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Thursday, 12 July 2018


Prominent whistleblowers and journalists defend Julian Assange at online vigil
Ellsberg declared that WikiLeaks' publications had exposed “our imperial operations worldwide” and had contributed to popular revolutions in Tunisia ...
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Is whistleblowing becoming a business trend to watch out for?
Julien Paul Assange or more commonly known as the founder of Wikileaks was in immense investigations in late 2010 for publishing a series of leaks ...
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A Hacker Sold US Military Drone Documents On The Dark Web For Just $200
The CIA has had its problems with leaks of sensitive code in recent months too, when Wikileaks obtained a batch of files describing its digital arsenal.

  • Is whistleblowing becoming a business trend to watch out for?

    Julien Paul Assange or more commonly known as the founder of Wikileaks was in immense investigations in late 2010 for publishing a series of leaks ...
  • Prominent whistleblowers and journalists defend Julian Assange at online vigil
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    Ellsberg declared that WikiLeaks' publications had exposed “our imperial operations worldwide” and had contributed to popular revolutions in Tunisia ...
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Prominent whistleblowers and journalists defend Julian Assange at online vigil

By Oscar Grenfell 
12 July 2018
Over the weekend, dozens of public figures, including prominent whistleblowers and journalists, took part in a 36-hour international online vigil in defence of WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange.
The event was the third “Unity4J” vigil organised by independent journalist and New Zealand Internet Party leader, Suzie Dawson, since Assange’s communications were cut-off by Ecuadorian authorities at their London embassy last March.
The vigil reflected the widespread public support for Assange, and opposition to the attempts to force him into British and US custody, where he faces possible espionage charges for exposing the war crimes and diplomatic intrigues of the major powers.
The speakers included individuals who have been persecuted by governments for taking a courageous stand against war and authoritarianism.
Daniel Ellsberg
Daniel Ellsberg, whose release of the Pentagon Papers in 1971 exposed the extent of US criminality in Vietnam, drew a parallel between his own activities and those of WikiLeaks. Referring to WikiLeaks’ 2010 publication of US war logs in Iraq and Afghanistan, he stated: “I really waited almost 40 years, after the Pentagon Papers had come out, for someone to do what I had done.”
Ellsberg pointed to similarities between the attacks that had been levelled against him, and the persecution of Assange. “I was charged with 12 felony counts, a possible 150 years in prison. Nixon had in mind for me what Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have had in mind for Julian Assange,” he said.
Ellsberg declared that WikiLeaks’ publications had exposed “our imperial operations worldwide” and had contributed to popular revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt.
He warned that it was “almost certain” that Assange would be extradited to the US to face espionage charges, if he was taken into British custody. Ellsberg stated that an espionage prosecution of Assange, a journalist, would have far-reaching constitutional implications.
“If that were successful, it would mean a real change in our constitution and in our regime. It would be a regime change,” Ellsberg said. “We have come very far from democratic institutions in recent years, as Ed Snowden revealed, but the pursuit of Assange would be one step further and would essentially chill all leaking and whistleblowing.”
Ellsberg stated that in persecuting Assange, the Trump administration has been emboldened by the corporate press, because the WikiLeaks editor could “not count on other journalists protesting, as much as they should, which is shameful of them.”
Chris Hedges
Chris Hedges, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author, said that within the US intelligence apparatus, there was a “maniacal hatred of Julian and WikiLeaks. In their eyes they have to get him and they have to make an example of him so there won’t be any more Julian Assanges.”
Hedges placed the attacks on WikiLeaks in the context of the broader drive to end online freedom of speech. He referenced Google’s introduction of censorship algorithms last year, which he said were aimed at reducing traffic to the World Socialist Web SiteTruthdig and other “anti-capitalist” and “anti-imperialist” web sites.
