea Manning first appeared in the collective national consciousness in 2010 as one component of a story much larger than herself: the emergence of Wikileaks. In May of that year it was revealed that Manning had leaked 750,000 US national security documents to Wikileaks, a website notorious for ...
  • Elevate Festival 2018
    Resident Advisor

    The biggest talking point, though, was the festival's controversial invitation to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who spoke via livestream at the opening ceremony. (I got to Graz a day late, so missed the talk, but reports suggested that he evaded questions—which were collected from the Austrian ...
  • Amid renewed scrutiny, Erik Prince to host fundraiser for Russia-friendly congressman

    Rohrabacher, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, has been the target of attacks by Democrats and some Republicans for his unusually robust support for Russia. In the past, he has dismissed claims of Russia's human right violations as "baloney," publicly defended WikiLeaks and argued ...
  • US Department of Homeland Security has pretty crap, er, cybersecurity

    SECURITY PROBLEMS ARE RIFE in the US Department of Homeland Security, er, the federal authority responsible for the USA's cybersecurity. A report from the department's Office of Inspector General dug into its systems to discover that many of them were running unsupported and outdated operating ...
  • Missing WikipediansSweden tries to increase gender equality on Wikipedia
    The Economist

    EVER since Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, referred to Sweden as a “hornets' nest of revolutionary feminism” and as a “Saudi Arabia of feminism”, Swedes have worn this as a badge of honour. Now its foreign ministry has an ambitious plan to increase gender equality on the internet. Its precise ...
  • Scoopy's Notebook, Week of March 8, 2018
    The Villager

    previously reported, Credico was subpoenaed last December by the House Intelligence Committee for its own election-influencing probe after Stone tagged the funny man as his alleged “back channel” to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. But Credico pleaded the Fifth Amendment, the committee ...
  • Former Trump aide denies being drunk in bizarre TV interviews

    Asked whether he had suggested that Trump make the statement, Stone replied that he and Trump had not discussed the WikiLeaks disclosures before, during, or after the election. He's facing ... the most effective prosecutor of our time. Nader, "who grew close later to several advisers in the Trump White ...
  • Nietzsche With a 3-D Printer
    Slate Magazine

    Cody Wilson, the man behind the first 3-D–printed gun, joins the hosts to talk about his vision of a “WikiLeaks for guns” and why he thinks gun control is no longer possible. And as always, Don't Close My Tabs: This week Will looks at the “deepfakes” video phenomenon and April discusses former Trump ...
  • WEB

  • Wikileaks
    UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs

    https://luskin.ucla.edu/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Chelsea-Lecture7-tC.jpg 4016 6016 Zev Hurwitz https://luskin.ucla.edu/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/luskin-logo-test.png Zev Hurwitz2018-03-07 10:46:292018-03-07 15:30:00Chelsea Manning Discusses Values, Secrets and Whistleblowers at Luskin ...
  • pol/ - What if Trump supporters and Wikileaks really are Russian puppets?

    What if Trump supporters just, like, don't think Russia are that dangerous? USSR died decades ago at this point. What has Russia done geopolitically? Intervened in Syria, where we had no fucking business? Allowed Crimea to secede after neo-nazis overthrew the Ukrainian government? Attacked ...
  • USA v. WikiLeaks - Courage Foundation
    USA v. WikiLeaks - Courage Foundation

    Wells Dixon Shayana Kadidal Counsel for Wikileaks & Julian Assange X Organizations [filter]. Results. 0 Total. e-Highlighter. Permalink: [no highlights]. Click to send permalink to address bar, or right-click to copy permalink. Un-highlight all Un-highlight selectionu Highlight selectionh.
  • Doing WikiLeaks? New Paradigms and (or?) Ecologies in Media Education.
    Bournemouth University Staff Profile Pages

    This source preferred by Julian McDougall and Richard Berger. Authors: Berger, R. and McDougall, J. http://eprints.bournemouth.ac.uk/17119/ · http://www.auteur.co.uk/index.php?main_section=28&textentryid=299. Journal: The Media Education Research Journal. Volume: 1. Pages: 7-12. ISSN: 2040- ...

