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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

The Carol Woods Coverup: Bank fraud aids organised crime in Lancashire + Use of council house in FRAUD, ID THEFT and HOUSE THEFT 17 April '18 + archive

Carol Woods = “It is a highly complex matter which the police organise where they try to make me someone I am not. They have in fact tried to invent me as the reverse of myself using numerous characters, including “neighbours” who live alongside myself, and others elsewhere – the entire situations going back years. I find things out because I am not stupid. See my original w’blowing blog York LGO Blog re Lancashire CC   http://criticalreader2006.blogspot.aeyou will see why I am hounded by lowlife RECRUITED to do that by the Gestapo. More is described here:   “Harassment as punishment for whistle-blowing: Lancashire” http://criticalreader17.blogspot.ae/2017/02/harassment-as-punishment-for-whistle.html.
and see below also the “Some Background to Carol Wood’s gangstalking and the crimes committed in her name via mass ID fraud, and just some of what she has had to endure since 2001, plus the informative videos of interviews with Carol, including the Brian Gerrish UK Column video, [also at the foot of this post + here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3noOtwoNo4Q 

See the archive of 120+ posts on this site on Carol Woods since Feb. 2016 – https://butlincat.com/?s=carol+woods


Bank fraud aids org crime Lancs. 17 April 2018
carol woods
to secofstate, graham.farrant, helen.reynolds, steven.chalmers, policing.minis., privateoffice.., contact, bae146, me, amber.rudd.mp, margot.james.mp, ian.pilling, ian.hopkins, garry.shewan, chris.packer, david.lidingto., bob.gallacher, david.gauke.mp, telegraphedito.
This is the HSBC corruption in my case (I have had to log out of the Lancaster library systems as the Gestapo sent in one of their usual shaved headed yobs to sit as close as possible, use his phone and then walk off and that is apparently PROOF his phone is used by me; I logged off as soon as he started to look for who to sit near to. He left after I logged off, no point in pretending his phone was linked to me using the library computers.)
2010 May 24th, I Ms Carol Woods now at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP (sorry I have no phone) was in the London High Court with Justice Mackay. He was livid seeing ONE false court document issued to me to make me think MY HOUSE could be STOLEN WRECKED and LOOTED. (I can corner the market in the number of such items I have.) He ordered an inquiry into how such could be issued by Lancaster County Court purporting to be THE LONDON HIGH COURT and I was to return for that BUT he told me to go to MY house, forcibly remove anyone there (Lancaster police officer TRACEY KENNEDY aka me and her lesbian partner Anna Judith Pereles, sue them and prosecute them. In that, the court staff granted me FEES REMISSION with the proviso that family members could state in writing that that were helping me financially which they were, my brother and a daughter in particular. They were given a few days to send their letters with proof of ID.
My daughter travelled down with what was necessary and JENNIFER FOLEY staff dealt with it all. Days later I had to go in again on a related matter and she was not in work so I went to the FEES OFFICE where staff started to mutter and were not really helpful; they had clearly been told malicious lies about me which is standard MO for the thugs in this. I heard one say something about “bank accounts” which seemed to be referring to me. I cut short my visit and walked down The Strand looking for banks, I had to turn away from the The Aldwich area and go the opposite route seeing one busy bank so continuing until I found one not quite so busy: it was an HSBC branch, I intended to go into EVERY SINGLE bank there was and see if I could uncover a fraud.
The INTENTION was to have me claim I had no right to fees remission as I had money I had not disclosed and also, as 2 from my family had been involved, the Gestapo would drag them in as well. I hit lucky, HSBC and staff found 2 TWO accounts, one in my name and one in the name of my daughter in question. I was asked to make a statement which I did; they took it seriously and closed the accounts while they investigated. I WOULD HAVE BEEN CHARGED WITH FRAUD IN THE MASONIC LUNACY OF INVERSION OF FACTS TO CREATE THEIR FICTION; ANYTHING THEY ARE GUILTY OF THEN I WAS TO BE SAID TO BE GUILTY OF SAME.
Months went by as I was arrested as Mrs Carole Woods on a “fail to attend” AGAIN, of which there is no such thing but the Met. Police had MY photo from Lancashire with that false name. I have recorded enough times where that led but months pass, (to stop me returning to the court) before I was arrested for asking the local Gestapo to help me regain MY house and in that time I went to every single bank and building society in Lancaster asking if they would check their screens for anything in my name. ALL did that willingly but in HSBC Market St Lancaster, a woman helping me was literally pushed to one side while a seedy looking male took charge, he would not show me the screen but said I had to accept there was nothing on it when he typed in my name. It was bizarre; I was certain there was something but from where does the money come?
In 2007 I had found HSBC used in the attempt to manufacture a crime that I passed stolen cheques and GMP were to be involved. I was just not that stupid, all found out (all evidence kept safe) but we seem to have had a “history” with HSBC used. In that, the Daniel Barlowe of Manchester setting the trap wrote in a panic, “Destroy the cheque”, not a chance, it’s my evidence.
