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Saturday, 14 April 2018

CLIFF RICHARD UPDATE 18/04/18: "police raid left Cliff Richard distraught" + "Sir Cliff Richard tells High Court he has been 'forever tainted' by BBC's coverage of police search at his home" - Telegraph 14/04/18 + ELM GUEST HOUSE + that banned VIDEO

BBC coverage of police raid left Cliff Richard distraught, court hears

Gloria Hunniford tells high court how singer had told her that he felt ‘violated and betrayed’
Cliff Richard and Gloria Hunniford
 Cliff Richard and Gloria Hunniford outside the high court in London. Photograph: Nils Jorgensen/REX/Shutterstock

Sir Cliff Richard felt “violated and betrayed” by BBC news coverage of the police search of his apartment, the television presenter Gloria Hunniford has told the high court.
In a written witness statement, she described how the 77-year-old singer seemed “utterly distraught” and was left feeling “forever tainted” by the footage showing officers inside his apartment in Sunningdale, Berkshire. 
Hunniford, a friend of Richard, outlined her concerns about the way the BBC reported the police raid nearly four years ago. The investigation was into an allegation of historical sexual assault on a minor. Richard, who has always denied any wrongdoing, was never charged and the case was dropped.
The legal dispute over privacy and the boundaries of press freedom revolves around how the corporation reported the investigation into the historical sexual assault claim.
Hunniford said she had watched the BBC report of the police search in August 2014. “I could not believe what I was seeing,” she said. “He [Richard] is a gentle and kind soul and I was extremely worried about how he would be reacting. 
“He seemed utterly distraught that the search and allegations against him had been broadcast so widely around the world, and about what everyone must be thinking about him.” 
Hunniford said she had seen Richard recently. “He seems more his old self and is looking a lot better,” she said. “However, he cannot stop talking about how violated and betrayed he feels about the BBC decision to broadcast the police search of his apartment and create the media storm that ensued.”
Earlier, the court heard how a BBC reporter, Dan Johnson, who covered the South Yorkshire police search of Richard’s home, had texted a force press officer about a “bonkers but brilliant” day.
The press officer, Carrie Goodwin, replied saying she was getting “lots of grief from the media” because “everyone thinks we tipped you off”. 
Richard is suing the BBC for invasion of privacy for its reporting of the search. 

His lawyers have said he was seeking £279,261 for legal fees, £108,500 for his public relations expenses as well as a substantial sum in damages at the “top end” of the scale. [NB: Kit has already been paid £400000 damages by the BBC, according to the BBC News...paid for by us - the licence payers!..ed.].
The hearing continues.

Sir Cliff Richard tells High Court he has been 'forever tainted' by BBC's coverage of police search at his home

The Sir Cliff Richard broke down in court yesterday as he said he blamed the BBC for the way his name had been “forever tainted”.[i'm in tears...ed.]
The 77-year-old singer was giving evidence in his legal action against the corporation for its coverage of the police search at his home following an alleged sex offence involving a minor.
He said the BBC’s decision to identify him that day in August 2014 had turned his life upside down, portraying him as a “serious criminal”.
I know I didn’t do it, he (the accuser) knows I didn’t do it, God knows I didn’t do it but unfortunately for me it's lasted a lot longer than I could have thought,” he said.
"It felt as though everything I had worked for during my life - trying to live as honestly and honourably as I could - was being torn apart.
"I felt forever tainted. I still do.” [thanks for that, Sir Cliffy!!...but i'm falling asleep...ed.]

Sir Cliff Richard arrives at the High Court with his friend Gloria Hunniford  CREDIT: PETER SUMMERS/REUTERS

