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Monday, 13 August 2018

Conspiracy Journal #967 - Max Spier's Laptop Wiped Clean After His Death, UFO under the Bermuda Triangle?, Woman wants to have baby with a "ghost"

8/12/18  #967
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This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such tongue-tickling tales as:

 Max Spiers's Laptop Wiped Clean After His Death -   
- ET Spaceship May Be Under Bermuda Triangle -
Fisherman Recalls 'Sea Monster' Encounter -
Utah City Plagued By Strange Smell

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Max Spiers's Laptop Wiped Clean After His Death
A conspiracy theorist's laptop and mobile will be analysed at an inquest into his death after the UFO expert vomited two litres of black fluid and died aged 39.

Max Spiers's laptop was wiped when authorities returned it after his death more than two years ago during a trip to Poland to attend a conference.

Today a pre-inquest review at Guildhall in Sandwich, Kent, heard how the contents of his SIM card were also of particular interest.

Before he died Mr Spiers messaged his mother, Vanessa Bates, saying: 'You're boy's in trouble, if anything happens to me, investigate.' 

An initial inquest opened in December 2016 when the court heard he vomited two litres of black blood, but the inquest was adjourned last year.

The father of two allegedly made many 'enemies' in his investigations. His inquest will now be held over four days from January 7, 2019.

Authorities in Poland, where Mr Spiers was attending a conference, initially concluded the sudden death was due to natural causes. 

At the pre-inquest review today at the Guildhall in Sandwich, Kent, the court heard the barrister for Max's mother, Adam Taylor, call for members of the Polish emergency services to appear as witnesses at the inquest.

Sections from a 700-page docket of statements and evidence assembled will be translated from Polish for next year's inquest.

Possible evidence over whether disciplinary proceedings were brought against police officers in Poland over Mr Spiers's death should also be heard at the inquest, the court heard.

Mr Taylor said that Mr Spiers's laptop was wiped but that it was not empty at the time of his death. 

He confirmed analysis of a laptop and a mobile phone that belonged to him should also be presented at the inquest.

'The way in which they were returned and what was done to them is clearly one of the big mysteries,' he said. 'The family has no knowledge whatsoever of what the results of that analysis were.

'The issue is the Sim card and what was on it. Without sight of the report the family has no answer to these questions.'  

There were also a 'number of discrepancies' in emergency services accounts about Max's death, the court heard.

Monika Duvall, a friend who Mr Bates had reportedly been living with, was also asked to attend the inquest.

Speaking afterwards, Vanessa expressed concerns about being able to bring the Polish witnesses to the inquest. 

'Today felt very positive. It's just over two years now. I did not expect him to go to Poland and not come back. 

'We've got hundreds of pages we are working our way through which are all in Polish. It's been difficult but gradually we've worked our way through. There certainly was some mention of that from the Polish side.

'We've still got stuff that are not translated and I think when we get to the inquest we will know more about whether police procedures were or were not followed. He should be here. He was very fit and healthy when I said goodbye to him. 

'Everything that we have in terms of health records before he went were that he was in great health. This was an enormous blow. I miss him dreadfully.'

After Mr Spiers's body was repatriated to the UK, doctors at a Margate hospital were unable to determine the cause of his death.

Kent Police then launched a joint investigation with Polish police into the conspiracy theorist's death.

At an inquest opening in Canterbury in December 2016, the court heard how the 39-year-old had been visiting Poland to speak at a conference after holidaying with a friend in Cyprus.

Shortly before his death, Mr Spiers was said to have been probing into the lives of well-known figures in politics, business and entertainment. At the time his mum Vanessa said she feared the worst.

'I think Max had been digging in some dark places and somebody wanted him dead.'

She is hopeful the investigation will shed light on the mysterious death.

'It's been a long time coming, but I'm just relieved that at last something is happening and there is a proper investigation and inquest,' she added.

Her theory was shared by many online, with other conspiracy theorists, UFO investigators and bloggers calling the circumstances of Mr Spiers' death suspicious.

At the time, Coroner Alan Blunsdon told the court he was still awaiting a report from Polish authorities, adding that the workload of Kent Police may delay forensic analysis of Mr Spiers' phone and computer.

