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Thursday, 5 April 2018

WIKILEAKS UPDATES 05 APRIL 2018 - LAMO DEATH, #ReconnectAssange, Roger Stone


  • Yellow Journalism's Return
    WhoWhatWhy / RealNewsProject (blog)

    ... Sanity (VIPS) John Kiriakou personally delivered a letter to the Ecuadorian embassy in Washington, DC, which was addressed to Ecuadorian Ambassador, Francisco Jose Borja Cevallos. The document calls for the immediate restoration of communications for Wikileaks Editor-In-Chief Julian Assange.
  • A Hard Transparency Choice: What is WikiLeaks?
    Lawfare (blog)

    The U.S. Intelligence Community (USIC) is confident that the Russian Government directed the recent compromises of e-mails from US persons and institutions, including from US political organizations. The recent disclosures of alleged hacked e-mails on sites like DCLeaks.com and WikiLeaks and by ...
  • Controversial genius: Little is known about the death of hacker Adrian Lamo
    Sacramento News & Review

    Lamo's information helped convict Manning of leaking U.S. Army combat footage and classified State Department records to WikiLeaks. In 2010 and 2011, WIRED published a series of chats between Lamo and Manning, in which Lamo assured Manning their conversations would never be published.
  • Where is Googoosha, the missing Uzbek first daughter?

    In her heyday Ms Karimova was a ruthless businesswoman, diplomat (as ambassador to Spain), Harvard student, mother, socialite and, in the words of an American Embassy cable unearthed by WikiLeaks, a "robber baron" who seized companies from others on a whim, her father's power making her ...
  • Roger Stone's Ties to WikiLeaks Keep Getting Weirder, Putting Him in Real Legal Peril

    Additional links Roger Stone and WikiLeaks have come to light as President Donald Trump's ally faces mounting scrutiny about his activities prior to the 2016 presidential election. A new report this week from the Wall Street Journal found that Stone sent an email to his associate Sam Nunberg on Aug.
  • Celebrities, academics, activists rally to #ReconnectAssange
    The Daily Dot

    Celebrities and political activists have rallied in solidarity around WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, whose internet access was abruptly suspended by the Ecuadorian government last week, by signing an open letter demanding that it be restored. The signatories not only include prominent intellectuals, ...
  • Legendary journalist Dan Rather explains why Roger Stone is key in Russia investigation
    Raw Story

    “In essence, to understand this, it's Mueller is clearly trying to determine whether or whether or not Russian intelligence, connected to Wikileaks, connected to the Trump campaign, and maybe is it to the president himself.” Rather suggested that Stone may have finally met his match in special counsel ...
  • Hillary Clinton Blames 2016 Loss on Comey, Press, Russia — and Sexism — While Speaking to ...
    Breitbart News

    She then blamed Wikileaks leaking DNC emails for further dominating media coverage instead of the Russia interference. She then brought up the Pizza-gate scandal. She used that to segue into talking about Trump bringing up Wikileaks on the campaign trail and skewing the information there into ...
  • Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner, the GRU and the stealing of the presidency

    The mention of the nation of Russia by candidate Trump was very strange at that time, since there was no public knowledge that Russian intelligence was behind the hacked Democratic emails released by Guccifer 2.0 and WikiLeaks, and the Trump campaign was denying across the board any contacts ...
  • Roger Stone: The Anatomy of a Fake News Avalanche; WikiLeaks, Julian Assange and Me
    PR NewsChannel (press release)

    One would expect higher standards from the Wall Street Journal but, sadly, the Journal has now joined the perpetually-obtuse fake news lynch mob nipping at my heels with constant recycling of repeatedly-discredited claims of collaboration between me, Wikileaks, Julian Assange and the Russians.
  • DiNapoli urges banks, credit companies to crack down on gun sales
    New York Post

    DiNapoli noted that banks and credit-card companies in the past have blocked purchases from other organizations that cause “reputational or societal harm,” citing clampdowns on contributions to Wikileaks as an example. The pension isn't the first institution to try to block gun purchases through the ...
  • If you're saddened by political rancor, turn to Wikipedia
    Washington Examiner

    If you ever get saddened by the rancorous state of political discourse and/or the idiocy that infects many Twitter accounts, I suggest you pay a visit to Wikipedia. No, not the Russian intelligence cutout WikiLeaks, but rather the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. Whatever your particular area of interest, ...
  • Roger Stone Predicted 'Devastating' Clinton Revelations on Same Day He Sent Assange Email
    Independent Journal Review