Sir Cliff was on holiday with friends in Portugal when he was informed the police had a warrant to search his home in Sunningdale, Berkshire.
It left him “a bit shaken [and stirred?...ed.]  as he had no idea why they were there.
He then received a call telling him that a criminal allegation had been made against him dating back to 1985 involving a male who was under 16 and was later “horrified” to be told by a friend in the UK that the BBC was broadcasting footage of the police search.
He went to his hotel room and put on the TV news.
I could see the police going through the drawers in one of the rooms in my apartment,” he said [wow...literally unbelievable, as a] you were thousands of miles away, and   b] you just happened to be by your tv that had the BBC channel tuned into your raid?..But go on Sir Cliffy!...I'm all ears...nearly...ed.].
I felt confused, disturbed and very upset.
“It was like I was watching burglars in my apartment, going through my personal belongings.”
I thought I was going crazy because I often found I was talking to myself" [not singing?...ed.]Sir Cliff Richard
Sir Cliff told Mr Justice Mann, sitting at the High Court: “It changed everything for me, everything. It felt like my life had stopped.
“I found it really disturbing. It was obvious for moments, if not days, I was not seen as a human being.
"Everything I had lived for seemed to come to nothing.”
Sir Cliff, dressed in a navy suit, spent around 90 minutes on the stand, visibly nervous and often, struggling to hear the questions asked of him by Gavin Millar, the BBC’s barrister, at one point admitting: “Rock and roll has not been good for my ears”. [Rock and Roll? Care to rephrase that, Kit?...ed.].
He said he preferred to be addressed as Sir Cliff, rather than Mr Richard, occasionally raising a laugh with the odd joke.
When he had finished his evidence, he stepped off the stand straight into the arms of Gloria Hunniford, his close friend, and broke down in tears.
He revealed that the legal action had cost him more than £3.4 million, “not counting the month of March." [don't forget March, Sir Cliffy...ed.].
“I had no idea that heading to my 80th birthday I would have such ginormous bills come through,” he told the court.
"It’s a huge amount of money.” [it's tough at the top, Sir Cliffy!!...ed.]

Sir Cliff Richard on the first day of the case CREDIT: YUI MOK /PA [praying for money, Sir Cliffy?...ed.]

He said he had found it "really painful” to read that the BBC had then criticised him for spending too much money on lawyers.
This was such a vile, serious allegation, I took it seriously,” he said.
"I paid serious money for the most serious people I could find."
Sir Cliff sobbed as he said he believed South Yorkshire Police were "just doing their job” while "others felt they were above the law, above Leveson and certainly above the Magna Carta." 
He added: “The BBC, doing what they did that day, did not just name me here… but everywhere I have ever been.
“I felt my name was smeared. Of course the police did not do this. The BBC did.
“I do blame the BBC. The police have already apologised to me, they have been big enough and gentlemanly enough.” [but you still want lots of our licence money, Sir Cliffy!!...ed.]
Sir Cliff said he waited 22 months, between August 2014 and June 2016, before being told that prosecutors would take no further action. 
“It felt like torture, sustained over a period of almost two years,” he said.
“I thought I was going crazy because I often found I was talking to myself.[then see a very expensive doctor, Sir Cliffy!!...ed.]
At one point he was so tormented he thought he was going to have a heart attack or a stroke. [see last comment, Sir Cliffy!! or another doctor - up to you, Sir Cliffy!!...ed.]
He said that since then, his annual official calendar had been “thrown back” at him and he had felt unable to attend Wimbledon for the first time in 20 years.
If he wins the case, he will seek £278,261 for legal costs, £108,500 for PR fees and an undisclosed sum for the "substantial non-recoverable advance" agreed for his autobiography, My Life, My Way, which was due to have been published in 2015 but was shelved. [that would be incwedibly innerwesting, Sir Cliffy!!...ed.]
He said that “of all the people that might have done this” to him, he would "never have dreamed that it would be the BBC.”
It is an institution, respected around the world. I suppose it is for this reason that I thought the BBC would absolutely play by the rules.”
He said that the BBC’s refusal to apologise since had been hurtful and it’s decision to submit its coverage of the police search for a Scoop of the Year award had left him “flabbergasted”.
Sir Cliff said that as a consequence of the BBC broadcast he had felt unable to return to his apartment as it felt “contaminated,” describing the experience as worse than being burgled. [and the children? what of they, Sir Cliffy?...ed.]
The singer said he had also been “very disturbed” to see what was being written about him online.
We are totally fallible. We are fodder,” he said. [bol-ocks...ed.]
The hearing, which began on Thursday, is due to last ten days.
source: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/04/13/sir-cliff-richard-tells-high-court-seeing-tv-footage-police/




18 Jun 2016 - The Crown Prosecution Service said it had decided there was "insufficient evidence to prosecute". Sir Cliff said he was "obviously thrilled that the vile accusations and the resulting investigation have finally been brought to a close". But he said his naming by the media, despite not being charged, meant he ...



8 Dec 2016 - South Yorkshire Police are again questioning Harry Webb a.k.a. Cliff Richard about historic sex offences with children. “i think we should all wait for the final verdict the truth WILL come out as to who it realy is behind the mask” – christine filer. Christine like most people is deluding herself; she thinks the ...



18 Jan 2016 - Sir Cliff Richard will learn if he faces charges over historic sex allegations within WEEKS, it has been claimed. The 75-year-old singer, who has denied abusing at least two boys in the 1980s, was quizzed by South Yorkshire Police after his luxury £3million home in Berkshire was raided back in August 2014 ...