    The WEIRDEST Of WIKILEAKS! Fight or Flight. 295. Subscribe. Watch. 18; 2 0. First published at 14:36 UTC on March 7th, 2018. #satanism · #clintons · #occult. Please subscribe to Fight or Flight! Thank You! Video Credit: TheScariestMovieEver. Published on 5 Nov 2016. The WEIRDEST Of WIKILEAKS ...
  • Wikileaks Finally Did It … SHE'S DONE
    Conservative Forever

    If there was a smoking gun to be produced by WikiLeaks, then this is it. James Comey said that the evidence found against Hillary was lacking an “intent” element, meaning that they did not find she intended breaking the law. But, now, WikiLeaks just produced all the intent we needed. Zero Hedge has ...
  • Sigh. Another day with #wikileaks in the news only in relation to a…

    Another day with #wikileaks in the news only in relation to an ubertroll whom Wikileaks has absolutely nothing to do with (he lied about it). #assange #defendWL.
  • Wikipedia Leaks
    An Essay Describing A Person Science Fair Projects On Space Essay On People - ntinteractive

    Hillary clinton s bleak week emails show response to wikileaks new sisi leaks exposes uae support for military coup middle east the releases previously unseen. Cia has been spying on apple users since inverse donald trump uses attack thoughts archives vleeshouwers. Walks back assange claim ...
  • pol/ - What if Trump supporters and Wikileaks really are Russian puppets?

    What if Trump supporters and Wikileaks really are Russian puppets? - "/pol/ - Politically Incorrect" is 4chan's board for discussing and debating politics and current events.
  • Report: Roger Stone communicated directly with Wikileaks, despite denials

    Report: Roger Stone communicated directly with Wikileaks, despite denials.
  • A German Hacker Offers A Rare Look Inside The Secretive World Of Julian Assange AndWikileaks ...
    Player FM

    Listen to audiobook in full for free on http://hotaudiobook.com/free Title: A German Hacker Offers a Rare Look Inside the Secretive World of Julian Assange and Wikileaks Author: Ellen Nakashima, Souad Mekhennet, Greg Jaffe Narrator: Sam Scholl Format: Unabridged Length: 14 mins Language: ...
  • Wikileaks servers hosted by Bahnhof ISP in Stockholm 2010 by
    Omar Nava

    org root for the authoritative DNS servers for wikileaks. In 2006 an Australian hacker activist known as Julian Assange threw down a challenge to the world of politics and diplomacy and leaked 400,000 secret files on his website “Wikileaks. Något senare skedde samma sak med 250 000 diplomatbrev.
  • PutinÂ's Wikileaks Host: “Mob Laundromat” Funded GOP

    Peter Chayanov, the Russian hacker who gave Wikileaks servers in Moscow a week before the release of the Podesta emails, is directly linked both to the Russian mob "laundromat" that was involved in the Sergei Magnitsky case, and the Russian government's distribution of funds into the GOP. Reply ».
  • Wikipedia Leaks

    wikipedia leaks file wikileaks rally iv jpg wikileaks walks back assange claim on hacking trump tax returns trade in services agreement wikileaks research project final report background and methods 4 analyze relationships cables about turkey president erdogan his son vishwa sambad kendra orissa ...
  • Stokes-Wikileaks-1200

    Home · News · Interview · Analytics · Articles · About project · Contact Us · en · ru · zh · tr · hi · id. Stokes-Wikileaks-1200. Share · Tweet · Share · Stokes-Wikileaks-1200. 27. News. China Intends to Create National Crypto-Exchange. The Chinese government is developing a mechanism aimed at the ...
  • Wikileaks-001_0.jpg
    Activist Post

    Subscription is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL Free Report: How To Survive The Job Automation Apocalypse with subscription. Share · Tweet · +1 · Pin · Next image. Be the first to comment on "Wikileaks-001_0.jpg". Leave a comment Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Comment.
  • Live Leaks Wiki

    Wikileaks stock photos images alamy a message to and other sites that expose secrets era surprise fails assange promises more come. Wiki leaks julian addressing green party via live feed brands cia incompetent after leak of hacking what the emails tell us about hillary clinton la times. Wikleaks vault ...
  • CIA Created ISIS Assange Drops Bombshell on WikiLeaks Release of 500K US Cables
    BadBlue Money

    CIA Created ISIS Assange Drops Bombshell on WikiLeaks Release of 500K US Cables ∞ thefreethoughtproject · Construction Spending mostly unchanged in January ∞ calculatedriskblog · Lawler: Population Outlook: Uncertainty Not Just Related to Immigration Assumptions, But Also Death Rates ∞ ...