From 2012 into 2013 I had found the Santander fraud and their Fraud Dept saw I was right, referred the matter to Lancaster police who sent PCSO Paul Shepherd (18 April 2013) to tell me that he, as PCSO was not going to conduct an inquiry into bank fraud. (I told you I couldn’t make this up.) After that I began to send out data with photos every so often taking them to every bank and building society disclaiming all ownership of anything with my name.
Eventually I sent one series to HSBC among the rest. By then I had moved to 28 Fell View and found organised crime including benefits frauds where at least 24 unemployed lowlife ALL claimed to be caring for me in their council houses and driving me about and WERE PAID. I heard nothing but I had received a letter to Ms CAROL JACKSON which was the usual Gestapo ploy of trying to cover for the old thief and fraudster AGNES JACKSON in 26 Fell View who posed as me until Nov 2017 for extra DWP monies and she claimed that I was her identical twin and lived in 26 with her. The electoral registers of years sent out recently show only A Jackson was ever in 26 Fell View. Since then she has tried to be me without the “twin” and I am to “disappear” in such lunacy as the arrest of 31 Jan 2018 where I was said to be a male from Bournemouth posting on his web site as proof (apparently I made up that arrest). The letter was eventually sent RTS an address on the rear which I checked weeks later, POBox 230 8 Canada Square London E14 5RT. It was HSBC. They in Lancaster (local frank mark can be seen) must have covered up my data and photos and instructed, sent the Ms Carol Jackson item to INVENT me as someone who does not exist trying to aid and abet a known thief and fraudster in 26 Fell View.
I went for a while without sending out much and then included HSBC earlier this year receiving a reply from “senior clerk” which said they had passed my data to the police. I waited a couple of weeks then asked, could they please state whether they had any accounts in my name as that information was not included in their letter to me. They sent me the reply I attach here: they can confirm there is no account in my name TO THE 28 FELL VIEW ADDRESS, they do not say IN MY NAME TO ANY ADDRESS. I am told from the host of a radio programme that they made enquiries and found at least 2 large firms (one COMET) was sending mail TO ME TO MY HOUSE WHERE OFFICER TRACEY KENNEDY LIVES AS IF SHE IS ME. I have sent out copy letters I found on the police file after my Section 7 Subject Access Request where they write to ME at MY house YEARS after they stole wrecked and looted it. So, if anyone has the HQ for HSBC I would be grateful if you would forward this by email because if I do the Gestapo will persuade Mr “Senior Clerk” to scream I harass them and that will be ANOTHER arrest. Thanks Carol Woods Ms.
NB: A latest communication from Carol Woods, of Caton, Lancs. = “The Carol Woods Coverup: Lancs. Police manufacture a False Arrest using a False ID – Electricity cut off just before coldest spell of the year, and still not reconnected 08 March 2018 + archive” https://butlincat.com/2018/03/08/the-carol-woods-coverup-lancs-police-manufacture-a-false-arrest-using-a-false-id-electricity-cut-off-just-before-coldest-spell-of-the-year-and-still-not-reconnected-08-march-2018-archive/%5D shows the lengths certain corrupt officers in Lancs. police will go to trying to make out that  certain posts on this site are posted by her personally, when they are not and the entire site is under my, John Graham, of Bournemouth, UK’s control, and I have multiple witnesses to prove that to be the truth. These corrupt entities in Lancs. police have simply manufactured a pack of lies regarding Carol to cause distress and grief, so they can intimidate, harass and ARREST her, the latter of which they have done recently, but without charges being brought. I am willing to prove to any government official that I control everything on this site, and can state categorically and emphatically that Carol has never posted anything on this site – rather the posts are reproduced alone by myself from communications I have received – be they from Carol, or whoever.
This is a true sworn statement by myself, John Graham, made without prejudice or coercion – 17 April 2018.
Use of council house in FRAUD, ID THEFT and HOUSE THEFT 17 April 2018
carol woods
to chiefexecutive, chiefexecutive, cat_smith 
Re use of 33 Fell View and fraudsters who claim to have met with me, Ms Carol Woods. Sorry, forgot to add photos to my report re use of 33 Fell View LA2 9RP, I have these so add them as photos are often easier to follow than data. I resend the email for ease of reference.
Today at 18:23
Dear Chief Executive, someone must be providing keys for fraudsters to use 33 Fell view and on 16th yesterday the hard faced old woman in PN16 YKK again sat for about 3 hours waiting to stalk me IF I went out (which I did and which she did and of which I took a photo), but the lime green was back today then left after the driver (the 3rd I have seen) knew she was seen (they use it to hide and hope I don’t see like DK51 HVL driver did for over 3 years) that car MT03 PWL and is used to be the fat male I found when I rented at 298 Oxcliffe Rd in 2012 into 2013, he was standing by my car parked and pretending he was meeting me in a FRAUD RE MY HOUSE THEFT. He rushed away when he knew he was found out, see the photo and see he held a “folder” which ALL SUCH FRAUDSTERS do and that is PROOF they see me and it is OFFICIAL. His car was hidden and as I could see he was no walker, I waited to see if he drove it from hiding which he did, also on photos. It was a lime green which is why this car is now used at 33 Fell View and someone the fraudsters claim it is linked to me as if I am disabled and in 33. SOMEONE PROVIDES KEYS FOR THESE FRAUDSTERS AND I HAVE TO WONDER IF THEY ARE PAID, HOW CAN THEY ATTEND AT 33 THE UNOCCUPIED HOUSE AND PRETEND FOR SO LONG AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE?
