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Thursday, 13 September 2018

Didsbury Mosque petition handed in - Britain First - CLOSE THE BREEDING GROUNDS OF HATE AND MURDER!

MOSQUES are breeding grounds for Islamic murderers who are brainwashed by their Imam leaders into thinking white Christians and followers of similar "religions" must die - because they are "infidels" and not muslims who don't follow their religious book the "Koran". How can inciting murder be allowed? Who's next to die simply because he doesn't follow the barbaric cult of Islam with it's utterly abhorrent racism against anything that's not Islam based? What kind of religion preaches murder anyway? If it were white extremists collecting in mobs conspiring to murder other sections of society the government would stamp them out without another thought  - as they are trying to do with Britain First and Tommy Robinson, whose only "crime" is to do the job the police refuse to do anyway, and oppose these criminals. God help the children of the future! Close the Mosque breeding grounds of hate and murder AND SHARIA LAW - NOW!!..jg

Britain First

Recently, an imam at the infamous Didsbury Mosque (below) was filmed calling for armed jihad.

Britain First launched a petition and thousands of patriots signed it immediately.
Today, this petition was hand-delivered to Greater Manchester Police headquarters.

Enough is enough - these extremist mosques must be closed down!

Our campaign against Didsbury Mosque is only beginning.
Stay posted for more campaign events and actions very soon!
According to news reports, notorious terrorist-supporter and radical Islamist Anjem Choudary is beingreleased from prison very soon.

We are launching an urgent petition that we will hand in to the Home Office demanding that they prevent his release.
Please click below and sign this petition immediately:
Yours sincerely,
Britain First HQ


What they did to Tommy Robinson whilst in prison 12 Sept. 2018

Ezra Levant’s NEW interview with Tommy Robinson!

Tommy Robinson is the last lion of the United Kingdom. What he tells us in this exclusive interview is heartbreaking, enraging, inspiring, desperate…
But a little bit hopeful, too.
That was edited version of our conversation. We actually spoke for more than two hours — if you want to see the extended cut, we have posted it, below.
Tommy has to go back to court — the Attorney General is insisting on a re-trial for contempt of court, for that same incident back in Leeds, in May. They actually want to convict him again, maybe to throw him back in prison again.
Just yesterday I received a new invoice from Tommy’s law firm, Carson Kaye. They’re a good firm who won at the court of appeal. But now they have to prepare for his second trial. It will cost tens of thousands of pounds — and I’m sorry to ask you again, but if you are at all moved by Tommy’s case, please help us continue to crowdfund his legal defence, by going to Save Tommy.com. (Any surplus after the lawyers are paid will go to Tommy’s family to take care of them.)
You saw just now how grateful he is for your support.
We will be there at his next trial in London, and we’ll keep telling the truth about Tommy as long as the mainstream media keeps lying about him.
PS: Here is the full, unedited version of the interview, which runs just over 2 hours long: