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Monday, 19 March 2018



  • Another 400-Pound Hacker? Russia Says Election Site Hit by Global Cyberattack

    In 2016, using hacker persona “Guccifer 2.0,” the U.S. said Russian intelligence outfit GRU leaked stolen documents into the public domain and “relayed material to WikiLeaks,” a whistleblowing organization that denies the accusations. The country, it is alleged, launched a similar scheme during the ...
  • Multiple Witnesses Say Sessions Lied About Pushing Against Russian Meetings
    Patheos (blog)

    I don't know if there was any actual collusion — that is, a quid pro quo that if Putin helped Trump win by releasing the hacked emails through WikiLeaks and by planting fake stories on social media that hurt Clinton — but it's hard to believe that it's purely coincidental that every single person close to ...
  • Five reasons why a single Trump tweet on Mueller stretched the truth

    Flanked by Senators John Cornyn (R-TX) and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) President Donald Trump meets with bi-partisan members of Congress to discuss school and community safety in the wake of the Florida school shootings at the White House in Washington on Feb. 28, 2018.Kevin Lamarque / ...
  • Trump Loved Hacks. But Now They're Hitting His People — And Anyone Could Be Next.

    WikiLeaks dumped the first cache of stolen emails about Hillary Clinton and the party's internal deliberations only days before the Democratic convention. Podesta's emails were posted about an hour after The Washington Post's story about Trump bragging that he could grab women by the genitals in a ...
  • Adrian Lamo, the life and death of a hacker with regrets
    EL PAÍS in English

    I took an interest in the case because Manning had leaked hundreds of thousands of classified US documents to WikiLeaks, and later boasted about it in a private chat with Lamo, a known American hacker of Colombian descent. I could not then have imagined that EL PAÍS would be among the ...
  • 50m Facebook profiles stolen in major breach: What we know so far
    SecurityBrief Europe

    This isn't the first controversy for the firm, with previous accusations including offering to target foreign donors for the UK's Brexit Campaign, while in November reports emerged that Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix reached out to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to enquire if he could assist in ...
  • Datacentrix takes on hacktivism and other vulnerabilities with new SOC services

    Continuing into 2017, we saw WikiLeaks publish thousands of documents claiming the exposure of hacking secrets of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), which included the agency's (and presumably other hackers') abilities to break into mobile phones, smart TVs, and Microsoft, Mac and Linux ...
  • Julian Assange, Noted Edgy 14-Year-Old, Tweets Fake Ricky Gervais Quote in Earnest

    Rob Rousseau, a freelance writer from Montreal, created some fake Ricky Gervais quotes and posted them to Twitter earlier today. They're the kind of thing that a dull middle school student might find thought-provoking. Well, a dull middle school student and Julian Assange. The WikiLeaks founder saw ...
  • The Opening Argument in the Trial of Donald J. Trump
    Daily Beast

    Less than a week after the Trump Tower meeting, they began releasing the stolen emails through WikiLeaks and a Russian-connected hacker known as Guccifer 2.0. The leaks accelerated the following month on the eve of the Democratic Convention. Defendant Trump's old friend and longtime political ...
  • Pamela Anderson To Be 'Quizzed' By FBI Over Julian Assange London Visits, Reveals 'Radar Online'
    The Inquisitr

    The FBI is interested in chatting up Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson about her rather curious relationship with WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange reports Radar Online. The 50-year-old actress's London vegan lunch visits to his abode at the Ecuadorean Embassy has now raised some questions, ...
  • SNL Cold Open Features John Goodman as Distraught Rex Tillerson

    Hader also did plenty of celebrity impressions on Saturday Night Live including impersonations of Al Pacino, political strategist James Carville, WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange and horror and film legend Vincent Price. For those who don't know: Ed Hardy-clad "City Correspondent" Stefon is an New ...
  • Tommy Lee battery case against son Brandon 'headed to DA Office' .
    Brinkwire (press release)

    ... holed up in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London since 2012 after being accused in Sweden of rape and sexual assault by two women. Assange feared that if he went to Sweden to defend himself he would be extradited to America where he is wanted over Wikileaks' releases of US military documents.
  • Yes, We Got More Stefon On Saturday Night Live
    Newburgh Gazette

    Hader also did plenty of celebrity impressions on Saturday Night Live including impersonations of Al Pacino, political strategist James Carville, WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange and horror and film legend Vincent Price. Comedian and former SNL writer John Mulaney made a cameo as Stefon's laughter, ...
  • WEB

  • The Deep State, WikiLeaks, and Seth Rich
    Counter Information - WordPress.com

    gallery Kim Dotcom: The Deep State, WikiLeaks, and Seth Rich. Watch. “The government is not really for the people anymore. The government is for commercial interests, it's all about business, it's all about their donors”. Posted March 18, 2018 ...
  • Leaked WikiLeaks Cable Confirms Alien Life On Other Planets