Public interest as all local government corruption is. Yours etc carol Woods ms 28 fell view and sorry I have no phone; the feeble attempt to have WOODRUFF unemployed lowlife from 2 Fell view but using 45 Fell view on 6 Dec 2017 to hang out of their upper floor window waving her phone towards me in 28 to pretend it was my use was pathetic. The rest to cover for that was even more pathetic BUT WOODRUFF the thief and fraudster, stalker and more was found yesterday trying to pretend she was driving to meet me in Lancaster and that would be someone trying to manufacture a phone call to her so she could pretend she had the call from me. NH04 EAM is what she uses now.
This to police who will ignore it but STALKING and E-CRIME HARASSMENT of me etc are ALL crimes.. Carol Woods Ms

The Carol Woods Coverup: Lancs. police use social media nonsense for stalking yobs claims + the “smashed up car” fiasco unfolds, and why? – 17 April 2018 + archive

Preface: Some Background – why does Carol Woods suffer so much harassment still, since whistleblowing in 2001? See the links:
Carol Woods = “It is a highly complex matter which the police organise where they try to make me someone I am not. They have in fact tried to invent me as the reverse of myself using numerous characters, including “neighbours” who live alongside myself, and others elsewhere – the entire situations going back years. I find things out because I am not stupid. See my original w’blowing blog York LGO Blog re Lancashire CC   http://criticalreader2006.blogspot.aeyou will see why I am hounded by lowlife RECRUITED to do that by the Gestapo. More is described here:   “Harassment as punishment for whistle-blowing: Lancashire” http://criticalreader17.blogspot.ae/2017/02/harassment-as-punishment-for-whistle.html.
and see below also the “Some Background to Carol Wood’s gangstalking and the crimes committed in her name via mass ID fraud, and just some of what she has had to endure since 2001, plus the informative videos of interviews with Carol, including the Brian Gerrish UK Column video, [also at the foot of this post + here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3noOtwoNo4Q

See the archive of 120+ posts on this site on Carol Woods since Feb. 2016 – https://butlincat.com/?s=carol+woods


Updates received 16 April 2018:
Serious events Lancs 16 April 2018
carol woods
to andy.rhodes, me, bae146, contact, policing.minis., telegraphedito.
I Ms Carol Woods sent out the photo and related data of the window of my car smashed which was done to force me to claim on my car insurance so that I did not have a full no claims bonus which I have – maximum. The Gestapo actually gave me a crime number “for your insurance company” which I puzzled over; why were they “helpful”? They had declined to take a statement from me, and claim they ignore me when I report serious crime as I am “anti police”, yet here they were, “helpful”. NO, it was to aid and abet JUNE WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View who they have given ID to as if she is me and her husband Mr CARL WOODS. She was to go and stand about in Lancaster and PRETEND as “seen” that she was me claiming on my insurance.
I did not claim but since then, I apparently made it all up (there are those who judge me by their standards in this and as they make up events then they assume others do, and others include me) and the Gestapo set about “brainwashing me” by finding firstly in late Feb 2018 a silly old woman to drive about behind me and then park with me when I shopped at Sainsbury’s and her rear window was covered in plastic; it was to make me forget MY window especially as her car was RED. Then they found one even more stupid who drives all the way out to Caton then drives round Fell View and off, who funds her? I am to see the rear window and forget MY car or be brainwashed into thinking MY car is hers and thus I do not have my car! The lunacy could be pretending anything at all. BUT my question is; how can that silly woman drive about over a month with no rear window? It is hard if not dangerous to drive about with no rear view. Is it legal? I suggest NOT. YOU FUND THIS SORT OF ANTIC. And I also have to be made to forget the WINDOWS of MY HOUSE which house seized then wrecked with the ripping out of my expensive double glazed windows etc. I am to forget that. And for those unintelligent who can’t think and will say this does not happen in UK 21st C, then the police data showing that is FACT is to be sent out. Carol Woods Ms sorry I have no phone please feel free to quote me. 28 Fell View LA2 9RP
Lancs police invent phone/social media for w’blower 16 April 2018
carol woods
to huntj, andy.cooke, contact, chiefexecutive, ministers, bae146, enquiries, coopery, me, cat_smith
The use of seedy and worse in the attempt to pretend I Ms Carol Woods and someone else; right now Lancaster library typing this I have a yob used a few times, the unemployed lowlife type “favoured” in his RED jacket and he is so intent on following me from room to room (there are 2 in this library) and watching me log on; HIS use is the social media rubbish and he pretends to be linked to me: I have logged out twice already and he follows me about: I took a photo of him to show the sort used; one of a “type”. The Lancs Gestapo are hell bent on manufacturing as FACT that I have a computer (which has to be joke at my expense given they STOLE my lap top on 31 Jan 2018 and now pretend NONE of that happened – no warrant so THEFT), and this is a few hours which are what I experience day after day to manufacture their “proof” of rubbish PERJURY INTENDED.M (For those who do not know, red jackets are somehow to be symbolic of my red car and thus the wearer is somehow me, this is ANOTHER MR CAROL WOODS I guess.)
