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Sunday, 24 June 2018

CW 24 June 2018

Hi Mr. Matthews-King,
I wrote to the contact address you gave, and the newsdesk at the Independant asking them to pls forward my message to you re: Carol Woods, but had trouble getting through, being blocked.
 However, a TIM ROBINSON replied, after an aquaintance presumably passed on my message to him.
Anyway, if you get this message, pls let me know, or not as the case may be.
J. Graham  butlincat  24 june 18 
On 23 June 2018 at 22:41, Tim Robinson <renegotiation1@hotmail.com> wrote:
You don't know me and neither does carol Woods. However, I sent Carol an email last night and I asked her to send me a courtesy, acknowledgement email in response. I never did get any email back from her and I wondered if you might be able to check whether she got my email or not? Much appreciated.
Thank you.

From: len lawrence <bae146@hotmail.co.uk>
Sent: 23 June 2018 00:54
To: Tim Robinson

Carol Woods

hi Tim Robinson - turns out my message to you was blocked - that's what it says anyway, although it could all be a scam. My message in reply to you is below.

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Date: 24 June 2018 at 01:02
Subject: Delivery Status Notification (Failure)
To: butlincat75@googlemail.com

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Your message to renegotiation1@hotmail.com has been blocked. See technical details below for more information.
from:butlincat butlincat75@googlemail.com
to:Tim Robinson
bcc:carol woods ,
Data Analysis
date:24 June 2018 at 01:01

hi - Carol's emails are severely monitored and i know for a fact [see below emails from her from today]  she has had particularly bad trouble recently. What happens is - she has no computer - the cops took that so for ages she has to use the Lancaster University library computers. Due to a tracking device in her car they track where she is going when she is using her car - Caton + environs is a small place anyway so it's not hard for them to imagine where she's going - especially to the University which is a common venue she uses. The stalking around her home has been acute recently - earlier in the week she described it as "insane" - the local stalking yobs [in the pay of police] just sit around in their cars or stand about shouting obscenities waiting for her to go out, and when she does and goes to the library they are there waiting or follow her there to hack the computer she's on via the useless public wifi at the Uni library - or generally be a nuisance. A lot of her mails get thru to me, but she doesnt receive a lot of my replies back. There's a delay anyway set up on at least my mails to her - about 10 minutes or sometimes days.  So she may not of got mails and even so, if she distrusts anything she will not respond as she's been set up so many times - by former friends let alone strangers. 
By the mere presentation of your email I would be very wary too - my emails are hacked too and i have no idea who you are - 
I have no idea if youre a friend or foe but all ive said is not classified and public knowledge anyway. When I hear from her again I will pass your message on. With due respect, you could be anybody and your mail shows nothing really, and it having the contents of the mail i sent means little as my entire life is hacked, if you know what i mean, as a result of supporting Carol. 
If you are genuine, your mails will be interfered with sent to CW - I can state that with certainty. They would do all they can to stop contact with persons anyway, if you are in any way connected to the media. The only way i can get through to Carol on the Internet is because of my previous contact with Chief Constables + the Home Office, at least that's what i put it down to.


 clip from mails received today later to appear in the update:
I did not go the next day: they had ready at least 6 lowlife from Fell View LA2 9RP where I rent 28 (under duress) who were all to be "seen out" thus ME if I went to insure my car. THIS IS DONE EVERY TIME I RECEIVE MY UTILITY BILLS. As I did not go that day, the Gestapo then have ANOTHER few in line for the day after: I still did not go, thus Saturday they had MORE which included a white shirted male of the FRAUDSTER type who claims to have met with me; apparently I have just moved AGAIN. The white van is the police officer ANDREW HALLIDAY white van parked at MY house from May 2008 which was PROOF he had bought my house, apparently: ASK DAVID CARTER OF LANCASTRIAN PROPERTIES FORMERLY CUMBRIAN PROPERTIES, HIS MASONIC MATE. No one can give me Halliday's rank and badge number. But that is why I have DAILY, year in and out, thugs in white vans sent to park and stalk and PRETEND. With the white van was the usual half-witted unemployed who thought I could not see them waiting to stalk me they in the cars YOU fund. Other cars and one unemployed male from off Fell View, another deluded old parasite who thinks if he stalks me in B6 ROV then he can be said to be linked to me; he is used as Halliday's van was BV06. The rest are on photos as well with them "hiding" parked along my route to send their texts to the next in line so that the "welcome committee" is at the insurance office. THE ILLEGAL GPS ON MY CAR ALLOWS FOR ALL THIS."


carol woods

14:27 (10 hours ago) 


to me

This is good thanks, major problems today with web, had to log out a moment ago and try another computer, same but moron was to walk through and shout about meeting someone at bus station (liar - bogus phone use) and shout he talked to CHICKEN this is the moron in 30 caught as thief using my rear garden where he then claimed he was feeding the chickens: what chickens! Moron. This is how the Gestapo try to cover for that bloated old perv. C

On Saturday, 23 June 2018, 02:47:05 GMT+1, butlincat <butlincat75@googlemail.com> wrote:

Gosport families call for former police chief to face criminal charges
Chief constable 'sat on' complaints about q