    Tesla Autopilot keeps impressing owners with its latest software update ∞ electrek · CBA Albert outage hits businesses ∞ itnews · Bioinformatics startups twoXAR bags $10M in Series A - MedCity News ∞ medcitynews · USA Today's first AR app is part of larger publishing trend ∞ adage · webOS ready ...
  • CIA Director John Brennan emails
    the patriot-welcome

    Today, 21 October 2015 and over the coming days, WikiLeaks is releasing documents from one of CIA chief John Brennan's non-government email accounts. Brennan used the account occasionally for several intelligence-related projects. John Brennan became the Director of the Central Intelligence ...
  • WikiLeaks

    Credit to Author: BrianKrebs| Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2018 03:53:12 +0000. Adrian Lamo, the hacker probably best known for breaking into The New York Times's network and for reporting Chelsea Manning's theft of classified documents to the FBI, was found dead in a Kansas apartment on Wednesday.
  • Leaked WikiLeaks Cable Confirms Alien Life On Other Planets
    Ancient Code

    He asserted the existence of life on other planets, caveating this by noting that we should focus on solving our problems on Earth. End Summary…” A cable released by Wikileaks seems to have confirmed what millions of people around the globe believe for decades: we are not the only “intelligent” ...
  • Kim Dotcom
    the american notice - Blogspot

    Kim Dotcom: The Deep State, WikiLeaks, and Seth Ri... Steven Pinker's Anti-Enlightenment Attack On White... Guest: Paul “RamZPaul” Ramsey – Popular YouTube vl... A message from Kim Dotcom · The Tommy Robinson Interview That Got Brittany Pet... Jared Taylor: Race Differences in Intelligence ...
  • Obama, Politics and Current events

    Hillary is in deep trouble. She is sick from pneumonia because her immune system is collapsed because of stress, and the stress is result of her mistakes and the fact that everybody knows about them now. And main factor for all of that is WikiLeak. 10/19/16 - NEW WIKILEAKS 12: Clinton Staff Asks What ...
  • Web Development Work from home Internship at WikiLeaks INDIA

    WikiLeaks INDIA is a news website that selects latest and best news from multiple national and international sources and summarises them to present to you. All stories contain headlines and facts, no opinions, to help you stay informed about the current affairs. Whether it's the latest government policies ...
  • Hacker Adrian Lamo who turned Wikileaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning in to the FBI, has died
    Breaking Stories

    WikiLeaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning sets sights on US Senate Explore full detail (Est. read time: 9 mins). Share Read. 0. 5. heise online. - 2mon ago. Tweets 102 K. Followers 216.7 K. Following 27. Whistleblowerin Chelsea Manning will US-Senatorin werden #Wikileaks #Click to know more (Est.
  • EXCLUSIVE: Head Of Libertarian Party Named In Wikileaks List Of Secret US Intelligence Assets
    BadBlue Money

    SurvivalistBoards · EXCLUSIVE: Head Of Libertarian Party Named In Wikileaks List Of Secret US Intelligence Assets ∞ thefreethoughtproject · Why would a black hole grow in size???, page 1 ∞ abovetopsecret · Scathing Report - DEMOCRAT Leaders LEAK - LIE - VIOLATE LAWS at Alarming Rates!., ...
  • WikiLeaks

    Gosearch website script. https://www.gosearch.website/. Gosearch website script features are analytics ads cloud websites user login and register pages put it on your own hosting and make your own business online. Sign up on Gosearch. https://www.gosearch.website/. Sign up on Gosearch and get ...
  • SethRich

    SETH RICH WAS MURDERED BY THE DNC. His name is Seth Conrad Rich RIP. >> Please use archive links for any mainstream articles <<. No cucks or libtards. (Level-headed leftists are welcome!) No commies; No Seth Rich murder denial; No shills. Please archive links from any Mainstream Media.
  • Kim Dotcom: The Deep State, WikiLeaks, and Seth Rich
    Information Clearing House

    Kim Dotcom: The Deep State, WikiLeaks, and Seth Rich. Watch. "The government is not really for the people anymore. The government is for commercial interests, it's all about business, it's all about their donors". Posted March 18, 2018 ...
  • Pine gap wikileaks

    Pine gap wikileaks. funded Joint Defense Space Research Facility is hiding “something real big”Feb 12, 2014 It is undeniable and widely acknowledged, that Pine Gap — known in the media as a “satellite tracking station” is far more than just a tracking station. Reply · AussieActivist says: April 17, 2013 ...
  • Bitcoin Wikileaks
    Amazon AWS

    Bitcoin Wikileaks. Bitcoin fork vote?? Bitcoin blockchain to mysql? Bitcoin video tamil??! Circle how buy to using bitcoin? Coinbase purchase bitcoin. Core bitcoin generate address with bitcoin deutschland pool mining {dogecoin cryptocurrency} besides 3 transaction for bitcoin bitcoin value world ...
  • Kim Dotcom: The Deep State, WikiLeaks, and Seth Rich

