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Saturday, 7 April 2018



    MAG The Weekly (press release) (blog)

    The WikiLeaks founder can't tweet anymore from the Ecuadorian embassy in London. According to an announcement from the government of Ecuador, Assange broke a promise not to interfere with foreign relations; therefore, he can't go online. The statement from the Ecuadorian embassy states, “The ...
  • #ReconnectJulian: Fmr intelligence officers & whistleblowers urge Ecuador to end Assange isolation

    In late March the government of Ecuador decided to cut off Julian Assange from the outside world by blocking his phone and internet access, over the WikiLeaks editor's tweets in support of Catalonian independence from Spain. The move sparked massive outrage from Assange supporters, who view the ...
  • Trump confidante Roger Stone swears to CNN's Anderson Cooper he was poisoned — but refuses ...
    Raw Story

    Stone began with a commentary on former aide Sam Nunberg, who has told multiple media outlets about things Stone would pop off about, namely his “lunch” with WikiLeaks' Julian Assange. He described the former aide as a neurotic staffer, who would call 30 to 40 times daily. Stone noted that when ...
  • Satire: simply ridiculous or very insightful?
    Loma Beat

    If the news media is the fourth estate, and websites, such as WikiLeaks, are the fifth estate, then satire is the sixth estate of government. Quality modern political satire calls out the absurdities, hypocrisies, and fallacies in nearly aspect of the political spectrum, from the politicians to policies to news ...
  • Scott Pruitt's nightmare week

    Trump says he's willing to keep troops in Syria for short-term · Trump pushes back against market fears of trade war · Trump lawyers told President is not a target at this point; Stone, on day he sent Assange dinner email, also said 'devastating' WikiLeaks were forthcoming · Trump orders National Guard ...
  • Preview: Roger Stone Sits Down With CBS4's Jim DeFede
    CBS Miami

    MIAMI (CBSMiami) — As Special Counsel Robert Mueller continues to show interest in Roger Stone, Stone sits down with CBS4's DeFede to discuss the Russian collusion investigation. One of the issues they discussed was whether Roger Stone's braggadocios nature landed him in Mueller's sites or ...
  • Hillary Clinton quips about the cable news network's post-election obsession
    Newburgh Gazette

    Clinton hit all the bases in her presentation: WikiLeaks, former FBI Director James Comey, the email scandal, the "lock her up" chants, alleged Russian collusion by Trump and even the departure of Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, whom she said "didn't care about a lot of the expertise that members ...
  • Hillary Clinton Again Proclaims Russia, FBI to Blame for Failed Presidential Bid

    "We are witnessing an all-out attack on core values of democracy: free speech and the rule of law", Clinton said at the annual Vital Voices Global Leadership Awards in Washington, D.C., according to Fox News. Clinton hit all the bases in her presentation: WikiLeaks, former FBI Director James Comey, ...
  • Today's Headlines and Commentary
    Lawfare (blog)

    WikiLeaks was attempting to obtain files from Guccifer 2.0, the hacker linked to Russian intelligence who was responsible for hacking into the DNC, during the summer of 2016, Buzzfeed writes. According to leaked Twitter direct messages, Wikileaks asked freelance national security reporter Emma Best ...
  • From Shakespeare to Rathergate – Dan Rather is the ultimate fake news purveyor

    Russian intelligence, connected to Wikileaks, connected to the Trump campaign, and maybe … to the president himself.” Then Rather, turning literary, said, “Roger Stone, who is a very smart fellow, he's a really smart guy. But that Shakespeare line comes to mind, 'Oh what, a tangled web we weave, ...
  • Does the Guccifer-WikiLeaks story exonerate Seth Rich?
    The Daily Dot

    Direct messages between WikiLeaks' official Twitter account and journalist Emma Best from summer 2016, obtained by BuzzFeed News and published Thursday, appear to show that the organization was working to obtain a cache of Democratic Party files from Guccifer 2.0—a hacker outed in March as ...
  • What's on the event horizon?
    Access All Areas (press release)

    Indeed, revelations from Wikileaks revealed that the authorities can break into most mobile handsets and computers, use smart TVs to listen to your conversations and even hack into cars – potentially causing them to crash. Value judgments over data privacy meanwhile, might cause one individual to ...
  • WEB

  • WIKILEAKS: Obama, Clinton & Soros Overthrew Pope Benedict
    Whistleblower Jeff