Coroner Christopher Sutton Mattocks set the date of January 7 for the four-day inquest, which will be heard at the Archbishops Palace in Maidstone.

He said: 'It is extremely important that when we start everybody is completely ready for this and we have all the information available.'

Source: The Daily Mail


ET Spaceship May Be Under Bermuda Triangle Says Treasure Hunter 

A treasure hunter has made an astonishing 'unexplained' discovery deep beneath the Bermuda Triangle that he believes could provide the first evidence of an extra-terrestrial visit to earth hundreds of years ago.

Explorer Darrell Miklos has been using secret maps created by his close friend and famed NASA astronaut Gordon Cooper to find shipwrecks in the Caribbean.

His amazing discoveries have featured over two seasons of hit Discovery Channel docuseries Cooper's Treasure.

But in recent months his team stumbled on something that he believes will shock the world.

Using maps put together in the 1960s by Cooper to identify more than 100 magnetic 'anomalies' in the Caribbean, Miklos dived at an undisclosed location near the Bahamas to investigate what he thought could be an ancient shipwreck.

But instead the veteran treasure hunter found a bizarre structure like nothing he's ever seen.

The huge unidentified submerged object (USO) has 15, 300ft long obtrusions jutting from its side.

In an exclusive interview with DailyMail.com Miklos, 55, described what he found while filming episode seven of Cooper's Treasure and tells how he and his team want to bring the 'alien spaceship' to the surface.

He recalls: 'We were doing a scene where I was sitting in a two man submersible.

'We were out in the Bahamas and we were on an English shipwreck trail, somehow related to Sir Francis Drake.

'I was trying to identify shipwreck material based on one of the anomaly readings on Gordon's charts when I noticed something that stuck out, that shocked me.

'It was a formation unlike anything I've ever seen related to shipwreck material, it was too big for that.

'It was also something that was completely different from anything that I've seen that was made by nature.

'It's almost like there are five arms coming out of a steep wall cliff and each one of these is the size of a gun on a battleship. They're enormous and then there's five over here and five over there, 15 in total.

'There's identical formations in three different areas and they don't look nature made, they don't look man made, certainly nothing I've ever seen based on my experience and I have years of experience at doing this, we've identified multiple different types of shipwreck material, this doesn't match or look anything like that.'

The deepest part of the site is 300 feet below the surface, divers had to use special breathing apparatus and a state of the art submarine to access it.

The explorer also found other bizarre and unexplained formations around the main object, all of which are covered in thick coral which he believes are hundreds if not thousands of years old.

Blown away by the discovery, when back on board his ship, Miklos decided to dig further into Cooper's files to find further clues.

Significantly, the astronaut had written 'unidentified object' on the chart of the area rather than mentioning any historical shipwreck.

'I investigated some of Gordon's charts, I realized that there was something else on there that Gordon was referring to,' he said.

'Then it made sense to me why it wasn't identified as a shipwreck... he had to mean it might be something from another world.

'Gordon believed in aliens. He believed that we had visitors from other planets and he also believed that a lot of these things landed in this particular part of the world.'

Gordon Cooper successfully piloted the Mercury-Atlas 9 Faith 7 Spacecraft around the Earth 22 times in 1963 paving the way for men to reach the Moon.

He was a pioneer who became the first American to sleep in space and the first to fly twice.

He was also the first American televised from space.

But as well as researching the limits of human endurance he was also charged with a secret spy mission while in orbit.

Using special 'long range detection equipment' Cooper was asked by the US government to look for 'nuclear threats' - which likely meant Russian submarines or nuclear missile sites.

But Miklos says Cooper - an avid treasure hunter - also noted the positions of Caribbean shipwrecks while he conducted this spy mission, and created a map on his return to Earth.

The shipwreck hunter claims long time friend Cooper gave him the maps - which included detailed charts and exact coordinates - after he was diagnosed with Parkinson's and then died in 2004 aged 77.

In the first season of the show Miklos and his team used Cooper's map to make a remarkable discovery in the Caribbean - a centuries-old anchor believed to be from one of Christopher Columbus’ ships.