Aside from the yob pestering and following me about, I went to develop a photo and had a seedy, deranged former friend JANE UPTON following me. She worked for LCC as a social worker; she is clearly still used. Jane has to dye her grey hair ginger to be me when she has managed again to dye it almost orange. She always acts out a farce showing she is in need of psychiatric help and today? She was to follow me into Max Speilman and switch on her phone, say “Hi, Carol” then walk out and that is somehow she is me or she was using a phone in response to one I do not have. The staff made comments; I was not the only one to see what she was doing.
On Saturday this took place: all harassment and INTENT to manufacture as fact that I met with fraudsters failed and I drove into Morecambe to walk along the prom in the sun. A male waited and he took a photo of what I would see walking where I was; that was PROOF his phone/camera was MY USE. I took a photo, of the same scene, he happened to be on my photo taking his. (I am used to this routine so always ready for these halfwits). End of Morecambe stone jetty (the male ran away after taking the photo and took his phone with him which was a clue it was not mine), a woman waited and she did the same as did I. Her phone was not mine. On the prom then going to a venue at least 2 males stood about waiting and who felt the urge to take a photo which would be the view I had so, I took photos and they are seen running away with their phones which seems to be another clue that they were not me.
By 10 10pm I had a male sat in his 4 wheel drive near my parked car (the ILLEGAL GPS allows for all this) and he sends a text to the next in line to pretend I need a lift as I apparently do not have my car. I go walkabout and he drives off: another silly troll is used and then eventually I arrive back at 28 Fell View (approx 11pm). Waiting to see who the Gestapo was to send, they sent the drug dealer* in NY54 RXJ round to pretend she had been the one to drive me back AFTER RECEIVING A TEXT FROM ME. She has close links to 20 Fell View LA2 9RP where I apparently “lived” in a squalid caravan dumped on the frontage by the Gestapo and council to aid and abet that FRAUD for unemployed K MILLS who was used to claim to be my aunt and carer and driver of me.
The sister of K MILLS is in 7 Leslie Ave off Fell View and that too is used often as I also apparently lived there as well, I drove round to see if NY54 driver was pretending to drop me at that council house, no. She had driven all the way to Caton and pretended and someone funds that. But the Gestapo then contacted a male from the area and he was to RUN BEHIND MY CAR WITH HIS PHONE ON AND THAT WAS PROOF HE WAS ME IN MY CAR USING A PHONE. He was gasping when I parked up so I drove round again to see if he was prostrate on the ground somewhere or if anyone else wanted to act like an idiot: by then it was 11 30pm and quiet.
*The Gestapo prefer to use druggies and dealers in exchange for not prosecuting and someone funds the use of cars and petrol costs. This one arrived at Xmas 2017 never been to 20 before and calls at least 4 times day (not every day) and stays for 5 minutes, no longer. She does the same at the sister’s house on Leslie Ave and the same at 21 Fell View ANOTHER harasser involved in fraud a Mr M Dane, and she also uses 17 Fell View JOANNE NOLAN who is apparently my daughter and I also live there as well. The troll in NY54 is so large she almost fills the car, a Renault Clio or that type. And thus ALL those idiots in the short space of time with JANE UPTON of Lancaster used again and that is PROOF I use a phone. Then the thieves from 41 JARVIS caught hiding under my front room window on 22 March 2018 late at night, he using his phone then sneaking back to 41 to pretend as he was under my window somehow that phone was mine or my use. See the photo attached of 24 March 2018 and after I mentioned Jarvis, Mr K WILLIAMS aka MR CARL WOODS in 30 Fell View sneaked out late at night and moved my plant pots so that thieves and worse could get right by my window without being heard. Jarvis had kicked my pots on 22nd which alerted me to someone right outside. I reported him for trespass, harassment and more which is why the Gestapo contacted WILLIAMS aka WOODS to aid and abet for another attempt. I am Carol Woods Ms 28 Fell View LA2 9RP sorry I have no phone. I also add the same use of idiots with phones from June into July 2017 when I was in Thessaloniki with the male leaping out to take a photo of nothing and the female found hiding at least 3 times outside my room door in the hotel she using her phone; here she runs away as she knows she is found out. Apparently I have made up the FACT that I was in Thessaloniki in June and July 2017.
PS I copy this to a relatively new firm in Lancaster ATLAS, which thugs and vans I found constantly stalking me after hiding in Caton and following me to the town. I had no idea who they were but knew they were to be ATLAS REMOVALS of Morecambe thieves and worse who LOOTED MY HOUSE with COUNCIL on 19 Nov 2008 and need to be covered for. I checked the vans on the Internet and found they were a Blackpool firm with NHS LINKS. I alerted the firm sent them other events of stalking to harass and offered photographic evidence if their drivers said they were not hiding in country lanes to stalk me. (I see them, pull in and they have to pass so I get their plates) and today AGAIN one hiding in Caton as a “back-up” to the sleazy hiding in 33 Fell View, 20, and 30 at least who are all pretending to be driving me about. Thus this goes to that ATLAS firm again. This is a snap shot only and to Mr HUNT as the continued use of NHS money WILL be reckoned with.