    Conservative political consultant Roger Stone appeared on the InfoWars radio show on the same day he sent an email in which he said he had dinner with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and he claimed “devastating” news on Hillary Clinton was forthcoming, according to CNN. Stone's August 4 ...
  • BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: One America News Obtains Assange Email Roger Stone Sent to Sam ...
    One America News Network (press release)

    Stone has since said the exchange was a joke, noting that he has never met the founder of WikiLeaks. “Clearly he's believing the joke,” Stone said about Nunberg to One America News. Records obtained by the Daily Caller show that Stone traveled from California to Florida on the day that he sent the ...
  • Stone, Assange email corresponds with WikiLeaks prediction

    (CNN) - Roger Stone appeared on the InfoWars radio show the same day he sent an email claiming he dined with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange -- and he predicted "devastating" upcoming disclosures about the Clinton Foundation. Stone's comments in his August 4, 2016, appearance are the ...
  • [Infographic] How are cybercrimes defended?

    This post provided by 16Best. The thoughts and opinions are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Techaeris or its staff. Today's society and especially the companies are dependent on modern technology which creates breakthroughs on a daily basis. Defined as ...
  • The most damning thing in Roger Stone's newly released email about Assange

    On Tuesday evening, Trey Yingst of One America News published an August 4, 2016 email exchange between Roger Stone and then-Trump campaign adviser Sam Nunberg suggesting the Trump campaign was aware WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was in possession of information that could help ...
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  • Stone predicted Clinton Wikileaks disclosures
    Cyprium News

    Former Trump adviser Roger Stone appeared on the InfoWars radio show the same day he sent an email claiming he dined with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange — and he predicted “devastating” upcoming disclosures about the Clinton Foundation.
  • So What If Stone Talked to Wikileaks
    Freedom Watch

    Stone, on day he sent Assange dinner email, also said 'devastating' WikiLeaks were forthcoming By Andrew Kaczynski and Gloria Borger CNN April 4, 2018 Roger Stone appeared on the InfoWars radio show the same day he sent an email claiming he dined with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange ...
  • Stone predicted Clinton Wikileaks disclosures

    Former Trump adviser Roger Stone appeared on the InfoWars radio show the same day he sent an email claiming he dined with WikiLeaks founder Julian Ass...
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    Search WikiLeaks

    CRS: Female Genital Mutilation as Persecution: When Can It Constitute a Basis for Asylum and Withholding of Removal?, October 10, 2008 - WikiLeaks ... alien to a country if the Attorney General decides that the alienâ„¢s life ... withholding ofremoval, the alien must satisfy certain ... alien to a country if ...
  • Live Leaks Wiki

    live leaks wiki trump calls for investigation into obama after latest wikileaks wiki leaks julian assange addressing green party via live feed wikileaks julian assange whistleblowing outfit says trump tax wikileaks exposes med files rape victim identities report new modal has an surprise for hillary clinton wiki ...
  • Youtube wikileaks clinton
    Alice Chein Design

    Youtube wikileaks clinton. In the second video of James O'Keefe's new explosive series on the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign, Democratic party operatives tell us how to. Thanks to the Harvey Weinstein scandal, an e-mail that was a part of the WikiLeaks/Podesta e-mail dump has attracted new ...
  • CNN: Stone, on day he sent Assange dinner email, also said
    News and Guts

    CNN: Stone, on day he sent Assange dinner email, also said 'devastating' WikiLeaks were forthcoming. Roger Stone appeared on the InfoWars radio show the same day he sent an email claiming he dined with WikiLeaksfounder Julian Assange — and he predicted “devastating” upcoming disclosures ...
  • Ecuador WikiLeaks
    MR Online

    A demonstrator holds a poster with the portrait of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange during a rally in front of the government palace in Quito, Ecuador, Monday, Aug. 20, 2012. People gathered at the square in front of the government palace to support president Correa after he granted political asylum to ...
  • WikiLeaks: Karachi gangs outnumber police
    Foreign Policy

    Subscribe for 99 Cents!Subscribe · Sign In · ◂ Return to Article. Comments On: WikiLeaks: Karachi gangs outnumber police. Show Comments. Loading comments... Latest. Trump Makes American Coal Great Again — Overseas. April 4, 2018, 2:48 PM. Thus Spoke Jordan Peterson. April 4, 2018, 9:53 AM ...
  • Stone Email Coincides with WikiLeaks Disclosure
    Committee to Investigate Russia