    George Soros, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton orchestrated a coup in the Vatican to overthrow the conservative Pope Benedict and replace him with radical leftist Pope Francis, according to a group of Catholic leaders citing evidence from various sources including WikiLeaks emails. Pope Benedict ...
  • We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks

    A documentary that details the creation of Julian Assange's controversial website, which facilitated the largest security breach in U.S. history. A documentary that details the creation of Julian.
  • Migrant Caravan, Down By Almost Half

    On Friday, a "caravan" of Central American migrants diminished in size, as they pressed through Mexico, leaving a field where they had been stranded all week long. Reuters reported that about 800 people were left in the caravan, a group that has since 2010 been staging annual caravans to ensure ...
  • Longtime trump ally roger stone denies ever meeting or speaking with wikileaks founder julian ...

    Julian Assange, Wikileaks, Roger Stone, Longtime Trump, Get all the Latest news, Breaking headlines and Top stories, photos & video in real time about CNN.
  • NEWS
    Jax Gay

    JaxGay.com ​​Twitter DMs obtained by Buzzfeed News show that in the summer of 2016 WikiLeaks was working to obtain files from Guccifer 2.0—a hacker whom has been identified as a Russian intelligence officer. According to the report, journalist Emma Best approached Guccifer 2.0 about gaining ...
  • BREAKING Mueller Attempts To Block Investigation Of Wikileaks Files

    BREAKING Mueller Attempts To Block Investigation Of Wikileaks Files. Author: bestofinfowars. Date: 2018-04-06. Description: Roger Stone joins Alex Jones live via Skype to break down the latest in the Trump Russia collusion delusion. Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're ...
  • Mormon WikiLeaks (MormonLeaks)

    The ranks of Deists swell. I can't say I agree with your characterization. But in effect, you are right. God doesn't stage manage the church organization. He lets it unfold in all its messy and error-filled way. Pretty much summarizes our discourse over the past decade. As a progammer, I am also a Deist of ...
  • Mugabe attempted a coup on himself :Wikileaks
    Zimbabwe News

    Zimbabwe s president Robert Mugabe attempted a number of fake coups through his CIO and other undetectable intelligence collaborators last year, Wikileaks cable revelations reveal. Several people approached the US, UK and Australian embassies begging for weapons as they claimed they could ...
  • Tag: Wikileaks documents
    The Fifth Column

    Tag: Wikileaks documents. What Was The Informant Program That Killed Staff Sgt. Logan Melgar? by Isiah Holmes • April 6, 2018. A look at the program. Read more → ...
  • The Great Wall Of Twitter Feeds

    @BuzzFeedNews This claim pertains to two months *after* WikiLeaks published the DNC leaks, The story states it referrs to claimed DCCC files -- which were never published by WikiLeaks. Buzzfeed lacks credibility when it makes serious errors like this. 5171375 · WikiLeaks@wikileaks·.
  • Use DeepOnion To Pay On Wikileaks Shop

    We are supportive to wikileaks maybe we could be on of the currencies to be accepted at wikileaks shop https://wikileaks.shop (WikiLeaks Shop)
  • STEEMIT EXCLUSIVE ARTICLE: Christine Assange Speaks Out On How We Can Help ...

    "A kind of collective insanity... This can only end in the kind of horrific war that would devastate both sides. At the center of this, are those who stand against it. They have to be swept aside one by one, and clearly the most prominent are Julian Assange and Wikileaks." During Christine Assange's ...
  • Assange is nothing more than CIA asset Wikileaks one big a
    Connecting Singles

    Certainly not the first time I heard this. I do consider it a possibility, especially with the guests he has reportedly been receiving. I know he supposedly has been isolated and alone for a long time, but why... would he want to associate with those people? I find this VERY suspicious. Thanks for posting the ...
  • Roger Stone's WikiLeaks statement is still not enough to charge Trump
    Eurasia Diary

    Former Trump associate Roger Stone this week became the latest alleged link of President Trump to collusion with the Russians. The special counsel is investigating Stone's statement that he had dinner with WikiLeaksfounder Julian Assange before predicting the release of damaging Clinton campaign ...
  • WSJ: Robert Mueller Probing Roger Stone's Ties To Wikileaks' Julian Assange
    ParqView - WordPress.com

    Mueller has reportedly turned his eyes to longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone who's had conflicting things to say over whether he ever met with Julian Assange. Our panel reacts. Feel free to share, like or leave your comment on this video.
  • What Did Wikileaks Do with the DCCC Emails It Monopolized?