NHS corruption to deter w.blower Lancs 10 April 2018
carol woods
to huntj, heather.tierne., bae146, me, brian, editor, editor, policing.minis., hq-professiona., richard.little., mirrornews, coopery, bob.gallacher, lepforum, ministers, david.gauke.mp, secofstate, andyssecureema.
More from NHS of Nov 2015 wrongful arrest and false imprisonment, illegal detention and NOW trying to “revise” this and make it NOW. This from Ms Carol Woods subject of police hounding of YEARS and in that as the “crimes” I am arrested for committing are non-existent they use the “arrest” with corrupt NHS who then claim I am mentally ill so there is never a chance of a jury seeing FACTS. This is ONE arrest of me, some from the same date (I was arrested on 7 Nov 2015 for committing at least 20 “crimes” with not one page of evidence in the lunatic “crimes”. The NHS in my VAST experience are corrupt beyond belief. The same was tried AGAIN on 31 Jan 2018 when I was arrested for being a male from Bournemouth and posting on his web site which postings were criminal!
The pages with this are 2 more from the NHS LIBEL and utter drivel compiled within the above travesty. These were more liars from the NHS who had never even spoken to me yet felt able to compile their pages of utter nonsense. They invented FACTS from events that had been used in the Masonic inversion of lunacy with perjury as standard, ignored and blatantly used as routine.
The documents were to be presented before a tribunal and somehow, they think that that is not perjury when the Perjury Act 1911 clearly records “tribunals” as among those false documents are placed in front of. The INTENT and CONSPIRACY is the usual within perjury. Sec 5 of the Act is relevant. 21/10/15 “injunction” said to exist, Jarvis in 41 Fell View LA2 9RP ANOTHER who claims to be me in 28 Fell View (apparently ALL those who claim to be me are sane and normal) is a liar, there was no such injunction and of course the Gestapo could not produce one: I was to be so befuddled with drugs ILLEGALLY ADMINISTERED I was expected to believe anything at all. 22/10/15 they refer to an “ex colleague” of mine, which was odd as I was arrested for a list of “crimes” then told I was mentally ill as I only said I’d had the jobs I said I had had which warranted locking me up for 4 months. How then have I an “ex colleague”? (The drivel stated was lies anyway. He is DAVID JACKSON a stalker from 2012 using his mentally ill wife SUSAN as me for a LLOYDS bank fraud. He stalked and STILL does to pretend he seen where I am, is proof I am his wife!) He was used as he lives at 28 Regent St Lancaster and the 28 Fell View where I rent was to be confused with that.
26/10/15 and “follow to Kendal” this was Jarvis who I guarantee had never been and is a known thief, liar and fraudster at best. Since then the Gestapo using her have had her sitting in her car GN07 AHO waiting for me to set off from 28 Fell View where she races ahead of me and screams I follow her. On 9/4/18 they used others in that same tedious routine who are more to make ludicrous claims and more unemployed lowlife used. It took me months to find it was Jarvis that made those false claims.
Remember that the police altered the custody records of 7 Nov 2015: I have both copies. On yet another arrest in lunacy 31 Jan 2018 where they tried to link me to thieves and fraudsters and worse in 45 Fell View DALTON, unemployed yob and his unemployed mother, (all are life- long unemployed) I am STILL deprived of the custody record and of the tape I made. The NHS they drew in that day to hope they could rewrite this of Nov 2015 with BOGUS NHS, would not do what was wanted: thus the Gestapo continue to invent “crime”, manufacture, use unemployed lowlife mostly and have them jump through hoops to catch me out. Carol Woods Ms 28 Fell View LA2 9RP sorry I have no phone.
Please note the “following” frauds have been attempted in manufacturing others from Fell View to sit and wait, drive off behind me then overtake me and scream they see me following them such as ROWBOTTOM (again) yesterday in S77 VAT car (unemployed, she has 2 cars the other is Seat, PO11 XTL and she uses that also in exactly the same harassment of me). A jury would be expected to believe that I sit in my little car outside 28 Fell View and with a tank full of petrol wait for someone to drive off (all unemployed they all have at least 2 cars and all better than mine) and then follow them hoping that I have enough petrol to travel wherever they are going.
How did they decide that I was “ill” when arrested in Jan this year? The sleazy “Lisa” NHS claimed it was because I said I waited to be interviewed. Please feel free to quote me.
Some Background and IMPORTANT VIDEOS:
The question has been asked: “why would the “Powers That Be” target someone such as Carol Woods for so long [since 2001], involving so many perpetrators, committing so many serious crimes, funded by the public and local council taxpayers?”.
Carol Woods is a 63 years old former Lancashire County Council Level 3 Social Worker and Child Protection Officer [who used to train social workers] and a former Probation Officer, amongst many other things. Perhaps the appalling and chronic targeting she has no choice but to put up with 24/7 is because she reported numerous seriously grave irregularities she discovered, including child abuse, when being employed by Lancashire county council, and when one realises that the very controllers of the targeting and stalking Carol is forced to endure are, very probably, very closely connected to the same departments and personnel who are described in the links above and the “IMPORTANT VIDEOS” shown below, which detail what was discovered when Carol worked as a Child Protection officer in Lancashire, then it should not be hard to understand these hostilities enacted against her. Put it this way: the Welsh scientist, weapons expert and authority on biological warfare, employed by the British Ministry of Defence David Kelly was supposed to have leaked serious information to the detriment of the PTB at the time – look what happened to him. Now, Carol is no weapons expert, but one doesn’t have to be one to upset the proverbial apple cart bigtime. And anyway, we are told there have been assassination attempts upon her life too – quite a few in fact, including ramming her car at speed, on a main road, by perpetrators unknown…well, almost unknown.
