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Monday, 4 June 2018

German MP Writes Letter to Tommy Robinson Offering to Fly to UK so He Can Sign Asylum Paperwork in Prison

A member of the German Parliament has offered Tommy Robinson asylum in Germany following his arrest for livestreaming outside the trial of a child grooming gang.
He has now sent a letter to the imprisoned British activist and independent journalist offering to fly to the UK so that Tommy Robinson may sign the asylum paperwork in prison.
Robinson, a 35-year-old independent journalist and activist was arrested on Friday for suspicion of breaching the peace for his reporting and is now serving a 13 month sentence for contempt of court, as he already had a suspended sentence for a similar offense. He was arrested, charged and sentenced within five hours.
German conservative MP Petr Bystron announced on Sunday that he is offering the political prisoner asylum.
In letters provided to The Gateway Pundit, Bystron wrote to Robinson as well as the European Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights, the German Foreign Office, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.
In Bystron’s letter to Robinson, he wrote that “as Spokesman for the AfD on the Foreign Policy Committee of the German Bundestag, I would like to formally offer you political asylum in the Federal Republic of Germany.”
“Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I would be willing to fly to the UK and have you sign the asylum papers in Hull Prison if you so wish. We are also in touch with your team, Lord Pearson, and MEP Janice Atkinson over this,” Bystron’s letter continued.
Bystron’s office explained to The Gateway Pundit that Robinson signing the asylum paperwork would be the first step in.
Robinson’s lawyer, Matthew Harding, told Leeds Live that his client being imprisoned would put him in grave danger.
“Mr Harding said Robinson had been the victim of assaults while serving time in prison before and there had been ‘a price on his head’ during his last prison term with inmates being offered the reward of drugs and mobile phones to kill him,” Leeds Live reports.
Harding made this case during the hearing, but the judge stated that “people have to understand that if they breach court orders there will be very real consequences.”
In his letters to governmental and human rights groups, Bystron explained that “Robinson has been the target of violent attacks by fellow inmates several times in British prisons. It must be assumed that his life is in imminent danger in British custory. I therefore appeal to the EU and the European Commissioner for Human Rights to use all means at their command to ensure Tommy Robinson (born Stephen Lennon) is set free and granted political asylum outside of the UK, possibly in Germany.”
“As we know, German asylum laws are applied very liberally. Since 2012, 1.8 million mostly economic migrants have come to Germany under these asylum laws, even though they were not actually persecuted politically. Now we have an actual victim of political persecution in a neighboring country, whose life is in grave and urgent danger,” Bystron’s letters continued. “I of course expect you will treat this case with the utmost urgency and place it at the top of your agenda, since actual cases of political persecution and human rights violations are otherwise so rare in the EU. I assume you will share my view. If I am mistaken, please let me know the reasons in writing. Otherwise, please keep me advised of the progress of your efforts to secure the freedom of Tommy Robinson.”
Bystron told the Gateway Pundit over the weekend that he believes the freedom of speech to be under attack all across Europe.
“Freedom of speech is under attack all across Europe. I was at the AfD march in Berlin today, where people were waving #FreeTommy signs. I grew up under Communist dictatorship, and I will not let our freedoms be taken away again,” Bystron told The Gateway Pundit on Sunday.