Hedges stated that governments were using “the classic method, which is to tar WikiLeaks, or dissenters like myself, as being agents of a foreign power.” He explained: “We have the whole Russia hysteria here, which is a smokescreen and fictitious, but which the corporate media can’t spend enough time hyperventilating about. Because the elites do not want to acknowledge that it’s social inequality which they engineered which has created this loss of faith in the ruling ideology of global capitalism.”
Suzie Dawson read, in full, Hedges’ statement to the WSWS last month endorsing a Socialist Equality Party rally in defence of Assange, held in Sydney, Australia, which she said was “very gratefully received in whistleblower circles.” Hedges reiterated the call for pressure to be placed on the Australian government to force it to take immediate action to secure Assange’s freedom and safe passage to Australia, with a guarantee against extradition to the US.
Craig Murray
WikiLeaks associate and independent journalist Craig Murray also spoke. He recalled his own experiences in the UK diplomatic corps, where he publicly exposed British government collusion with torture conducted by the Uzbekistan government.
“I realised it is absolutely essential that citizens have access to information about what is being done in their name,” Murray said. “WikiLeaks has been an essential tool in that. Our view of the world is so much more informed than it would be were it not for WikiLeaks.”
Murray stated that WikiLeaks’ exposure of government criminality had “transformed the view of millions and millions, possibly billions, of people around the world.” He said that Assange would be “seen by historians as a central figure in the moment when the way we get our information changed” from state and corporate media propaganda, to “communally shared information.”
Murray declared that Assange would “come to be seen in the future as an extremely important historic figure. Much more important than the small politicians who currently strut about on the world stage.”
Ray McGovern
Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst who investigates the crimes of the intelligence agencies, noted that the Trump administration’s persecution of Assange had escalated after WikiLeaks’ publication of Vault 7, a trove of documents exposing CIA spying and hacking operations.
The documents showed that the CIA had developed the capacity to hack into computer systems, and leave “tell-tale” signs attributing the attack to other entities. McGovern stated that such revelations had been suppressed by the New York Times, the Washington Post and other corporate outlets, in collaboration with the US government.
McGovern said that it was shortly after the publication of Vault 7, “that the Ecuadorians were leaned all over to say, you have to make it really, really miserable for Julian Assange.”
William Binney
William Binney, a former US National Security Agency official who has helped to expose mass surveillance of the American population, said that governments “can’t allow the truth out. So they have to suppress it, minimise it and try to get the masses of the public to disbelieve it.”
Binney said that the shut-off of Assange’s communications by the Ecuadorian government was “basically the kind of torture techniques” used by the US government “in the black sites, Gitmo, and prisons in Iraq.” He stated: “It’s a technique that psychologists developed with the CIA as to how to treat people to make them feel very isolated, and make them psychologically turn on themselves mentally.”
Cian Westmoreland, Credit: Courage to Resist
Cian Westmoreland, a former US army employee who has campaigned against the US military’s illegal drone killing program, said that viewing WikiLeaks’ “Collateral Murder” video, showing the US murder of unarmed Iraqi civilians and journalists, had a “catalysing impact” on his decision to speak out on the war crimes of the American government.
Other prominent speakers included philosopher and author Slavoj Zizek and British politician George Galloway, who was expelled from the Labour Party for his opposition to the invasion of Iraq. A range of other independent journalists and commentators also spoke.
The event stood in stark contrast to the silence on Assange’s plight by the corporate media around the world, and the support for the attacks against him by official parliamentary parties and pseudo-left organisations everywhere. It underscored the critical importance of building a mass political movement of the working class in defence of Assange, and against the turn to imperialist war and authoritarianism that WikiLeaks has done so much to expose.