And why is there an illegal tracking device installed in Ms. Woods car – put there, apparently – by Lancs. police? The Chief Constable of Lancashire has been written to so many times about so many serious matters with no response it’s quite remarkable. Another 2 chief constables have been written to asking can serious crime be reported to their forces also with no response whatsoever, and I have tried on more than one occasion to notify my local police about serious crime at my local central police station to be totally ignored every visit, which is just another public scandal!
Many more serious crimes and misdemeanours committed against Ms. Woods are all completely ignored by whichever UK government agency one tries to take anything to, including:
many murder attempts,
impersonation, ID frauds,
person[s] impersonating police officers in official government hearings, [or hearing[s]  purporting to be official],
Royal Mail frauds,
monetary frauds involving: dubious bank accounts at numerous high street banks, the DWP, town council[s] and other agencies,
illegal tracking of motor vehicle via GPS device [or similar],
a high number of motor vehicle “Blue Badge” [UK HM Government concession] frauds,
regular physical harassment / mental torture upon a person [aka “gangstalking”],
telephone / Internet Broadband  / electricity supply fraud,
wrongful arrest,
wrongful kidnapping[s] / incarceration[s] in UK HM Government units, police station[s], HM Prison[s] etc.,
home burglaries,
– many other instances of serious crime and illegal activity exist, and many acts contravening not only the Data Protection Act 1998, but also the contravention of articles pertaining to the European Commission of Human Rights [particularly Article 8].
What is going on is maybe unbelievable, and at times complicated, but that is surely deliberate and part of this outrageous targeting of a law-abiding citizen  – a lone female – who dared to report serious irregularities she found during her employment as a Level 3 social worker and Child Protection Officer. As a result, apart from the crimes committed against her as described, her house and contents with a value of £400,000+ was stolen from her, and her employment tribunal award of £50,000 found its way to someone who conspired against her who fraudulently took Carol Wood’s ID. Other serious crimes exist and continue to  this very day…
Apart from numerous and longstanding ID frauds [where goods and other services have been obtained by dubious “neighbours” in her locale using Carol Wood’s ID, much obtained via her stolen mail – something Royal Mail has been notified about an infinite amount of times, with no proper response at all] and along with many other serious crimes enacted in her name [see the list below in the section entitled “Some Background, below] Carol Woods is stalked daily by her neighbours who are, it is very strongly alleged, employed by the local police and other factions of Lancs. county council. Ms. Woods is particularly targeted at the library which she has to use for the use of the computers therein, as having computers and phones etc. at her home has proven futile because of them being hacked by the same individuals who hack the library computers whenever she uses them. These unemployed, mostly male yobs, in the pay of the police etc. to surveille Ms. Woods [it is very strongly alleged], openly sit alongside her in the library, mobile phones in their hands while they hack the computer Ms. Woods is using, scanning and interfering with whichever emails to and from Ms. Woods they see fit, amongst other electronic interference.
What is particularly appalling also is that – apart from the Royal Mail letters being deliberately misdelivered to criminal neighbours etc. – so many serious crimes committed against Ms. Woods have been refused being reported for years now, to the police and other government agencies, including the IPCC who do nothing when told about complaints involving Lancs. police. Apart from Ms. Woods continually contacting police departments and politicians and other government agencies, other supporters have contacted UK Government departments regarding the serious crimes Ms. Woods is victim of, I personally have approached 3 different chief constables of 3 different police forces to no avail, and the IPCC have been complained to regarding this lack of duty by police employees – the IPCC merely passing my concerns back to the force allegedly behind the bulk of so many of the very strongly alleged crimes – Lancs. police. Contacting these UK Government departments has proven a complete waste of time, such is the coverup involved to do with so much of what is very strongly alleged concerning Ms. Carol Woods.
The posts and updates from Ms. Woods on this site alone detail this harassment from Ms. Woods neighbours along with detailing many of the numerous crimes committed since Febuary 2016 when Ms. Woods was forcibly detained for no reason other than to silence her in a mental unit, for the 5th time. As there were no proper grounds for Ms. Woods to be held in the mental unit, she was released after protests were made. This enforced kidnapping of Ms. Woods was the 5th time such a kidnapping had occurred to Ms. Woods because of the input by certain authorities who completely shirk their responsibilities and cover up serious crime – eg. employing and paying from the public purse criminals who flout the law by  stalking Ms. Woods almost daily, and every time Ms. Woods leaves her abode, and also enabling them to partake in numerous ID frauds completely outside of the law, and much more – the reporting of numerous DWP benefit frauds and connected to the DWP fraud department, and to the banks – Barclays and Santander – who had numerous accounts in false names to launder the DWP monies gained illegally, proving a complete waste of time also.