Cooper's maps led Miklos to dozens of other significant ship wrecks across the Caribbean worth millions of dollars.

But with this latest discovery the Californian is conscious of being labeled 'crazy' by coming out with wild claims that Cooper's map might now have led him to an alien spaceship submerged under the ocean.

That's why he says he wants to remain 'neutral' until he can investigate the mysterious site further.

Miklos and TV production company AMPLE Entertainment are now hoping the Discovery Channel will commission a third season of Cooper's Treasure so they can do just that.

Miklos said: 'I want to investigate it. I want to see what it is, because it may be nature made, just a freak of nature, but given its placement in this particular part of the Caribbean and given what Gordon has told me about visitors from another planet and the things that I've seen, I think it's definitely worthwhile investigating.'

AMPLE Entertainment founders Ari Mark and Phil Lott, who are behind Cooper's Treasure, are equally as excited.

Mark told DailyMail.com: 'In the first two seasons we didn't enter too far into Cooper's UFO interests and what he had told Darrell about what he had seen.

'I don't feel like we've even scratched the surface of what's in Cooper's files, but that's what we hope to do in a third season.

'The bottom line is that Cooper spotted anomalies and it is his maps that led Darrell to this discovery.

'Cooper was a reliable source for treasure, then based on his findings Darrell found something that does not appear to be a shipwreck or anything that anybody has ever seen.

'We want to find out exactly what it is and establish whether it ties in with Cooper's belief that we're not alone.'

During his post-NASA career, former US Air Force Cooper became well known as an outspoken believer in UFOs and claimed the government was covering up its knowledge of extra-terrestrial activity.

'I believe that these extra-terrestrial vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets, which obviously are a little more technically advanced than we are here on Earth,' he told a United Nations panel in 1985.

'I feel that we need to have a top-level, coordinated program to scientifically collect and analyze data from all over the Earth concerning any type of encounter, and to determine how best to interface with these visitors in a friendly fashion.'

He added: 'For many years I have lived with a secret, in a secrecy imposed on all specialists and astronauts. I can now reveal that every day, in the USA, our radar instruments capture objects of form and composition unknown to us.'

Miklos said Cooper often told him stories of UFO sightings and believed a lot of the world's technological advances had been passed on to governments by messengers from alien planets.

Cooper even designed his own miniature 'UFO' based on an alien design he claimed to have seen.

But as for Cooper being a UFO 'nut job', Miklos couldn't disagree more.

He described him as a 'close friend' and 'father figure' who was of 'sane mind'.

'I can tell you one thing for sure, there was a lot of conspiracy theorists and UFO nut jobs that he wanted nothing to do with,' said Miklos.

'Just because he had actual encounters with something that he couldn't explain and other encounters to which he did have an explanation for, but he wasn't going to go and befriend all of these crazy different types of groups.

'In the early days he wasn't going to overstep the bounds of what he could reveal out of fear of getting killed (by the government) and what good would that do. So he kept a lid on it, he kept a lot of it quiet until later in his life.

'So the man I knew wasn't a whack job, he wasn't hallucinating and he wasn't making things up to gain attention, that wasn't him.

'He truly believed in what he saw and he tried to tell it in such a way to make people believe it and he knew because of his background in NASA as a rocket scientist that he was more credible than most.'

Nevertheless, Cooper was often discredited for expressing his beliefs on extra-terrestrial activity, but Miklos added: 'As serious as I'm talking here right now with a clear mind to you, that's who he was.

'He was an honest, straight forward individual who only wanted to investigate and explore the possibilities of the unknown, even if it meant risking his professional career.'

Source: Daily Mail


Mutilated Cows and Talk of Chupacabras in Argentina
The town of Colonia Durán, located in the Department of San Javier in Santa Fe, is still at a loss for an explanation. Recently, seven pregnant cows were found mutilated in the middle of a field, with precise incisions to their tongues and genitals. Without a trace of blood, the incident was a cause of uncertainty among local residents.

Norberto Bieri, one of the affected cattlemen, described the situation as inexplicable. "Veterinarians have come and no one can tell me how something like this can be done. That is to say, there is no scientific answer. It all seems as though cut with a laser. There is no trace of blood and the missing parts of the animals cannot be found," he told the Reconquista newspaper.