    Always fight and search for the truth. Original Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jzQkITDCJk Follow me on: Gab.ai: https://gab.ai/phoenixTPR Minds.com: https://www.minds.com/phoenixTPR Makersupport.com: https://www.makersupport.com/phoenixTPR Thank you for the support :D.
  • Wikileaks Cryptocurrency
    Amazon AWS

    wikileaks cryptocurrency Free bitcoin play store (status network bitcoin gold) next to europe conference cryptocurrency! Dedicated mining server bitcoin? Blockr.io explorer block bitcoin :-) Xem cryptocurrency price chart!? Cryptocurrency exchange coins. Bitcoin mining software deutsch, coinbase ...
  • Vachel Lindsay : "4. He had also contacted Wikileaks,…" - Tweet

    The day before he died, Hastings sent an unusual email to colleagues. It said that the FBI was interviewing his close friends and associates, and that he was onto a big story and needed to get off the radar. ktla.com/2013/06/21/exc… · Twitter Lite · en. 231 329. Replying to @_VachelLindsay_ :.
  • Persuasive essay wikileaks

    Assessment Type This introductory lesson uses the presentation from NROC's Algebra persuasive essay wikileaks An Open Course, Unit 2 Topic 1: It includes a low stakes formative assessment in which high school students create and illustrate a problem of their choice. The written conclusion can be ...
  • Kim Dotcom: The Deep State, WikiLeaks, and Seth Rich
    Los Angeles Craigslist

    Kim Dotcom: The Deep State, WikiLeaks, and Seth Rich As above. BTW New LL sucks. https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=9mYLc_1521399065.
  • Kim Dotcom

    As above. BTW New LL sucks. {{embed|t=9oAFr_1521398931}}
  • Kim Dotcom: The Deep State, WikiLeaks, and Seth Rich

    Added: about 19 hours ago. By: Krzakowski (1760.22). Tags: Trump, CIA, NSA, WikiLeaks, Kim Dotcom, media, propaganda, wars, fake news, jurnalism,. open eye Views: 0 Replies: 0 Score: 0. link: link without replies: no replies yet ...
  • Why I Support Julian Assange and Wikileaks
    Angel Fox's blog

    Julian operates Wikileaks. He is the founder, editor and publisher of these documents. He does not obtain these documents on his own. Whistleblowers and leakers bring them to him. Just like at the NY Times and the Washington Post. So if you arrest and prosecute Assange under any act, you must also ...
  • Assange HAMMERS Obama Administration For WikiLeaks Releases
    Obama - Trendolizer

    Late Friday, Julian Assange put the Obama administration on blast, giving them credit for elevating him to full leak mode during the 2016 presidential election year. Namely, the e-mail dumps that l… (via: trendolizer.com)
  • Head Of Libertarian Party Named In Wikileaks List Of Secret US Intelligence Assets
    White Nations Forum

    Head Of Libertarian Party Named In Wikileaks List Of Secret US Intelligence Assets Discussing Today's News and Politics.
  • BREAKING: Julian Assange confirms Cambridge Analytica sought WikiLeaks' help
    Godlike Productions

    Discussion about BREAKING: Julian Assange confirms Cambridge Analytica sought WikiLeaks' help [Page 3] at the GodlikeProductions Conspiracy Forum. Our topics include Conspiracy Theory, Secret Societies, UFOs and more!
  • Wikileaks Cable Finally References UFOs (But…..)
    Very TOP Secret Information

    The first Wikileaks U.S. diplomatic cable that mentions UFOs has just been released. It is based on comments by Yuriy Zhadobin, chairman of the intelligence service of the former Soviet Republic of Belarus. In the cable prepared by the U.S. Embassy in Minsk, Zhadobin is reported to have said that ...
  • Kim Dotcom: The Deep State, WikiLeaks, and Seth Rich
    12160 Info

    I am entirely self funded, if you find these videos helpful support the truth: Bitcoin (BTC): 3MfSmMkhkxmPsLW3DaqxefVzEBBDVsa4db Bitcoin CASH (BCH): 1PAcbd73...
  • Kim Dotcom
    Operation Disclosure

    RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - March 17, 2018. White House clearing of Cabal/MIC actors/agents is nearly complete. Actors = Public. Agents = Non-Public. Trump has been clearing the White House of these actors/agents for the Republic since he took office. Once the White House is secure, the Republic ...
  • Kim Dotcom: The Deep State, WikiLeaks, and Seth Rich
    What Really Happened

    Kim Dotcom: The Deep State, WikiLeaks, and Seth Rich. Submitted by jrohio2 on Sun, 03/18/2018 - 08:31. Tags: COVER-UP/DECEPTIONS/PROPAGANDA ...