    Buzzfeed emphasizes that this proves Wikileaks knew that it obtained documents from Guccifer 2.0, and not Seth Rich (though this is one reason why Buzzfeed's conflation of the email sets is problematic, as the Rich conspiracy pertains necessarily to the DNC documents, not the DCCC ones). Showing ...
1 day ago


  • Messages show Assange talked about seeking hacked files from Guccifer 2.0
    Hot Air

    “[P]lease 'leave,' their conversation with them and us,” WikiLeaks asked journalist Emma Best, who was also negotiating with Guccifer 2.0 for access to what it had teased on its blog as “exclusive access” to hacked Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee files. “[W]e would appreciate it if you did ...
  • 'The Korean Rasputin', $68m and a horse: how Park Geun-hye fell from grace

    US embassy cables released years later by WikiLeaks revealed that he gained “complete control over the body and soul” of Ms Park in her “formative” political years. She reportedly believed that he could communicate with her dead mother. Her father was assassinated in 1979, by which point she was ...
  • Russia To Limit Telegram Messaging App
    Silicon UK

    WikiLeaks has previously published sensitive US intelligence data which revealed that American spy agencies such as the CIA supposedly have the ability to bypass the encryption on WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal. Do you know all about security? Try our quiz! Facebook Twitter Google + Linkedin.
  • Roger Stone's WikiLeaks statement is still not enough to charge Trump
    The Hill

    The latest conspiracy is built around one of the least credible characters. Stone is fast becoming the Martha Mitchell of the Trump scandal. Mitchell was the wife of John Mitchell, Richard Nixon's attorney general, who gained fame for her outlandish conspiracy theories that earned her the nickname ...
  • Roger Stone Trashes Sam Nunberg, Report About Assange Dinner: a 'Mainstream Media Mugging'

    Trump ally Roger Stone is pushing back hard against speculation that he had correspondence with WikiLeaksfounder Julian Assange ahead of their leaking of Clinton campaign emails that rocked the 2016 election. Earlier this week, an email exchange between Stone and former Trump campaign ...
  • US election-hacking book to be adapted into film

    "Russian Roulette" explores Moscow using hackers and trolls on US political targets and exploiting WikiLeaks to disseminate information in order to affect the 2016 election. Isikoff and Corn detail the alleged spying and political feuds against the backdrop of President Donald Trump's relationship with ...
  • Washington to impose sanctions against at least 6 Russian oligarchs
    Іnsіdеr Cаr Nеws

    ... last week issued a statement saying he was stopped in Boston when returning from an worldwide trip by Federal Bureau of Investigation agents who took his cellphone and questioned him about Republican political operative Roger Stone and WikiLeaks. This person said the inquiry appeared focused ...
  • The US prepares a new set of sanctions against Russian oligarchs

    ... Federal Bureau of Investigation agents who took his cellphone and questioned him about Republican political operative Roger Stone and WikiLeaks. Meanwhile, Mark Corallo, the former spokesman for the Trump legal team, planned to tell Mueller in January that White House communications director ...
  • What It Was Really Like Working For WikiLeaks

    In 2010, British journalist Sarah Harrison, then in her mid-20s, began working for WikiLeaks, the website created by Julian Assange to help expose large-scale injustices and cover-ups. It was the year that the site received and published some of its most explosive information to date; the Iraq War Logs, ...
  • New Disclosures On Roger Stone's Ties To Assange
    The National Memo (blog)

    A new report this week from the Wall Street Journal found that Stone sent an email to his associate Sam Nunberg on Aug. 4, 2016, saying that said he had had dinner with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange the previous night. CNN reports that, on that same day, Stone went on the fringe online right-wing ...
  • Trump Election Story 'Russian Roulette' in Development as Movie at CBS Films

    “Russian Roulette” explores Moscow using hackers and trolls on U.S. political targets and exploiting WikiLeaksto disseminate information in order to affect the 2016 election. Isikoff and Corn detail the alleged spying and political feuds against the backdrop of President Donald Trump's relationship with ...
  • Julian Assange Special w/ John Pilger & Christine Assange
    KPFA - 94.1FM