But this wasn't all that drew his attention. According to the cattleman, the carrion animals did not come near the dead cows, nor did flies.

Supernatural theories did not take long to appear. Some residents spoke of 'strange lights from the sky that are not stars' while others ascribed it to the mythical Chupacabras, a figure from popular culture that attacks animals.

Veterinarians took samples to analyze in a laboratory, but the results yielded no answers as to what befell the cows. There were no signs of poisoning or electric shock, according to studies.

"Some say its the Chupacabras, aliens or mice. But the fact is that the animals are dead and there are no answers," Bieri concluded, explaining that this is not the first time something like this has happened, since there were similar cases in Los Laureles and San Javier.

Authorities, however, dismiss anything unusual as the cause for the mutilations.

Juan Dalla Fontana, animal health coordinator of the SENASA regional center, said: "This is a critical period of winter. The cold and drought we're experiencing was the worst in 50 years, causing animal deaths. Fauna begins to degrade the carcasses - it's part of the natural process," he explained.

After the cows' deaths, different theories made the rounds as to the reason for their mutilations. All of this was made clear by the expert. "When an animal dies, it lies exposed and is attacked by predators, which are numerous in the Santa Fe region, for example, wild pigs, vultures, foxes, the red-muzzled mouse and pumas," he added.

There was a similar situation 12 years ago in the Province of Buenos Aires. Experts also reached the conclusion that carrion animals were responsible for eating the dead animals' remains.

Scott Corrales notes: "As usual, officialdom dismisses the cattle mutilation epidemic by blaming the usual suspects - the red muzzled mouse, vultures and foxes. Argentina is experiencing a repetition of the events of 2002, which were 'explained away' at the time by SENASA, the government's agricultural service."

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO) and Todo Noticias]

Source: Inexplicata

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Fisherman Recalls 'Sea Monster' Encounter 
CAPE SABLE ISLAND, N.S. – The 1967 Shag Harbour UFO crash is not the only strange, unexplained occurrence that has happened in Shelburne County over the years.

Shag Harbour UFO Festival goers were treated to an eye witness account of a sea creature encounter, experienced by Cape Sable Island fisherman Rodney Ross in July 1976, while fishing with his father on the fishing grounds known as Pollock Shoal.

The opening night of the UFO Festival (Aug. 3) was only the third time that Ross has told the story to an audience. He is the last of the five fishermen aboard three different boats that saw the creature during a one-week period 42-years ago.

“Some like to call it the South Side sea monster and I think I probably agree it looked like a monster,” said Ross.

The story begins on a Monday when a fellow fisherman, the late Eisner Penney, was out fishing on the Pollock Shoal. He had finished fishing for the day and started for home when he turned around and saw this strange looking creature following behind him, said Ross.

“It was something that kind of scared him, so he opened his boat full throttle and it was still following him. As he increased his speed the creature kept rising out of the water and was 12 to 14 feet out of the water. He was quite scared,” he says. As a tactical move he steamed towards the shallow waters of the Horse Race where the depth is only two or three fathoms deep. The maneuver worked. The sea creature was gone.

When Penney got back to shore and told his story, people didn’t really believe him, said Ross.

“They laughed at him, told him he was crazy and said there had to be some logical explanation for it.”

Then Wednesday came and Ross and his father Keith headed to the fishing grounds. They hadn’t heard about Penney’s encounter so had no idea of what might be in store.

“It was sort of foggy that day,” recalled Ross. After fishing for a while and catching about 500 pounds of cod, the tide turned. Ross said his father went in the cud to have his lunch while he stayed on deck trying a new fishing rig.

With every cast he was catching fish, then nothing, he said.

“Everything got right quiet” except for a “swishing noise. I couldn’t see very far in the fog, so I kept listening and by and by seen this thing in the water. I thought it was something adrift in the water. I looked, and it was moving like a hump with big huge eyes on the top of its head. I mean huge, probably 10 inches across,” likening it to a crocodile.

