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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Katie Hopkins on the #FreeTommy rally in London: “The crowd is drawn by something bigger than one man” VIDEOs


For too long, the victims of rape squads in the U.K. were ignored. Rotherham, Telford, Rochdale, Oxford, Newcastle — the list goes on.
But Tommy Robinson refused to look away. Despite known risk to his freedom, he persisted. Reporting known facts from the street outside a court in Leeds where a rape squad faced justice.
He was arrested simply for being there. Arrested, charged & sentenced in five hours. Given 13 months inside Hull Prison for contempt of court. Together with a sinister media ban to silence reporting of his plight.
And so, here today outside Whitehall, people protest.
But there is something else here.
The crowd is drawn by something bigger than Tommy, something greater than one man. Old, young, mothers, daughters and dads, drawn together by a shared sense that our country has got it all wrong, and Britain has lost its way.

 commented 30 mins ago
Thank you Katie!
 commented 2 hours ago
You know what stood out to me ?.
It was the fucking terror and fear that the UK government has they are shitting their pants let me elaborate on that .
Did you see the squadron of cops and secret service members surrounding our Dutch politician Geert Wilders walking back to his car .
It was insane the amount off UK police and guards they set on him as a precaution to protect him from some islamist piece of shit .
If that would have happened the whole world just would be forced to report about it even the mainstream outlets .
Think the UK and Europe would have been burning if that happened and the UK government knows it they know how volotille the situation is .
They are one step away from comming undone and its only a matter of time .
How manny more need to be killed before we throw them illegals and muslims out of our country ?.
 commented 7 hours ago
Did you notice the HUGE press and media coverage of this event. No? Neither did I. Thank goodness for Rebel.media and other internet correspondents. The MSN are beyond shame. They have all become Guardianistas spreading fake news or meaningless news to fill in the gaps which have been left after the truth has been deleted.
 commented 11 hours ago
Good to see some life in the UK. Keep it up and do not accept the subjugation of your country.
 commented 12 hours ago
Tommy was imprisoned not for breaking the law (he didn’t), but for embarrassing the traitor establishment that allowed rape gangs to sadistically brutalize young girls because they didn’t want to be called racist or Islamophobic. This is a new form of insanity that has taken hold of the Western world and is destroying it. Tommy has been trying, out of love for his country and people, to expose this insanity and free his country from it. 

 commented 13 hours ago
Keith Barnes….17 million voted to leave; your dot needed a move.
 commented 14 hours ago

We may see riots and revolution starting tomorrow, when Theresa May makes public and votes on her Brexit bill. The People voted and 1.7m voted for a complete break from the EU and if that break is not a complete one, then the people will respond accordingly.
 commented 15 hours ago
The next Free Tommy demonstration is July 14 – Whitehall, London.
Britain is at a tipping point right now. There will be an absolute revolt if any harm comes to Tommy.
 commented 16 hours ago
Yes, we won’t be going away until Tommy is freed, justice is served for these Muslim rape grooming gangs, and the girls are kept safe. God save Britain. There is a special place in hell for the perps and all those involved in this cover up and infringement on the liberty and the safety of the British people. Radical ,political Islam should not be tolerated on any level in any western country. We have to be able to talk about it so the problem can be fixed.
#free Tommy Robinson!
 commented 17 hours ago
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,461 Attacks, 229,640 Killed, 309,773 Injured that we know of.
 commented 21 hours ago
POINTS TO PONDER…..Once again the British government, London city government and the police MISSEDTHE POINT OF THIS FREE TOMMY DEMONSTRATION.
Their big mistake was they thought they were dealing with a bunch of football hooligans THEY WERE’NT They were dealing with ordinary British people mothers, children old and young rich and poor, high class and working class in other words THE ORDINARY BRITISH PEOPLE .
The results are more and more ordinary British are joining the march for FREEDOM OF SPEECH, more and more British are rising up to FREE TOMMY ROBINSON. This was not a political demonstration this was CRYFOR FREEDOM. The five "P’s the police, the politicians. the professors, the prosecutors and the press " have better watch out. The people are rising and they will get a surprise at the polls. If anything happens to TOMMY GET READY FOR RIOTS IN THE STREETS AND REVOLUTION.

 commented 21 hours ago
Canada is lost as well, we have simply not gone as far down the road to hell. If we do not fetch ourselves up and get rid of Trudeau next election, we will be in the same mess, hopefully Ford can stop the madness in Ontario. I had hopes for us in Alberta but Kenney has turned into a progressive lunatic who supports 64 genders and opposes parents right to parent, sad. He now supports Trudeau, the leader of the insanity, and has become an apologist for those who unfortunately believed his lies and elected him, a huge disappointment. Britain cannot recover without a civil war, most have no appetite for another N. Ireland and are cowards, as is their 
government. Our cities are turning into Islamist hotbeds in Canada and if we don’t get a handle on legal and illegal immigration we will be overrun by people who have no love or loyalty to us. We are being marginalized by the left and treated as though we are second class citizens in our own country, constant badgering, mocking and lecturing of the people of Canada has left us silent for fear of being labelled racist, homophobic, islamophobic or whatever. If we do not find our voice we will be steam rolled and lose the country our forefathers fought for, we cannot let that happen. Diversity is NOT our strength.