    Roger Stone appeared on Alex Jones' InfoWars radio show on April 4, 2016 and said Wikileaks soon would be releasing information about the Clinton Foundation that would hurt Hillary's campaign. CNN: Stone's comments in his August 4, 2016 appearance are the earliest known time he claimed to ...
  • Argumentative essay wikileaks
    Potent International Limited

    Argumentative essay wikileaks, essay on doing your best, psychology extended essay help. Five pages later and i'm finally finished with that stupid essay for 4th block! but alas i still have to study for 3 tests i have tomorrow.. dr laura markham what wrong with strict parenting essay laura esquivel author ...
  • Roger Stone, Julian Assange, WikiLeaks Disclosures

    Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone wrote that he dined with Julian Assange on the same day he predicted WikiLeaks disclosures https://t.co/Jn0Fm99tdX. Like; Reply; Retweet (271); Share; Keywords. Natasha Bertrand · 3 hrs. Among other reasons Dems remain convinced the probe ended ...
  • Stone, on day he sent Assange dinner email, also said 'devastating'
    Cumulus | WJAD-FM

    (CNN) – Roger Stone appeared on the InfoWars radio show the same day he sent an email claiming he dined with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange — and he predicted “devastating” upcoming disclosures about the Clinton Foundation. Stone's comments in his August 4, 2016, appearance are the ...
  • Fact Checking Mark Dice: Hillary Clinton Wikileaks "Bucket of Losers"

    Seriously... Mark Dice & Megyn Kelly. Check your facts. NOT Leaked by Wikileaks. But a random website on Oct. 2nd. http://www.realtruenews.org/single-post/2016/10/02/HILLARY-SCRIPT-RELEASED---Mille... Related. Henninger: State Dept. acting like wing of Hillary campaign 8.8. By Ralap James.
  • wikileaks revealations

    Busting that October Surprise right open, Wall Street, Bucket of losers, Public policy & private policy..... Related. Henninger: State Dept. acting like wing of Hillary campaign 7.6. By Arvin Copperfield. Fact Checking Mark Dice: Hillary Clinton Wikileaks "Bucket of Losers" 9.1. By Quintion Coffey.
  • Roger Stone, on the day he sent Assange Dinner E-mail, also said

    The comments also raise more questions about what Stone knew about WikiLeaks and about the correctness of his allegations, contacting Assange, whom he now denies. On August 4, 2016, InfoWars Show, Stone described the upcoming WikiLeaks revelations. He also mentioned that on August 3, the ...
  • An Essay
    Yene16 - Essay And Cover Letter

    an essay how to write an essay on wikileaks 13 steps pictures beginning an essay a quote mla how to write an essay sample essays cover letter what is the format for an essay best photos of scholarship mla research paperwhat how to write a introduction example good titles that are writing sample ...
  • Wikileaks vault bombshell: email from Sid Blumenthal to Hillary re
    What Really Happened

    Wikileaks vault bombshell: email from Sid Blumenthal to Hillary re: Sarkozy(who just got charged in France)/UK plotting the overthrow of Qaddafi for Libyan oil. Submitted by alexmark on Wed, 04/04/2018 - 09:33. Tags: COVER-UP/DECEPTIONS/PROPAGANDA · POLITICS/ELECTIONS/CORRUPTION ...
  • A Retrospective Look At The Work WikiLeaks Made Possible As Assange Remains Silenced
    BadBlue Money

    The Aftermath: Zuckerberg Abandoned By Peers, Mocked By Street Artists ∞ zerohedge · Using steroid inhalers for respiratory disease may kill you, study finds – NaturalNews.com ∞ naturalnews · Fed: Q4 2017 Household Debt Service Ratio Increasing from Very Low Level ∞ calculatedriskblog.
  • When Google Met WikiLeaks Julian Assange
    Internet Archive

    When Google Met WikiLeaks PDF/Audiobook DOWNLOAD (.PDF) EBOOK DOWNLOAD AUDIOBOOK Tags : When Google Met WikiLeaks Julian Assange (.PDF) download, When...
  • Yanis Varoufakis : The Idea Behind #WikiLeaks by smidge-tv

    $0.12. Yanis Varoufakis : The Idea Behind #WikiLeaks. https://youtu.be/yG-__pU2yfw >"The whole idea behind @wikileaks is to take the same technologies that allow the NSA, Google, etc, to turn you into a source of data, and turn it against them to make you more opaque and them more transparent.
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