Ross called to his father to come up on deck and have a look. Together they watched it going back and forth from the east to the west, “not once looking at our boat and we were right there.”

“Except for this one time. It stopped and turned and looked right at us. I could feel the hair stand up on the back of my neck. It started coming at the boat and coming and coming and coming until it was just a few feet away and it reared about 10 or 12 feet out of water and opened its mouth and there were row and rows and rows of teeth sort of like fangs or tusks,” he said.

“You could see its body was full of barnacles and corals and big bunches. It was probably 50 to 60 feet long. Its head was much bigger than its body,” he said, and its tail was vertical. “We watched this thing for about 15 minutes and not one time did it go under, it didn’t blow (like a whale) there was just that swishing noise.”

Once the creature started coming at the fishing vessel, Ross said, “Dad put it in gear wide open and I looked back and it came within inches of smashing our boat. I know in my heart if it wasn’t for my father’s quick thinking I wouldn’t be here to tell this story. He saved our lives that day.”

Outrunning the creature, the two fishermen stopped and listened.

“We heard the sound again,” said Ross. Not taking any chances and seeing another boat on the radar about a mile away, they decided they should steam down and tell them what they saw before heading home. It turned out to be Eisner Penney, the same fisherman that saw the creature two days before.

“He said you don’t have to tell me what you see. I seen it Monday and just hauled his anchor we went to land together.”

The third encounter happened on the Friday, when the late Edgar Nickerson and his son Robert went fishing to the Pollock Shoal.

“Edgar was bragging on the set, ‘I guess I got the Pollock Shoal all to myself. Everybody is scared of this fish.’ He no more than said it and up came this thing close to his boat.”

The Nickersons also made it back to shore safely. Ross recalled telling the story to two retired fishermen in the community the day it happened and was told that in 1934 two fishermen out of South Side that had an experience much the same.

“It was a scary creature,” said Ross, adding he thinks it was some sort of dinosaur or pre-historic creature from the ocean deep.

Meanwhile the Shag Harbour UFO incident story is being further investigated with at least one underwater exploration last week in the waters off Shag Harbour by a dive team with the film crew for the documentary series Ocean Mysteries.

A photograph in a Facebook video posted by Nightime Podcast shows UFO researched Chris Styles, third-generation ocean explorers Celine Cousteau and Fabian Cousteau, grandchildren of the legendary Jacques Cousteau, and diver David Cvet aboard the fishing vessel Nova Endeavor.

“They were filming at the location of the supposed circles on the ocean floor, purportedly left by the anomalous object in 1967,” reads the Facebook post.

The Cousteaus and the film crew were also present at the Shag Harbour UFO Festival at the Sandy Wickens Memorial Arena on Aug. 3 to 5, where witnesses to the event told their stories and some of the top minds in the field of Ufology spoke on a variety of subjects.

Source: Cape Breton Post


Astronaut Says He Saw 'Something Organic/Alien Like' in Space

Former NASA astronaut Leland Melvin is famous not just for his work in space, but also for a NASA photo taken with his adorable dogs. Now he's in the spotlight again thanks to a Twitter exchange about strange sights in space.

Melvin fielded a question last week from Scott Waring, founder of the popular blog UFO Sightings Daily. Waring asked for Melvin's "outlook about the existence of intelligent alien life living in our solar system" and whether the retired astronaut had ever witnessed a UFO.

Melvin, who's logged more than 565 hours in space, answered by saying he hasn't seen a UFO in space or on the ground. And then things got interesting when he added, "but thought I saw something organic/alien like floating out of the payload bay."

He wrote that he and NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik called down to the ground to ask what it was. NASA told them it was ice that had broken off a Freon hose. Melvin described it as "translucent, curved, organic looking" and then added an alien-head emoji at the end of the tweet.

    "I have not seen one in space or on the ground but thought I saw something organic/alien like floating out of the payload bay. @AstroKomrade and I called the ground to ask what it could be and it was ice that had broken off of the Freon hoses.Translucent, curved, organic looking??
    — Leland Melvin (@Astro_Flow) August 4, 2018"

Waring responded back with a "Wow!" and asked if NASA might have lied about what the object really was. Melvin responded with, "Hmmm. Don't think so but you never know."