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Ecuador’s government negotiating Julian Assange’s fate with the UK

By Bill Van Auken 
12 July 2018
Within the last week, Ecuador’s President Lenín Moreno and Foreign Minister José Valencia have issued public statements indicating that they are in negotiations with the UK government of Prime Minister Theresa May regarding the fate of WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange, who has spent the last six years in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he sought asylum in June 2012.
The Moreno government cut off Assange’s access to the Internet in March and denied him both phone calls and visitors, outside of his attorneys, leaving him effectively under incommunicado detention with less rights than a convict.
Assange is confronting a coordinated plot by London and Washington to have him arrested and extradited to the US to face charges of treason and espionage—punishable by long imprisonment or even death—for WikiLeaks’ exposure of US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, State Department plots and CIA electronic surveillance and cyberwarfare.
Last Thursday, Moreno told a press conference held for the foreign media in Quito that his government is in talks with the May government in London to “resolve” the issue of Assange.
He criticized the decision to grant Assange Ecuadorian nationality, which was made by Ecuador’s former foreign minister, María Fernanda Espinosa, who has since been replaced by Valencia, a US-educated diplomat with strong ties to Washington.
“It was a failed attempt that accomplished nothing,” Moreno said of Fernanda Espinosa’s decision. “On the contrary, far from solving the problem, it only made it more difficult to do so.”
Moreno indicated that Quito had adopted a new strategy relating to Assange. “In this new stage, we have begun where we should have started: discussing with the authorities in England.”
“We have initiated a very fruitful dialogue, in which they have given us a certain type of information for us to use to the benefit of international law, and to the benefit of the rights of the life of Mr. Assange.”
He added that neither the Ecuadorian government nor Assange wanted him to “remain in refuge all his life” and that “we have to find a solution, and if we do it together with the English government, all the better.” The case of Assange, he concluded, could be resolved in “the medium term.”
Moreno’s remarks were followed on Monday by a statement from Foreign Minister Valencia lamenting the fact that granting Assange asylum “has affected” Quito’s relationships with the UK.
He insisted, however, that the Moreno government had developed “contacts of various kinds” with London and that “We hope that when in the future the issue of Mr. Assange can be happily resolved for all parties, the relationship with Great Britain will be strengthened even more.”
Assange first sought asylum in 2012 under conditions in which the Swedish government was demanding his extradition to Sweden to face “questions” in relations to trumped-up allegations of sexual misconduct that never rose to the level of a criminal charge. He justifiably feared that the real purpose of this legal stratagem was to have him arrested and then extradited to the US.
While Swedish authorities have since dropped their manufactured investigation of Assange, the British government has made clear it will arrest him the moment he sets foot outside the embassy on charges of a bail violation, again leaving him prey to extradition to face treason and espionage prosecution in the US. An Australian citizen, Assange has been denied the assistance due to him from the government of Australia, which is an accomplice in Washington’s conspiracy against him.
The statements of Moreno and Valencia are ominous. They both indicate that the Ecuadorian government is proceeding in its efforts to “solve the problem of Assange” not on the basis of international law and the basic democratic right to asylum, but rather according to national and international political expediency, under conditions in which the government in Quito is turning sharply to the right and coming under intense pressure from both US and British imperialism.
Since taking power last May, Moreno, the vice president and hand-picked successor of former president Rafael Correa, has sharply accelerated the right-ward shift that had already begun under Correa, a bourgeois nationalist politician who had previously employed the rhetoric of “21st century socialism” and the “Bolivarian revolution,” pioneered by Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez.
Breaking with Correa’s Citizens Revolution Party, Moreno has since backed the judiciary in seeking Correa’s extradition from Belgium to face trumped-up charges of complicity in the botched kidnapping of a right-wing Ecuadorian politician who had fled to Colombia after his involvement in a 2010 coup attempt.
Implementing IMF policies designed to subsidize domestic and foreign capital at the expense of the Ecuadorian working class, Moreno has also sought to shift Ecuador’s foreign policy into line with the drive of US imperialism for hegemony in Latin America.
Last month, US Vice President Mike Pence visited Quito for talks with Moreno that were centered, at least publicly, on seeking Ecuador’s support for an escalation of Washington’s campaign to isolate and economically strangle Venezuela. Before Pence left the US, however, a group of 10 prominent Democratic senators issued a statement demanding that the vice president pressure Moreno to rescind Assange’s asylum and expel him from the London embassy. It is highly likely that, behind the scenes, Pence made demands along these lines.
After the visit, the US ambassador to Ecuador, Todd Chapman, declared, “Ecuador is our ally in the Americas; it is a long-time friend, we can now express that with more frankness and more substance … We are recovering the time we lost, that’s important.”
Since Pence’s visit, Moreno has dutifully ratcheted up tensions between Ecuador and Venezuela, denouncing Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro for expressing support for Correa and halting the return of Ecuador’s ambassador to Caracas.
The sharp US pressure on Ecuador found a grotesque expression this spring in Geneva at the United Nations-affiliated World Health Assembly.
Ecuador was the sponsor of a seemingly innocuous resolution promoting the health benefits of breastfeeding for children—with one study estimating that its universal adoption could prevent 800,000 child deaths a year—and calling for restrictions on false advertising promoting infant formula.
US delegates intervened aggressively against the resolution, motivated by the profit interests of the food industry and infant formula manufacturers seeking to capture markets particularly in the more oppressed countries, where lack of clean water renders these products deadly.
While profit interests drove the US intervention, its aggressiveness in response to Ecuador was extraordinary. According to the New York Times, which first reported the incident earlier this week, US officials threatened to impose trade sanctions against Ecuador, while the US ambassador in Quito said that Washington would cut off all military aid to the country unless it withdrew its support for the resolution.
The Moreno government swiftly bowed to the US threats, dropping its sponsorship of the measure, which ultimately passed only after the Russian government agreed to introduce it.
The episode served as a means of conditioning the Moreno government to toeing Washington’s line. The clear danger is that it will similarly respond to demands that it renege on its provision of asylum to Julian Assange.
These developments underscore the necessity to intensify the struggle throughout the working class, in Latin America, the UK, the US and internationally, for Assange’s freedom and against any attempt to deliver him into the hands of the legal lynch mob in Washington.