Some more background:
In the latest posts and in the archive linked, Carol  goes into greater detail regarding what she is having to experience from those around her, all with, it seems, the full cooperation and assistance of the local authorities who command the numerous crimes and the actions of the numerous lowlife stalkers she is surrounded by.  Not only do these nightmare neighbours she is surrounded by steal her landline telephone and internet delivery lines running into her house, and misuse it on an almost daily basis by the lines being previously diverted to their more than likely ramshackle homes, they also steal her electricity too when they can [when Carol switches it on], and much more. Carol can hear her neighbours testing their electricity sockets after she has turned her power on from the main switch in her home. For this very reason her electricity supply is having to be almost permanently switched off for fear of it being hacked by these criminal neighbours, she lives by candlelight and she has had to live electricity free in her home for years because of these lowlives’ thieving alongside her home – many of them doting and ageing pensioners who steal her services because they can and do not get criminally charged with anything – courtesy of the fake authoritarian figures in place who should be in prison rather than be sitting pretty in a government office somewhere, local or otherwise. Fake IDs used by so many – if not all – of Carol’s criminal neighbours pay for many things through fake bank accounts, the money all ultimately coming from the UK taxpayer – the general public, as are the new cars given as rewards to certain neighbours paid for the same way – the road tax etc for these cars also paid for by the UK public, as are the numerous “Blue Badge” schemes many of these cars are concessioned with – all registered via false details but paid for out of the public purse. Authorities do nothing when told about these scams – how much longer can these outright crimes continue?
Regarding the internet and phone lines running into her abode: Carol even witnessed the rewiring of such to cater for her neighbours criminal thieving when she came back home from being out one day – the lines being rearranged and diverted into her loft where the neighbour’s connections take place, and thus the ability for these thieves to steal her services. A bit of  detail about this stealing of Carol’s services – when Carol came back from being out one day, she noticed an ironing board, of all things, leaning against a wall in one of her rooms which wasn’t there before she’d gone out. On moving the ironing board, there on the wall was – crudely written in biro or whatever – the electrician or whoever’s drawing for the rewiring of the phone + internet lines being diverted into her loft – for the use of the thieving neighbours as already described. This is why, when out on later outings to wherever, tell-tale ironing boards would be left deliberately en route – leaning against walls or whatever – for Carol not to miss. Such is the cruelty of the minds involved in this entire gangstalking scenario CW is having and has had to put up with for so many years. Does any authority  do anything about any of this stealing of her phone or internet services when they’re notified? No they don’t – the same way as the CEO of Royal Mail ignores all notifications to him regarding misdeliveries of CW’s mail to assorted neighbours [see earlier posts on this]. Other authorities also contemptuously ignore other notifications of gross irregularities / crimes sent to them. Why? Go figure. Semantic battles with the R. Mail’s current CEO proved pointless when trying to report the numerous and longstanding deliberate misdeliveries of mail to the neighbours who give CW such a hard time. As for these loutish neighbours and their hostilities, it’s hard to argue, for example, when someone wearing a police officer’s uniform making out they’re a police officer is intimidating one and breathing down one’s neck giving one preposterous orders to harass and hurt a fellow citizen – but harass and hurt they do, putting aside any semblance of conscience or, dare I say it – guilt. Perhaps the gift of a new car – or two – paid for by the UK taxpayers – eases their conscience and helps these sad characters turn the other cheek and commit serious crime and also stalk so inhumanly someone who devoted her entire working life in service to others – as Carol has – trying to help children especially. These lowlives – and the lowlives controlling all the conspiracies against Carol Woods – have much to answer for, and let’s hope that day comes soon when they get their comeuppance – noone likes a corrupt traitor, especially those who are in the positions they’re in, whose sky-high wages are paid by the UK taxpayer, and its funny how things turn around and come back ten times worse for those perpetrating these obscenities. But that’s noone’s problem but theirs.
It is completely unjust and as outrageous and unfair that I am refused reporting – by 3 separate police forces – serious crimes, as correspondence, or rather ignored correspondences to these 3 police forces, would show [UPDATE 24 JUNE 17 – a few days ago – at 20.53BST on the evening of Saturday 17 June, to be exact, 2 Dorset officers knocked on my door without any forewarning [after my now numerous messages to the Chief Constable]and although unprepared, I duly gave them such info as I could regarding the huge number of crimes listed so far as detailed by and committed against CW. After 50 minutes, one of the officers promised me that “Lancs. police would be got in touch with, with a view for them to contact CW”. Of course I immediately protested that, allegedly, the Lancs. police were one of the very parties behind this series of numerous ongoing crimes, and to do such would be a waste of time. Note that this has been tried before when Lancs. police have been told of certain crimes pertaining to CW by CW, and nothing has been done at all. Nevertheless, this was all I could expect, apparently. Who knows if anything was passed on to Lancs. police, and even if it was, will anything be done about anything? It is now weeks since Dorset police were informed that night of 17 June, and Ms. Woods harassment continues unabated – so the evidence points to the fact that nothing has been done regarding what was reported to those 2 Dorset police officers]. If one complains to higher authorities about this completely unacceptable situation, I would guess that the targeting I am experiencing almost on a daily basis – whenever I go out – would escalate to an unacceptable level, causing me to fear for my very own life. That is why also the updates from CW have been drastically curtailed here. So be it. William Burroughs, the great author, once said that if a person didn’t want to catch malaria, one shouldn’t go to an area where malaria is rife. I seemed to have stumbled into something similar. So be that also…

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Archive continues:
Computer Misuse part serious org crime Lancs. 09 April 2018
carol woods
15:45 (3 hours ago)
to andy.rhodes, policing.minis., info, contact
This is now my report as to serious E Crime and more. The thuggery and harassment TODAY in the pathetic manufacturing of CRIME said to be committed by me of “following” (unemployed criminals who want to be victims) is seen. This was yesterday: DE61 DBO I have reported as stalker and harasser for months he using 45 Fell View (Dalton the thieves and fraudster you like to claim are “witnesses” to “crime” and not criminals) and 34 Fell view more thieves and fraudsters as reported. Blenkinship.
I have copied and sent out the photos showing the ILLEGALLY INSTALLED WIRING dangerously installed in 28 Fell View ready for my moving in and related photos so do not resend them with this.
I sent photos of the yob with DE61 DBO and his troll stalking ME on 17/2/18 with the INTENTION of claiming they drove me. In that DALTON and others were used when it was thought I was going to a travel agent (illegally seen emails) and DE61 DBO was to collect Dalton from 45 she with a PINK BAG and they to PRETEND she was me at the travel agent if I went. I had not gone; I ask if she would travel on my passport? Earlier in the week, you had JARVIS every morning go to be ME which wasted her time and then Williams in 30 went at least two afternoons as she was to be me seen there when i had not gone at all. The pink bag farce we have flogged to death; the old unemployed for life thief Dalton has no daughter and the pink bag she has is nothing I would have and nothing one of my daughters would buy me.
Collecting Mrs M DALTON aka WHEATFIELD was done on 10 March 2018.
In that you thought I was really going to go to Turkey and sent LINDA FOSTER who I had not seen for over 12 years “bump into me” she knowing which shop I happened to be in, and she was to tell me she was going to Turkey at the end of the month to be me when YOU thought I was to travel. I saw Linda Foster while she was apparently in Turkey! In that you have not made a decent person into a liar, she is a compulsive liar and deluded but harmless and not unpleasant.
On SUNDAY (yesterday) in fact, all the collective efforts to rewrite 7/11/15 failed thus the yob and others collected at 34 and 45 yet again and the loft noises went on for hours.
They tell me who is using as if linked to me and what equipment they use, phone or computer. I had on no mains power from 1048 am so how I could have anyone linking to anything escapes me and given i would not have any of that lowlife indoors with me, we can only wonder. I keep a record of all noises and thus on Sunday they went on from 3 25pm, then to 3 40pm onto 4 53pm various took part, including 41 and 39 Fell View, V24 MAJ was drawn in again then 5 35 loud link up told me that WILLIAMS in 30 aka Mr Carl Woods and Mrs had on their TV and left others to use in E-CRIME. It all ceased when DE61 DBO drive off from 34 at 6 10pm and right into a photo I happened to be taking at the time. I have sent out my photos of DE61 DBO stalking, the wiring and the socket tampering etc, and those will be used in ANY court case I chose to use them in.
The INTENT is to manufacture junk that I engage in social media drivel.
Allow me to explain the “signals” you rely on. If I take a phone which I have not got or a computer which I had but now have not, to somewhere with WiFi then the “signals” emanate from that source, BUT when I walked away with my computer the record of USE WAS ON THE COMPUTER. the signals was NO proof the equipment was mine just because I was in that place. Thus the lowlife who use the ILLEGAL devices in MY loft can pretend the SIGNALS are from me in 28 but the evidence OF USE is on their equipment which is not mine is it? And their equipment is where they are; it is not with me. Even a 6 year old would understand that.
I quote the COMPUTER MISUSE ACT 1990 which is the LAW even for you: A person is guilty of an offence if a) he causes a computer to perform any function with intent to secure access to any program or date held in any computer, 2) the access he intends to secure is unauthorised, 3) he knows at the time when he causes the computer to perform the function that that is the case” etc. I refer also to T DALTON and yobs at 45 accessing MY email addresses and FOUND OUT with your Gestapo visiting them in the early hours to aid and abet.
This is cc to anyone I feel should know: PUBLIC INTEREST and I will print it off and keep it with me.
I will add that the troll with RATCLIFFE and BIBBY estate agent hiding in a house for sale in Caton pretending to deal with the house for sale and linked to me was not, the white BMW with the old doxy driver hiding who then raced north on the M6, M60 MKE and the 2 corrupt solicitors trying to be where I was as proof of something in masonic lunacy does not make NOW be 2009 again. Sending IAN READER Sunnyside Lane Lancaster LA1 5ED perjurer from 2009 to keep “bumping into me” does not make me think then is now. Perjury has no statute of limitations, he, as an educated man, should know that. Carol Woods ms under duress at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP.

See the archive of 120+ posts on this site on Carol Woods since Feb. 2016 – https://butlincat.com/?s=carol+woods

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