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From: butlincat 
Date: 23 June 2018 at 01:01
To: newsdesk@independent.co.uk, alex.matthews-king@independent.co.uk

On 23 June 2018 at 00:13, butlincat <butlincat75@googlemail.com> wrote:


Independent Digital News & Media
2 Derry Street
London W8 5HF
United Kingdom
from: J. Graham  [butlincat]  4d Noble Close,Bournemouth, Dorset, BH11 8QY - L'LINE:  01202 510551 / 07383 993591 [TEMPORARY]


22 JUNE 2018

Dear Mr. Matthews-King, you really must look into the severe stalking and targeting by Lancs. authorities re: Ms. Carol Woods, who not only had her £4000000 home stolen by subterfuge by certain Lancs. authorities [only CW has the title deeds to her house] but also an unbelievable amount of other crimes have been committed using her ID theft, and a whole lot more. This is no joke or hoax - i only wish it were - i am severely punished because of reporting on this unbelievable case, as others have been also in the past, and i can show you umpteen letters from authorities written to, from the P.M. down - all doing nothing but allowing the severe targeting of CW and the connected crimes using here name, to continue. This is a sworn statement by myself, John Graham, concerned citizen. Thank you. [this will be sent from my adamski a/c to you also as this a/c is severely compromised].



Carol Woods writes: "carol woods
16:30 (5 hours ago) 22/06/18
to me, bae146, lotusprincess4u, omarloum 

Dear People time ran out before I could type in your email addresses, this is what I sent yesterday. We should use this whistle-blowing issue; my letters to agencies from 2001 state that the PIDA 1998 is government legislation and it is ignored with w'blowers seriously punished. LCC tried to claim I had not blown the whistle- well they would try that wouldn't they? It was why they employed C Blair 2 years later to rush to the high Court and pretend none of the events in my w'blowing had happened! And how often have I reported the elderly missing with assets looted? I can find out 4 without any resources at all. HOW MANY OTHERS IN LANCS? have a good weekend C.

carol woods <woodsresearch2002@yahoo.co.uk>
huntj@parliament.uk lep.newsdesk@lep.co.uk lepforum@lep.co.ukletters@sundaytimes.co.uk letters@thetimes.co.uk and 2 more...
21 Jun at 6:39 PM
Dear Sirs I do not have one address but send to all as this is common knowledge and no one dare print anything about my case anyway.
I am Carol Woods Ms of 28 Fell View LA2 9RP where at least 12 others claim to be me. Sorry I have no phone, they make calls as if they are me. ID THEFT is part of this COVER UP.
The hospital and drugging elderly to death, with no one daring to blow the whistle. I blew the whistle on a corporate manslaughter in 2001 and other serious wrongdoings by Lancs social services and no one batted an eye lid. Since then I have uncovered a Shipman policy in Lancs in my area and myself have found 4 elderly lone persons bullied to death and their assets looted. No courts are appointed to oversee "assets".
Yet no on supports me as whistle blower so the events reported now which have taken years to be SEEN will go on; the NHS links to attempts to murder me are well documented and proven, as are other attempts to murder me. Supporters the same suffer greatly. Most supporters drop out soon "fear of reprisals" has been said to be at least twice.
You all know and are hypocrites, its TOO LATE AFTER THE EVENT, NOW ALL START PONTIFICATING HOW DREADFUL IT ALL WAS YET WHO BOTHERED TO SPEAK TO ANYONE EVEN DARING TO HINT AT WRONGDOING? This cc to Len Lawrence, pilot and a former pharmacist both would be victims of the supposed "health service", death service would be a better title. Plus one who endures serious gang stalking and harassment because he posts my emails on his web site. Ends Carol Woods Ms





, former Lancs. CC level 3 social worker, child protection officer and former probation officer etc etc + 

:  ​ 

– https://butlincat.com/?s=carol+woods

Preface: Some Background – why does Carol Woods suffer so much harassment still, since whistleblowing in 2001? See the links:
Carol Woods = “It is a highly complex matter which the police organise where they try to make me someone I am not. They have in fact tried to invent me as the reverse of myself using numerous characters, including “neighbours” who live alongside myself, and others elsewhere – the entire situations going back years. I find things out because I am not stupid. See my original w’blowing blog York LGO Blog re Lancashire CC   http://criticalreader2006.blogspot.aeyou will see why I am hounded by lowlife RECRUITED to do that by the Gestapo. 
More is described here:   “Harassment as punishment for whistle-blowing: Lancashire” http://criticalreader17.blogspot.co.uk/2017/02/
and see below, under the posts, “Some Background to Carol Wood’s being severely harassed, and the longrunning and almost infinite crimes committed in her name which include mass ID fraud, and just some of what she has had to endure since 2001, including the theft of her house [total value £400,000]. Also below are the informative videos of interviews with Carol, which detail much of what she discovered whilst employed by Lancs. Co. Council as a top social worker, and since 2006, including the Brian Gerrish UK Column video, also shown here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3noOtwoNo4Q

Why will no one sort this massive corruption out?

Apart from the other serious crimes connected to Carol Woods case[s], which include disappeared elderly ladies, treason, murder and attempted murder [and so