    Today on Flashpoints: An in-depth report on the future of WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, in virtual exile and incommunicado at the Ecuadorian Embassy in Great Brittan. We'll speak to legendary filmmaker and longtime Assange friend, John Pilger. And in the second half of this collaboration with ...
  • Chelsea Manning On Nazis, the Surveillance State, and Running For Senate
    The Real News Network

    BAYNARD WOODS: For the Real News, I'm Baynard Woods. In April 2010, WikiLeaksreleased a video that showed the U.S. military killing over a dozen people, including two Reuters journalists. The news agency had been thwarted in its attempt to gain the footage, but a young whistleblower shared ...
  • Elder statesmen and controversial interventions
    The Punch

    The world over, elder statesmen, former presidents or prime ministers in particular, are a vital part of the statehood of the nations they once presided over. They are privy to a vast storehouse of information and intelligence, some of which will not become generally known, Wikileaks notwithstanding, ...
  • Silencing Assange an 'Attack on Information' - Danny Glover
    Sputnik International

    For more than a week, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been barred from the online community after the Ecuadorian embassy in London cut off his internet access. According to the embassy, the decision to eliminate Assange's internet privileges came about after the 46-year-old Australian ...
  • US Prisons Are the Crime: A Cesspool of Violence and Corruption
    Sputnik International

    A group of retired veteran intelligence, law enforcement, and military professionals yesterday delivered a letter to the Ecuadorian Ambassador to the United States asking that his country allow Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to have internet access and permission for him to receive visitors. Assange ...
  • Report: WikiLeaks Sought Files From Guccifer 2.0
    Daily Beast

    Twitter DMs obtained by Buzzfeed News show that in the summer of 2016, WikiLeaks was working to obtain files from Guccifer 2.0—a hacker whom The Daily Beast has identified as a Russian intelligence officer. According to the report, journalist Emma Best approached Guccifer 2.0 about gaining ...
  • These Messages Show Julian Assange Talked About Seeking Hacked Files From Guccifer 2.0
    BuzzFeed News

    Twitter DMs obtained by BuzzFeed News show that in the summer of 2016, WikiLeaks was working to obtain files from Guccifer 2.0, an online ... But by the time of the conversation with Best, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange had shifted the story of how WikiLeaks acquired those emails, giving repeated ...
  • Why Gaddafi's Gold Dinars, Petro-Yuan Pose No Threat to US Dollar Dominance… Yet
    Sputnik International

    Seven years ago, an email allegedly sent by Sidney Blumenthal to then-US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and later released by WikiLeaks revealed that prior to the Libyan rebellion, the government of the country had accumulated "143 tons of gold, and a similar amount in silver" in order "to establish ...
  • Ecuador Wants Less Assange and More Foreign Investors

    (Bloomberg View) -- Before he launched a major economic reform on April 2, Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno cushioned it with a disclaimer: “Under no circumstances,” he said, would the plan “affect the poorest, neediest sectors” of the country. At least one needy sector is already upset, however.
  • Paramilitary Emperor Erik Prince Courts Influence Amid White House's Hawkish Shakeup

    ... Last month, he hosted a fundraiser at his sprawling Virginia estate for controversial Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif). Rohrabacher is also a target of the special counsel, given two separate meetings during the 2016 election with a Kremlin lawyer in Moscow and Wikileaks' Julian Assange in London.
  • Ecuador Wants Less Julian Assange and More Foreign Investors

    Before he launched a major economic reform on April 2, Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno cushioned it with a disclaimer: “Under no circumstances,” he said, would the plan “affect the poorest, neediest sectors” of the country. At least one needy sector is already upset, however. A few days earlier, ...
  • Report: 'Russian oligarchs' questioned by Mueller's investigative team upon entering US

    Report: 'Russian oligarchs' questioned by Mueller's investigative team upon entering US President Donald Trump is reportedly not a criminal target, but special counsel Robert Mueller is continuing to investigate whether Russian officials meddled in the 2016 presidential election.
  • Welcome Consortiumnews.com Editor Joe Lauria!
    Consortium News

    He is the author of two books, A Political Odyssey, with former U.S. Senator and American presidential candidate Mike Gravel, which is a history of U.S. foreign policy and the defense industry, and How I Lost: By Hillary Clinton, an analysis of the DNC and Podesta emails revealed by WikiLeaks, with a ...