BUTLINCAT'S BLOG: "The Mary Moss Elm Guest House VIP ...


20 Jun 2016 - "The Mary Moss Elm Guest House VIP Paedophile Party List" with POLICE? + COMPLETE SET OF 130 SOCIAL WORKER MARY MOSS'S DOCS + MALONEY / CHRIS FAY ON ELM GUEST HOUSE + "CLIFF RICHARDS NOT CHARGED" 18JUNE16 + ARCHIVE. Posted on April 29, 2013 by cigpapers.


 Truth Seeking Music Makers Published on Mar 17, 2013


Elm Guest house in Richmond,London was a meeting place for rich gay people from 1976-1982.It has also transpired that under age children were procured from childrens homes(often the nearby Grafton Lodge),and taken to elm guest house and abused and possibly even murdered,and video'd.In november 2012 the met police took away boxes of evidence collected by Mary Moss.She managed to photograph some of this evidence.In jan 2013 the owner of the now closed grafton close was arrested.many of the names on mary mosses list are now dead,including Cyril smith MP and the notorious spy,and relative of the queen,Antony Blunt.Several names on the list are still alive.PLEASE NOTE- These people may be totally innocent,but surely they should at least be interviewed by police to find out WHAT THEY KNEW.The cover-up and blackout coverage MUST END.Even Facebook wont let you upload mary mosses list.It also explains why David Cameron went on television to say "he didnt want this to be a witch-hunt against gays"...so what did HE know already?? [don't forget K Vaz, MP [later]...who was a high-ranking council employee for the area at the time - he would surely have heard the gossip - BUT DID NOTHING!...ed.].

Thursday, 9 April 2015

UPDATE 5 November 2015:

 Daily Mail

 "Sir Cliff Richard is re-interviewed by police over alleged sex crime involving a young boy in the 1980s
Singer met with officers from South Yorkshire Police voluntarily this week
He was interviewed under caution last year by detectives investigating a claim of a sex crime involving a young boy in the 1980s
The 75-year-old's £3m Berkshire home was searched as part of the probe
The veteran entertainer vigorously denies the claims made against him"



The video below is now blocked in the UK [i've just replaced it...ed.], following a legal complaint. It’s blocked in Germany too. I don’t fully understand whether the complaint to YouTube is from Cliff “Kitty” Richard, from the maker of the video, or from Universal Music. I am doing my best to replace the video probably without music. Bare with me. The following statement appears on the YouTube video page but cannot be seen if you reside in one of the countries affected by the ban.

“Please read all of this- UMG (Universal Music Group) are criminally stealing money using youtube advertisers revenue, by putting adverts on this video. The music is entirely written and made by us (way back in 1994, to be precise!), it’s not UMG artist Katy f-cking Perry! IT Is not a remix of “Firework”, from her classic album “nonce protecting”. WE Wrote, played and recorded this experimental piece!”
UPDATE: February, 2015. An historical sex offence inquiry into singer Sir Cliff Richard has “increased significantly in size” and involves “more than one allegation”, police say. – BBC report
The Questions this video raises (Transcript):
Cliff Richard was a friend of Lord Boothby and Ronnie Kray. He wrote to Ronnie Kray regularly in prison. What was the relationship between these men?
He was a friend of Tony Blair (aka Anthony Charles Lynton Blair aka Miranda). What was his relationship with Blair?
What WERE the details of the photographs found at a London train station in 1970?
He is on the National Association for Young People in Care’s (NAYPIC) Elm Guest House list. Who IS “Gladys”?
Was he arrested in 1983 by Sutton police for interfering with children?
Did MI5 then tell Sutton police to drop it?
The ex-policeman who tells the story of a cross-dressing “Harriet Webb” who turned up at a hospital screaming and wearing blood stained women’s underwear. Was this Harry Webb aka Cliff Richard?
What’s his friendship with Melvyn Bragg all about?
He was good friends with TV presenter Jill Dando, but why was he questioned so many times about her murder?
Was she investigating an elite paedophile ring?
Why has he given up UK citizenship and become a fully-fledged citizen of Barbados?
EDITORS NOTE: Some readers are misinterpreting posts like this one. These posts, those full of questions, are intended to encourage debate; readers should do their own research. It should also be noted that most videos on TheDuckShoot Blog are not produced by TDS but are embedded from YouTube, Vimeo and similar video sites.
The maker of this video must read very fast because the frames move on too quickly. Be ready to use pause to give yourself time to read the dialogue.


http://wp.me/p2QGVg-yv #ElmGuestHouse #ChildAbuse #CliffRichard #JillDando

CC Crompton giving evidence re Cliff Richard raid