    "Hmmm. Don’t think so but you never know. ??
    — Leland Melvin (@Astro_Flow) August 7, 2018"

If we're looking for an explanation for a bizarre sighting in space, ice sounds like a perfectly reasonable one. Melvin's last space mission took place when the shuttle Atlantis visited the International Space Station in 2009, and it appears Earth hasn't been invaded by organic/alien-like creatures since then.

Source: Cnet


Woman Wants to Have A Baby with Her Ghostly Lover

A woman who claims to have had sexual relations with ghosts has now said she is in a "pretty serious" relationship with one.

Amethyst Realm even hopes to start a family with the romantic ghoul — who she met on a trip to Australia.

The spiritual guidance counsellor, 30, ditched men to "have sex with ghosts" more than 11 years ago.

But talking about her new love, Amethyst said: "It's pretty serious. In fact, we've even been thinking about having a ghost baby."

Amethyst told how the Aussie spectre crept up on her while she was out on a nature walk. She felt "this incredible energy" with the ghost — and immediately wanted to have sex with it.

Amethyst added: "I knew a new lover had arrived".

The ghost suitor then followed her back to the UK and they have been a happy couple for the last six months. Hoping to move the relationship onto the next level, Amethyst said she now wants a baby with her ghostly lover.

She admitted the idea "sounds crazy" but added: "I've been looking into it and I don't think it's totally out of the question".

Amethyst explained that phantom pregnancies — where signs like nausea and swelling of the abdomen are present in someone who is not pregnant — are actually "ghost babies" trapped in living people.

She thinks that some women are able to conceive with a ghost — but are not able to go to term as their bodies cannot cope with the paranormal.

Amethyst said: "I'm sure there's a way around that - I just haven't worked it out yet".

She seems primed to settle down with her one true ghoul after years of experimenting with multiple ghostly partners. Amethyst has had relationships with at least 15 different spirits since giving up on living men.

And her choice has left her satisfied in the bedroom — as she orgasms when having sex with spirits.

Asked if she could really climax during a sexual experience with a ghost, Amethyst said: "For me, yes".

Source: The Sun


Utah City Plagued By Strange Smell

A mysterious odor is plaguing neighborhoods in West Valley City, Utah.

"It’s terrible. It’s gross. I can’t even describe it," said Ronda Britton.

"Sometimes when you’re walking by it’s like death," Nicholas Britton added. "You’re like, what in the heck? You’re looking around thinking 'What the heck’s around?' Maybe an animal or something."

The foul smell has even reached West Valley City Hall.

"It’s kind of a sewer type smell," said Sam Johnson, the city's communications director. "It’s just a musty, sewer smell that is very noticeable and very unpleasant that you can smell in certain parts of the city stronger, but it even comes down here to City Hall."

For a year now, West Valley City leaders have been documenting complaints about the stench. A fresh round complaining about a ripe smell came in on Tuesday night.

"We had about 10 to 12 people that called or emailed us and said, 'The smell is back and it’s bad as it normally is,'" Johnson said.

The city has launched a campaign telling residents if they "smell something, say something." They're gathering documentation on complaints to try to help pinpoint the culprit and see if they can take action to cut the smell.

Johnson said the city suspects a waste processor that's located outside city limits by the landfill. Summer breezes carry the stench into neighborhoods.

"Smells where they had to go inside, shut their windows," he said. "Things that were concerning to their kids."

Ronda Britton said at times, the stench made her sick to her stomach.

"Sometimes it’s like, 'Oh my God!' The kids will come inside from outside and be like, 'Mom, there’s a nasty smell out there,'" she said.

The city says it's met with the waste company and complained to Salt Lake County and Utah's Department of Environmental Quality. (The company did not return a message from FOX 13 seeking comment on Wednesday.)

The hope is more complaints will convince them to do something about it. West Valley City isn't ruling out anything, including the potential for a lawsuit, Johnson said.

"We’d rather not litigate, we’d rather not do anything of those things," he told FOX 13. "We just want the situation fixed."

The city has created a special form for complaints about the smell. A link to the form can be found here.

Source: Fox 13 Now

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